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4 Gates of Consciousness - Akashic Records

I was doing a channeling for someone recently and she asked me a question about being a keeper of the 4th gate and what it meant. I went to her guides to ask and this is the answer that I have received: 
From the third parallel of the third kind, there lays a doorway into the unknown territory of the human psyche, the human psyche that carries the secrets to the ether world. Therein lay the secrets of the human kind.
And so to access the doorway into another parallel of the human psyche and the existence of the truth therein, lays a key, the key which belongs to the one that is gaiting the fourth parallel of the human psyche.
The 4th parallel of the human psyche is not what you consider it to be, but rather a brain wave, and an activity and octave, an octave which exists in the fourth parallel of the human psyche.
And so where you to look at the GigaHertz (HZ) of your known world, you would then discover that the HZ and psyche are linked, and interchangeable, what we are trying to say is that the wavelength upon which the human brain operates separates into 4 equal parts, and yet unilaterally distant parts, akin to the fabionachi sequence and yet different, whereby the second part is then duplicated and enlarged by its first part, and so forth and so on.
Albeit the seeming difference in length, of the these parallels the octaves and the gigahertz arise evenly, and so we must say that  from point zero to point four hundred and thirty two  (432) lays the first door of the human consciousness. From four hundred thirty to (432) to sixteen hundred and thirty six (1636) lays another, from 1636hz to 3216hz yet another and so on until infinity, yet the infinity is where the souls true conciseness dwells.
The fourth corridor is where the magic happens, the fourth corridor is where the true soul and identity arises. And so the on in question is a keeper of the fourth gate of the human conciseness, the human GigaHertz wavelength if you will.
Through her voice, she brings forth the magic, through the establishment of her voice she sends out the waves of the fourth dimensional parallel decree, whereby the gigahertz are expanded into the fourth gate, and the gate thereby opens up. They then proceeded to tell her that she can do so with her own voice and can bring it up high enough to have access to people’s 4th gates of consciousness and by speaking with them, or signing to them she would be able to open up that gateway and awaken each and everyone who hears that pitch. Just like dolphins activate our subconsciousness so too can she do the same but in a different way.
After I have received the channeling I went looking online for any further information I could find on this topic and found this very interesting article that I thought I’d share with all of you…
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The 4 Levels of Consciousness
To establish a better understanding of consciousness, we need to have a clearer concept of the levels of man’s mind.  It is easy to observe man’s waking conscious mind. The mind is always conscious on some level, though man is not always consciously aware of it.  He usually is only aware of the waking conscious portion – but this is a shallow concept of consciousness.
The study of the mind’s levels — the waking conscious, the subconscious, the superconscious and the Wisdom Mind — will require careful consideration.  It will be of benefit to separate the information into segments so that the eye can more easily “see” what the conscious mind is attempting to comprehend.

1.  The waking conscious mind is the mind we use in
our daily living.  It perceives the incidents of passing
time as marked by our everyday lives.
2.  The subconscious mind is a portion of the
Superconscious.  This subconscious substance
is divided in its function:
(a)  it automatically controls the functions of the
physical form.
(b)  It is the portion of the superconscious which
stores memories of fears and phobias, and
brings them into the the waking conscious mind.
3.  The Superconscious mind holds life’s entire library
of experience.  It is man’s book of life and judgment
in one.  It is divided into three aspects:
(a)  The waking conscious mind
(b)  The subconsious mind
(c)  The causal force field

4.  The Wisdom Mind sometimes called Adi-budha,
the Supreme Wisdom, is the field of consciousness
which, overshadowing each individual, is the home
of the Monad, the seat of incomparable bliss where
truth abides.

