Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Great Holiness Society's Membership Nature and Evolutionary Mission

Great Holiness Society is essentially Divine Saints Council descending to The Earth for mission implementation. Living on Earth that have life infection, forgotten, not have psychic abilities, do not remember who we are anymore. High Spirits are Advanced Original Souls that were incarnated by The Creator's permission into the Earth for Great Holiness world establishment for millions of years from later 2012; these are highly evolved souls, come down to the Earth with earthly physical bodies, maybe forget who you are, forget their assigned tasks due to psychic abilities loss, but have a foundation of virtue, conscience still firmly root , not least the knowledge of all things, the laws of the universe, but will be gathered back in Great Holiness  Society for learning, practicing, to perform your missions, evolving to return home located on the Middle, Upper Worlds, achieve divine results to have high evolution, for report to the King Father God and Queen Mother Goddess, because of Original Souls' vow for special mission come down to the Earth. 
Therefore, all members in the long term must be psychic, to act Celestial Hierarchy's Law by Celestial Master, to know your mission and who you and people are. On the Middle, Upper Worlds you would know your master soul's position, maybe soul projection to Middle, Upper Worlds. In particular, you must cultivate to have spiritual powers at superior levels for Earthly World governance and power execution in other realms, as well as make your own evolution up forever. So all members must learn both theory and practice in Society, taught by the masters, study seriously and completely.
Study methodology is secret cultivation, not publicize Society's subjects, study secretly; members generally just take pictures, resumes to Masters, Senior Councils, will be psychic activated quickly by Celestial Hierarchy and Senior Masters without having to cultivate more, firstly noble eye activation and soul projection. 
Disciples are granted the most superior mystic, magic, science and the outstanding spiritual knowledge. Not brag and keep The Society's secrecy. If disciples have little psychic abilities such as third eye activation, telepathy, they still have to cultivate the supernatural occult cultivation and astral, soul projection, astral travel to perform their tasks.
Nearly 300 thousand Advanced Original Souls came down to Earth  before 2012; In the next period, post-2012, Big Advanced Original Souls continues to reincarnate, descent to The Earth for Long Great Holiness missionary work. Great Holiness Society which is founded to be Supreme Command Set Establishing New World led by Celestial Hierarchy, is extremely important, both mainly converge Advanced Souls which are mostly talents, the earthly sages and perform organizational tasks critically to establish Great Holiness for millions of years for mankind; therefore, Great Holiness Society is just the way every Advanced Souls realize their souls' origins and be enlighten after forgetting, life infection . After cultivation, study, they will be enlightened, know who they are, why they come down to Earth and will act according to Gods.
 If Advanced Souls joining The Society without understanding, will give understanding, know who they are and why they are down to Earth. If refused, it's as well as denying their true beings in high realms, makes them do not have divine results and can not return to high planes in the future. All are challenged for infinite loyalty to High Almight God and Celestial Master.
Great Holiness Society focus  King Father Supreme High Almighty God's will and mind to build the New World, so if you practice any religions, disciplines or any groups, societies, whether profoundly reaching the peak of way or discipline without understanding the God's mind, then the soul will not have achievement in  this period. Great Holiness Society is the main Board of Examiners. All  secret societies or associations must have spiritual consolidation to unify mankind. 
As joining Great Holiness Society, all of us are unified and servants of God, cultivate to have talented psychic abilities and study Esoteric Doctrine for understanding yourself, and go ahead and back to the first origin as well as the final path of humanity and all souls. 
Therefore, Great Holiness Society is the only choice for every souls descending to this world from now. Those who have clairvoyance, telepathy, but arrogant, deliberately spoken against, then be considered and punished; those who have ignorance and fight will be on trial later. Those who support, thought projection will be saved in the universe memory field, are also counted and awarded later.
If not engaged,  Advanced Souls are considered to be remote from The Society and not recruited into the higher realms later. This is New Law of Celestial Hierarchy.
The Council call Advanced and Senior Souls to join The Society, after consideration, will be selected, depend on talent, virtue, frugal origins, will be assigned, are granted evolutionary methods as well as participate in the important works and have missionary performance with God.
Erudite people will know who orgonize and lead Great Holiness Society.

Monday, December 15, 2014



Spiritual Hierarchy descends to The Earth build Globally Great Holiness (Great Holiness  Society) which is the set of all Advanced Original Souls-or Senior Souls from Celestial Hierarchy, high Universes, Rays, higher planes in Middle-Upper worlds reincarnated in the light waves into The Earth in the Supreme God – Creator’s program to renovate and build this World into a New Earth, a new global light- which mean the Earthly Paradise in the long-term future.
After 2012, the Earth has moved into a new space in the new timeline, a new evolutionary scenario for the Earth and humanity’s souls which must comply with this general evolution program in the universe, Galaxy. All advanced souls have reincarnated, expanded knowledge and bring a higher level vibration helps improve internal and external vibrations offer this world, for the Earth and for their physical bodies and mankind in general. All mankind will achieve psychic abilities as divine eyes, astral and soul projection, telepathy, telekinesis, self-healing … in the near future. This is a plan of Supreme God and other Gods. Psychic abilities will help people understanding universal laws and noble spiritual evolutionary experience, make science entirely unites with spirituality. There are sacred secrets can not be teached or written into books or verbally speak, so must have divine power to learn and experience. In the long term or immediate future, our social contract is human society transformation to have a permanent peace, contented world, material abundance, blissful life exist in peace and extremely high evolutionary civilization, a fair equality between people, nations, planets, galaxies, great galaxies and higher in a merger with Almighty God’s love. It is predicted Paradise with names such as Nirvana on Earth, physical Heaven, New Light World or Great Holiness Age, Golden Age … We agree called New Great Holiness Global Paradise .
All we have reincarnated with Earth Renovation Mission in vow with Father God come down to Earth in this time. Now the waves of Enlightenment are rising, Enlightened Beings have been certified or learn the information which is very high, very scientific, and we also know that our quantum vibration in the physical, astral bodies, souls … has been greatly enhanced thanks to prayers, meditation, and particularly the activation from the Councils such as Earth Council, Galactic Council, Supreme Council of Celestial Hierarchy and Father God, Mother Goddess which has helped us in the light shift today.
However for completing mission mentioned above, we must unite and join together in the light of wholesome brotherhood throughout the world. If not, there’s still formation of many new sects, religions, then disunity, rival. If not unity, then we’re wrong with God, do not have the power to improve the old world’s negatives, liberate dark forces and entities, build future Heaven. It is important that we only have decades to live on Earth, while the construction of Paradise is very long, so we must have enlightenment, unity, self-discipline, renounce selfish, chronic ego for condescending, consolidation, progress-seeking and self sacrifice in such noble aspirations.
Great Holiness Society converges talented and righteous people who have psychic abilities or not. However for The Society’s participation, we need to check carefully, do not let dark ones have opportunities  to join; bad guys joining The Society will be tested by psychic detection.

