Sunday, March 30, 2014

Prime Creator Tells the Bigger Story of Flight 370 and our Struggle of Light Against Darkness


I want to give you an update on Flight 370 and the state of the world.

The families of passengers are very unhappy with Malaysia Airlines, because they feel they have been lied to, which of course is true.
Jacob Rothchild offered to subsidize their operations just before the announcement was made that the plane had definitely crashed and all passengers lost. The airline did this without a shred of evidence to back up their statement. A few of the family members have been shown the press release you put out,* and they are confused by it, but are willing to keep their hope alive that their loved ones will return.
As you may have heard, Rothchild is the only one "living" who is entitled to benefit from the patent on some very sophisticated, very new technology which was expected to be a "game-changer" in the world of military weapons. The patents cover the controllers for the very weapon which disabled Flight 370. Ironic, is it not, that Rothchild used the weapon that the scientific experts on the plane had developed to get rid of them.
Of course, it was to his advantage to wipe out all those who were aware of the intricate workings of the weaponry. With the inventors and developers gone, Rothchild could be sure there would be no leaks and no competition in a world that is increasingly difficult to control. The weapon was used to disable the plane, crippling its hydraulic system. The wing flaps became locked in a position which caused the plane to climb abruptly. We saw the danger to the passengers, and decided to intervene to rescue it. We had an option - that of opening a portal to another dimension and whisking the plane and all the passengers, unhurt, into a higher dimension.
We want you to know that all the passengers are safe. They were given the opportunity to either ascend immediately or to remain with the Galactics. Some chose immediate ascension (without going through the death process) while others, about 75%, chose to continue in their own bodies. After a sojourn in Hollow Earth, they are now in Venus experiencing renewal in the light chambers. Those who wish to return to Earth will come with the mentors after Disclosure. They will help their families and friends to understand the ascension process and will tell the world of their adventures.
The ship will be found in the Indian Ocean, but no bodies will be found, because none were on the plane when it was allowed to crash. The media will expend inordinate energy trying to explain the inexplicable, but people will no longer be willing to accept their made-up stories. The search for truth in this saga will reveal massive deceipt and falsified evidence. The people will no longer be willing to accept anything as long as it appears on a news program. Among many other things, it will encourage everyone to develop greater discernment.
We did not inform you of these details in earlier posts because of concerns about the safety of the passengers and awareness of the political sensitivity of the developing story. There were more players and more intrigue involved than you could have possibly imagined. Rothchild was of course not acting alone; he is representing a group of powerful and superrich Illuminati families. Their only concern was the care and feeding of their own bank accounts, and recent events like the impending revaluation which was slated to bring wealth to great numbers of previously enslaved Lightworkers had them on the run. This was a desperation move to recapture a massively lucrative advance in weaponry which would have put them ahead of all other organization on the globe.
This supremacy was made more urgent by the very recent testing of powerful new long-range Chinese missiles which would also have been a "game-changer" had it not been for the secret development of the electromagnetic beam which can track and shoot anything out of the sky with such efficiency that any new missiles would be useless. And so, there is no contest in terms of defensive capability, and little chance that the recent China/Russia collaboration will bring world dominance.
The plot thickens. The U.S.-built beam technology was produced by the clandestine government, an adjunct to the U.S. military, but so top-secret that few outside the project itself even knew of the existence of the program. The most obvious indicator of its existence was the disappearance of trillions of dollars of taxpayer money, leaving the "official" government on the edge of bankruptcy every since World War II. Your President Obama became aware of the deception, and tried to bring the clandestine activities to the awareness of the appropriate Congressional leaders. He was met with shock from his colleagues, and threats, stonewalling and absolute denial by many of the most belligerent of his opponents, indicating clearly who was in the pocket of the Illuminati.
The Powers Behind the clandestine space program have waged a relentless smear campaign against Obama and the others who supported him since his earliest days in politics. They were in control of nearly unlimited amounts of wealth, collected through their activities in banking, the Federal Reserve Bank, the IRS, the World Bank, and the manipulation of currency markets around the globe. They have spared no dirty trick to consolidate and extend their power. Meanwhile, the White Knights (our term for the ancient lineage of activists for God's True Way), have followed step by step to control and monitor their reach. Until now, however, it was impossible for the White Knights to effectively counteract the negative effects of the Dark agenda.
