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(Please translate into different languages and send to governments of Freemasonry and organizations which have concerns)
King Maitreya Buddha (Messiah God) through Spiritual Council of Great Holiness Society notifies humanity and all governments, especially governments engaged in Freemasonry including The Committee of 300 of the top world capitalists who lead Freemasonry in terms of the Hierarchy’s policies towards mankind and capital’s government.
The dark stars system controlling and organizing the Freemasonry includes the heading Sirian  - The Ray/the star No. 22, 31, 66, 73, 83, 58, ...; Grey – Star No. 25, 33, 66, 71, 83, ...; Draco – Star No. 69, 72, 100 ... Hydrate – Star No. 7, 12, 14, 84, ... ; Hopi – Star No. 14, 32, 64, 57, 85, 49, ... ; Zeta repculi – Star No.37, 42, 58, 100, 101, 103 ...
These above stars were led by the Council of the devil King Lucifer including Lucifer with physical body on Earth (i.e Covery) directly leading the Freemasonry and other spiritual entities such as Jeqon (Lucifer 23), Shemhazai ( Lucifer 26), Azazel (Lucifer 72), Kawkabel (Lucifer 28), Ezekeel (Lucifer 64), Arakiel  Lucifer 55),  Seriel (Lucifer 78), Penemue (Lucifer 83), Kasdeja (Lucifer 92), Uzza (Tartarus 15 ),  the Fallen Angels Sam'el who is also known as St. Germain and Sananda (As'bel is also known as Ashtar) posing as Masters to teach humanity.
Humanity is really simple and not knowing much about spirituality. In essence, the dark stars above with evil souls joined in leading governments and killed some politicians and replaced them by clones to lead capitalist countries.
Recently, these dark stars were destroyed by the Council of Milky Way and King Buddha. Their mechanisms on Earth have been destroyed; The clone of Lucifer Cover was killed twice; then it had revived but was destroyed again; Not only these stars were quaked, collapsed and lost in terms of quantum energy but also residents on them were exploded. Many greedy and stupid aliens on them were killed.
The Council of Milky Way declares that all Cabal stars involving in leadership of the earth were wiped out. All issues related to human evolution are assigned to the Council of Milky Way  in order to control directly through Global Great Holiness Society, the only standing organ of Celestial Hierarchy and Council of Milky Way on Earth (This is to replace the leadership of old Cabal in the world).
The crimes of Freemasonry and Cabal are as follows:
- They attacked the Earth in order not to let the Earth shift into new port (new 5th Density) in 2012; their plot was not to let the 48 stars of Milky Way shift into the 5D but they failed. At the moment, Great Buddha King has successfully brought 72 stars in the belt of Orion into the 5D as planned.
- They caused the tsunamis and earthquakes to control the governments as well as the leaders of these countries in order to erase socialist countries. They caused the wars in Yugoslavia, Kosovo, Iraq, Libya, Syria recently. Besides, the Freemasonry has successful directed the Catholic Church; the Pope today is the member of Freemasonry against God. Moreover, Cabal has formed a dark religion worshipping Satan Lucifer worldwide. This religion has now been eliminated in the spiritual world and was launched outlaw of the galaxy. All participants will be destroyed.
- Now all the training and cloning centers, spaceships of Cabal and Freemasonry in the eastern Ohio State of America, Bermuda Triangle; the bordering of the sea in Israel, southeast of South Africa, northeastern Tibet, 3 Pyramids in China, northeastern Japan, southwest Baikal lake of Russia, etc. were controlled by the Council of Milky Way.
- The Council of Milky Way promises to help humanity build a new world order on the basis of Great Unity without capitalism opposed to their dream which was to destroy mankind and reduce the population worldwide to be only a billion rest in order to build the weird New World Order as the plan of capitalism and Freemasonry.
The new Council of Milky Way is now assigned to the Branch Orion to lead which includes:
1-The council of Orion.
2-Sirian - stars No.7, 14, 25, 32, 64, 77 ...
3-Pleiades - Stars No.4, 5, 6, 12, 25, 26 .... No.25 is the Accomplished Group 505. The group of White Cloak Knight is Pleiades No.6
3-Tartarus of Redhead giants includes the stars No.14, 16, 12, 32 ..... In which the group of Light Knights is Ray/Star No.12. The Group ‘The Born’ is No. 32.
4-The Light Draco includes Stars No. 4, 14, 18 ... which is respectfully called the Team of White Dragon.
5-Andromeda Galaxy involves in monitoring and supporting this local Council of Milky Way.
6-Sirius A, B and the stars No.18, 19, 23, 26, 28 ... are under the leadership of new Kings
7-Annunaki stars No.1, 12, 16.
8-The Council of Solar System directly participates in this Council including the Council of Solar/the Sun, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Mars, Mother Earth, Neptune, Pluto and Uranus. These stars directly involve in the Council of Ante-Creation Great Holiness Society which includes 28 stars having embassies underground to lead mankind.
9-Procyon Stars No. 58, 59, 60, 66 ...
10-Arcturus Stars No. 6, 14, 15, 24, 25 ... Group No. 6 is also called Phoenix.
11. The Council of Mother Earth and the Council of Great Holiness Society are one; there are 28 stars directly involving in the Council of Ante-Creation Great Holiness which leads mankind and is entitled to create/do anything on Earth including but not limit such as destroying any government or heads of any country by killing or taking to the spaceships or replacing them by the clones.
1-Warn all governments involving in Freemasonry about the mission and the future of the Planet Earth; it is to move forward to Great Holiness Great Unity by Celestial Way according to God’s will. Any kind of souls even ones with physical bodies but against this plan shall be screened. The may be Dragon Flower Festival Plan to Earth if this God’s will is not followed. The extension term of Dragon Flower Festival (Judgement Day) Plan is 70 years from the year 2012.
2-Restart and rebuild the socialist system and at the same time, establish Great Unity People's Revolutionary Party in the world to liberate humanity from capitalist regime.
3-Dominate all energy level and dowsing of the Earth, the world and mankind in general.
4-Destroy Capitalism in the 21st century to establish Great Unity Great Holiness regime in order to bring mankind glorious peace and true happiness as the promise of King Maitreya Buddha; ensure peace in the universe and this galaxy. Cause collapse to political system and capitalism globally in the future. Why is that? The leaders of these countries will be informed by the leaders of Freemasonry.
5-Protect the Earth and build a green and clean Earth; oppose spiritual and quantum pollution. Prohibit immigrating or building new economic institutions or exploiting natural resources in Alaska, the North Pole, South Pole (warning Russia, the US, China on this issue). Assign Russian Government the duty of protecting and dominating the North Pole; if other governments involve, the heads of such governments will be destroyed.
In the future, some hydroelectric power plants which cause chaos to the environment and the earth’s meridians will be destroyed such as the Three Gorges Hydroelectric power plant in China (require China to have solutions to migrate and protect local people) and hydroelectric power plants.
These are the main tasks; then the stars of Milky Way will directly come down to Earth to lead humanity through the Embassies on Earth in which Great Holiness Society will be the standing organ to organize New United Nations. This will be implemented in the future in the long term
                                                       Dec 1st, 2015