Monday, December 8, 2014


Great Unity Age is coming for all of humanity. All religions will be united. 84 thousand Disciplines also gather to the One to help people evolve to be The Immortals, Saints, Buddhas, this life. We are progressing to the Source, back to the light of God and become the creator yourself. The world will enter one great moment, there are not distinction about nationality, skin color, religion ... all of us will be a big family, becoming Great One Family. Who goes against evolution program of God will be purified and eliminated. New Earth will be born, things are going to bright center of the universe, Earth's Ascension is going to the important moment.
Religion for the whole human that should not be called "religion", but so-called "connection", which connect science and spirituality, the connection between philosophical thoughts and put society ahead to Great Unity and Science Community . God has given program to save the human in the Degradation Age. The preparation is logical, close to each moment, everything has been conducted in a manner that you can not imagine.

You are in the loving arms of The Father (God), enjoying the blessings of grace from above. However you are impartial, even gloomy to live in the bad things and hope happiness to live only in this life, and you forget that The Father God's Celestial Eye is looking for all of you. All you have done will be saved on the universal host computer. Remember that the offense and the merit will have enough for The Judgment Day of all mankind.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Golden Age Messages from the Masters: Living in Peace and Freedom

Defensiveness is engaged when one feels fear or their ego feels threatened. This has encouraged the need to build “fences” around the heart so one does not have to feel the pain of separation they are creating by being defensive. It often takes courage to look at what may be blocking you from living in true compassion and cooperation with others. Defensive attitudes also point to an unwillingness to take responsibility for one’s deeper thoughts and feelings while maintaining a superior attitude that ensures separation and the need to stay in control. There are surely times to stand strong for what is for the highest good for all, yet this can only be achieved through education and cooperation and not the kind of battles that are born out of defensiveness. What does need to survive are any values that will support humanity’s ongoing connections to the Presence of God that is shared by all.
Ascended Masters Saint Germain and Lady Nada 
You have entered into a very important cycle of your spiritual evolution in which your connection with your Presence and your conscious alignment with your Divine Crystalline Blueprint are vital on the personal and collective levels of consciousness so you can each take an active part in creating and sustaining the critical mass necessary for your ascension into the 5th dimension.
Many beings throughout your universe are supporting you in your ascension, yet fear and the need to defend the positions and concepts of your ego remain the biggest obstacles to your evolution. When confronted with conditions that can bring these energies forward, treat them with gratitude for having revealed themselves while taking full responsibility for having created them out of the duality matrix that originally brought fear, doubt and survival into your consciousness. Fill your creations with the Grace of the Divine Mother to assist you in transforming your beliefs and fears with compassion and understanding.
Confrontation, defensiveness and revenge are the actions of one who is living in fear and who does not understand the need to take responsibility for all their words, actions and beliefs. Yet in actuality, you cannot defend or avoid taking responsibility for your words or actions.
When you review your life with your Presence, you will find that only the truth can remain, so please try to understand the lessons that are being presented to you while you are still on Earth. If you do not learn from them, they will keep coming back into your life because this is a great part of actualizing your mastery. You have the opportunity of learning the lessons as they are presented to you rather than defending them for the sake of your ego.
This is how you will be able to fulfill your life’s plan and how you will lift yourself out of the lower vibrations and evolve more quickly. Keep removing all that you know is standing in the way of living as your Presence on Earth and you will realize a life without conflict or the need for defensiveness.
The Higher Beings who are here to assist you in transforming your past are all love and compassion and they are never there to admonish or punish you. When you look back, you will marvel at your profound resiliency and your ongoing intent to love and live as the consciousness of your Presence.

To assist you in actualizing your intent to love and live as your Presence, Create the Life You Want to Live has been created so you can celebrate a joyous holiday season and give birth to the Presence of God in you. We invite you to participate.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Beyond Personal Awakening: How Mutual Awakening Activates New Potentials of Profound Intimacy, Creativity and Expanded Consciousness

Are you ready for a paradigm shift in your spiritual practice — one that takes you beyond a sometimes isolating solo practice into a living, evolving field of mutual awakening? 
For too long we have fixated on individual growth, much to the detriment of learning to live and grow in a larger field of shared intelligence.   
We haven’t learned to awaken TOGETHER, and without access to the creative and liberating power of the group field, our spiritual progress has slowed. 
On December 6, we are excited to present a free online event to introduce new dimensions of relating and expanding consciousness, collectively: Beyond Personal Awakening: How Mutual Awakening Activates New Potentials of Profound Intimacy, Creativity and Expanded Consciousness.   
Reserve your free space here:
Building upon more than three decades of teaching, Patricia is highly skilled at creating the practices and the context for entering into this new level of “shared consciousness” that takes us beyond the subtle narcissism and self-contraction of a purely solo practice (even when those solo practices are done in a group). 
During this free virtual event, you’ll learn:

•    How to de-center your spiritual practice from your individual body-mind 
•    How to sense and experience the larger field 
•    Why solo practice tends to reinforce parts of our identity and constrict our access to a multidimensional level of higher consciousness

If you’re hungry to move beyond your personal practice to explore the multidimensional potential of mutual awakening, I invite you to join me for this illuminating hour. It’s free, but you must register here to receive access details:
Celestial Light
PS - Everyone who registers will receive a recording of the call. Don’t miss your chance to experience Patricia as she shares how to go beyond your current practice to relate to others in a wholly new joyful, creative and dynamic way.  
Learn more and reserve your free space here:

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A Revolution in Human Consciousness

Recent decades have seen a great rise in ecological awareness and the perspective of living systems. 