During the past 16 generations, as the Dark Ones gained in technological advances through their alliances with the Dark Reptilian/Orion faction, the White Knights on the ground were awakening, sensing their true destiny as messengers of God. They began to align with each other and with their Creator in an increasingly heart-centered way. The vibrational energy began to rise on Planet Earth, as Ascended Masters and their students volunteered to incarnate over and over, fending off the propaganda and very effective brain-washing techniques of the Reptilian Agenda.
There have been grand successes of which you know little, because it is not prudent for the White Knights to reveal their true power, which has always been far greater than the Dark Hats. There has long been an assumption, misguided by arrogance, that if the Galactic Federation had the fire power to wipe out the Dark Ones they would have done so long ago. Of course, this is not true, since we do not operate according to the adage that Might Makes Right. We always prefer to allow all created beings to live out their destinies in alignment with free will, learning the lessons provided them in Divine time, no matter how long that may take.
Many of you object that it was not fair to allow the Dark Ones to prey on Lightworkers, to control the earth for centuries and to promote suffering in all their dealings. Of course from the point of view of one short Earth life it does seem so. However, this does not take into account the advance knowledge on your parts before you made the decision to come here that there are infinite possible incarnations in the Universe, but you chose this one because it was the only place you wanted to be to experience this historic triumph at last.
Of those successes I mentioned, I will reveal just one here, because it involves our advanced technology and effective protection of our powerful Lightworkers. You all know of the pain and sadness which resulted from the assassination of your beloved JFK. He was attacked by the Cabal because of his impending actions to bring about Disclosure of the clandestine space program and the extensive knowledge of extraterrestrial life, among many other things.
What you may not know is that JFK was rescued and replaced by a clone before the assassination. He is here with us, alive and well, on the ships, helping out, along with his beloved Brothers, Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King. You will meet these adored icons of freedom and justice when the ships land. Together with Sananda and many other Ascended Masters, they will come back to walk among you, with great joy. They have waited with great anticipation for this historic reunion.
You who are reading this message are aware of the recent strides which led to Earth's alliance with the Galactic Federation of Light, who has come to the aid of humankind as a result of your genuine growth and awareness, and your heartfelt appeals to assist in overcoming the Reptilians and their allies, to reclaim Planet Earth for the Light.
It has been an epic battle of Dark against Light, Beloved Ones, and you have all contributed mightily to the success of the venture by continuing to raise your vibrational energy, organizing community support for one another in such a way that the Cabal has not been able to completely control and manipulate the human mind.
Every time a child questions why fairness is not the norm, every time an artist presents a vision of hope to the world, the Dark agenda shudders and loses ground. Every time you allow yourself to be swept up into the feeling of Oneness, when you listen to a beautiful Love song, every time you offer a hand to a fellow human in need, you contribute to the rising energy of Light, and to the glorious outcome which you all envision.
Now I will tell you more of the story. Behind the scenes, the courageous "boots on the ground" - a growing team of volunteers who seek the Light - have aligned with the White Knights. Across the globe, the faithful few are now joined by legions of joyful volunteers who are willing to risk the embarrassment of being called "crazy" or "conspiracy theorists" in order to create a new way of life for their fellow humans on Earth.
There will be a period of confusion, upheaval and much misinformation as the Cabal members, who are really just the diehard followers of the Reptilian philosophy, are brought to be tried in the town square. Their arrogance is such that they do not believe they will be called to account. Like Jacob Rothchild, they do not think the world will put two and two together to conclude that he might have had something to do with the attempted murder of his underlings, even though all have been sufficiently warned to "follow the money."
There is still an inordinate respect for those who possess great wealth, even if the source of their wealth is the sweat of your brow and the blood of your fellow man. Where hard-heartedness in the pursuit of wealth is the highest value, Darkness will reign, at least for a time. There is now an impending Shift in the fabric of time, because the Lightworkers on your planet have gathered so much "steam" that they have created a tipping point - a turn of events which predicts the Ascension of all the Beings of Light, and the defeat of the Dark.
As most of you know, the Reptilians are gone from Earth. (Listen to our show of August 22, 2013 and the discussions which followed.) All has changed since that time. The scales have tipped toward Liberty, and steady progress has been made ever since. Now I will explain how this growing Ascension energy has affected this unique incident involving Flight 370. It would not have been possible for the Ashtar Command to intervene to save the airliner, had it not been for the atmosphere of Love and Light which sustained a steady high vibrational energy at the time of the event. You see, your individual feelings and thoughts determined the outcome.