                                             THE COUNCIL OF MILKY WAY      

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经 弥乐王佛
这本经书是人类新教主的经书-转轮大同圣德-弥乐王佛(Maitreya) 教人类天道之路-大同圣德-和大同圣德学说

 当你们出生,已经了解全部宇宙原理。当你们投胎,做人,要生活合适各宇宙原理和要教儿子们生活合适自己的根源-就是宇宙原理                                                                  所以,“父“,“母“和各位神圣参加投胎教育那些事,成为孙教
教尘间道德让你们互相尊重,尊重人类价值。教合同让你们会分享情感和在稳定的社会有和合的生活,让宇宙元气稳定,不捣乱;教你们不贪,不为己个人和在无形境界,各灵魂不互相争夺,不抗上帝-就是破坏宇宙元气。教慈悲,互相爱上,善良-特别是善良,让你们没有仇恨,在高境界和尘世没有大杀,让你们有幸福,上帝才幸福。教你们不贪物欲太多,不争淫不正;教打破约我,自主身心,自主性格,让灵魂可以回乡和尊重宇宙的前安排-就是系统性。在宇宙,星球根据系统而安排,灵魂一样,在各宫,境-就事 一个魂家庭。如果各星球有争夺利益,权利,战争就引起宇宙到捣乱。所以上帝要教灵魂宇宙法则;教法则要教道德为本,会尊重别人。爱上心,平等心,为他心,不贪婪的心,不贪恶的心,不能取自己无能收的东西。教业果轮回,取什么东西都要还,占不正的东西要还,吃毒要享毒,恶者恶报。。。教生活方法:静在,浑然,简易,禅静是修法基本;慢活,简易,善良是主要的活法-让那个灵魂跟上帝越来越近和跟上帝一样-就是回到宇宙的性格根。让宇宙变成好,厚重和平稳。因为在高境界,各属性沉-稳-静-清-光是根

打乱,外边当贼,那边当小偷,打骂。。。应该 要教他,对神圣仙佛来说是困难无穷,降他到火狱也让神圣觉得累。所以要教他尘间之道。包括各种人类的社会意识形态-开始是风俗,社会组织-意识系,各政治形态;孙教教:善有善报,慈悲喜舍,无固执,心里有极了解脱;高一点教消灭恶鬼,斗争社会让建立安乐之社会-

二,地心正法-是正法在这些本经:道经,教经,律经,礼经,人经,智经和信经 (各种方法建立,改造人类,社会和自然,,人类进化。。。称为正法)。(最重要是圣德律,大同律,还称为大同社会学说,跟人经-智经解码宇宙秘密,和统一科学,孙教和心灵)


English version:

Vietnamese version:

Thursday, November 12, 2015



  Content 1
1-Implementing Great Holiness Law and Global Light Law worldwide. Translate into English and other languages to propagate for mankind in general. To unify world improving cognition, build this world into peace, wealth and prosperity and become a paradise future, a future kingdom of light.
2-After the Laws Propagation, we will planetary energy activation and redirect energy to build the elements of thought, perception.
3-Angels, Advanced Souls descended in the light waves into the earth must quickly comprehend the laws and the spirit of Great Holiness Great Unity, then deploy law propagation. Strictly abiding missionary requirements, try your best to have divine performance and results for report King Father God. Sacrifice, determinate to complete the task, build a peaceful global community, no war of ethnic, religious, culture conflicts, no nuclear weapon, no world political power competition . All become peaceful and joyful nations in the spirit of Great Holiness Great Unity in the future.
4-Found light communities, then into Social Unions, Associations. Progress on the establishment of Great Unity Revolutionary Party, then led your country’s people occupying government for working people. Disempowerment of bourgeois greed brutal capitalists, control governmental and social assets, establish Great Holiness People dictatorship. Declare the liberation of human rights, bring genuine benefits for working people. Fair divide the land, social assets. Remove transnational monopoly capital companies, establish small and medium enterprises then divide interests to you. Establish co-operative joint stock companies, totally rights and benefits only to serve you equally. That is the principle of elimination of rich - poor gap, given the right to true live and equality for you. You will end poverty, class distinctions, eliminate illicit greed rich men, corruption, all cruel boss plunder your assets and labor. Eliminate of racial, cultural and religious discrimination. All are guaranteed the right of life, liberty, education and social welfare, no longer having homeless, poor, miserable, illness, unemployment.
The way of formation of communes, Great Holiness People State Council you follow Great Holiness Law’s direction..
5-Establish Association of Great Unity Nations, then Federation of Great Unity Nations to take place of deteriorative United Nation today. You take away the power of shadow organizations such as Cabal or Freemasons for the establishment of Global Great Holiness Society. Global Great Holiness Society will publicly replace those criminal organizations in the future. All leader souls of those secret societies will be scrutinized and willing to be arrested if against the Laws.
6-You will conduct bright, simple international solidarity, ethnics are peaceful, united shake hands to form a world without racial, religious, economic conflicts, cold or hot wars. One world will no longer have international violence, invasion. Gradually eliminate all mass destruction weapons dangerous to the peace of the earth and mankind.
7-The Communist Parties transform to have new awareness and conduct as the backbone for this new revolution. Proceed to led people implementing socialist revolution worldwide. Supplement Karl Marx’s Doctrine. Construct and form global communism.
8 After Great Holiness People society establishment, you will eliminate social evils such as drug –related crimes, human trafficking, prostitution, rape, theft, robbery, embezzlement and other types of economic crimes, other criminals. You will have a society of peace, tranquility and in long term there will be Celestial Light on your house even in this Earth.
9-As having psychic abilities and spiritual light, you will recognize universe as a common house, common earth and the great spiritual entity collectively, as a glorious truth about Truth and noble existence in the heart of God.