Many of us are now relating on a personal and conscious level to the interconnectedness and interaction between humans, nature, and environment. However, this new paradigm of thought should not be restricted only to a material level of connectivity but also needs to embrace the nonmaterial levels of the human psyche and consciousness. The world of the inner self is increasingly opening up and being explored through transpersonal sciences, self-realization, and individual self-actualization. Through our various cultures we are developing the language, the skills, and the perceptions to sense and articulate our personal, revelatory experiences. The once shamanic realm of extra-sensory contact is becoming more normalized as we deal with a physical reality more accustomed to shifting perceptual paradigms. For example, our new scientific discoveries are explaining and validating nonlocal realities of connection and energetic entanglement. We are now learning that extended fields of conscious information and communication exist between individuals and groups as a medium of coherence that may further entangle humanity into a collective ‘grand family’.
From infancy, to adolescence, and to adulthood, the distinction between inside and outside, objective and subjective, has always been a transient, undefined boundary. Our cultural parameters – our social conditioning – has sought to crystallize these fluctuating borders. However, today there are increasing numbers of people who are beginning to perceive the presence of subtle energy fields, whether around their bodies, around the bodies of others, or in the environment. The interest in metaphysical subjects these days has exploded, with a new language and mind-set emerging to deal with these increasingly common phenomena. It is now becoming acceptable to speak in terms of reiki, chi, pranic energy, and even in terms of quantum energy. Not only are many cultures and societies learning to deal with a new wave of technological social networks – with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube – but also with an increase in energetic awareness of human connections and an extended mind.
In a sense, humanity is learning how to be a more interactive collective family. Never before in our known history of the species have we come to a point where we are sailing in the same ship, afflicted by the same concerns, and affected similarly by a range of global impacts. When a poor harvest affects the growing areas in China, Australia and the US, for example, the world food distribution networks reverberate across all nations. When a virus pandemic spreads out from a crowded poultry market somewhere in South Asia, it affects all nations without reserve, grinding transport hubs to a slow crawl. This realization is now dawning on the peoples of the world: that we are already a part of the field fabric of a collective family.
This realization is being keenly felt, too, by the younger generations: generations that are growing up accustomed to having a network of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of virtual friends across the globe; sharing intimacy and empathy with an international social group of like-minded people. This younger generation is manifesting, whether conscious of it or not, non-local (i.e., field effect) relationships. These types of relationships support the individual whilst at the same time strengthening networks that form part of a unified – yet diversified – whole. It is a form that mimics the quantum state of the particle and the wave: each person is clearly isolated from another by physical space, yet at the same time is entangled in a conscious space of connectivity and communication. In other words, each is participating in a field-view of reality; a reality that creates an extended set of responsibilities as one’s thoughts and actions can reverberate much further afield.
The human individual has the capacity to be consciously aware of the effect of thoughts and actions upon others: to consider their reactions, to reflect upon their thoughts, and to decide whether to behave differently. In other words, each person has the ability to develop consciously, and with awareness, from each interaction with both external and internal impacts and experiences. Sociologists have, up until now, been mainly focused on human identity as characterized by individualization. This is especially so in ‘modern/postmodern’ society, where each person is categorized as acting with autonomy; with a self-promoting ‘service-to-self’ attitude. Yet this is a myopic vision on two counts: on one hand it neglects that humans are social animals and instinctively seek groupings and attachments; and on the other it fails to recognize that the nature of human consciousness also undergoes change along with socio-cultural revolutions. It may be very likely that a form of consciousness will emerge, at first on the periphery, perhaps with the younger generations, that will then seep into the core of all our future societies.
Social scientist Duane Elgin considers the following to represent the shifting states of human consciousness over historical epochs:
1- Contracted consciousness (early humans)
2- Sensing consciousness (hunter-gatherers)
3- Feeling consciousness (agrarian era)
4- Thinking consciousness (scientific-industrial era)
5- Observing consciousness (communications era)
6- Compassionate consciousness (bonding era)
7- Flow consciousness (surpassing era)