You have called upon your Brothers and Sisters of the Stars to help you resolve this lingering suffering on your planet. Because of the increasing synergistic effect of your rising energies, it has been possible, under Universal Law, to intervene by assisting you in your ongoing project. This your glorious march to freedom, the release from bondage as slaves to the Dark Forces who controlled the economic, political, social and most devastatingly, the psychological zeitgeist of your planet.
And so it was possible for the Ashtar Command - a great collection of space ships and Enlightened Beings from across the Multiverse - to intervene on behalf of the passengers of this targeted flight. This is still unfolding. We need your support and high vibrational energies to help us complete this Operation TruthOut. The outcome - the determination of which timeline comes to fruition - will depend entirely on you, the Earth movers and shakers.
Now I will reveal the status of your President Obama and others who have supported him. He and his family are no longer safe living in the public eye, because the Cabal is in a state of unbridled vengeance against him and his family. They detest everything he stands for because, even with his mild presentation and conciliatory manner, he has enraged the Illuminati with his willingness to challenge their power. The Obama family is in a safe place. They have been cloned. If there should be an assassination attempt, it will be a clone which would die.
And so it has been decided in the Councils of the Federation of Light, in consultation with me, Prime Creator, that the U.S. President and others who have stood against the Dark should be kept in safety while the last gasps of the Dark Ones are revealed on the world stage. This will not be common knowledge, and all will be conducted to maintain calm and steady leadership, however we wish for you to know that your President will not be assassinated according to the Dark Ones wishes.
We have told you that nuclear war is not going to be allowed, and this is true. However, we will allow the players who are determined to play out their vindictiveness and arrogance to show their true colors to the world. How else will our words be validated than to see the unbridled viciousness revealed? Who would believe the story of their centuries of malfeasance if they did not act out their callous and heartless program for all to see? I want to assure you that the beings who are dying at this time as a result of the direct influence of cabal actions or thinking are doing so as an act of service to humanity, according to previous agreements.
Those of you who have been aware of the back story, as it is called, will perhaps be impatient for the denouement - the end of the end of this drama, but we must ask for your forbearance. The evidence must be presented before the world, in order for the next wave of Rip Van Winkles to arise from their slumber. Walk with us in Oneness, Beloved Ones, as we reveal, little by little for the whole world to see, the absolute corruption of the ego which is being played out.
Now, back to the passengers and their destiny. The most positive outcome possible is to see the passengers return, tell their stories of comfort and friendship with their Galactic family. They will reveal to the whole world what wonders are in store for all of you when you are able to collaborate openly with the Galactics to bring absolute Peace and Harmony to Mother Earth and all her beloved beings.
This is our #1 timeline of hope, of all the myriad possibilities which could lie ahead for the Earth community. Think of all the ways this could play out: The families of the passengers accept the "inevitable fact" that their loved ones are gone, that it is "Fate" which controls human events, and everyone can go back to sleep, slaves without a clue about what is creating or sustaining their servitude (answer: their own submissiveness). Others who have newly awakened may rise to the occasion with anger and hatred toward the oppressors, instigating a rebellion which would end in slaughter for the revolutionaries and a plunge into further depths of despair and frustration for all.
No! This will not be the outcome this time, my beloved children. Your Ascended Masters, of whom there are many yet unnamed, will not permit their brilliant students and friends to be slaughtered again by the cabal forces in a holocaust of perverse and misdirected rage. Never again will Mother Earth have to absorb the blood of her dear children. Never again will Mother and Father God and I find ourselves in the depths of pain as our beloved ones turn on each other to vent their frustrations. This Dark phase is over. You have raised yourselves to a new level of consciousness. You are awakening to Oneness, the sense of belonging and absolute Love which sustains the soul.
It is your time, Dear Ones. Help us to protect those who stand for Truth. Do not be lulled into egotistical self-aggrandizement which is the call to arms of the Illuminati/Cabal. Join with us to bring a brand new and brilliantly original experience of life into existence. It is your time, beloved humankind. It is your time.
Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, PsyD, 1 AM March 30, 2014, San Juan, P.R.
Permission is granted to share or copy these messages, providing no additions or alterations are done, and credit is given to the channel and the website,