The Waking Conscious Mind
The seat of the waking conscious mind is the pineal gland which houses the mental seed atom.  The pineal is also the terminal point of the consciousness cord which extends between the brain and the causal superconscious force field above the head.
The nadis, or etheric nerve threads which project into the mental field, flow into cells located in the posterior and central part of the cerebral cortex where we discover all the sense centers — the sight center in the occipital lobe, the hearing center in the temporal lobe, the speech center, the sleep center, etc,
The waking conscious mind operates through the cerebrospinal nervous system.  This mind, experiencing some incident affecting the senses — those of seeing, hearing, tasting, feeling and smelling — registers a mental impulse which strikes a cell of the brain and travels into the superconscious force field via the nadis.  There it is relegated to its proper file –the causal force field, the subconscious or the waking conscious force field, according to its emotional vibration.
To bring the memory of the incident again into the waking conscious mind from the memory storehouse in the superconscious, a mental impulse, triggered by sense sensations, strikes the mind substance in the superconscious force field setting up a responding vibration.  The impulse travels down the etheric cord of the nadis to strike a specific brain cell or center to which the etheric cord is attached.  The vibration in the superconscious sets up the same vibration in the brain center.  The brain center responds to the vibration in the mental substance — and man remembers.
It is like tones on the musical scale – A tone is sounded in the mind substance which sends its vibratory impulse down through the etheric thread, connecting it to the brain center.  The responsive neuron in turn vibrates to and echoes the tone.
The brain has no power in or of itself to think or to remember.  Memories are not stored in the brain cells but these cells react to impulses reaching them from both the upper reaches of the superconscious mind and from the world around you.  The brain is only a way station through which memories or impulses flow.
Karma  – - Past and PresentThe Subconscious mind substance flows out of the superconscious field into the frontal lobe to  converge into the pituitary.  The pituitary controls the subconscious operations but only as directed by the heart seed atom releasing picture images of past karma and the solar plexus atom releasing karmic images being presently created.
The Mind and Karma
The question now arises: from where do the dark phobias of the mind come from? — The unexplained complexes?
The answer itself is complex. It can be explain better by using an example:  Some neurotics suffer, let us say, from an unexplainable and constantly returning fear, which reaction builds a brain center in a particular brain cell or neuron.  These obsessions rise out of the subconscious force field and flow into the brain cells of the frontal lobe, but only as the heart seed atom sends impulses into the brain cells to activate the flow of these memories.  Remember, the subconscious actually is a part of the superconscious force field — that portion where all the fears and phobias are stored.
The picture images flow out of the heart seed atom and, carried by the blood, strike the brain cells which contain the etheric thread upon which is recorded this particular fear.  The impact stimulates this brain center to discharge electrical impulses, activating a flow of mental ether out of the subconscious where the fear is recorded as a memory.  The “fear” image flows downward from the subconscious field to strike the brain center and the personality “remembers” the “fear” episode.  If the fear is recalled often enough to create a permanent brain center, a phobia or an obsession results.  It would seem that man is caught in a self- created mental hell.
The Subconscious Mind
The subconscious is divided in its operations:
1. That which operates through the sympathetic nervous system, automatically controlling the
functions of the physical form — the heartbeat, breathing, etc -
2. That which operates through the cerebrospinal, bringing the memories of fears and phobias
into the waking conscious mind.
Superconscious mind substance flows through the subconscious force field into the frontal lobe of the cerebral cortex of the brain to converge in the pituitary gland.  The pituitary, possessing two lobes, is also divided in its operation:
a. The frontal or anterior lobe is connected with the sympathetic nervous system.  This anterior
pituitary, operating through the sympathetic, automatically controls the functions of the
physical form — but only as directed by the heart seed atom, releasing picture images of
past karma.
b- The rear lobe, called the post-lobe, is connected with the cerebrospinal and the waking
conscious mind, and also with the solar plexus atom which constantly releases karmic
images being presently created through man’s carnal desires.
Thus man’s subconscious activities are definitely controlled by his past karma and by the karma he creates daily.
Let us consider first that portion of the subconscious which causes the functions of the physical form to operate automatically without any conscious thought – respiration, circulation, digestion, etc.  This aspect of the subconscious is completely under the dominion of the life cord which extends from the Monad to the heart.
Prom the anterior lobe of pituitary, the subconscious mind substance travels downward through the sympathetic system which converges in the solar plexus brain, and again in the root brain.
Both lobes of pituitary and the root brain in the reproductive center are, at man’s present stage of evolution, subject to influence by the subconscious mind operating through the sympathetic nervous system.  The pituitary releases the flow of chemical substances which cause the entire glandular system to release the proper hormones throughout the physical form.
Let us now consider the second aspect of the subconscious.  We have already said that the subconscious mind substance flows out of the superconscious force field of which it is a part, into the frontal lobe of the brain to converge in the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland – We have said, too, that the subconscious is that portion of the superconscious which is the “filing cabinet” of all man’s fears and phobias.
Let us say that the heart seed atom releases picture images of a fear episode.  The impulse travels to the frontal lobe of the brain.  There the impulse strikes a brain cell through which passes a thread of mental reflecting ether upon which is “recorded” this same fear episode.  The stimulated brain cell projects the picture of the episode into the force field of the subconscious via the nadis thread of ether and the memory of the episode pours into the consciousness,
It would seem, then, that man has two “files” of memories; that which is stored in the superconscious force field and that which is recorded in the heart seed atom. It is well to explain that they are duplicate records. That which is recorded in the heart seed atom simply reflects that which is recorded in the akashic record of the superconscious.
It is out of this heart atom that the picture images of karma move into the blood stream to be carried through man’s physical form. Thus it is through the seed atom that recorded karma is dissipated. “Erasing” the karmic record from the heart atom also  erases it from the cells  in  the  frontal, lobe of the cerebral cortex of the brain, seat of the subconscious — or rather, from the nadis which contain a record of the memory and which is “coiled” in the cells of the frontal lobe.
It is well to remember that as man’s fears and phobias are gradually removed from these cells, more and more superconscious mind power can strike them until this frontal lobe, aligning with the Third Eye, ultimately becomes the seat of the superconscious.
Also, with the dissolution of the etheric web which now divides the post-lobe of pituitary from the anterior lobe, superconscious impulses and impressions can flow into the frontal lobe of the brain.
With the dissolution of this web, the force of the superconscious will pour more of its power directly into the entire pituitary.  Future man then will experience little influence from this aspect of the subconscious — the fears and the phobias — they being dissolved with the purification of the heart seed atom.

The Superconscious, Subconscious and Waking conscious mind

The Superconscious is the seat of the Akashic records, which means it is the memory storehouse.  In this capactiy it holds a record of both good and evil. Only the pure essences enter the causal force field to build man’s eternal causal form. The undesirable sifts into the subconscious to become man’s fears, phobias, complexes.  The frontal lobe presently is victim of the subconscious flow but once the subconscious is cleared of its undesirable karma, this lobe will unite with the Third Eye to become a brain center fo the superconscious.The superconscious mind finds its seat of contact through the entire Third Eye area, including the optic thalamus, the third ventricle, the post-lobe of pituitary, and the pineal gland.Although the superconscious embraces the  subconscious and waking conscious mental fields, it also extends above and  beyond these levels.  This higher aspect of the superconscious contains the causal field. Over and above this  superconscious field lies the mind we call  the  Wisdom Mind.  It extends upward to embrace the Monad, man’s individual “share of God.”

The superconscious holds life’s entire library, of experiences in its imperishable substance. In it is recorded every desire and every act of man. It is indeed his book of life and book of judgment in one, for it has recorded everything that he has ever thought or done, said or heard.
This record is reflected in the physical  seed  atom of the heart and it is out of this heart atom that the picture images of karma move into  the blood stream.

The superconscious is divided into three principal aspects:
1.  The causal force field is that aspect which lies in the heart of the superconscious.This causal
field  absorbs into its substance only the pure and altruistic experiences of the individual soul.
2. The  subconscious  mind is  that  portion of  the superconscious which absorbs into its
substance  the  phobias, fears, anxieties, depressions,  obsessions , compulsions,
neuroses, schizophrenic  tendencies and all the mysterious enigmatical  emotions which
become mental blockages, stagnant pools of darksome forebodings .
3. The Waking conscious mind is the mind we use in our daily living – the surface mind
operating through the cerebrospinal nervous system which sees, hears, tastes, feels and
smells the incidents of passing time.