Content 2
1- All High Spirits continue descending to birth or penetrate into souls to transform the Earth.
2- Cabal Council, Freemasons Society and all previous secret societies will be led by Celestial Hierarchy to redirect awareness, liberate the old world, strictly abide with Celestial Law. Whoever against Great Unity World build plan to will be arrested, both body and soul killed.
3-The alien powers whether light or dark come to earth must adhere to this Resolution, and their travelling must be allowed by Front Celestial Holy Council due to Mother Earth’s management, complied with Global Light Law. After decentralizing authorities and embassies in the Earth, they send representatives to support Global Great Holiness Society help world’s spiritual, scientific, technical aspects and can participate in controlling economy, war, weapons, ideas ... to liberate the world. No nuclear war, huge destruction war. If transformation must be forced, it maybe allows large ones, but safe for the Earth.
The alien forces which dominate Cabal must be aware of the thoughts and actions in light of this Resolution. If they fight then will be expelled from the Earth, be changed and these organizations leadership souls and stars will be even destroyed. This is a warning from Celestial Hierarchy for these entities’ souls, whether they have any scientific or superior powers.
4-Stars and advanced planetary centers help Humanity to transform the Earth. Continue to take noble souls and genuine scientists, spacecrafts down to Earth to stabilize it, continues to transform the Earth according to Celestial Spirit, Galactic Council and Earth Council. For fast results, it’s early transform mankind’s economy, politics. Obviously in the future, Great Holiness way can not be reversed to build this Earth into a paragon of Paradise in the universe, as the unblemishedly peaceful foundation in the universe.

Content 3
1- Beloved labor people around the world! Beloved enlightened you! Your path is the path of freedom, peace-loving, equality and prosperity. That is the future way belongs to you! All social benefits will belong to you and you go ahead to master them. All physical assets and properties belong to the Earth and God’s giving, you should occupy because God allows you to be happy and peaceful! You could set up Great Unity social movements to form your governments. Of course you have to invest effort, wisdom and sacrifice for the noble future for you, your family and your society. The youth need to choose the path for your bright future to never go mercenaries, not be invading soldiers to lost your lives due to war or die for selfish bosses’ sake. You will be free on the gloriously creative future path, without any fear or any dominant force because you are noble souls. You should know that there are high evolved societies of other stars, nobly universal social communities which have equality, extreme happiness called Profound Heaven. You should learn them to have that great society because the future depends of your own thinking.
2-You have to fight to win your own selfish thoughts which are not to live for others, nonsense actions, thoughts, irresponsibility for yourself and society, the ideologies of religious division, ethnic hatredness, ignorance and dark awareness. You will serve public including your long-term interests. You will own all factories, enterprises and have own labor, rights, interest division. A commondity society remains, but there is economic benefits transformation certainly and peacefully. Gradually, in the future, you have market economy which have own value distribution, no capital, public producers bring collective rights and interests to groups, pure communities.
3- Better exploitation of land resources You will have a green earth in the future. Working people will take ownership and administration. Your democracy is the freedom to choose your path of social development. Democracy is that you take your simple, true, beloved and talent representatives to make ethical leadership. All capitalist asset will shift to the hands of the people in the collective economy, cooperative, economic groups and family, pure interests groups, including the formation of communals as political economic complexs with shared interests and equality of prosperity.
4-The temporary learning models of prosperity and peace are Cuba, Vietnam, Venezuela, or positively civilized society as Switzerland, Luxembourg, Canada... then will transform into a more prosperous and better society. Regarding the future of human society in general there will no longer capitalism, exploitative social system or the dark market economy with brutal competition or dangerous greed.