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Peace Imperative in Your Life and the World: Exploring the Latest Breakthroughs for Experiencing & Spreading Peace

Do you want more peace and ease in all aspects of your life – relationships, workplace and family?
Are you concerned about the ongoing conflicts in the Ukraine and Venezuela, long-standing tensions in the Middle East and North Korea, and daily tragic violence in every region?

If there's one signal that we've mastered life and truly created a society that works for all, it is PEACE.    

In this engaging, 60-minute global teleseminar council, you and I will join five of the most respected and celebrated peace pioneers, to explore how you can experience deep peace in your daily life and how you can join a new peace movement emerging around the world.  

It’s clear that our human family must learn better ways to handle conflict, transform cruelty and create harmony in our world. For us to create the global community that is possible, it’s imperative that we learn to live in peace in truly tangible ways.
This won’t be realized solely on the national and international levels though. It starts with each one of us in our daily lives as we learn to bring peace into the personal realm through discovering better ways to handle conflict in our homes, transform the cruelty in our minds and create harmony in our hearts.
For us to create the world that is possible, it is imperative that we each bring peace into our daily lives by cultivating its essence in all we do AND learning how to be engaged in the wider work of planetary peacebuilding. It is imperative that we learn to hold all levels of peace work, from the inner to the international, bridging from our internal experience of peace outward to the global tensions and conflicts.
In this special teleseminar event, six of the world’s most respected peacebuilders and thought leaders, led by renowned teacher and social healer James O’Dea, will explore the integration ofexperiencing and embodying peace while taking action to promote peace – in oneself, family, community and world at large.
They will illuminate the leading edge breakthroughs that can help you break free of the destructive conflicts in your inner world, your personal life and throughout the entire planetary community.
To build peace from the inner level to the international level requires great skill in working with your internal emotions, subtle energies, communications, and movement building. Join this expert panel and learn the best information quickly to take yourself to the next level of living in peace.
Never has the call been clearer: we must step into a new identity as Peace Ambassadors to represent a new humanity that is evolving towards peace on Earth.
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Soul Mate & Twin Flame

Soul Mate & Twin Flame
What is a Soul Mate?
A Soul Mate is somebody that you will share a deep connection with while incarnating on this planet. What is the spirit level or soul level in heaven, you are part of the very same soul family. While we are all Soul Mates to varying energetic degrees, some of us will connect more strongly than we do with others. The reason for this is because there are many soul families and those in the same soul family, typically numbering in the millions and created by a single pair of divine complements, will have a stronger connection with those of the immediate family, than those of extended soul families. Yet, all soul families are connected and I will explain more about this below.
What is a Twin Flame or Divine Complement?
Each of us, will only have 1 Twin Flame or Divine Complement and the connection you share will be like no other. When you find one another, it will change everything you ever believed. Sometimes the both of you will incarnate together, sometimes separately. Whatever the case, as Twin Flames, you are divine masculine and divine feminine properties and together you are a balance of each. Yet, it is also your mission while you are incarnate, to balance both the divine masculine and feminine properties of your soul at an individual level. Do this, and your chances of finding Twin increase greatly!
How Do I know if He/She is A Soul Mate or Twin Flame?
To understand the difference between a Twin Flame and Soul Mate can be very difficult indeed. This is not because we have 1 divine complement to find on a planet full of Soul Mates, either. Moreover it is harder to tell because we have roughly 6.7 billion Soul Mates and out of those, we are to know in our hearts that this is the ONE! can be very hard indeed, to tell the difference. Yet, while travelling on your path, you might have noticed that some Soul Mates seem to have a stronger connection with you than others - almost like a Twin Flame. The reason for this is because there are many soul families - thousands - and whether or not you are part of the same soul family, will determine how strong your energetic connection will be. This connection will feel like a magnetic pull and the two of you will be drawn to one another. Whatever the case, if you are Twin Flames, know that the two of you are part of a soul family; mother and father to many more souls (soul mates) and have been created at the soul level by Divine Complement's that even though they are your true mother and father, they too, can be considered as Soul Mates.
A Soul Mate is essentially, anyone on the planet at this present time. However, some will be closer to you than others and this is because there are soul families. If your soul was created in the same soul family, your energetic connection will be much stronger to those people than it will with anybody who is not part of the same soul family.
A Twin Flame is your divine other half. Both of you were created at the same time, in heaven, usually by Divine Complements. But this is not the rule and I'll explain further below. Twin Flames are created as Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, sent to incarnate over and over again for the souls purpose of learning and experiencing. All the while, they are growing as souls; their mission is to balance the divine masculine and feminine between themselves and on an individual level.