As daily events are experienced they are noted by the waking conscious mind and pass from it into the superconscious. There events are filed as memories according to their vibrations. The memory of undesirable events is filed in the  subconscious force field, the pure are absorbed into the causal, while the general events are filed  in the waking conscious sensory area,
Some  may be  confused that  the superconscious as the seat of memories, which would cause  it  also  to house man’s evils as well as his nobility and wisdom. But it must be clearly understood that if a  superconscious field is to contain the complete akashic  record, it must file away a record of all of man’s actions  and reactions, both good and evil. Since the superconscious  does contain the akashic record, then every thought, action,  emotion and experience becomes a memory filed in its proper category according to the nature of the experience — whether it is pure evil or general. Thus we have three different “memory files,” in the superconscious mind:
1 .  The Causal Force Field into which pass thoughts which  are pure, untinged with carnality,
selfishness, hate,   greed, there to become the “bricks”  with which you build your “house
not made with hands, eternal in the  heavens” – your causal body. Only altruistic thoughts
tinged with divine Love will enter this field.     Once you have completely built this celestial
form by your own spiritual efforts, you need not  again incarnate in the world of matter.
2.   The subconscious force field into which carnal thoughts are absorbed to become your fears,
phobias, obsessions, and to create your kama rupa  the lower desire  body.
3.   The Waking Conscious force field into which flow thoughts neither pure nor evil – only those
which are the fruit of “common knowledge.”  This field contains your general store” of
information, and accumulated  knowledge as experienced  “’through every day” living, thus
becoming” your  immediate finite memory reference.

Your Third Eye – Superconscious Contact
It should be noted that the pineal gland is not only  the seat of the conscious mind but also a part of the  superconscious point of contact since it is a part of the  Third Eye, and since the Third Eye in its entirety is the seat of the superconscious in the physical brain.
The superconscious also embraces the post-lobe of pituitary which, when spiritualized to any degree, exerts its influence upon the anterior lobe – the seat of the subconscious mind.  The superconscious does not “extend downward into the physical form.  However, it can be  reached  through the vagus nerve and the spinal cord by the  fires of kundalini so that, once man’s desires become  tinged with aspirations, there is a constant upreaching  toward the superconscious state.
This, then, clarifies how both the conscious mind and  the subconscious mind have a connection with the superconscious mind, although at man’s present level of consciousness the waking conscious connection is almost imperceptible.
With his future spiritual development, the anterior lobe of pituitary will be influenced by pituitrin, the “love” hormone released by the post-lobe – and man will automatically begin to express good will in general through the subconscious.
The pineal gland, under future stimulation, will allow more definite and controlled contact between the conscious and  superconscious  minds. The tiny pineal antenna makes the pineal gland not only a receiving set for the superconscious, but a sending set as well, as It attempts  to relay to the brain inspiration received from the Oversoul.

The Wisdom Mind – Adi-budha
The wisdom mind, called the Adi-budha, extends above the superconscious and embraces the Monad.  It is the field of supreme consciousness.  It is the center of bliss; the realm of the Word; the region of the Divine Life stream of the Holy Nahd; the home of the Christ Substance overshadowng each  individual.The Wisdom Mind is a heritage of every individual: the mind which is the God-mind of the individual – his own portion of the Universal Divine Mind of God.The Wisdom Mind of each man, called the Adi-budha, extends above his superconscious and embraces his divine Monad; it is that mind which becomes the seat of wisdom permeating his mental aura.  It is the field of the supreme consciousness of man – an estate of rare quality of which he is almost completely ignorant. It is the seat of supreme bliss, the realm of the Word, the field of the Christ Substance, the region of Divinity overshadowing each individual.  Adi means supreme, budha interprets to mean wisdom.

Adi-budha is in possession of pure truth while all other aspects of the mind are hampered by their imprisonment of the obscurity of life in the physical form. Even the superconscious, an intermediate force operating between the waking conscious and the Wisdom Mind, is tinged with the ignorance, the maya, the illusion of physical life.
Since there exists what mystics call  the  universal Mind of  God, or the Divine Mind, how then did the consciousness of man become  separated from it?
Throughout the ethers of space we know that, pervading every atom, is a mental substance — a substance of the Mind of God, a quality of the Divine Mind.  We know that pervading the aura of man is also a quality of mental substance- We know that the atomic particles of this substance permeate the cells of man’s brain, yet its quality does not seem to bear the stamp of divinity which is contained in the Divine Substance.  We know that the mental aura of the individual contains some portion of the Divine Mind and some quality of the Divine Spirit,
Yet there seems to be a gulf between that innate Divinity and the manifesting consciousness of the individual.  Man seems only dimly aware of the presence of the Higher Quality.  Even so, he perpetually gropes to unite with it. His life seems to be a constant chasing after shadows, which could equally be described as a search for light.

Man’s consciousness seems to be limited to a certain octave of sounds and colors.  He is unable to distinguish that which is above that scale or that which is below it.  The range of sound above and below it is inaudible to him and the colors above and below his range of perception are invisible to him.

So is his mind also tuned to a certain octave of awareness, and he seems unable to soar above his personal range of perception.  His only means of communicating with the animal kingdom is through vocal tone and the quality of his emotions.  The animal thus feels his love or his hatred, not through words but through intuitive feeling.  The same is true at the other end of the scale. Man can only communicate with God through intuitive feeling.
Man can no more deny the presence of the Higher Mind than he could deny the presence of animal devotion, even though the animal cannot say the words, “I love you.” The qualities of the Higher Mind are there, but must be perceived by the normal consciousness through Intuitive perceptions.  Man must know the love of God just as he must know the love of the animal.
This knowing we call intuition.  The rare flashes of communication between the normal mind and the Adi-budha result in our inspiration, our visions, our intuitive discernments, our moments of genius.,. more, rarely yet, the spiritual ecstasies the mystics experi-ence when the veils of consciousness are momentarily parted.

Every mystic, every genius, every scientist, every inventor is aware of temporary penetrations of his consciousness by the Wisdom Mind,  He is aware of the action of intuition which darts like a lightning flash piercing his ignorance with knowledge, with understanding and with mental power.
The light of this superior consciousness must act within narrow limits; must subdue and adapt its force to the normal mind substance of the individual; must modify or diminish its dynamo until the original divine luminosity becomes the quality of inspiration rather than pure wisdom.  Still the receiver, the mystic, is quite aware of the source of his revelatory vision or his intuitive perception.