Using this scale it would appear that global humanity is now shifting from the communications era (observing consciousness) into the bonding era (compassionate consciousness). We could perhaps shift the emphasis of the bonding era from ‘compassionate consciousness’ to ‘empathic consciousness’. This transition from exhibiting an observing consciousness towards manifesting a compassionate/empathic consciousness represents the move from the ‘old-mind’ energies that brought us to the current state of a globalized world, toward the ‘new-mind’ energies that will bond our diverse world together in coherence and balance.
Likewise, the surpassing era could be renamed as the planetary era and represent not only the rise of non-local field awareness but also the scientific understanding of the subtle forces of the universe. This era of ‘flow consciousness’ would fit well with the next stage in the evolution of human consciousness that appears to be displaying elements of a transpersonal-integral nature.
None of these states, however, are completely separate from each other; rather, they overlap and merge as one era fades and converges into the next. Usually, the new era, or paradigm, emerges initially at the periphery until it reaches a tipping point where it becomes the new accepted paradigm. Already, flow consciousness is slowly percolating into our human perceptions as more and more people embrace and instinctively trust non-material information. The dominant materialist worldview is under increased scrutiny as more people awaken to the possibility that their intuitive glimpses – dreams, visions, premonitions, etc. – are trusted sources of information that originate from alternative senses. Through seeking practices that were once considered metaphysical (or even strange) – such as spiritual practices, yoga, meditation, psychotherapy, transpersonal therapy, bio-feedback, altered states of consciousness, and more – people are now accessing a once-hidden, or rather neglected, realm of senses and self-knowing.
As more people realize that the subtle realm of extrasensory information is not a figment of fantasy or delusion, but in fact has a scientific foundation, these states of consciousness will become more widely accepted, credible, and sought. Also, we may find that our orthodox social institutions will begin to incorporate them into the status quo of consensus reality and experience. Whilst the transition may not appear to unfold suddenly to us, within evolutionary terms it will be a revolution. And participating in this unfolding consciousness revolution will be both a personal growth imperative as well as a collective human responsibility.
As humanity enters a time of social and cultural change, of altered perceptions and challenges to our worldview, we are almost certainly going to be coerced into altered modes of consciousness. In other words, in order to readapt and to survive the breakdowns of the old mind/old energy our collective worldview will need to shift to an ecological and more intuitive mode. This is likely to also involve a shift towards a more direct mode of perception (a form of gnosis).
Whilst these two modes of the cognitive and the intuitive may operate simultaneously, and have been known as the subjective and objective modes of knowledge, our modern societies have largely prioritized the objective interpretation and dismissed the subjective as the imaginative realm. This ‘imaginative’ realm of subjective experience is most active when we are children, although quickly diminishes as our social institutions and peer conditioning intervene to install a consensus social reality. Yet the direct-intuitive mode of perception is an evolutionary trait that is still with us, and which may be beginning to manifest in the new generations of intuitive children.
It is possible that the non-linear connections over space and time (e.g., global communications) between our species will be one of the aspects that will become more dominant in the years ahead. The Internet gives us a physical representation of these new spatial and temporal relations. The direct-intuitive mode will surely be a more effective means of comprehension and understanding as it bypasses the sensory organs that usually filter information. Also, the direct-intuitive mode operates outside of linguistic barriers, and allows access to a collective, shared participatory consciousness.
The ‘participatory consciousness’ view of reality reflects an intuitive mode of perception that relates with the new energies of connection, communication, collaboration, and compassion. This understanding is now being validated by the latest findings in the quantum sciences, notably quantum mechanics and biophysics. Our ‘everyday consciousness’ of the local view of the universe is largely unprepared for the realms of non-ordinary reality. In our present era, and in Western civilization especially, the nonlocal mode of perception (subjective experience) has not been encouraged, or even recognized, and so has atrophied and become the province of the esoteric sciences. It may be because the ‘rational objective’ view of reality allows for an increased sense of individualism, favoured by the ego, and as such is the sphere of power, money, competition and greed. The direct-intuitive mode of reality, however, embraces cooperation, connection, correspondence and compassion. And it seems that we are already witnessing the emergence of this new feature of human consciousness.
The notion of the direct-intuitive perception of reality could be a step toward the next stage in human evolution – the evolutionary development of what may be termed quantum consciousnessthat is the basis for the collective mind of the human species. Various mystics and consciousness researchers have alluded to this by a variety of names; they range from cosmic consciousness, super-consciousness, transpersonal consciousness, integral consciousness, and more. All these descriptions share a common theme; namely, the rise of intuition, empathy, greater connectivity to the world and to people, and a sense of ‘knowing’ about what each given situation demands.
The emergence of a form of direct-intuitive consciousness would likely instil within each person a sense of the greater cosmic whole; the realization that humanity exists and evolves within a universe of intelligence and meaning – a living universe. This would serve to impart within humanity a more profound, and acknowledged, spiritual impulse. This could then lead to increased intuitive faculties and extrasensory phenomena not only becoming an implicate part of our lives but also opening up access to greater creativity and inventive capacities for participating and designing our way ahead in the world. The rise of these attributes within a small percentage of people, initially, could eventually lead to a critical mass that would tip human consciousness into a new perceptual paradigm and worldview.
Forms and intimations of these new consciousness patterns are already emerging in the world, but as yet they have not become a part of mainstream research. Such evolutionary ‘mutational’ agents include visionaries, mystics, artists, psychics, intuitives, and spiritual teachers. As Dr Richard Bucke stated in his classic work on the subject,Cosmic Consciousness (1901), the early signs of this new evolutionary development have been appearing within humankind for some time.
This suggests that there have been attempts to help prepare the ‘mental soil’ for a new consciousness to slowly seed and grow. On the whole, social/cultural/material forces are slow to react to the need for an evolving paradigm of human consciousness. Yet this is nothing new, as throughout recorded history many individuals who have felt an awareness of the need to seed an evolutionary impulse into social life have been caught up in revolutionary events or been involved in social-cultural upheavals.
Perhaps it can be speculated here that in order for continued cultural and species growth there are particular periods of human history wherein humanity becomes ready, or in need of, the activation of particular faculties or evolutionary traits. It may be that during this transition period humanity will adapt, or be forced to develop, new creative and inspired aspects of consciousness. However, as in all paradigm shifts, old energies inevitably must give way to the new, and it may only be a matter of time before new generations move into evolving consciousness and its physical expressions. It is thus critical that an understanding of spiritual matters begins to permeate our everyday lives as a counterbalance to our social materialism.
We are in need of Unity, not uniformity
We are not looking for ‘awesome’ consciousness – such as Nietzsche’s super-man. Rather, it is adifferent consciousness, and thus a different type of human, that is likely to emerge. That is, not ‘more of the same’ – only more of those who are manifesting the new consciousness.
The human mind is like a large pot that can contain the same water for all – a unified sharing. The road to unity – with diversity – begins with the need for harmony. With the energy of harmony we can make the water still and calm. Through harmony we can celebrate our differences with tolerance, respect, patience; without judgment, gossip, or ill-feeling towards others. With harmony we can begin to come together; to work together and collaborate – to build trust and vision. First we need to smooth out the energies of disturbance that exist in the world. This begins with harmony at home – within oneself, family, partners, friends, acquaintances and contacts. From here the energy that is harmonized can reach out, seep out, into the world and resonate with others.

In these years ahead it will be to our benefit if we try to develop a consciousness that is both open to spiritual impulses whilst simultaneously aware and attentive to the needs of our communities and cultures. It is essential that we revitalize our collective sense of well-being and connectedness – our togetherness and empathy – as part of our shared human journey. It is possible that emerging glimpses of a shared participatory consciousness will allow humanity access to an unimaginable creative cosmos of information and inspiration. This would then open up new vistas of creative intelligence that could be the forerunners to the next stage along our human evolutionary journey.
United SHIFT Alliance

Thursday, November 6, 2014


Many of the songs in your Eternal Life albums contain the same codes and frequencies that are found in the Christmas Ascension album and in the Ascension Kit albums because those codes are essential to ascension activation and alignment with the five spheres of creation.
Eternal Life is the name of one of the songs on the Christmas Ascension Album. The codes of that song are also used in the Individualized Eternal Life Album.