Friday, March 7, 2014

How to Simplify Your Life Like a Zen Master

Like anything in life, achieving the outcome you desire is more about your internal state of mind/being than anything else.  Therefore if you desire to simplify your life, you must begin to untangle the complexity that exists in your mind.  Now, before you get overwhelmed, because quite frankly, that thought can be overwhelming for some of us (myself included), know that achieving this zen state of being is much easier than you might think.  In fact it can happen from one moment to the next as soon as we tune into our deeper spiritual nature.
And thats what this article is all about — finding simplicity in your life by tuning into your deeper spiritual nature.  Because after all, that is how the Zen master does it.  The Zen master doesn’t follow a five step checklist article on some random website on the internet.  The Zen master knows that his external reality is a reflection of his internal state and so he focuses on untangling things there.
And that’s exactly what Ken Mclean gives you the keys to do in the article below — find your true spiritual center.  Because when you do that, you’ll find simplicity waiting for you.  But what’s more is that Ken is a master at guiding people to find and tune into this part of themselves.  Don’t believe me — read the article and see for yourself.  I have been living and breathing this material for nearly a decade and I still learned something new.  Ken just has this way with words and simplifying (no pun intended) otherwise abstract concepts into nuggets of wisdom that you can instantly begin using in your life to experience very real results.
I suggest you read this piece a few times and let the ideas penetrate deeply into your being.  This way they can begin working their magic and helping you reveal your inner Zen master.
- Truth

