Thursday, January 30, 2014

Golden Age Messages from the Masters: Living in the Here and Now Part II

This magnificent, mysterious cycle that you are all moving through is asking you to trust life exactly as it is and to live in the present more than you have since your last Golden Age of Atlantis. Being fully present in every moment is much more rare than you might imagine, yet that is truly the only way that you can fully experience yourself as the Presence of God ~ and how else can God really come to Earth except through you and all life that is living on your planet? We are filled with delight just knowing that so many of you are beginning to respond to your divine invitation to embody your Presence. We are with you at all times because oneness is our only reality and we fill you with our Love and our Light because that is what we truly are.
~ Mother/Father God     
Your God parents are here to assist you knowing and feeling that you are their children and therefore, they are truly who you are and there is no otherness, no opposite, and no opposing forces that are stronger than they—and you as their offspring—so feeling victimized by outer circumstances or controlling influences is a choice, which brings these limiting events forward at this time to let you know that your divine parents are always with you to support your full remembrance and to be part of the grand team of Ascended Masters who are inviting you to co-create a new Golden Age of Freedom on Earth!
A Golden Age can only be founded in Unity Consciousness as your God Presence, for fear and duality continues to support all of the separation myths that established your last age. Your fears are now being brought to the surface to give you an opportunity to align with the Presence of God within you so you can make more enlightened choices.
You are being presented with a continuous call to action to assist in creating a world that has not been your reality since your last Golden Age. This will be birthed from the desire of the few in their pure intent to create by reflecting a purity of consciousness that comes from living as the Presence of God in physical form. This world will literally be created from out of the silence of the unlimited mind of your God Presence that is not filled with old concepts and preconceived ideas based on limited 3rd dimensional thinking, as this would only precipitate new dogmas based on someone’s ideas about how things should be and those days are over. 
If too many people remain unsure about their true inheritance as Divine human beings who have a definite purpose for being on the Earth at this auspicious time, then all of the changes that need to take place around the world will not be actualized for humanity to victoriously ascend into Unity Consciousness. This can only take place when enough of you are truly willing to accept that you are, and you have always been, the potential for the Presence of God to be consciously embodied as the Master Self while you are living on Earth. In that Light and that Love you are all here to assist in making profound shifts in the overall consciousness of humanity.
We are inviting you to use your creative energies wisely during this powerful cycle so you can stop carrying around any sabotaging misinformation within the molecular grids within your body. Your impetus for doing this is to bring all of your creations individually and collectively into harmony with the overall Presence of the cosmos, or what most of you refer to as God. This takes passion and your profound desire to move into complete oneness with your God Self and the Presence that abides within all of life. It also involves remembering that you are the steward of your body, your mind and your feelings, yet they are only tools for expressing your Presence in relationship to the greater universe since your eternal Self is not confined by your body, your mind, your thoughts or your feelings.
As this great shift in dimensions is taking place, please do not waste your time and energy labeling the negativity you may sometimes see in the world around you, rather use your awareness to strengthen the Presence within yourself and the life around you, and keep visualizing a world that is reflecting the unconditional love and the unlimited possibilities of the Creator abiding within the heart and mind and body of every soul. One way to practice living in the moment as your God Self is to see the Presence in everything and everyone regardless of appearances. This includes, of course, seeing only God within you as this is your true inheritance.

The Spiritual Community:

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Attracting Your Twin-Flame Soul Mate