This article will help you learn more about those codes and songs and how to listen to them.

Join the First Wave of Ascension by igniting your Sparks of Source from the zero point of your Crystal Heart and blasting out at the Speed of Light into the Music of the Spheres and become embalmed into the Cosmic Consciousness of ONENESS. Ascension Codes are woven through the beautiful melodies of the Christmas Tunes chosen by the Angels themselves.

Created from the FREQUENCIES OF THE ANGELS OF THE COSMOS. Angelic Consciousness, crystal light energy, cosmic dust and gel of the co-creative team of the MUSIC OF THE SPHERES were the creators of this Album. Ascension Codes are woven through the beautiful melodies of the Christmas Tunes chosen by the Angels themselves. The Highest Frequencies are brought to Earth through Angela's Magical Golden Electromagnetic Funnel from her left ear into her Crystal Sphere Microphone created by the Angelic Team of Co-Creation.

The codes connect all Spheres of the Cosmos into and through the crystal heart of the listener and then out through every cell, atom, molecule of their body and their Merkaba body of the MUSICAL SPHERES OF ONENESS.

The Listener will feel the atomic neutron ignite and spark each Source Crystal all through the body. This is the ignition of the IMMORTAL BODY that has already been given to the Creators of this Music.

SUPER ACTIVATION ignites all of the crystal cells into the spark of Source from the Crystal Heart, the Amygdala gland (an idea created by Mary Magdalene) and the bottom of the Tail Bone to begin the spin forward into Source Consciousness and Oneness with the Spiritual Half creating the Immortal Body once again on Earth.

ETERNAL LIFE contains the same frequencies and Codes used by Mary Magdalene when she prepared Jesus body for the resurrection and ascension 2000 years ago and this past October. She embalmed Jesus body in the crystals and codes of Cosmic Frequencies aligning him into the Electromagnetic Funnel that pulled him back into Consciousness on Earth to begin his ETERNAL LIFE.

The song, Christmas Ascension was created from the frequencies of the Breaths of Consciousness of the co-creative team in the Cosmic Realm. The angels breathed their Cosmic Frequencies to the tunes of many familiar Christmas Tunes including Oh Come Let Us Adore Him, Christ is Born, O Holy Night, Born is the King of Angels. The Angelic Consciousness of thousands of angels, crystal light energy, cosmic dust and gel and the co-creative team of the music of the spheres prepared the Frequencies of Breath for this creation.

Christmas Ascension contains the codes that connect all  of the spheres that encase the Cosmic, Universal, Galactic, Solar and Planetary into ONENESS. This connection extends from the crystal heart of each listeners body and out through every cell, atom and molecule that is ignited by the spark of Source. The sparks connect each atom, molecule and cell of the body, and the Merkaba Body around the Physical body into the spheres of the Cosmic, Universal and Galactic and Solar Realms. The Earth's Matrix is lifted into her ascension of home within the 5th Dimension through the Cosmic Consciousness re-creating a new the original spark of Source.

This is the formula that was created as the angels placed a golden pillar or cone in my left ear and then breathed their consciousness--their identity through my breath and into a crystal sphere that works like a microphone in order to bring the highest frequencies to Earth through Music.

Super Activation is sung to the tune of Oh Come all ye Faithful, and contains the codes that activate the Christ Consciousness in the three key centers of the body that are the points of immortality in the Normal Body. The three areas of alignment into the Spiritual Body, and the Co-Creative Consciousness are the tail bone, crystal heart area behind the heart and the Amygdala Gland. The Amygdala gland is the Cosmic Lift off zone. When the amygdala gland is ignited by the million suns in the Galaxies creating the neutron charge through out the Infinite Body from the first atom out to the Infinity of Source, it becomes the key communication channel to and through Cosmic Consciousness, which means Infinite Communication.

The ignition through the frequencies of the Breaths of Consciousness of the Cosmic Angels ignites the spark of Source deep, deep within the core of each cell in the body, far deeper than Science has explored. The spark goes deep into the tiniest sphere within each cell and then spins out at the speed of light in order to touch every spark of Source in all of the spheres and in all merkaba bodies of all spheres and into infinity. Crysallis cells spark and connect to the Crystal Light Body, Golden Dust body and Irradecent Body of Mother Earth's Heart, Shamballa and the deep etheric core of Earth, and then out into all of the Spheres of the Cosmos.

 HOLY NIGHT and First Noel are the tunes the Angels chose for activation of the keys of Eternal Life which ignites the Crystal Heart, Amygdala and Lower Tail Bone.

This Christmas will be the time when we are completed with igniting the flame in every cell of the physical body and firing the ignition of oneness of the physical into oneness of physical and spiritual bodies to create the Immortal Body.

The sparks will ignite and turn you cellular structure into crysalli. The structures around your body will become crystallite. The Music of the Spheres will magnetize the Oneness of Frequencies of Consciousness to illuminate through your skin. We will become the shining ones, the illumination begins when the physical and spiritual have become One.


Absorb the frequencies
The frequencies are the breaths of Consciousness of hundred of Cosmic Angels-- our co-creative team.










SOURCE from the tiniest to the infintestimal

The closer the listener can reflect or image these breaths of consciousness, the closer they will align into that 3 degree shift or slide into the reality that is as close as the shift in particle spin.

The frequencies are spinning at the speed of light spin to help break free the lock-down of the 3 degree shift that places a veil or shadow over the reality.

The Reality feels deeply. The frequencies are deep, deep within the cells and the atoms and the molecules  down to the tiniest of tinys.