One road to attainment of this superior estate lies through the practice of meditation, the inward movement of the mind in constant and ceaseless effort to pierce the web between his external and his super-Self.  Breaking this consciousness barrier causes a double action of the cosmic forces of consciousness an upward sweeping of the normal mind into the immutable status beyond and embracing the universal and, at the same time, a descent of light and bliss which, pouring into the lower consciousness, illumines its mental energies.
Only the mystic who has experienced this union of consciousness can be truly aware of the existing gulf between his potential wisdom and his everyday mental level.  And yet, the disciple also becomes aware that his higher mind seems to be a reservoir of truth, and that he need not go from his present environment to find the whole of it.  He need only unite consciously with his Oversoul in order to find the hidden secrets of the universe.
Receiving the downpour of Wisdom, he is aware of an automatic and spontaneous knowledge flowing in from the higher mind.  He is aware of a difference in the process of thinking.  There is no need for speculation or for attempting to find answers — the answers are simply there, for the Wisdom Mind is in possession of full truth, remitting vast degrees of knowledge in a single moment.  The mystic is aware of the stream of knowledge – energy pouring in like a ray of sunshine, bringing with it true vision, true thinking and true feeling which, for want of a better word, we call intuition,
In this expanded state of awareness the mystic is conscious  of  the  presence  of  the Adi-budha  lying  above his  normal  consciousness  like  great outspread wings  of light. He is aware that the veil of  the  superconscious, which usually hides the Wisdom from him, has parted.
The  mystic is aware,  then,  of the presence of not only  the superconscious  but  the Wisdom consciousness that  lies  above  it —  the  seat of  the  supreme  cosmic power of which  the  superconscious  is  only an  ambassador. The mystic  realizes  that  the  superconscious  is  only an intermediate  force between  the waking  conscious  mind and the  seat of  the wisdom Mind,   acting  as  a protective screen  to shield the waking conscious   from an  unbearable  light;   for indeed,   the  conscious  mind is  engulfed in  a darkness which  could not receive  the  direct
impact of the  supreme  light,  except  as  it pours  down through the  shield of the  superconscious.
.The Difference between  the Wisdom Mind and the superconsciousness is that in the field of the Wisdom there is supreme all-knowing truth existing without any method of thought or action. The superconscious, being subject to the world of Maya, or illusion, is aware of the essential truth of things but must attempt to make this truth operable  in the world of matter; must find some method of production,  some means  of  taking  the  absolute  truth  and making  it  amenable  to  the  narrow  concepts of  the conscious  mind.
It must find some process of transforming the dynamic power of the Wisdom light so that it will illumine and not destroy the limited field of the conscious mind. It must, in other words, convert the Wisdom into the ignorance, the light into the darkness, releasing only that portion of Wisdom that the conscious mind can contain.
In our separative normal consciousness, for example,  all religions, all philosophies, all political theories exist as opposites. Each of these opposites claims to possess that which is right, to be superior in all ways. Each  blames  the other with falsehood.  Each feels a destiny to destroy the other so that its own truth might survive.  Each claims to be in exclusive possession of the true  path.
The light of the superconscious, if permitted to pierce the ignorance, would refute this claim to exclusiveness. Reflecting the light of the Wisdom Mind, it would permeate the conscious mind with the knowledge that all are necessary to the whole, and it would assign  each to its field of endeavor in order to fulfill its rightful place and attain its own realization.
The superconscious, being in some possession of truth, would destroy the concept that all is false except one’s own affirmations.  But the superconscious, being only a delegate of the Wisdom, cannot cause a change in the concepts of the  conscious mind.  Only a down pouring of the bliss from the Wisdom Mind, only an attunement with the stream of the divine Word pouring down from Adi-budha, can bring an immediate dissolution of the ignorance and darkness, and a complete surrender to truth and right understanding.
Thus we can say that the conscious mind is the mind of  ignorance, of illusion.  The super conscious is the possessor of partial truth, harmony and knowledge, the “Home” of the waking conscious, the subconscious, and the causal force field.  The Wisdom Mind is the possessor of pure wisdom, bliss and delight…the Word not yet made manifest in the world of form, the place of the hidden Mysteries where the divinity of the individual resides, reposing in splendid patience awaiting the Becoming of the transient soul.
It is “the Father which art in heaven” of which the soul — groping its way through the depths of Maya, the world of form and matter — is so completely unaware.  When he attains the ultimate awareness, man will no longer be “a god in ruins.” He will no longer beg alms from a universe of which he is master and king.
And also I read this article…
Perdido Bay, Alabama—A series of sounds played to oil polluted water from the Gulf of Mexico has “miraculously” cleared test samples of the deadly petrochemicals, says a well known Canadian researcher.