Life is simple. Or, shall I say, life was DESIGNED to be simple.
Human beings love complexity. This is evident by studying human philosophy. The primary complexity, from which all others come, is the obfuscation of the definition of consciousness itself. This is the main problem of mankind: a false datum about consciousness which then spreads out to encompass almost all of human knowledge.
When you truly understand that you are a spiritual being temporarily associated with a physical body, your underlying worries and anxieties about your job, about the economy, about who you are and what you should be doing – as well as a host of other “add-ons” –blow away. This does NOT mean that you never become anxious, or worried, or angry, or reach some sort of Zen state where you are always serene and nothing affects you. This state, on earth, is a myth. That is because detachment from life causes a withdrawal from experience and will itself lead to difficulty. Detachment is a separation – from desire, from life force, from the creative energy of the universe and the animating principle that is the essence of all things. Those who are truly LIVING are connected to the earth, to other people, and to what is going on. Yes, there are a few like Eckhart Tolle who have apparently achieved a state of serenity (at least in public), but even Tolle has his moments, I guarantee you that. That is because a human being on earth cannot help but experience the gamut of emotions, and the smorgasbord of earth in all of its glory and all of its misery.  The higher is your personal awareness, obviously, the more aware you are! Of everything, both good and bad.
There is no formula for the understanding of self. I don’t care how many books Neale Donald Walsh, Tolle, Wayne Dyer, or myself write about spirituality and the human relationship to it. You, dear reader, are here on your own personal journey of discovery.
That is the wonder of life! That is how consciousness designed the universe.
You are unique. Therefore, no one else can tell you or show you how to gain the self confidence that comes from knowing self. But once you do, as I said before, you achieve a knowing, a certainty, that is unshakable and will guide you through any tough times.
The universe is vibrational in nature. It is dynamic.  Therefore, there is no static position in relationship to it. In other words, if you achieve a state of happiness, you can immediately come off that by changing your thoughts and the decisions you make. That is because the universe is always responding to you, right NOW,  via the Law of Vibration and the law of ‘like attracts like.’ There is nothing wrong with you because you cannot achieve a permanent state of happiness. The physical universe isn’t designed that way! It’s designed to constantly respond to even the most subtle changes inside of you. It’s designed to give you a constant variety of new experience!
Having said that, understand that the static – the spiritual, non-physical personality that is you — is consciousness itself. Consciousness is non-physical, it has absolutely no dependency whatsoever on anything physical. When you TRULY understand that, you CAN reach a place of pure being, where you are able to guide your thoughts and your decisions to a place of comfort. This understanding has been achieved by a few of us on planet earth. However, the truth is NOT ”out there.”  Or rather, the SOURCE of truth is not out there, it is in here. The source of truth is YOU. Truth is what consciousness has created. The stars, the planets, the trees, the birds and the bees are all truth, because they exist and can be perceived.  Ultimately, there is no separation between consciousness and what it has created, The Great Game we play in the physical plane is the illusion – the very real illusion! – of separation. The truth is that the universe and everything in it was created from the impulse to play, and to have a fun game. That is about as simple as it gets! I discuss this in the book “The Creation of a Universe,” and the movie “The Unity of Spirit and Matter.” You can also get these two together from the website.
How can you increase your discovery of self? Well, there is no formula or recipe. But there is one simple thing you can do:  understand that you are the source of your life, and the source of what occurs in your experience.
This is commonly called “responsibility,” but responsibility, as it is defined on earth, is a lower harmonic of a much higher truth. Here’s a simple exercise: As you go through life, simply notice, from a causative orientation, how you relate to the people, the situations, and the environment around you. Try to discover the causative CONNECTION between you and what you are experiencing. We have been taught to blame others, the environment, the economy, or “luck” for life’s pitfalls and successes, but nothing could be further from the truth. Such a philosophy is an automatic disconnect. It orients your attention outward on things-as-cause, instead of self-as-cause.
As you begin to notice how you interact with others, you will begin to feel a greater sense of connection, and a greater sense of self. Why? Because consciousness IS cause! It’s the fundamental truth of this universe, or any universe.
At first you may become dismayed at the life you have created, but this is a necessary first step if you do not already feel a sense of self-confidence and happiness. You have to climb out of the hole before you can see the light, and that requires a little effort!  A great way to begin this process is to read The Harmony Project on the website, and to practice it. There is nothing so intimate to life as the feeling of love. Once you understand that people will react to you in a positive fashion if you are positive, you will understand very clearly – and the clearest understanding is always a FEELING – that you are source in relationship to your life and everyone in it..
Negotiating the self-help field is a little like hacking your way through an overgrown jungle. “Oh, look! There’s Dr Dwyer’s new book Nine Principles for Creating Habits to Match your Desires. If I can learn those nine habits, I’ll get what I want!”
”Oh, but here’s The Seven Keys to Manifestation! I really need that! And then there’s ‘The  5 Ancient Secrets to Happiness!” And so on. Believe me, I’ve been down that road. What I finally realized is that I was assigning cause to others; people who I saw as superior and wiser than I.
But people, there in no one wiser than you, about you, than you.
It’s simple. Very, very simple! If you want a formula, or a key, or a secret code to the understanding of self, that’s it! Your reaction to that statement will tell you how far you have to go on the road to discovery of self. “I’ll trust Dr. Dyer, or Tolle, or Deepak Chopra to tell me the best way to be, because I can see that these people have already attained some kind of wonderful state. Therefore, I should trust him as my guide, even more than myself.”
If I could ring the buzzer right now, I’d ring it!
The best education you can give yourself is about consciousness itself, and its capabilities. That’s what I have tried to do in all of my work. Educating yourself about yourself is the key to a broad and deep understanding of who you are.  So when you are looking for books, seminars or other self-help paraphernalia, keep that in mind.
You will get the best results from that which focuses your attention on yourself as cause-point in the universe. Once you understand that, you can then focus down on specifics. What almost all self-help materials do is to narrow your focus onto specific steps to this or that, without first dealing with the most important component: you as the static.
Trust yourself. That trust is the beginning of the most beautiful relationship you will ever have. And like a fresh spring breeze that brightens everything and everyone it touches, it will spill over in a positive way to the rest of your life.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Golden Age Messages from the Masters - Living in Oneness Part II