Over the past few years, I have conducted several Akashic soul readings in which my clients have asked, “How can I attract my twin-flame soul mate?”
The answers from their Akashic Records, although usually different in wording and style, all share some consistent advice, the top two being: raise your vibration and love yourself without conditions first and foremost.
Many people feel they should save ALL of their love for their twin-flame soul mate, but please allow me to emphatically express why this should NEVER be the case.
First of all, twin-flame relationships are the MOST difficult you will ever encounter unless you are both highly spiritually evolved and fully vibrating with 5D Christ Consciousness (which, most likely, you are not).
Secondly, twin flames will mirror to each other all faults, flaws, and fears that need to be addressed and eradicated before either of you can be spiritually evolved enough to fully vibrate at a 5D frequency.
This is where ego usually comes in and destroys everything, which leads to the third reason you should love yourself first and foremost: the runner dynamic.
Each and every twin-flame relationship is comprised of two souls that have either split from one OR who are twin whole souls; opinions and theories about this differ from one self-proclaimed “expert” to another.
Some say that one of the “twins” is more spiritually mature by nature and can “hold the light” or “flame,” if you will, while the runner twin continually abandons the relationship out of fear, emotional pain and immaturity.
However, it is also quite possible that BOTH twins are not spiritually or emotionally mature to handle the high loving energy of a twin-flame soul reunion.
And this is why it is SO important to work on YOURSELF first.
You must raise your own vibration and to be able to love yourself first and foremost without any conditions, and, most importantly, without any fears of being completely alone for the rest of your life.
In other words, if you cannot find joy in your own company, who else is going to? And, if you cannot treat yourself kindly, who will? We do train others how to treat us by the way we regard ourselves.
Now, this is not to say you must build yourself up into an arrogant egomaniac. On the contrary.
This is not about the ego at all. This is about the SOUL, which is located within the heart.
The ego, if you do not already know, is all in the mind. The ego is that nasty “handicap” your soul must battle as it tries to follow its Divine will or spiritual path.
Ego will constantly argue for “free will” and “independence.” It will also keep you in fear. Of everything. And everyone. Even your beloved twin-flame soul mate.
So, yes, you will have a fight on your hands in the beginning. Taming the ego. Shutting it up. Shutting it down. It IS possible. It takes a great deal of discipline, however.
And, not only do you have to ignore the persistence of your ego, you must also get in touch with your SOUL, and you must learn to not only LIKE yourself, but to actually LOVE yourself.
You must replace every criticism from your ego with a sincere, loving compliment. And you have to convince yourself that you have NOTHING to lose with this transformation.
Once you finally silence your ego, you might even miss it… for a second. Until you realize that silence is not only enjoyable, but it is truly, sweetly DIVINE.
You may even begin to hear the loving words and compliments of your own Akash, a collective of masters, teachers and loved ones, and, yes, angels and spirit guides.
And you may even find it possible to actually… RELAX. You might find that every knotted bit of tension, no matter how great or small, magically melts away.
This is the beginning of raising your vibration. Immerse yourself into this new, peaceful ecstasy. Trust it, for it is the true you, and the REAL way your life is meant to feel. Peaceful. Serene. Indulgent, perhaps? Immerse yourself into that luxurious indulgence.
This is a very simple way to offer yourself the true, unconditional, pure love that you so rightly deserve.
This is where you can begin to forgive yourself and let go of all those things you said or did on an egoic level that may have cost you friendships or created an icy wedge between you and your loved ones, be they life partners, siblings, parents, grandparents, or other blood relatives.
Know that anything and everything can be repaired once you let go and forgive… not only them, but yourself as well.
This is where self-love begins, by recognizing that all negative behavior resulted out of a fear-based energy that you are now rising up out of, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
And, because you do TRULY love yourself, you are raising your own vibration into that of higher consciousness, light and unconditional love.
There is an old saying that goes: in order to love others, you must first love yourself. I believe the same is true with forgiveness. In order to forgive others, you must first forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for snapping… for reacting… for judging.
Forgive yourself for being afraid. Because that is where all conflict breeds… out of the lower, fear-based energy we on Earth have been living in for so long.
So now it is easy to recognize that others were also afraid, and that is why they behaved the way they did. How can we not forgive people for being afraid?
Fear is something we have all felt, so we can all relate on the same level.
Once forgiveness is accomplished, it is time to accelerate into a higher, more loving vibration. Love yourself. Entertain yourself.
Treat yourself! Enjoy your own company. Raise your vibrations so high that you want to spend the rest of your life with yourself!
And, once you have accomplished that, be so dedicated to yourself and raise your standards so that people will strive to meet them, rather than expect you to lower them.
It is true that all kinds of people are attracted to those with higher vibrations. Especially your twin flame.
Just remember that until your twin is vibrating at the same high 5D frequency as you, the two of you most likely won’t be able to harmoniously reunite.
In fact, you may reunite a few times and fail, but, as long as you love yourself for who you are just AS you are, it won’t matter, for you already have all you need.
Your unconditional love for yourself is ALL that you need.
Once you achieve this wisdom, you have already accomplished self mastery… which will only make it easier for you to continue on your own illuminated spiritual path of Divine will, full of detached unconditional love for your Divine compliment.
Make no mistake that while the two of you are separated, your twin will also be learning the same lessons about ego and the importance of self love.
It is best, however, to focus on yourself and your own path. Successful separate journeys will eventually guide you back onto the same path as long as both remain heart centered and dedicated to loving the self as much as or even more than the twin counterpart.
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Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Your Higher Self is the REAL YOU. Your Brain is, in fact, not capable of Thinking or Creating. It never was. It is only your Higher Self who does all of the thinking and creating. There has been a mixture of your old cellular memory within your brain doing the thinking, just because there has been this old programming left over in the cellular memory. The Frequencies on Earth are high enough now to allow the shift into the Higher Self to be continuous. We do not have to battle with those old thought sequences any longer.
When you have dreams where it seems like you are looking at yourself through the eyes of someone higher than yourself it means that you have become your higher self watching your body template. Your higher self is simply YOU with a much broader perspective. You higher self can see you and what is before you and behind you, what is happening miles ahead of you on the freeway when you drive, days ahead of you when you are making plans, seeing what is beside you and behind you,etc. When you are in tune with your higher self, you can drive your car blindfolded.
In the fifth dimensional realm of multidimensionality, you can be your higher self in infinite times and places and in no time all at the same time. Manifestation simply means moving to one of the other infinite parallel realities. You don't actually create anything new. You just move into the frequencies of another parallel reality.
These are all of the fun things that you can learn to do now that you are in your fifth dimensional template. The real fun starts happening near the end of 2015 when we begin the crystallization process of our rebirth.
You see, when you were born, your soul became CRYSTALLIZED into this Density. That Crystallized Self is the Seed Atom within your Thymus that connects into the Mind of God at the medulla oblangata. Everything that you ever were and ever will be exists in that Seed Atom. When we begin to Crystallize again in 2015 our rebirth as a new density within the crystallization process completes. Our crystallization makes us into a less dense reality.