According to John Hutchinson, an electro-magnetic energy expert from Vancouver, B.C., Canada, a selection of “music” has helped purify poisoned water. The frequencies included the “sound of Jupiter,” recently recorded by NASA, vibrating close to 528Hz frequency.
That sound energy has been determined to match the color greenish-yellow–the heart of the rainbow, the electromagnetic color spectrum, celebrated by the botanical world, according to Dr. Leonard Horowitz, who has published most on that pure tone. Nature obviously celebrates that shade, the pigment chlorophyll, to produce oxygen and energy needed for life.
According to Dr. Horowitz, Hutchinson’s study results are most promising, as they were certified by the Analytical Chemical Testing Laboratory, Inc. of Mobile, Alabama, and are consistent with studies and predictions based on the most advanced discoveries in mathematics, physics, and biophysics.
528Hz frequency, the “Miracle” note of original Solfeggio musical scale, is only one of nine “core creative frequencies” in a “Perfect Circle of Sound” that animates physical reality, like atomic energy technology, using spinning electrons vibrating with electro-resonance.
This is an image of one of the most perfect, detailed, pure water crystals ever photographed. It formed to reflect the sound of the sun
In 2009, researcher David Sereda sent Dr. Horowitz NASA recordings of the sun along with this crystallograph produced by researchers in Russia. Later, Dr. Horowitz compared the sound of the sun, and jupiter to the pure tones of “The Perfect Circle of Sound” frequencies, including 528Hz. The Harvard trained public health expert noted 528Hz was most obviously harmonic to both recordings.
Dr. Horowitz believes 528Hz is also fundamental to “LOVE”—the “Universal Healer;” and he recommends combining the frequency of “LOVE/528,” with the “Universal Solvent”—Water—to advance “the future of medicine”—LOVE Hydrosonics. To this end, the award winning author and film-maker publishes two online journals Hydrosonics, that discusses the powerful impacts of sounds on water, and Medical Veritas, heralding advances in natural ways to end pollution and advance healing.
John Hutchison, is a well known scientist best known for examining The Bermuda Triangle, and explaining strange occurrences in this infamous area of the Atlantic ocean, called the “Hutchison-Effect,” all associated with electromagnetic disturbances of unknown origin. The Canadian Government has persecuted Hutchinson heavily over the years, the last time for supposedly causing his neighbor to levitate without consent.
Hutchinson’s partner, Nancy Lazaryan, a journalist from Minnesota, said their research was “intuited” to include the 528Hz sound that they observed causing oxygen to bubble up heavily from the bottom of the oil soaked Gulf  and Perdido Bay, between Florida and Alabama.
The couple started their research requesting samples of polluted Gulf water be sent to Hutchison’s lab in Vancouver.  There, Hutchison and Lazaryan experimented using ancient Solfeggio sounds and Gregorian chant frequences that have been traditionally used for healing. The frequencies were applied to several polluted water samples using audio and radio waves, with wonderful results.
So Hutchison and Lazaryan packed up their lab equipment, borrowed a trailer, and farm truck, and traveled from Canada to the Gulf. Their chemical analysis from their first “open air frequencies” experiments in Perdido Bay proved to them that, “the Gulf water can be healed.”
To date, the federal government has relied on the deadly oil dispersant, Corexit, a Goldman Sach/Boots & Coots chemical causing a lot of people, and wildlife, to get sick and die.
Alternatively, Hutchinson and Lazaryan recommend a harmonic “stream of sound” to completely purify the polluted water. The couple claims the inspiration for these harmonics came from the Essenes, a sect of Israel where Jesus was a member. The Essenes “inner circle” taught the “stream of sound” as part of the Creator’s power to create.
The 528 hz tone is known by the ancients to be a “healing frequency,” and many people believe it can be used to repair damaged DNA. Most recently, Dr. Horowitz, working with mathematician Marko Rodin, advanced the mathematical relationship to genetic structuring, as DNA segments reflect Rodin’s “infinity pattern,” that others predict will revolutionize everything. (CLICK HERE for a YouTube presentation on this knowledge.)
In 2009, Dr. Horowitz produced Live H2O: Concert for the Living Water , in which groups from 72 countries participated by singing and chanting in 528Hz, praying for all polluted water to be blessed worldwide.
One of the honorees at LIVE H2O was Dr. Masaru Emoto who conducted years of research sending purifying intentions and “LOVE/528Hz frequency vibrations into water with astonishing results published in dozens of languages and two New York Times bestselling books.  Dr. Emoto actually filmed the molecular structure of the water changing from disorganized arrays of crystals in polluted water, into beautiful snowflake formations included visible “messages” as through the water was actually “conscious.”
Dr. Horowitz, among Dr. Emoto’s leading scientific supporters, explains this metaphysically by relating the power of LOVE in human hearts to the power of the Creator to respond to prayer and heart-felt loving intentions to heal the world and be helpful to one another.
Hutchison and Lazaryan, likewise, are hoping to bless the planet with their new discoveries in the Gulf of Mexico.
“We declare PEACE,” says Lazaryan, “the war upon the Gulf is over.”


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Golden Age Messages from the Masters: Living in the Joy of the Season Part I

Living in the now is living in the Presence, and living as the Presence of God embodied is truly the only everlasting joy there is in your world or any world! This is indeed simple to understand, yet truly living as the Presence of God and the mastery that goes along with living moment-to-moment in unconditional love has eluded the minds and hearts of humanity for untold centuries. We delight in sharing with you that the time has come for each of you to fully remember your origin ~ because in remembering your origin, you will know that you are on Earth to live as the glorious Presence of God that you truly ARE and that is a real cause to celebrate the joy of this season!
Jeshua and Mary Magdalene    
The great awakening from the slumber of the ages is happening around the world and this is cause for great celebration!  Imagine living in a world where everyone knew there really was no limitation or lack ~ there really was ENOUGH love and enough of everything! The majority of humankind has been living behind the veils of illusion for so many centuries that they finally forgot that they were the actual offspring of the Creator! Allow that to fill your heart with joy and gratitude as it means you truly are here to co-create your life and your world with God!
Most people have spent lifetimes seeking and inwardly yearning for a better way of living on Earth. Many have spent a great deal of time hoping and praying that something or someone would come along to make their life more enjoyable or simply more tolerable. The desire for more in order to feel good runs deep within the 3rd and 4th dimensions of the soul’s consciousness, yet if you go deeper into what is truly driving this yearning, you would discover that the core of this insatiable longing has really been driven by the deep desire of the soul to reunite with the God Presence within.
This season often brings to the surface many unrealized dreams and desires that then get translated into shopping and the giving and receiving of gifts, yet we tell you that the biggest gift you can truly give is to see the Presence within yourself and one another. The desire to live as one’s Presence on Earth is the primal desire shared by every soul and when it is not realized, it then becomes the major driving force that brings one back to Earth time and time again until this ancient longing to live on Earth as the Presence of God is fully realized.
Only the fulfillment of this primary desire will really bring lasting satisfaction to the soul. If it is not understood, the energy of desire will keep creating a false sense of lack within. This is your time and your glorious season to remember that you are living masters who are here to celebrate one another as co-creators of your new Golden Age of Freedom and you are free right now to celebrate the Presence of God in one another. All else is illusion and all else has been created to entertain the soul, which brings wonderful temporary satisfaction, yet it does not bring you into an eternal state of joy and bliss.
You already are that which you seek, so be at peace this season and rest within the core essence of your Divine Being, knowing that you are already one with Source and are therefore abundant and fulfilled in every way.
Whenever you reconnect with the core essence of your being, you will find that there is never any lack and that the old desiring game is a hindrance to actually experiencing the blissful state of your Presence. Stay relaxed, fully open and receptive and the Universe will shower its gifts upon you.
Everyone is a facet of your own being, the ONE Being that we all are and as you become increasingly more aware of the Presence of God within you and all of life, then you become a living demonstration of what it looks and feels like to live in Unity or Christ Consciousness where Divine Love can become the foundational essence within the core of every heart and soul around the world. Then you are naturally living in the joy and bliss of this holiday season now and always. 

All of us at the Ascended Masters Mystery School wish you and yours a most blessed holiday season of great joy. Thank you for implementing these teachings in your life and for being a beacon of Light in the world and a living demonstration of Divine Love as you co-create a new Golden Age of Freedom.