Content 4
This is Global Great Holiness Society’s Resolution to guide the world people improving the world. Earth Transformation is also your thought, soul, spiritual transformation. You must advance awareness that can be slow or fast, but the way will be definite in the future. You will be enlightened Great Holiness Great Unity Society Doctrine to implement Great Unity Revolution. It is not dangerous and violent revolution as the other andyou transform by the strike, peaceful, political and ideological struggle, your press, articles and writing will be the spearhead of the struggle and transformation of human thought. You could take relationship and unite transnationally to support each other in this liberation movement. Please forming Great Unity Light communities on the Internet then implement transformation together, exchange ideas, form Great Holiness Great Unity groups, then the greater Unions and Great Unity Revolutionary Parties lately, then take over the world for you. You have to raise your vibration by greedy, selfish, violence, selfish detachment to step into the path of general community civilization which have the same spiritual vibration resonance.  Most of you, especially the youth are Advanced Divine Beings reincarnated to Earth by God to transform and build new global Heaven and Earth. You must be pioneer warriors in new light movement to renovate the Earth, according to God and Creators’ program. All your performance will be pointed and rewarded by Spiritual and Celestial Hierarchies and you will have nobly spiritual gifts as you return to Upper Worlds. You must have advanced spiritual enlightenment and practice how to raise your souls’ vibration and dedication to liberate mankind from suffering. You will have smart ways, because you have inherently noble souls which are extremely smart on the higher planes descend to teach mankind. You will have psychic abilities to learn a long-term program in New Spiritual Era.
All of us take part in Great Holiness Society for global solidarity and having authentic action programs. After that you form many groups and organizations. We will have a mass light movement across the world.
Bright future belongs to you and your children! Hold Your future!
Wish you happiness, progress, peace, joy and unity in a beautiful light of enlightenment!
Global Supreme Great Holiness Council

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


The Council of Great Holiness Ante Creation informs: 
Permanently wipe out the leadership system of Cabal from above; authorize autonomy to mankind and change the role of Freemasons Society.
Recently, Buddha King (Maitreya/Messiah God) has destroyed all politics of the planets and the stars joining in leading Dark Cabal in Milky Galaxy including the stars Sirius B, Pleiades, Sirius A, Zeta, Draco, and the groups which follow Lucifer (Satan) - simultaneously regulated all Ashtar groups.  All of these stars were under the commander of  Sirian. The Ashtar groups initially were under the commander of Galactic Council but then they have become arrogant and separately competed for the dominion and occupied some areas of the world. However, their actions were prevented; other groups under Cabal like Annunaki have also been destroyed. We ask you to leave Ashtar – Be careful of him.
Under the leadership of Maitreya, the Light Stars along with Galactic Federation have attacked and destroyed the dark stars changing the leadership & the government of them, bringing new personnel to replace, and simultaneously destroyed many their flying saucers, weapons, military bases hidden on Earth or under the sea - particularly in the Bermuda Triangle, the center of Cabal power on Earth under the commander of Satan Lucifer.
Previously, God empowered Cabal the leadership of the Earth in hundreds of years in order to transform humanity. However, within a few decades, they have been discouraged and joined the group of Lucifer and then Lucifer assumed leadership of Cabal, eradicated the communist countries and founded Satanism which maintained filthy informal ceremonies with his accomplices - the leaders of the capitalist countries; they secretly involved filthy sexual rites of Satan at the center of Bermuda where has a tunnel to a place near White House; members of Freemasons Society regularly come here to have meetings , to do group sexual activities and implement strategies to lead the world.
They have gone astray of Galactic Council’s commander of causing wars on the Galaxies and on Earth.
Under the commander of the Galactic Council, the Group of advanced planets has sustained impact on Earth due to the requirement of saving this planet because it was led astray by dark entities/ stars causing the situation of fierce competition for influence on Earth and political turmoil in the world. Humans need to know Freemason Society is under the commander of Cabal; the governments participating in it includes the US, Russia, China, Australia, France, Germany ... all are under the leadership of Freemasons Society, a society led by Cabal from above through their base system on Earth and the source power of weapon, UFOs, etc.
If the leaders of governments do not follow them, they will kill and replace by clones; they can do that to all government officials from the president to ministers, etc.  This is a high technology of the Universe from above, which will then be known by humans.
Cabal did not follow the way given by God. At the same time, they were against Portal Shift  in 2012, but all of them failed because Galaxy Council, Divine Spirits fought to bring the Earth to 5D - a new energy density in late 2012.
Many fierce battles took place in the spiritual realms and on the stars to protect the Earth and to prevent World War III led by the US and Russia.
Currently, all the dark stars from above have lost leadership of Cabal and simultaneously, Maitreya has delegated the leadership of the world to Global Great Holiness Society. The Council of Great Holiness Ante Creation with the help of Buddha King has dominated all areas of time and space of the Earth and then assigned to Mother Earth Council to lead. Simultaneously, areas of countries are now under the management of Local Saints and Divine Spirits who are also members of Mother Earth Council according to Global Great Holiness Society’s Laws.
Great Holiness Society also informs Freemason Society and relevant governments that: 'You have to be completely independent in the political and economic policy; prohibit following the old ones. You must be proactive and must not have any contact with the spiritual forces related to the old Cabal. Global Great Holiness Society will protect you in invisible world; you should not fear of such stars anymore. The leaders of all countries which have policies that go against future Great Unity and the Laws of Great Holiness Society will be replaced. We also warn you about a fierce screening if there happens a nuclear war. Maitreya may wipe out the country which causes war.’
Gradually, the governments will be under the leadership of Global Great Holiness Society in the next long-term future of mankind. All entities against including countries will also be punished and regulated thoroughly.
Currently, Galactic Council and Mother Earth Council will contact directly to the governments and eliminate governing mechanisms of Freemasons Society. Therefore, we would like to warn Freemasons Society to respect the decision, the independence and sovereignty of the countries, especially the Communists.
Mother Earth Council will empower local Divine Spirits to directly govern the countries and contact leaders of the countries whose divine eyes may be activated so as to communicate; those who are against shall be destroyed.
About the world’s politics, Maitreya temporarily allows current political and economic regime to be stable in about next 50 years. Then it must go to Great Unity according Great Unity Doctrine of Global Great Holiness Society. If the situation has not been changed at that moment, there will have been a fierce screening to transform/shift the humanity.
Recently, Great Holiness Society has required Mother Earth Council to assign Freemason Society itself to resolve problem of IS from the root, and then the issue of Palestinian sovereignty and transformation of the dark political force in Africa.
 The East Sea (South China Sea) issue must be terminated; otherwise souls of Chinese officials will be replaced. Catholic Church and all the governments are not allowed interfering the politics of Vietnam, Cuba, North Korea, China, Russia and Venezuela; although some of these countries are led by Freemasons Society, we notify them to stay away from the old Freemason Society and should be completely independent in politics. They should also ensure the security and peace in the world; after that, we will delegate the following missions.
Gradually, Global Great Holiness Society will publicly lead mankind to progress. All the forces which try to maintain the dark perversion towards humanity shall be destroyed in the future.
Please translate this announcement  into different languages and share to inform the world.