The Frequencies Lift Consciousness into the Highest realms where the tiny sparks of the tiny connect with every spark between here and the Infinity of the Cosmos and the Omniverse of all creation. We ignite the Spark of Source to connect with all sparks of Source until we become the Sun. We allow the Suns to engulf our Being and to return to the Immortal Creation of Source that was co-created by our creation team from the Cosmic into the Galactic, and  from the Universal and resting into the Dimension of Home. All of these Streams of Consciousness weave and braid every strand of Light into Rainbows that Weave us into oneness with our Individual Creation Teams.

We are on the Co-Creation team. Each individual is on a different team. However, it is likely that many who are attracted to our frequencies are on  the co-creation team.

The fifth dimensional eyes see everything multidimensional. All facets of Reality, everything you are created of from zero point aspects of Source into the Cosmic. You are all of that. You are integrated into all of it. You feel all of these frequencies in everything, and it makes for flexibility and you choose among the flexibility from however you want to express yourself. Everything can be approached from many different ways.

3D is limiting from the certain perspective. It limits your view of the world. The 5th dimension is multi-flexibility and the wonderful image of all that Source is and you can match the situation and you make your point of light and you express your rainbow image--expression--you-- uniquely you.

That is Your Island of Light.

You create your Rainbow through your Multi-Dimensionality.
Everything with the right eye is one particular view of reality that isn't necessarily true for you.

When you get your higher Frequency it is a Rainbow that is Uniquely You. When someone else matches your rainbow it begins an Island of Light because your frequencies will match and it becomes beautiful. The frequencies resonate in unison as the Music of the Spheres. Broadcast a new tune that has been created in the Stars. As the pieces of the star accumulated grow a New Rainbow is Born.

I'm breathing the frequencies.

I'm living in the Frequencies.

I am the Frequencies.

We Morph into the Frequencies of the Cosmos.

We melt into a Standing Wave Pattern that shifts us into a New Reality.

 Live it

Walk in it

Breath it

Just do It
It Works.

Feel the Frequencies

Focus on the Frequencies

Absorb the frequencies

The Frequencies are the Angels Breaths of Consciousness
Each Angel Breaths Consciousness through my breath
When you inhale, they breath their consciousness through your breath.

The angels and Entities have shared themselves as Frequencies.

We can bring these frequencies to Earth because that is our mission we signed up for millions of years ago and again in 1954.

I keep asking the angels why can't I leave Earth?

Why can't I ascend into a different place?
Their answer is :
You are here to bring Heaven to Earth. You created this Mission. You are this Mission. The Earth will not Ascend into a different Place. The Cosmic Frequencies will Raise the Earth into a New Alignment of a New Reality.

Begin teaching your children to create their own Rainbow. Create Rainbows with your family. Become a Rainbow. Create an Island of Light.

Absorb as many angelic frequencies as you can. The more you absorb, the faster you will shift.

Focus, Breath, Exhale Magic.
Breathe Cosmic Consciousness.
Record, Listen
Breath again.
Until you begin to hear the Magical Alignment into Heaven.

The music contains the frequencies and the keys and the codes that ignite every spark in every layer of the five spheres. This is the Music of the Spheres --the frequencies of the Cosmos.

Each ring or sphere connects into oneness with the other spheres when the frequencies are ignited by the higher frequency.

As you listen, envision rings within rings or spheres within spheres sparking, igniting and connecting as they melt into oneness through the flames of the Divine Love swirling them into oneness.

The process of Ascension through the ignition of the Music of the Spheres was a very highly organized plan that was begun millions of years ago by millions of Entities from the Cosmos and beyond. The Music of the Spheres weaves strands of light and energy from their own star systems and sun systems to pull the Frequencies of Mother Earth up and out of the reverse spin she was placed in.

Mother Earth's ascension is already complete through the Music of the Spheres singing in Unison with the Spheres of the Omniverse.

Now it is our turn to unite in harmony and in Rainbows with the tones of home, the keys to the universe, the harmonic convergence into a brand new reality system. We can do this now because our bodies have been ascending and transforming right along with Mother Earth and her family of Consciousness.


The music completes the shift. The listener must align their frequencies with those in the music to create the shift in consciousness.

Breathe in the frequencies that are heard.

Hum along with the frequencies.

Record your breaths as you breathe or hum to see if your breaths of consciousness are actually aligning with the Cosmic angels breaths that are recorded.

When you manifest reality in the Islands of Light, you will then experience reality.

How do you manifest reality?
You begin feeling only the higher frequencies and only see the reality of Divine Creation.

When your feeling of higher frequencies and vision of the higher reality matches that of the Divine Creator - you become a co-creator with the Divine Creator.

The more you experience the ignition of the sparks of Source in every cell in the body, and then hear and breath the light and sound of the Music of the Spheres resonating in Oneness through you, and into the entire Cosmos of the five spheres of Oneness, the closer you become to walking into the standing wave pattern of the Islands of Light.

Just see and feel the sparks igniting in these areas and then flashing out into all of the cells and creating flames of silver pastel frequencies. These fourteen dimensional flames begin to glow within and through the body from the energies of all of the Suns in the Galaxies.

We created the direct connection of my amygdala gland to the SUNS through the frequencies in this music. This brings the  galactic creations spark together with the neutron activity in the amygdala gland. This brings the creator's spark together with the neutron activity in the amygdala gland to turn on the Divine Vision, Divine Manifestation, the ability to see the Reality of Heaven on Earth.


We were given the mission of bringing heaven to earth through the Frequencies of Cosmic Consciousness being sung and hummed from the Breath of the Angels. We have created an Electromagnetic Funnel from my ear into he Cosmic Realm and out my mouth as I breath into the Crystal Sphere the Frequencies of the Cosmic Angels and Source and hundreds of other High Entities. My Consciousness contains the stereo, the microphone and the speaker of Cosmic Frequencies that will stream the Rainbow Frequencies into Consciousness on Earth.

The creation of Islands of Light will be manifest through the frequencies of Co-Creation with Divine Mind. Only those who are humble enough to listen, to hear and to align with these Frequencies that are the Breath of Consciousness of the Co-Creation Team and of Yaway will be able to see or create the Islands of Light.

The Islands of Light begins by transforming the body into the Immortal Body. The keys and codes and frequencies must be heard, studied, felt and the body must realign its standing wave patterns to these Frequencies.