The Spiritual Community:



I activate the third eye by focusing on the white light area of the candle until it becomes blue and then ultra violet blue.
I can close my eyes in order to allow the diamond shape containing  ultra violet blue to appear in my forehead.
 I can connect to my hologram which is my Soul through this window. I can then send my soul hologram all the way to the field of Source through this diamond window of ultra violet blue.

When the frequency specific mid brain has made contact into the ultra violet blue, every thing around the candle flame will disappear. The room will be filled with the plasma of ante matter. This is the Source field appearing around you as you enter into the diamond window. You see your hologram appear in the diamond window, and you see the plasma filling the room.

The Source field of consciousness has come to you to create your new reality. This is the quantum field of invisible energy that contains infinite ideas and infinite amount of space and time to create within. There is also no space and time in this place. All creation is in the now.

The  crystal dust is the plasma, liquid gel is mercury and crystal liquid light is the waterfall of of the silver pastel with golden sparkles carrying the codes of creation. This waterfall streams down from source into Cosmos and streams all the way down through our Souls - our Crystal Hearts and then into the Crystal Heart of Earth - within the etheric realms of Earth Core are the Cosmic realms that connect into the zero point of Source. The waterfall stream of liquid light streams all the way down into the reservoir of Mother Earth's crystal heart and then errupts upward all the way back up to Source. When the Cosmic Stream of Crystal Light returns, it ignites the ultra violet flow of liquid gel. The liquid gel is the crystal gel of transformation. It is the energy that can transform our bodies into a completely new chemical structure, a completely new multidimensionality, a completely new divine blue print. All lower frequencies become transmutted into the higher frequencies. This doesn't mean that a part of us disappears, this means that all multidimensional selves exist at once through the frequency of the highest self.

Once the waterfall turns into the violet stream and streams through the soul and back down into the reservoir of the Cosmic Creation template, our bodies become transformed and the third eye becomes activated.

We create a tiny little mini me of the self and place it in the ultra violet diamond window. We see the diamond window surrounded by the crystal dust which is the plasma ante matter of Source. We see our tiny self standing within the window on the cloud. We see the tiny self dive into the waterfall to become saturated with the ultra violet frequencies of transformation.

Once the tiny self has dove into the waterfall and swims clear down into the Crystal Heart of Mother EArth where the healing waters of Kemlehotea and the reflective pond of the twin spiritual self reunite, the tiny self can erupt back up through the Cosmic Flows up into the plasma cloud in the Source Field.

Now, the third eye has become activated. The third eye can see through the violet window ithrough the eyes of Source. The Eyes of God are activated behind the head because the spirtual self has stepped into the physical self. The eyes of God from the mid brain see into the window that connects to the all seeing eyes of Source Consciousness. 

The Soul hologram is always observing the physical temple, which is no longer physical because the spiritual and physical have become united. The physical body can disconnect and go into the Soul hologram anytime a healing is needed until the unification occurs.

Once the reconnection into the Mind of God through diamond window into the Eyes of Source has occurred, the entity will have the power of instant manifestation of any reality that he or she places in the diamond window.

Create a slow time wave - very slow because it flows all of the way up and down from the point within where we touch the zero point of oneness or at one ment with all tht God is.
If we were to travel within Earth we would reach into  our Cosmic Template where that Cosmic sphere touches the part of Source outside of the Cosmic Sphere.
If we go way out beyond our physical realm, outside of th galactic and universal realm, outside of the galactic and universal into the Cosmic Sphere, we also touch the point where the breath of Source ignites into oneness with the Cosmic Sphere of Consciousness.
The Cosmic Time Wave is very slow because it reaches all of the way from our planetary sphere to the cosmic sphere. So, it creates a very slow, calmer peaceful wave of harmonic frequency than the fast planetary wave.

The last planetary wave creates a denser vibration. You could compare the density of a word and the density of a breath. A breath has no density. It is pure frequency. The frequency of the breath can carry the entire consciousness of Source into the Cosmic Consciousness to create a brand new reality. That is how powerful the breath is, when the consciousness is completely in focus and alignment with Source. 
We carry this same consciousness of all that is with Source Consciousness as it becomes realized in Cosmic Consciousness within our Individual Souls. Our souls can become realized and activated into the full mind of God through the combination of the understanding of this reality, the belif and knowing of this reality and the doing of this realtiy.

We have been indoctrinated for millions of years to believe that we are separate from God, that we are less than God, that we must have a mediator to talk to God. We were made to believe that only Jesus was the Son of God and only Jesus could activate the God Mind and Principle within himself. When in fact, Jesus mission and teaching on Earth was to teach man that the God of his Being was within him and that he could do Greater Works than these. Jesus said he could do the things he did because he would go to His Father. He was trying to teach us to go to the Father - to go to Source Consciousness through the window of a third eye as we activate our Souls within which contain all that is known to Source to be known to  us.

We-the angelic humans, had those codes within our Mid Brain and within our Souls that connect us directly to the mind of God  deactivated by Invader Races over and over again during a 500 million year time period. Now, we are having the opportunity to turn those codes and frequencies back on within our Divine Template.
We can once again activate our Windows of our Frequency Specific Mid Brain into the Infinite All knowing of Source and to Manifest that knowingness into this present reality system.

This plane of reality will be transposed from density one into density three in 2012. This means that we will have a much closer connection into our Multidimensional Domains of Consciosusness than we have Now.
However, there have been thousands who have activated their mind of God by raising their frequencies of Consciousness higher than the dimensional consciousness that was created to lock us outside of our Divine Blue Print. We cannot ever obtain the window connection into the mind of God while we are in the third dimension, or even the eighth dimension. We must raise our frequencies into the 12D consciousness before the God principle of creation manifestation, healing eternal life can become a part of our lives.

We have had great exposure to this reality through a few very unpopular religions that have taught that we can become all that Jesus Christ was. We also had exposure to teachings of metaphysical teachings that helped to bring understanding of consciousness fields and how to expand them into the Consciousness of God.

We have had a little exposure to light and sound technologies and aligning into a rod and staff that will correct our star alignment and our off tilt rod and staff.

Now, is the first time we have been given a complete understanding of what all of these other little bits and pieces of the new reality really mean.

We now have the teachings of our Cosmic Light Councils, our Creation Families, our Founders Races of the Angelic human on Earth. This is the first time in over 25,000 years that we have had the opportunity to become re born out of our amnesia state and put back into our 12D Divine Blue Print Template.
We are now learning how to expand out of this fallen galaxy of the Milky Way and back into our Universal Consciousness of the omniverses of this cosmos and the 12 cosmic templates of our original 12 Angelic Families of Consciousness.