It is time for you all to realize that your DREAMS are not IMAGINATION  as you would think. They are, in fact, REALITY. They are the reality of you at your more ETHERIC level of reality, watching your self do something that you are actually doing.
The  CRYSTAL GRID APIN SYSTEM is now being activated. That Grid System is the  free global energy, climate stabilization, healing, and inter stellar subspace communications  and broadcasting by aligning through the Light Codes of the Cosmic Council into the Crystal Liquid Light connecting to the Mind of God, Eternal Source Field. We can connect our consciousness into this GWL Crystal Grids running through Earth into Inner Earth and out into stargate 12 Aramatena. We always need to connect our consciousness into both fields of energy - the Inner and the Outer and use our body temples as the lightning rod that connects the flow of crystal liquid light, D12 Consciousness.
The Earth's Christ Grid System is the Mathematical Programming in the Earth that provides our Manifestation Programming to begin working correctly.
The apin technology is  an environmentally valid application of the natural spiritual and scientific laws of creation physics. Before these technologies fell into the hands of fallen angeilic races, they were used openly by various guardian races in many universal systems to facilitate and enhance the experience of evolution and ascenison for all. The apin systems were used for free global energy, climate stabilization, and healing and inter stellar subspace communications  and broadcasting.
They are massive global grid systems made of strategically placed crystalline microchips that interface directly with the natural multidimensional electomagnetic energy conduits of star gates axiatonal and ley line systems organic to earth's templar.
The GWL runs on a D12 Twelve code pulse and links Earth's Planetary Shields to their Divine Blue Print D12 Pre matter Template at Lyra Aramatena.THE GREAT WHITE LION IS being reactivated CORRECTLY by our Security Team from Sirius B. They plan to have it running into the original connection with stargate 12 Aramatena and into the Earth stargate 12. This is happening now but will not be complete until the two sets of angular rotation spin of Tara and Earth completely separate. We can attach our consciousness into the Grid now and activate the gifts that it naturally brings to us.
The Great White Lion is a Mathematical system that is created of something similar to our microchips made of a crystalline silicon substance planted in the grids of the Earth. The Golbal GWL looks exactly like the Sphinx in Egypt, except it covers the entire world. The GWL runs on a D 12 Twelve code pulse and links Earth's Planetary Shields to their Divine Blue Print D 12 Pre matter Template at Lyra Aramatena. The GWL has also been called the Lion's Gate because it opens the passage to all 12 stargates. This possibility wasn't a possibility until after Earth was shifted in time to a place where there was an Aramatena 12th stargate. The Annunaki had destroyed our Aramatena in the Electric Wars 250 billion years ago. Our Founders and Cosmic Councils have been preparing our way back home for many millions of years.
First,, we will be merging face to face with our starry family from Sirius B, who are the great Maharaji Security Team for our planet, and the Starry Families who have been most active in securing our rebirth. The Security Team from Sirius B will ground us into the GREAT WHITE LION that will connect the stargate 12 Aramatena with the Inner Earth Stargate 12.
The Christic Grid within the crust of Earth is ready to begin the great transformation process as Earth aligns with our Parallel Spiritual Universe. Once we are in alignment with our Spiritual Twin Self, we are able to pull as much of this spiritual self in to our physical bodies as we are ready for. Our karma must be completely gone, we must be crystal clear to allow our spiritual self to enter in. The Adashi Temples in Sirius B have been pulling our future self bodies up into the cleansing liquid light arenas for many years now preparing us for this time.
It is however, each individual's own decision to remove every speck of karma by raising their frequencies into the light of Sun Alcyone and into Source to Transmute all lower frequencies into the highest frequency of light and then allow that old energy to melt away into a new perfect form of energy.
When our bodies are clear of all karma, our spiritual body will enter in completely. This is our prime objective. Once this is accomplished, we will be ready to begin manifesting a brand new reality. First, we must de-manifest the old karma. Then, we can begin manifesting our new reality.
We must do both NOW. Once the alignment happens and our manifestations do begin to happen, we must be already manifesting the divine realities of our perfect selfhood, our infinite manifestation, our divine life, truth, love, intelligence, mind, soul and spirit. We must be manifesting our desired realities in the past, present and future. If we continue to bring the old ideas from the past into our consciousness, it will be those ideas that continue to manifest.