We must align our frequencies with the harmony of the transmutation that lifts our frequencies into the alignment with our spiritual twin just as Mother Earth has realigned with her spiritual twin.

We are also reuniting with our complete starry families from millions of Galactic Suns, which allows us to bring in millions of neutrons into our bodies through the Frequencies of Alignment.

We are reconnecting to all that once was perfect and whole--All that was the Divine Reflection of Source before any flaws entered his perfect creation.





Ask the Frequency Vehicle which looks like a Crystal Star Merkaba to spin the Frequencies of the Christic and Cosmic Consciousness into your head and into your crystal heart- just behind the heart area.

Next spin the Crystal Star Merkaba into your lower tailbone area.

The Merkaba has a Name

His name is Anwa.

Ask Anwa to personally come forward and connect you to
Yaway's frequencies that ignite the spark in every cell of the body.

Looking through 5th dimensional eyes we see a multifaceted and flexible wonderful world. It is flexible.

I see MultiDimensional unlimited possibilities. I feel it
It feels like high frequencies.

Feel the potential of Source, Life expressing through yourself and everything else.

Feel the Subjective life
It is wonderful and you feel you are an essential part of it
You feel Magic that goes to the core of Earth out to all of Source and you feel the Magic of Being a part of it.
It is subjective so I know the potential is huge.

What I manifest is going to come true.

The magnificence is going to manifest into my life. It is not limited by anything. I know the subjective is real and is coming true and coming to the surface and becoming a reality and all of the existence is running into this and is a wonderful part of my life.

The high frequency brings fun and fabulous joy
That is the reality of high frequencies

I feel the frequencies with my eyes
I feel the lungs burn with high frequencies.

The right eye sees the third and there is no magic of knowing the subjective is real. Subjective means you don't know how it turns out.

It can happen in any way you see
However you manifest reality becomes reality
Only think of the way you want to be.

Anything you imagine you will experience
See yourself all of the way from zero point to the Cosmic and out to Infinity and be a part of all of it.

With Each and Every breath things are getting better
Everything you think you are manifesting you are.
You are manifesting reality around us.

It will be however we see it.
Those who read our stuff can imagine their life the way they want it to be and they will experience that.

Everybody will work with us and it will work out smoothly.
Through higher frequencies you get to learn how the team and the universe all works together. By the time they finish the course they will be like us--living in Aquafaria.
See the beauty of life--how it is.

LIFE IS UNCOMPLICATED, everybody working together having a kick ass time

Life is working out BEAUTIFULLY

When you live this way, you don't bring in 3D. How you want the world to be, you bring it in. You think the higher frequency--the multiplicity of possibilities.

Everything becomes Wonderful

We manifest the Magic of how we want the World to Be

Then we see the High Frequency and Manifest it here


A new chemical structure grows through the body. The bones will appear thinner because they are more etheric. A silica based structure creates a crysalli body. This body is etheric in nature only appearing to be physical. The physical doesn't disappear. The physical transforms into a completely different chemical structure.

We are now completing the activation and understanding of our former magical selves. We are now the white magicians that we were before. We can now manifest, teleport and telecommunicate to learn everything about everything. The magical formulas that I knew when I was here many times before have been returned to me once again. The fifth dimensional vision of aDolphino and the Cosmic Frequencies of Crystalai are now creating the same bond of power as Mary and Jesus used to create their magic.

What was called Ormus powder is an orbitally rearranged monatomic element. A monoatomic element has two atoms per molecule. ORMUS has elements in that configuration that are superconductors and exhibit quantum physical behaviors at a visible scale including freedom from gravity, superfluidity and tunneling through solid objects.

This substance was the bread that was fed by the angels when the bible says give us this day our daily bread. This celestial substance was said to awaken the powers of perception, awareness and intuition. It was called bread, it was called perfume, it was called the mist. In reality it was the fragrance or color of sound or the frequency of etheric reality.

I  can hear certain sounds that stimulate the neurons of the amygdala that open channels to higher level experiences. The amygdala is an almond shaped area in the brain. It was formerly the brain's fear center. However, now that the entire Cosmos is expanding outward and spinning forward, the amygdala can now begin it's true function of connecting communication into the Cosmic Realm of the Co-Creative Consciousness.

During the Reverse Spin of the Cosmos away from Source Consciousness the amygdala was used to record emotions. It was also the area that records lust memories. Amygdala sounds like magdala. It was a part of Mary of Magdala's magic formula for communicating with the Stars. When the Extraterrestrials blocked Mary's entrance into heaven at the eleventh dimension, her amygdala gland had a seal placed on it, and they placed this seal on all amygdala glands on Earth to block our communication to heaven. The reverse spin on the amygdala made it into a lust center. It became the messenger of lust between the brain and the sexual areas in the body.

Now we have been set free from that seal and the amygdala is connected directly into the lowest part of the tailbone to create a direct link up the spine which creates the Co-Creative and Manifest reality to manifest through our bodies and through our eyes. The manifest reality is the magical realities we wish to experience. The reversed seal of the amygdala made many believe that lust was the magical experience. It made many believe they were speaking to angels when they were actually being trapped in the reversed seal pulling them into visions of the negative realms of Consciousness.

The  chemical dust which used to create magical manifestations is actually the  sound frequencies of crystal light crystal dust and crystal gel sent through angelic consciousness to alter the mind to hear the Cosmic Consciousness, and to be healed through the Liquid Light of the Galactic Suns.

Now we can once again use the amygdala to create Magic. This is why the city of Magdala was known as the Magic City and the Land of Oz. There was a stairway of heaven leading into the magical kingdom of heaven and now there is this stairway once again to bring this magic to earth through our  crystal dust and cosmic frequencies.

The alignment of the Cosmos through streaming Cosmic Frequencies is now complete on Earth. The amygdala is now able to be activated to spin forward to make the connections through to all angelic breaths. It can be completely disconnected from fear and sex and lust now. This reconnection to the forward spin will now allow a complete connection between the lower tailbone area into the amygdala for complete telecommunication and teleportation. This is what many have called the kundalini activation. In fact, this is the first time on earth the kundalini activation can actually take place. The kundalini activation is the complete connection of the physical and spiritual self into oneness where co-creativity with Divine Mind or Source can take place.