1. Surround yourself with your merkaba body  and place a crystal sphere around your merkaba body.
2. Now, see yourself as a tiny little self standing inside of your crystal heart
3. Create a sphere of crystal plasma that sits right below the heart area.
4. See the plasma sphere under your heart 
See or imagine the sphere with you.
This is your soul This is you
You have always been your Soul
You were this plasma sphere in the Mind of Source
You were this plasma sphere in Cosmic Realms universal Realms, You were this Soul of All knowingness for billions of years
This is the real you
The more you become familiar with your soul the more you activate your soul and through the mind of god the more you will know your multidimesnional self.
See your tiny self within your soul
See your soul become a sphere under your heart area.
Expand this sphere to become the same shape as your body
Expand each spark of source from deep within your soul to fill every nano particle of your body.
Feel your Soul beaming through your body
Now bring your soul back to its original sphere shape and exhale it out in front of you. Hold your soul
in your hands
Feel the connection of your soul from the within to the without of you
Now, see your soul float up to the ceiling above you to continue to see yourself with your soul
Now create a diamond window from your mid brain. Learn to do this by focusing on the candle flame
Inhale your soul into the diamond window. See your tiny self inside of your soul. Next, exhale the soul sphere around the diamond window, See the soul become the crystal dust, or gaseous plasma around the ultra violet blue window
that contains the crystal light  non color of Source ignited by the Cosmic Consciousness ultra violet blue light - the crystal gel
Now connect your violet diamond window out beyond the cosmic sphere into the Source field of consciousness. See the entire source field of all that is and all that will be - eternal creative energy. See this infinite window of opportunity through your diamond window.
Stay up there in your soul cloud around your diamond window that your tiny self is standing within.
See yourself sitting comfortably on your cloud in the Source field . This is your dream cloud.YOu can connect your diamond window of your frequency specific mid brain to the frequency of Source to create a continuous dream window of all that is in Source conscious ness to stream into your consciousness.
The activity of connecting and manifesting begins in the dream stream
When you lie down to go to sleep you activate this stream from your diamond window into your tiny self on the cloud in source.
When you reach the moment when you are just a bout to fall asleep there is a point when you are awake but you are asleep at the same time. It is the point o nodding off. At that moment is the time when your dream stream is connected to your manifestation state.
The rainbow bridge of your multidimensionality streams through your diamond window and through your soul to reconnect you to all of your multi dimesnional frequencies. This is the moment that you can visualize any reality that you want to manifest. Inhale that vision that you see in your diamond window and exhale it into this dimension by using your breath that connects this physical you to the tiny you in the Source Cloud.
That reality that you experience as at one ment with the self that is you in your soul projected through your diamond window into the mind of god creates the instantaneous manifestation sate where you have the exact same privledge of having as Jesus Chrsit had. That was what Jesus came to teach us. We have the mind of God. We have anything our hearts desire and it can manifest from the frequency of Source into the multidimensionality of all of the frequencies that you behold. You must see the idea that you want to manifest in this realm and translate it from the Frequency of Source down to the frequency of visual light through the infra red transmission of antematter of Source.

I am activating my soul by breathing into the sphere of crystal plasma energy
I see it grow into a sphere of plasma crystal dust under my heart area
I watch the sphere rise above me I connect my eyes into the eyes  of my soul in the sphere of crystal
dust above me.
I inhale the sphere into my diamond window of my third eye.
I see the crystal dust around the diamond window and I see my tiny self inside the plasma inside the window
I breathe in order to push my diamond window out to the Source field 
I see myself sitting on a cloud in Source Consciousness
Every time you breathe  you need to feel your soul expanding under your heart and through your body and out around your body
Become aware of being at one with your soul
You can make it any color you want 
You can fill it full of sparks of Soruce
 Become more ane more familiar with the energy of your soul self.
Feel the crystal dust of the plasma self within every atom and cell and nano particle of your body.


When the frequency is received through the mid brain, it is the 3d brain that must process this idea through the recess of background knowledge that it has. If it doesn’t have the back ground knowledge of how everything was created from the breath of source, igniting a spark to form an idea into the atmosphere, the sky, the stardust to form the realities we live within from the Omni particle of all creation, the thinking brain cannot process the information that it receives from the mid brains frequencies.
If the yellow brain can make the pictures while we create a dynamic inner force field and an outer force field. That is consciousness and energy create reality. To move energy up and to activate the frequency bands, first we must understand the frequency bands. The music of the spheres. The frequency waves of the hertizian level of this earth, the infra red of the parallel earth, the visible and invisible light spectrums, the ultra violet blue body that we have been many times before, the x-ray band that allows all light to stream into the sound bands and create the soup of heaven, the gamma waves that connect our wave bands, to our highest light of Alcyone and all crystal suns light.

We cannot connect our thinking mind picture frame into the ultra violet blue frequencies that bring us immortal 6D bodies until we can fully visualize and understand this realm of Aquafarian consciousness and the dolphinoid who brought the seed of our 6th dimensional bodies to this earth millions of years ago.

We must understand how our soul has returned to this 6th dimensional realm of the blue body thousands of times and how it has remained there for many lifetimes in between. We must have the background knowledge before our yellow brain-personality will allow these frequencies to be help permanently in the neuronet and then allow the body to turn into 6th dimensional blue body which contains the mind of god, which contains immortality, which continues co-creating.

These are just all words that are immediately misunderstood and then dissolved by the yellow brain and the replaced by former old school knowledge that was formerly placed in the yellow brain-upper cerebellum, until the yellow brain has spent enough time experiencing Aquafaria, the life style of the immortals who live in the Blue realm and the actually frequencies of this glorious heavenly realm.

Crystalai and aDolphino spend all of their days and nights in this magnificent blue body realm. we breathe it into our atmosphere. We live in Aquafaria in our Lucid Dreams. We allow our Aquafaria families to swim through the neuronets of our chromosomes in order to crate our 12 DNA that links us to this world permanently.
At Cosmic Dolphin Magic we  provide the tools the frequency signatures, the wave bands, the music of the spheres, the codes of manifestation, the visual and frequency journeys into Aquafaria, the tools for lucid dreaming. We provide everything needed to remove all resistance from the yellow brain and to create a brand new back ground knowledge for the yellow brain to process information from when it receives the frequency signatures of the ultra violet blue light from our glorious 6th dimensional realm of immortality.
We were given this extremely valuable message from mother marry and Cinderella our cosmic mothers of co-creation.
We asked them when we can move to Aquafaria continuously.
They answered this way. When we are consciously in Aquafaria more than we are in our third dimensional reality. WE will be in the 6th.
They added this important fact. They said we will not move to Aquafaria, we will move Aquafaria to Earth. The Healing of Temples of Aquafaria will move to Earth in2011.