5D, Ashtar, Cabal, Earth, Federation, Freemasons, Galactic, Global, God, Great, Holiness, Humanity, Maitreya, Messiah, Mother, Society

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Sex is one of the most common ways we feel deep euphoric bliss in our lives. It creates a feeling of pleasure, liberation and euphoric release, releasing bio-energy within our body. Of course, sex can also cause a lot of problems in our lives. There can be negative consequences associated with sex when it is not engaged in or perceived in a sustainable, connected and bliss-giving way. It can affect our self-esteem and throw our intimate relationships out of whack, particularly when it is viewed only as a way to achieve orgasm, not as a shared energetic connection.
By understanding the trends of the underlying hormonal activities associated with sex and orgasm, and how the change in our chemistry affect our moods, behavior, desires and wants, we can work with our body’s hormonal system to make sexual interaction a more spiritual and rewarding experience.
Understanding the Hormones
The main player among the wellbeing hormones is dopamine, also known as the reward hormone. Then there is prolactin, the hormone of satiation, and oxytocin, the love and bliss hormone. All these hormones interact powerfully affecting our moods and desire for intimacy and bonding. And although we might believe that dynamics within the relationship has a conscious element to it, there is also a deep physical hormonal element that contributes to our experience.
Copy of chakra sex
Within our brain there is a code that tells us what we need to do to be happy, healthy, wealthy, glowing and living within our life’s purpose. When we do those things, and we experience things such as social interaction, pair bonding and orgasm, our endocrine system responds by releasing oxytocin.
When we first fall in love we become bonded by rising levels of oxytocin, which is the love and cuddle hormone, and we also feel a peak in our dopamine levels. When we start having sex with that person, we experience a big release of dopamine, which comes like a huge wave in the brain during the orgasm. It feels amazing! However this is then followed by a significant drop in dopamine levels immediately after orgasm, which brings hangover-like effects. Generally speaking, the timing of this hangover varies by gender; the reaction tends to be immediate in males and slightly delayed in females.
Crossed Wires
You’re falling in love, making a deep intimate connection and becoming vulnerable. You have sex with the one you’re falling for, and you have an orgasm — followed by a steep decline in dopamine levels.
At this point, the male impulse goes more or less like this: “Ok, I’m done. I don’t have any more energy, I’m just gonna go to sleep” or “I’m gonna watch TV for a bit”. The female may feel disappointed or rejected; she still wants to cuddle, stay connected and lay in this loving space.
After the orgasm, the man and the woman enter different biological and hormonal cycles that can cause a disconnection, as they are not on the same page. The male is responding to the decline in dopamine and testosterone while the female is high in oxytocin levels, the intimacy hormone.
As most of us don’t have much awareness of this hormonal experience, it is not uncommon for females to begin creating stories in our mind to explain our male partner’s sudden withdrawl — that he doesn’t like us or he just used us for sex, that there’s something missing in the relationship or not enough intimacy, that we might be better off with a more spiritually evolved partner who would stay in this loving space with us, and so on and so forth. We might even start remembering the connection we shared when we first met (when oxytocin levels were at their highest) which seemingly disappeared after our relationship became sexual, or diminished as time went by.
In reality, we are each just experiencing our biological nature.
Oxytocin by itself is considered to make us indiscriminate in its bonding influence. Under its influence, we may feel a bond towards “any” person that we are sexually or even physically intimate with.
Cravings for Novelty and Dopamine
Our levels of dopamine, the reward hormone, tend to rise in response to the excitement that of things that are new and novel. Think about the time, for example, when you bought your car – how excited you were. And now, when you look at it every time, most likely you don’t feel anything towards it.
When we get into a relationship, it comes with a sense of novelty and newness created by this reward-like system. You were looking for a partner, and boom — there’s someone you’re connecting with, having an interaction or a sexual encounter. And because your needs are being met, you’re experiencing a sense of a reward, a biological prize of sorts. Over time, there’s less of that sense of novelty as the peaks of dopamine, testosterone, and prolactin levels subside. We may feel symptoms of hormonal withdrawal, almost like addiction, which can make us feel helpless and dejected.
So what’s the antidote?
These are all natural hormonal processes in our bodies. If we understand what’s happening on a biological level, we can teach ourselves to get into the sustainable flow of the love-giving, intimacy-enhancing hormone oxytocin, which doesn’t give us the rollercoaster side-effects of dopamine when that sense of bliss and euphoria subsides.
Dopamine vs. Oxytocin
Known as the “bonding hormone”, oxytocin plays an important role in the neuroanatomy of wellbeing and intimacy. It is associated with various behaviors, including pair bonding and parental behaviors. For that reason, it’s not surprising that both men and women release significantly more oxytocin when they have a baby, because they both need to be a lot more stable and engaged to raise the baby. Obviously, going out, making new romantic connections and looking for the biological thrill of new partners wouldn’t create a secure environment for the baby to thrive. Oxytocin helps to create the bond of love at a biological level.