Grounding and Integrating Your Spiritual Awakening

 One of the common sensations people have during a spiritual awakening (also called ascension, kundalini awakening, and enlightenment) is being unable to focus. You may feel light-headed and floating about in a daze. It may be very blissful, and at other times, it may feel like you're lost in a fog with no way to focus yourself. Congratulations. You are extremely ungrounded. So let's talk about how we can get you back down to earth. :)

We Have a Problem
The first couple of times we feel like we're floating off in outer space, it can be a jarring, foreign, scary, or super blissful feeling. A lot of it depends on how much ego baggage is still attaching to the person who is now floating in the stratosphere. None of this is bad, per se. But we do live in this world, so the real question is how do we integrate this awareness.

Lots of people talk about this process in a variety of terms that you may have run across, and I want to be clear about what I'm talking about as always. Here's a list to hopefully help you understand that ultimately we're all talking about the same thing. So integrating a spiritual awakening is also called:

  • Embodying a spiritual awakening
  • Ascending (i.e. spiritual ascension)
  • Raising your vibration & anchoring your energy
  • Grounding

The more confused ways of discussing this natural process is to put it into these kinds of signs and portents or disease terminology. That's why plenty of you read stuff out there about:

  • spiritual awakening symptoms
  • spiritual awakening signs
  • ascension symptoms
  • ascension signs

I'm extremely cautious about saying "spiritual awakening signs" and listing them out because everyone is different. Ultimately, you know in your heart if you are having an awakening and not a nervous breakdown or severe depression, where many of the signs can be similar. And in regards to "symptoms," you are not sick or having a disease. You've been sick, and now the awakening is actually healing you all the pain inside of you. And there is a lot of pain that often has to come out no matter how good a life we think we've lead. It's just a lot of karmic and cultural baggage, and it needs to be dealt with.

Landing the Rocketship: Coming Back Down Through the Layers
Just like the atmosphere has many layers, so do you. So you may feel some resistance as you come back from these upper realms. But in being mindful and aware of yourself and where you are resisting, you are bringing this awareness down into the world. This is a new way of being (well, ultimately it's our natural way of being, but it'll probably feel new initially). However, it needs space; you need space to be you.

I've often talked about healing multiple layers.  We have to clear out things on each level of us to make space for the fullness of our awareness. As we do that, we are also healing a split that often happens within many people during awakening. It's like a part of us shoots up high, and we kinda leave a lot of trash and junk in the kitchen as the stopped up drain backs up with water, which is running everywhere. To touch so highly and deeply and then come back into this mess is a shock.