This is exactly what we are doing every minute of every day. We are spending more and more time in our Aquafaria home absorbing the frequencies of this sixth dimension realm and learning everything there is to know about it. This is the realm where there are millions of elementals show help redesign our bodies into the Omni particles of our original creation from the breath of god. These breaths of Source frequencies acre breasted in to our etheric chromosomes  to realign our DNA at the Omni level into a New Form of consciousness.

 We take the frequency from the sphere and load them into the physical. We load higher and higher frequencies into the atomic structure. The Omni has frequency fields, they are textured realities. They are frequency signatures of entities consciousness, dimensional levels, sixth dimensional blue body consciousness field. They are particles realities they all have a frequency signature and code. When we put the picture in our brain. We create a picture that represents the code.

The mid brain opens up the picture because the picture has been translated into frequency. So, I can see Aquafaria because I first make it a reality strong enough in my thinking brain. That the thinking brain would not resist it and erase it. Second, I become so familiar with the frequency of the ultra violet blue Aquafarian Reality that knew it as on frequency signature as well as all of the many individual frequency signatures that exist within this reality. I become familiar with the frequency signature of all of the family of consciousness of my Aquafarian family, and the atmosphere and frequencies of the crystals, the water, the temples the mansions, etc. I become familiar with their frequencies of trans formation that allowed them to change form from dolphins to mermaids, to fairies to stardust and to create rainbows from light and sound. I become so familiar with that tone of home hat it became my own breath of consciousness. I breathe these frequency signatures into the CD's in the Ascension Kit, Cosmic Kits, Family Kit and Super Frequency Kit. The Cosmic Kit contains songs sung by my Aquafarian Family that describe their Reality in their own words. The song, All is Love from Magic Dolphin describes the way of thinking of this reality the best. The Super Frequencies in Ultra Violet Sun are extremely important to feeling and understanding the Blue Body that exists within the realms of the Sun Alcyone, Aquarius and Aquafaria. 

Each set of frequency signatures is a separate aspect of the entire Cosmic Realm of Angelic Consciousness being woven into my breath from my frequency bands after my wave bands have absorbed the frequencies of Aquafaria.
Each frequency begins its journey from my connection into the zero point of Source Consciousness. Where the Omni particles of all creations is breathed into the Spark of Source and ignited into a Flame to create a rainbow flame of energy to create anew reality from
That spark of Source is ignited from within the crystal heart of each cell in the body . The zero point of each cell in the body contains that spark of Source. That Omni particle that created each soul on earth. That same spark of source created the Omni particles or stardust, rainbow, galaxies and universes.

When that spark of Source is breathed into the bands of light and energy to create the music of the spheres, that breath of Source raises the frequencies of the entire mass of the body. The body becomes lighter and lighter until it levitates, walks through walls and disappears.
That doesn’t mean that you are no longer here. That means that you have allowed your blue body frequency to transform the 3d brain. The personality has becomes a believer because it understands it feels, it knows the reality of this frequency of Source, the frequency of Cosmic Consciousness, the Frequency of the Aquafarian Blue Body.
The Music of The Spheres can be heard within the body as a humming singing sound of light whistling through every cell in the body. It is felt as a light feeling of invisibility and weightlessness.
The mind must be re-trained to see, know and feel this new reality. The 3d brain hates NEW REALITIES. The 3d Brain must be trained to understand the reality of Cosmic Consciousness, angelic breaths of reality. The 3d brain must first believe that there is a Blue Body an Aquafarian Reality that swims within our etheric DNA.

These are the realities that we are helping those who desire to experience those realities experience and create into their own reality of a sixth dimensional blue body living and moving and breathing on Earth.

This reality is frequency specific. This reality of the sixth dimension Aquafarian realm of consciousness lives deep within the heart of Mother Earth and deep within the chromosomes of our DNA. These are the frequencies that already exist inside of us as the Omni particle-the star see-the etheric frequency of our sixth dimensional substance.

This spiritual substance is flowing through our DNA as an ultra violet blue liquid light that allows all light from the gamma waves of Sun Alcyone and all Suns of Co-creation flow through our veins. This is the wave band that allows our immortality.
When we become the Lords of our own Yellow Brain personality who inform it of the Blue Reality that exists within us, we have regained the harmonic convergence into the Mind of God. We connect into the Multi Dimensional Mind of God to find we are free to live in all realities simultaneously.

Our bodies are made of bands of light energy. These light bands or spheres of ligth and sound, are anchored in every cell, every chromosome, every muscle, every blood particle. These bands are at every level.
These multidimensional spheres are inside of the body and outside of the body. The 12th dimension light band is 12 inches above the head and 12 inches below the feet. This Christ Consciousness band or grid connects us into the Christ Consciousness of Mother Earth. This Christ Grid is also out in our atmosphere. When we connect our consciousness into this Christ Grid that is a band love light and wave frequency we can wrap our bodies in this 12th dimensional zone of protection and immortality.

We can also create a mini-me of the same reality by placing a mini me of your self inside of your Soul. The soul is a sphere of crystal light nervy that sets right next to and behind the physical heart area. We call this the crystal heart area to remove confusion from what many think of as the soul. The soul is a sphere that weighs 13 ounces and sits inside of the body. The soul has made many journeys to the 6th dimensional blue realm where it goes through a light review of all light experiences it has in the body each journey before leaving the body at death.

The Soul together with the Mid Brain records all experiences as frequencies. All experiences are either higher frequencies or they are the physical contractions from the high frequencies.
It is the Souls greatest desire is to remove all of these contractions from its light review. A contraction is like a resistence, a feeling like an intimidation or jealousy or fear or hatred, some type of reaction that isn't filled with the LIGHT OF THE HIGHEST FREQEUNCY.
We remove these contractions by staying in the full spectrum of light and sound until we melt them away.
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