Dopamine is the culprit when it comes to addictive behavior. The release of dopamine is short lived but it feels so good that we often feel compelled chase the feeling. It also tends to function by the laws of diminishing returns – the more we have it, the less impactful or satiating the results. Any perceived scarcity of the dopamine-giving object or experience can create feelings of fear and stress, and so we set out to engage in behaviors that fulfill our cravings. Of course, we can get addicted to anything that gives us that high, be it pharmaceutical or hormonal.
In my experience, when the dopamine cycle takes control, we can feel addicted to many different stimuli, e.g. sex, food, alcohol or drugs, or it could be a 21st century addiction like Facebook, internet porn or TV. Before we know, it can us turn into dopamine junkies. We live in a state of constant anxiety, nervousness, feelings of scarcity, and the sense that something vital piece is missing from our lives — and yet somehow is always unattainable. We become distracted, with that recurring (addictive) impulse always at the back of our minds.
But there is a solution to this all-pervasive dopamine addiction, and like most sustainable solutions, it happens to be “substitution” — finding something else that can sustainably fill the void we are trying to fill with our addictive behavior. In the case of dopamine addiction, oxytocin, which is the hormone of love, connection, safety and bliss, counteracts the fear and stress created by the cycle of dopamine spike and drops. So it’s a matter of disengaging the body from a dopamine addiction by learning to trigger oxytocin instead.
Oxytocin Substitution
In my experience working with people on this very problem over the years, I have come to realize that the subconscious mind feels a lot more ease to trade in a lower vibrational drug to a higher vibrational drug. Adopting the mindset of “going cold turkey” activates the potent powers of the dopamine receptors and this biological scarcity creates a sensation in us that leads to cravings.
make love
When you give up something, e.g. alcohol, meat, or change the way you were having sex from a very aggressive way of chasing dopamine to a sweet loving, connected form of sex which triggers oxytocin, there’s always an adjustment period. When I stopped eating meat, for example, it was uncomfortable for a while. I was addicted to it, I really wanted to eat it, and there was a taste, a flavor, a feeling that I used to get from it, which was extremely addictive. I would eat a vegetarian meal and not feel satiation. On a biological level, my body wasn’t just missing the nutrition, it was missing the reward hormone (dopamine) that came with it.
However, when we learn to substitute dopamine behaviors for oxytocin behaviors, and become “addicted” instead to oxytocin, we start looking for a more sustainable “high” — like intimate bonding and spiritual love. The same when you switch to more loving, softer, oxytocin connections and sex – instead of having a rapid release, the body learns to feel satiated with a slow release. It’s like a slow simmer or a slow burn, rather than like a full release all at once, which takes us away from the hormonal rollercoaster of dopamine. It’s a process of retraining ourselves to become “addicted” to subtler, more sustainable vibration, and to a hormone that we have easier access to. As a result, prolactin, which is the hormone of satiation, will then reprogram its circuitry, triggering instead when you behave in a more oxytocin-generating way.
The Full Spectrum: Engaging Oxytocin in Sexual Relationships
Firstly, the “oxytocin way” of having sex takes away the need. The goal of sexual interaction shifts from having an orgasm to being in a euphoric love connection, and re-orients us to a place where we’re feeling satiated by intimacy, even though were not having an orgasm. Instead of getting to a place where we are able to just have that sort of deep release of sensation, the goal of the oxytocin sex is to build and engage in a relationship.
In essence, we are learning to communicate with our body’s energy centers – and those of our sexual partner – in a very intimate way, and to do that we need to relearn the way of the “natural” flow of our body and our hormones.
The endocrine system produces and regulates our body’s hormonal activity. The gland known as the hypothalamus creates oxytocin, and it is stored in the pituitary gland, which then releases it to the rest of the body.

