Saturday, June 15, 2013

Waking Down 101: How to go beyond Wake up into Divine Embodiment

Have you spent years or even decades seeking the light, transcendence, illumination and enlightenment?

Well, you may well have been perpetuating a split that is so subtle and pervasive that most spiritual types miss it altogether: the split that says awakening is sometime other than now, that Spirit is somewhere other than here, and God is someone other than you.

Your quest to “wake up” can end up creating stress, unhappiness, and a feeling of dissatisfaction with your life. It can create a deep sense of separation from yourself, from others, and the world. It can put you at war with your “ego.”
Waking Down is the antidote to the subtle grasping of “waking up” – it calls you to land in your full divine embodiment, right here, right now. It calls you into merging your divinity with your humanity in a much more profound, heart-based, and empowering way.
And the best part is that Waking Down works – hundreds of people have experienced a deep, abiding sense of homecoming as they “wake down” into their bodies in an event so profound they have come to call it the Second Birth.
During this free online event, the founder and a leading senior teacher of the Waking Down community will share about how to make the core shift in your spiritual orientation that makes all the difference to your life AS a divinely embodied human.
They will transmit the essence of the teachings that have been praised by leaders like Ken Wilber and Barbara Marx Hubbard.
Waking Down charts a path to awakened mastery IN the marketplace, IN intimate relationship, IN fast-paced careers. For that is exactly where we wake down – into the fullness of who we are, only perfumed with the scent of the Divine, blessing every area of your life with grace.
Join us and you’ll learn:
  • The importance of giving yourself permission and “greenlighting” all that you truly are
  • How to let yourself go through the disillusion and “rot” of your spirit/matter split so that you can more fully embody your true and total nature
  • Turning the master key of sacred relationship to open deeper into divine union
  • Learning the principles of spiritual democracy so that you remember your own sovereignty

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