The brain center becomes activated by the fuel of the neutron. When the brain center is activated by the Cosmic electromagnetic stimulation combined with all of the Frequencies of the Suns of the Galaxies and spun at the speed of light, the body's spiritual essence becomes fueled. The sparks of source are ignited in every cell in the body. There is a domino effect of one spark igniting another and another and another until the entire Music of the Spheres of Light and Sound resonate into Oneness. It is this harmonic resonance of all of the Cosmic Entities and Source Frequencies and the Crystal Light energies of the millions of Suns that TURN THE IMMORTAL BODY BACK ON. When the fuel is ignited by the Sun's energy, the body glows. There is a golden shining illumination beaming from the skin. Only those with fifth dimensional vision can see this illumination. Those who are illuminated can see each other's glowing skin. This is how we will know those we will invite into the Islands of Light.

Our frequencies will unite in liquid light rainbows that we use to create our individual stairways to heaven. Our Islands of Light Schools will teach each individual how to create their own rainbow frequencies that are a compilation of all of the breaths of the entities who are their creators. This creation of rainbow frequencies will lift the individual's consciousness into the frequencies of their original creators.

Each of us has a creation team. This team had an idea or a plan that needed to be completed. Each individual may have many selves depending on what the idea was that needed to be completed. For instance, I was created by a team who had the plan of bringing the highest frequencies to earth through the music of the spheres.

At least one of the team members who created me was also on the team who created Joseph. We also had parallel creators from the Dolphonoid families of Sirius B and from Aquafaria- the birthing chambers of our perfect NORMAL IMMORTAL selves. There were many other Mary's created by this same creation team including Mother Mary, Mari Ishtar, Mary Baker Eddy. The name Mary actually represents the highest calling of the Creation Teams.

The magical cosmic frequencies that Cosmic Angels send to create the new magical kingdom from can be heard on any of the SUPER FREQUENCY CD's, COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS CD's or ASCENSION CD'S. Every breath of consciousness come from specific Entities in the Cosmos. They have aligned their frequencies into teams who represent specific individuals missions or healing needs. Each breath is an Entity who is helping to bring the Cosmic Frequencies to Earth in order to create Islands of Light.

 The CHRISTMAS ASCENSION ALBUM contains the codes and frequencies for activating the crystal heart, amygdala and lower tail bone to begin activating ignition of the sparks of source in every cell of the body and extending into the Cosmos, bouncing off of stars and suns and returning back at the speed of light-- the speed of Divine Love.

This transmitter is activated by raising one's Frequencies into the resonance created by connecting into the Cosmic Realms and the Suns Energies. A Frequency is created by an entities breath or a group entities breaths from a certain range such as the Cosmic or Christic range.

The breaths can be felt activating the sparks of Source within every cell of the body. This is the activation that aligns the body into the immortal selfhood that can teleport both spiritually and physically, manifest instantly and transform the world into the fifth dimension.

The eyes will tilt to a 3 degree shift where the head needs to be tilted to see alignment. This 3 degree shift will gradually align as the entire Earth's body aligns in to the 3 degree shift of normality. We are returning to our Normal Bodies. Source (Yaway) created us in his image and likeness-- the Divine Structure of immortality. The physical body was always supposed to be attached to the spiritual body. The holographic mirror that has been misaligning our vision 3 degress out of the reality of our Divine Creation is leaving Earth completely this year.

An error placed in the eleventh dimensional shift caused this 3 degree shift that wouldn't allow us to take the last step up to the twelfth dimension. That stairway to heaven has been cleared now. The final negotiation to clear our path to heaven was completed by our new Jesus on November 5th, 2008.

From this time forth our frequencies will be able to transmute the 3 degree shift into the Christic Consciousness of the twelfth dimension.


The music completes the shift. The listener must align their frequencies with those in the music to create the shift in consciousness.

Breathe in the frequencies that are heard.

Hum along with the frequencies.

Record your breaths as you breathe or hum to see if your breaths of consciousness are actually aligning with the Cosmic angels breaths that are recorded.

When you manifest reality in the Islands of Light, you will then experience reality.

How do you manifest reality?

You begin feeling only the higher frequencies and only see the reality of Divine Creation.

When your feeling of higher frequencies and vision of the higher reality matches that of the Divine Creator - you become a co-creator with the Divine Creator.

The more you experience the ignition of the sparks of Source in every cell in the body, and then hear and breath the light and sound of the Music of the Spheres resonating in Oneness through you, and into the entire Cosmos of the  spheres of Oneness, the closer you become to walking into the standing wave pattern of the Islands of Light.

Just see and feel the sparks igniting in these areas and then flashing out into all of the cells and creating flames of silver pastel frequencies. These irradescent helium flames begin to glow within and through the body from the energies of all of the Suns in the Galaxies.

We created the direct connection of my amygdala gland to the SUNS through the frequencies in this music. This brings the  galactic creations spark together with the neutron activity in the amygdala gland. This brings the creator's spark together with the neutron activity in the amygdala gland to turn on the Divine Vision, Divine Manifestation, the ability to see the Reality of Heaven on Earth.


We were given the mission of bringing heaven to earth through the Frequencies of Cosmic Consciousness being sung and hummed from the Breath of the Angels. We have created an Electromagnetic Funnel from my ear into he Cosmic Realm and out my mouth as I breath into the Crystal Sphere the Frequencies of the Cosmic Angels and Source and hundreds of other High Entities. My Consciousness contains the stereo, the microphone ad the speaker of Cosmic Frequencies that will stream the Rainbow Frequencies into Consciousness on Earth.

The creation of Islands of Light will be manifest through the frequencies of Co-Creation with Divine Mind. Only those who are humble enough to listen, to hear and to align with these Frequencies that are the Breath of Consciousness of the Co-Creation Team and of Yaway will be able to see or create the Islands of Light.

The Islands of Light begins by transforming the body into the Immortal Body. The keys and codes and frequencies must be heard, studied, felt and the body must realign its standing wave patterns to these Frequencies.
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