You are living in extraordinary times, based primarily on all of the ascension assistance that you are presently receiving on the personal, planetary and global levels of your being. The accelerated frequencies that are coming into your world are literally magnetizing your consciousness beyond what you have known or lived for thousands of years! These energies are aligning your hearts, minds and DNA with the higher dimensions of your consciousness ~ dimensions where all of life is abiding in Unity Consciousness. This unified field has always been there to support you in coming “home” to your True Self that only knows what it is to live in a constant state of joy and well being.
The Masters within the Councils of Shamballa
The times you are living in now are precious beyond belief. You are receiving instructions and support from the ascended ones like never before because you are living in the time of the ascension of your world and because you were meant to experience the everlasting joy and sense of wholeness that naturally comes when you are living as your already-ascended Presence in Unity Consciousness.
We know that many of you like to hold onto your tender moments because you sense that those moments may not come again, yet that is a belief that is not serving you because it keeps you out of living in oneness with your Presence and out of the preciousness and the power that comes from living in the moment exactly as it is. Your Presence is always living in joy and it never struggles or desires to repeat an event from the past since every moment is eternally new. You are the creators of your own reality, so there is no need to suffer and it is truly possible to be happy no matter what is occurring around you. You certainly do not need to lead a life where you are waiting for the next big something or someone to come into your life so you can be happy.
There is also no need to brace yourself for whatever might be coming around the next corner, and you do not need to keep going over memories of what happened to you in the past as that can cause you to feel anxiety and an ongoing sense of regret, both of which deplete your energy stream. You cannot really control everything that happens in your life, yet you can control how you respond to whatever is taking place.
Humanity is very deeply conditioned to believe that in order to live an important life, they have to do something amazing; yet you do not really have to do anything to be your God Self because you already are That, so rest in the core of what is already so! When you stop and take a deep look inside your spiritual essence, you will find that desiring what is outside of you can actually be keeping you from living in the joy of the moment. Become more soft, relaxed and receptive and see how the universe moves in to shower its love upon you.
Continually redirect your mind back into your natural capacity to receive this shower of love so you can stay connected to your own infinite, joy-filled Presence and live in a unified state of pure being all of the time. Thousands of lifetimes have been lived in which you actually denied yourself the pure joy of living as your own True Self.  As you become increasingly more aware of the Presence of God within you, then you become a living demonstration of what it looks and feels like to live in Unity or Christ Consciousness where Divine Love can become the foundation of your soul and truly the foundation of every soul around the world.
When you choose to live in the frequencies that abide within your Presence, you become a truly cherished member of your community because you are a living demonstration of living in a constant state of love, joy, peace and gratitude. These frequencies make your heart a powerful magnet for Source that can then magically attract into your life the people, the opportunities and the experiences that will fulfill your soul and keep you in total harmony with your Divine Crystalline Blueprint for this embodiment. Yet keep in mind, beloveds, that your most profound yearning must always be centered on living in Oneness with your God Presence.  All that is in support of this primary relationship will then be able to simply come to you naturally. 

To assist you in living in Oneness with your God Presence and receiving that support, Create a Successful Business As Your Unlimited True Self: Actualize Your Life’s Purpose and Your Ultimate Service in the World has been created.  We invite you to join us.  
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