Like all systems, this works in complex feedback loop; one hormonal function in one gland then triggers the function of other glands in the system. That’s why I strongly recommend developing a full spectrum relationship – a relationship that engages all the elements in the octave of the body’s endocrine system:
  • When you feel you have a higher purpose with a partner, it engages the crown center.
  • Having a mental connection, similar mental patterns, being intuitively connected with one another person is a very important purpose of the pineal gland center.
  • If you have good physical energy, and a similar range of physical energy, it engages the medulla oblongata, the nervous system center. If one person is extremely active and the other person is not, it can create a disconnection.
  • The thyroid connection involves being able to really talk about your innermost feelings and desires, your emotions and your goals in life, and be able to deeply connect and share on a verbal communication level.
  • The simple feeling of bonding and love, having a sense of independence while still having a connection, a relationship where you can really be yourself and be loved for it, relates to the thymus gland connection.
  • The solar plexus connection is to be able to work together well in the physical dimension, to be able to create things, to be able to support each other and your joint life, to be able to be more powerful in the world together, in your own individual missions and hopefully in your joint purpose of being together.
  • The womb and the prostate region has to do with being able to have a wonderful intimate social life, to have loving friends, have your needs met to be in a great community, to be a good fit, be good together as it comes to relating to your greater family.
  • And then, finally, we come to the rectum, the root, which is the sex center of the body’s energy octave.
In my experience, the oxytocin connection is reached if we made sure that we have spiraled our energy together and come to a place where we are meeting someone on at least five of those areas – the rest you could work on. That’s a natural part of relationships. But connecting on any less than five areas out of eight can make the relationship quite difficult, not to mention a full spectrum connection difficult to achieve.
If you are meeting someone with the intention of having a full spectrum connection, oxytocin is triggered, naturally and simply. If you’re meeting someone for the purposes of just having sex, you’re skipping all the connections associated with the body’s energy centers and going straight to the sexual center. Oxytocin, which helps to create spiritual bonding on a biological level, also holds the code of your crown energy, which is how you are a divine being and how you are walking the planet and completing your spiritual mission on this planet. All that information is held in your crown center, which is where the oxytocin gets released.
When we experience the release of oxytocin, we feel like our emotional and spiritual needs are taken care of. We feel a strong bond with someone that we can trust. Trust is a huge factor in oxytocin release because, when we feel safe, we feel like we’re in the “right place” and we start functioning from a place of trust and safety, and relax into the relationship. The “soul’s code” triggers the master hormone – oxytocin – which in turn triggers all the rest of the glands in the body, creating a hormonal feedback loop (provided they are healthy enough to receive the messages and are in turn able to contribute to that feedback loop.) But when we’re randomly meeting someone and having sex, we’re not really able to feel that sort of connection, and we’re not able to feel the safety associated with the oxytocin loop.
In my opinion, yes, it is better to avoid just having sex, but rather to save it as an energy-center interaction with someone after we’ve connected through the other major parts of the body spectrum. And then, once were connecting in this deeper way, we can look into the person’s eyes and feel how deeply we’re connected with them on a soul level, how safe we are with them – and feel the natural flow of oxytocin, without creating a fake bubble of oxytocin (which creates a false sense of connection) or just chasing the dopamine rush of disconnected sex.
Fake Oxytocin Bubbles
We create fake bubbles of oxytocin all the time. Often we meet someone, and although we kind of like them, we may feel that there is not much else happening in that relationship — that is, until we have sex and start releasing oxytocin (as well as dopamine etc.) Then all of a sudden, the brain begins to trick us into believing that we share all the other points of the spectrum: the full spectrum.
We begin to feel differently about them, and even though we don’t have the full spectrum connection with that person, or even the makings of it, we start fooling ourselves into believing this person could be the “right person”, simply because we decided to have sex - and release oxytocin - which biologically can make you feel bonded with whomever.
However, most people know before they have sex with someone whether they have a full spectrum connection with that person. But if we compromise the full spectrum connection and have sex with that person anyway, we experience a confusing biological backlash that is completely hormonal in nature. We feel bonded to that person in a way that can feel like a full spectrum connection, since our biology tells us through the release of oxytocin that we are more intimate and more bonded with that person than we truly are. This can cause all kinds of confusion, and heartache.
To be clear, I am not moralistic about it, just realistic. A lot of people think that abstaining from sex until we are in a loving (full spectrum) relationship is an issue of morals, or adherence to religious doctrines. But this principle is grounded in biology, and a desire not to be fooled by it. Before you release oxytocin, listen to your bliss instinct, to your guiding system, otherwise you are playing with hormonal fire. You start feeling bonded with someone that is not right for you on levels other that sex, and you end up in a situation (like so many of us have before) where it is hard for you to let them go even though you know deep down that you don’t share that full spectrum connection with that person.
Light Bulb Moment!
For me it took quite a bit of experimentation to get to this important realization. You see, I come from a very conservative Indian background, and was taught by my parents and my culture not to have sex before marriage. And then when I went to study in Australia, casual sex was not only accepted, it was the norm; if you went on a few dates, it was almost expected. I went from one end of the spectrum to the other, curious to explore — but I ended up feeling really horrible about myself.
Every time I would have sex with someone, I felt like their “code” would start integrating with mine, and since that feeling of bonding was not reciprocated, I took quite a hit in my self-esteem. Of course, I wasn’t as conscious of everything that was going on at that stage, personally or biologically, and I couldn’t understand why I was not feeling good.
I didn’t know back then that by body was producing oxytocin, the bonding hormone, or that sharing a sexual experience and tapping into the energetic “code” of your partner starts integrating their energy into your own. Now I know, if we don’t share the highest vibrational energy – the full spectrum - then we leave the next morning unconsciously picking up all of those vibrations, some of which feel connected with our energy centers, and many that don’t.
I realized that I had to go back to my original way of being, not because of cultural expectations or conditioning, but because I was able to see the value in myself and really begin to love my own vibrational “code”, and the stability of my personal being. I learned only to interact and relate to another human being sexually if the energetic spiral we shared was going to bring an overall sensation of bliss, and we both feel better about who we are, and our connection, as a result. Now, when it comes to sexual relationships, I am more deeply on my soul path rather than experiencing confusion and loss, or disconnection from my spiritual path, forgetting who I really was for several days after a sexual encounter and grieving for a connection that really wasn’t there in the first place.
I found a very similar experience with alcohol. I didn’t drink, but was socially encouraged to start drinking. It felt fun for several hours… but what about the next day when I have to go and serve my purpose, connect with people and share my love and my vibrations? It was counter-productive to being more deeply connected to my spiritual path. So it’s important to realize that anything that doesn’t bring you closer or doesn’t make you more aligned with who you are, more aligned to that love, to that confidence, to that beauty – whether you’re a male or female — is not the right way for you.
