Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Sacred Intimacy (Twin Flame Sex)

A lot have been said about this sacred union and very intimate twin flame sex. From someone's experience, this intimate feeling is very spiritual rather than physical, although some balance is needed. Our soul also has sexual needs and not just the feeling of being loved. It can be very confusing feeling, in contrast to regular people or even soulmates.

Love making with a soulmate feels very normal, physical and involves all human senses, however the sex is good because both people can concentrate on physical motion, as the soul does not interrupt. The mind could be turned off very easily with soulmates.
For twin flames the feeling is quite different. It’s not just the physical motion but the soul desiring the wildest, raging and most primal experience of merging with the other into one blazing twister.
When twin flames are wanting to have sex, it’s the souls need to merge together with passion instead of surrendering to caring love. It’s rather like two asteroids racing for head on collision without fearing the impact, they want this impact to happen and explode.
If the intimacy happens in person, the two can’t really lay there next to each other and only to let their soul have sex, the bodies do need to interact as well.

The Twin Flame Sex

1. Whenever twin flames make love, they are channeling something greater that goes deeper than skin deep.
2. When twin flames merge, they lose their egotistical self and find true self, and increased spiritual awareness.
3. The love between twin flame is like spiritual awakening, and making love is another way to connect with your true love.
4. Sex is not just melt in the mouth affair, or chasing after an orgasm. When twin flames come together in the act of making love, they focus on the whole show. Not just the grand finale, twin flames attempt to prolong the act and take advantage of a whole range of feelings.
Source: Spiritual Unite
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