Time to get out the shovel and scrub brush.

Facing Your Inner Resistance
Yet, you'll notice that a part of you may be hanging onto this inner mess, and that's going to cause resistance. Resistance makes it supremely difficult to ground and embody this awareness. So oftentimes, people get stuck. The first main area is the mind. When you deny this awareness, you really can get lost. I spend quite a bit of time helping people to simply accept this process. The next part is usually the heart. People don't really want to open themselves to love. It stirs up all the things that they haven't worked out and all the ways that they haven't acted from the space of love. This often ignites a process of grieving to clear these wounds and forgive ourselves. Then the stickiest and nastiest issues are often down in the body. Some of them have been there for so long that they don't have names. They're just like dense, black gunk in the joints and different places of the body. This is where physical practices like hatha yoga become wonderful additions to your practice to address these levels of resistance in the terms on which the body communicates.

Appreciating the Awareness of Each Aspect of You
I don't think I've mentioned this recently, so I want to encourage you to appreciate the wisdom and awareness of all of you. Your mind can be very, very wise when you re-train it in service of spirit and Truth. But so too is your heart, and so too is your body. Your body is so smart. It can tell you how much to eat, how much to exercise, how to make love with a partner, and so forth. Anyone who loves dancing knows what it's like when two bodies really start talking to each other. There is no leader and follower anymore. You're simply dancing in the rhythm shared by you both. Isn't that absolutely beautiful body wisdom?

But too often the mind run by the ego is trying to maintain a hold over everything, and that idea has to be let go for you to integrate the fullness of your spiritual awakening. Until then, you are in resistance, and the pain can be excruciating.

Physical Activities and Tips for Grounding
So let's talk about the body specifically, although all aspects of you have to integrate to fully embody this awakening. If you are looking to get a little bit clearer and focused in this world, conscious movement is really helpful. Each one of you will have to decide how much you can do because I want you to honor that a lot of your energy still needs to be focused inwards. Don't get caught up in too much external exertion unless you are intuitively guided to do so.

  1. Walking/Hiking. There's nothing like a short walk, especially in nature, to help you find your feet. If this isn't enough, really focus on your breath and the sensation of your feet in each step.
  2. Hatha Yoga. All I mean by that is physical yoga--yoga includes a lot more than poses, but Western Culture uses this word in a very narrow way. Find a yoga teacher you like or a yoga video you like. Do some poses. Find out what you need. Do you need to focus on areas with resistance and stiffness? Do you need a long or short session? Really tune into yourself. Don't just do what the teacher says. A good teacher will remind you to go at your pace and stop when you need to.
  3. Running. I've had good luck with this. All my life, working out has been a way to shed out internal debris and get clear. But as I said, keep it short. You're not training for a marathon. There's no where to get to, and you certainly aren't using this to maintain a body shape ideal.
  4. Conscious Movement & Dance. Where I live, there are new types of free-form dance that really allow you to explore the fullness of your body. If you don't have this nearby, set aside time to dance to music in your house/apartment/living space. Give yourself permission to fully explore your range of motion; don't just stick to what you think makes you look good.
  5. Meditation. Honestly, if I'm in really, really high energy, meditation helps me the most. Sometimes, I need to do this before doing anything physical to get the benefit of the physical activity. It's like it takes me down through one layer of the atmosphere, and then the physical activity can take me the rest of the way back to earth.

Calming Yourself During Really High States
You can really get up into high spaces, so I just want to let you know that you'll be all right. Sometimes, it's actually perfect to just allow yourself to be there. In this instance, it's important to let go of the judgment about where you should be in this process or how you should feel. There is no where to go. Just rest in the outer reaches of space if that's where you are. You will come back to this world. It's natural, but it won't feel the same. Embodied spiritual awareness doesn't feel the same as we integrate it. When you're first flopping around on the beach, you can only dream of it. And then when you finally find water, you think you're drowning. But after awhile, you simply get used to living and breathing in this element...this element which is simply you in your fullness and which is simply love.

So relax. You are going to be okay, and hopefully some of these tips will help you to get grounded and focused when you need to and to properly integrate your awakening as you need to.