That’s when I realized that dopamine addiction and the dopamine-chasing way of life – the seeking of a constant, immediate reward — was not the way I wanted to go.
Heavy Consequences
Tantric love
Due to my experience with DNA activation, I noticed that the next day after casual sex, I often felt some heaviness. What I was feeling was the energetic vestiges, the leftover “code” in my body, and it took a while for me to work it out of my system. While I was working out this sort of unprocessed “code”, I realized it was somebody else’s baggage all of a sudden ending up in my field. I also noticed that a lot of other people around me felt that heaviness too.
Normally, we try to counteract that feeling of heaviness. We don’t feel good about ourselves, we feel like something is off, and we associate that feeling of heaviness with loneliness. So we keep looking, searching for another potential mate — and when we find another sexual partner, we feel a bit better, for a little while. But what we end up doing is picking all of this junk energetic “code” from other people, and place it in our “basement” – which gets heavier and heavier. It can also lead to health issues and even weight gain, because the heavier we feel, the more we are try to find satiation — the dopamine high — and we begin a cycle of satiating ourselves with more food, more sex, more alcohol, more whatever it is that works for you.
Sex is very powerful. Understanding it, not just on an emotion level but on a hormonal level, and learning to switch our behaviors toward the flow to oxytocin instead of dopamine – toward finding a sustainable love connection instead of unsustainable addictive dopamine connections — is going to make all the difference.
Replacing Dopamine Sex with Oxytocin Sex
The first step would be to remove the concept of having sex with someone you’re not spiritually connected to. I personally don’t agree with the extreme “no sex before marriage” concept, but I do feel we are better off sharing sexual experiences with someone with whom we feel safe, and making sure there’s a nurturing, loving, sustainable connection, so that we lift each other up in some way through sharing that experience.
Developing the “oxytocin way” in a relationship is blissful, as if you’re having sex all the time. There becomes a divine quality of celebration in that interaction, which expresses itself in the way you cook for that person, care for their needs, bring them flowers, get yourself ready to be beautiful for them etc.
For a long time before you engage in sex, you spend time, maybe even the whole day, preparing yourself. You can feel the oxytocin flow all day, as you anticipate your next interaction. You enter this mode of caring for your body, and caring for your mood. Perhaps you detox in the morning, go out in the sun, and eat an amazing luscious fresh fruit (fruits are basically sexual organs of plants, so you tune into this vibration of sexuality, ripeness, suppleness). You get yourself ready for this incredible ceremony, and you can feel its energy well before you engage in sexual interaction — and well after.
You don’t need to be a tantra expert or master different breathing or movement techniques. The only thing that is important is that you activate your true oxytocin bliss instinct, and then follow it. Let your natural intuition for bliss guide you to the correct vibration, and guide how you prepare yourself to be with them. Hold your partner in the esteem of a divine male or female, as a god or goddess, and focus on all the things you’re going to do to love your partner — to really see and appreciate him or her, and make him/her feel blissful. See your partner as an angelic being and set your intention to connect on higher levels, to exchange “code” with your partner’s higher self.
You can do this by simply tuning into that consciousness and recognizing that we all have within us the animal self, the human self, and the angelic self. That is the starting point: connecting with the angelic self, making sure that your connection is pure, supportive and loving. And once you have established the foundation of the angelic connection, the sky is the limit – because what you’ll realize is that the angels are actually very naughty.  ;)
Full spectrum sex is all about going all the way down the spectrum of the body’s energy centers and all the way back up again – knowing that you have the ability to experience the entire spectrum in this way.When you start from this safe, high vibrational place, you start feeling sexier, you feel more energy, more love, and you feel safe to allow your naughty vibes and your raunchiness - your true unbounded sexuality - to start coming out. Then you go ‘full spectrum’. Sharing that deeply intimate part of yourself, you connect on an emotional and energetic level, as well as physical. You connect with each other’s heart and soul as you look into each other’s eyes. And then, you can spiral down into the animal realms, having really naughty, instinctual sex, where your mind is out of the picture, and you are connecting in a deep, powerful physical way.
twin flames3
Problems often come when we go into having this sort of naughty, nasty sex before we make a spiritual connection with our partner. We might feel unsafe, disconnected, like something is off, even ‘dirty’, and by experiencing them alongside the physical dopamine rush that comes with the act of sex, we may eventually create an addiction to those feelings too; to this disconnected sexual paradigm, and to the seeking of behavior that causes those problematic feelings.
But, when we engage in the full spectrum with our sexual partners, there’s a beautiful unfolding that we share, and there is no limit to the variety, kinds and types of sex that we can have together.
It’s not about morals. It’s all about learning the access point to the full spectrum, the place in which our full being is engaged, including our most animalistic instincts. And once you’re there, the bliss instinct is a free instinct; you can do whatever you want to do together and still be in a place of sustainable bliss.
What About The Orgasm?
Traditionally, philosophies like tantra, which explore the spectrum of connection, don’t focus on orgasm. Some philosophies even discourage it, believing it to detract from the experience of connection. However, in the oxytocin way, I don’t feel there are any hard and fast rules, and there are certainly no drawbacks in experiencing orgasm together as part of your full spectrum connection.
When you make an oxytocin connection, and you both stay within it, you will find the quality of your orgasms changes. Men can start to experience internal orgasms, or electrical orgasms, where it feels just as good as having the physical orgasm but the exchange and the release is electrical in nature, and less centered on the root chakra. The energy center that responsible for that electrical energy in the body is the thymus gland center, located in the heart/lung region. So the result can be that you have an incredibly penetrating heart connection with a person, with both partners engaging in this electrical orgasm, making you feel even more connected and even more orgasmic.
Are You Up for a Challenge?
If you already have a partner and want to being experiencing full spectrum sex, take your time, talk about it in advance, prepare yourself and each other.
To full activate oxytocin, the challenge is not just to develop that full spectrum connection but also to remain on the threshold of orgasm. Sex is not a race to orgasm. Allow that sensation to grow and develop, ebb and flow, instead of going over and releasing it. And this applies both for men and women.
Women also benefit from staying on that threshold, so that the blissful orgasmic vibration is sensationally followed and not broken. You’ll know what I mean when you’re practicing it, and most likely you already feel this on a soul level, as our divine legacy is very closely related to our sexual life and sexual paradigms.
If you are not in a relationship, you can still take up this challenge, because the first point of oxytocin connection is with yourself. Everything I have learned about this started by allowing this divine energy to enter my body and activate the bliss hormone, oxytocin, and embodying this angelic connection within myself — until I came to a place where I was blessed with a partner with whom I could sustainably go there. At its deepest level, sexual union is a spiraling together of energy, much like strands of DNA spiral together. But the first step is to first be in sexual union with you. Mastery starts with yourself.
The benefit is that everyday you’ll feel good and send a message to your subconscious mind that you love yourself, care about yourself and you to do something good for yourself. If we know how to actively cultivate a sense of wellness and love that is hardwired within our bodies, we’ll inevitably begin to thrive. We make choices that are from a place of security and happiness, and safety, and we gravitate towards the things – and people – that make us feel more love, make us feel more beautiful, more healthy, more satisfied, more abundant — more bliss. 
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