Friday, October 31, 2014

Golden Age Messages from the Masters: Critical Crossroads Part 2

Much of the Divine Crystalline Blueprint for the next cycle of life on your planet has already been created, yet there are areas within this plan that are always left open so those of you in embodiment can create new addendums. These addendums are included based on how they escalate humanity’s ascension into the 5th Dimension. The ascension necessitates a massive shift within the collective consciousness of humanity, and how each one of you responds to this shift is already determining the ease and grace with which the Earth and all life upon her will move through your next major crossroads leading to your ascension.
The Masters within the Councils of Shamballa
Many Lightworkers are now coming forward to seek our support in manifesting their Golden Age projects. They often do this at night in their Lightbodies, yet we encourage you to call upon us for assistance in a more conscious, awakened state of consciousness. Those within the Councils of Shamballa always assist you when your projects are in support of all life on Earth and in full alignment with the success of humanity’s ascension and the Earth’s ascension into Unity Consciousness on the 5th Dimension.
We have often proclaimed that there is a parting of the ways between those who are doing what they can to support the ascension and those who are doing nothing. Your consciousness is always reflecting your true vibrational alignment with your Presence and everyone who is maintaining this relationship is naturally a witness to the Presence within others. You will probably feel more “at home” with like-minded, loving souls who are equally dedicated to living as their Presence and being a part of co-creating a new Golden Age.
Many of you are being given the opportunity to serve those who seem to have chosen to remain in the lower vibrations, yet that always remains your choice. For many there is an innate feeling of compassion and a sense of responsibility to remain available to those who show any desire to awaken. If it is part of your Divine Blueprint to serve those who are reaching out to create a greater alignment with their Presence, then be assured that you will always be given the opportunity to serve them. 
In the past you have evolved by using your God-given life force to keep the lower dimensional vibrations out of your waking consciousness. The Earth has actually continued to provide you with an opportunity to spiritually progress than may have been possible were you living in the higher dimensions. Many lessons can be played out in your world in ways that naturally fit into each one’s vibrational level of consciousness, and the higher that is, the quicker the progression. There are many souls on your Earth who are at quite different stages of evolution.
The Crossroads before you are offering ways to spiritually evolve that do not involve stress and struggle, limitation and lack. You have the choice of spiritually evolving in Divine Grace by removing any resistance you may have to being part of the paradigm that is being played out all around you. You can shift out of the duality programming by choosing to live as your God Presence, which will provide you with a way to live beyond all struggle and strife. Within each of these choices, every soul will continue to have Guides and Ascended Master Mentors who will be there to assist them in their ongoing ascension. These ascended ones will, however, not interfere with anyone’s free will.
Your Guides and Mentors are always in support of your living on Earth as your Master Presence and they will always do what they can to assist you in your spiritual awakening. At your present Crossroads, please know that if you have doubts or worry about the so-called dark forces, then you are simply attracting them to you and this increases your vulnerability, so please remain positive at all times and keep your focus aligned with your Presence, your ascension and your highest aspirations. Your Ascended Master Sponsors are always working very closely with you to keep you in harmony with your chosen path.
The Crossroads that is before you is determining your destiny and your capacities to live on the Earth as your Presence. If you choose to remain in duality you will always be given the opportunity to ascend in another cycle, yet we suggest that you use the momentum that is here with you now to support your ascension and the Earth’s ascension into the freedom of the 5th dimension. 
To assist you in receiving guidance from us in the Ascended Realms and manifesting your unique Divine Blueprint for these pivotal times, Conscious Co-Creation with the Masters has been created. We invite you to participate.

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