Friday, January 10, 2014


This is the time for you to rejoice and not to complain!
This is the time to see the New, Refreshing Light, and to feel the Stillness of the Conscious Expanded Divine Heart.
By seeing and feeling That Which Is Divine, and Which is the Sign of My Own Divine Presence you make it manifest also for others to recognize!
My Divine Emanations in form - of which you are an important part - ARE renewing themselves right now, showered by Cascades of Light, for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.
Do not make the mistake to expect first changes in the outer world before your inside changes. YOU are the co-creators in your world. And your creations are happening from inside out. Don’t you remember?
Although I AM Beyond the worlds, I Am giving you this example! Higher dimensions are arising in Me as they indeed are arising in You. Can you imagine the Angelic Beings or your radiant Sisters and Brothers of the Stars waiting for the cosmos to change by itself? You know very well, that they are the ones who consciously create their worlds in your universe with the wings of love-light from within their Divinity. How could creation happen otherwise, even in your still dense and unhappy world.
Therefore I AM reminding you to remember to create the world you want to see from your heart and never allow your mind to fall for the illusion of the Matrix that reflects back to you a false image of reality.
But even if you do not engage yourself in creative processes, you still can contemplate Me, Your Own God-Self, and enjoy the Source of all Creation, before creator gods arise. Enjoy My Abundance That is also Yours, enjoy My Beauty That is also Yours, enjoy My Love That Is You. And You even can enjoy the Aspect of Mine That You experience as Light.
Happiness Is All That I AM in all My Aspects. Why then fall into unhappiness of an imperfect world, to strengthen its illusion?
Is not Ascension another word for En-Lightenment? And Is Enlightenment not a phenomenon that is independent of outer appearances? Your true Masters have proven this to you many times.
Your Inner Independence in My Radiance of Stillness is the very Source of your pure creations, because My Being of Indifference instigates your purity of mind and feeling, to evoke the Divine World for which you are longing so very much.
As you see your broken world and still invest your feelings in them, you give them power to persist, even if only in your imagination by re-creating them. Because in My Reality they do not possess foundation anymore. That has been washed away in a no-time but which you remember as time.
The great lack many of you are experiencing in this moment is a hard but quick lesson to re-awaken to your true Divinity within; to recognize the illusion of a world that is not Divine and let it go so that you do not give it sustainability.
The return to your own Divine Truth that Is Me, can change your outer world in an instant, if enough of you follow this path of letting go in a moment, to invest yourself beyond your suffering in My Happiness that is also Your Divine True State.
How can you work the miracles of a Divine World if you do not use Me to create it, but instead continue the dream of falsehood? If you are betraying your own precious Heart-Jewel, by neglecting it, trying to find it somewhere outside yourself first?
Therefore I ask you to listen and to understand: dare to forget the outer world only for a moment to turn to Me, to Merge with Me, with My Fullness, My Abundance, My Beauty, My Joy within. And from the place of completion dream your new world and see it from now on everywhere you want to turn your attention to.
Notice that all things appear as my Own Disguise. Awaken with your heart of love and bring light to what you ‘don’t like’. Uplift the darkness to light, rise the frequency while you walk through darkness as a radiant torch, to awaken the new world from the ashes of falsehood.
This is the gift that is given to humanity: to co-create the Radiant New from what is already dead, without looking back. With every looking back you neglect your Divine Powers, to give them away to those still trying to control you.
The more of you understand this Wisdom the quicker the Fata Morgana vanishes to give room to the Reality of a Bright and Clear Day. It is already Present, if you only dare to see it and even dare to create it thereby.
This is the test humanity is required in this moment to pass, because they have understood in their heart. Each heart that truly understands awakens Thousands of others.
So – where are My Beloveds who dare to understand? Are YOU one of them?
I AM here and always have been. Your True Divinity was never taken from you, you only did not recognize It for a while, busy with your 3D affairs. The dream of forgetfulness seems to be an eternity, but lasted only a moment. Therefore you are Blessed to wake up in this instant and remember.
I AM closer to you than even your breath.
I AM waiting for you NOW and NOW and NOW!
I AM Your God-Self
Message conveyed by Ute
Copyright© 2014. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel,
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without changes, including the title. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014



There are massive electro-magnetic storms and other activities going on within our solar system, the solar sun bursts, the universe and counter-universe and the Milky Way Galaxy itself.

This means that there a huge, like an electro-magnetic energy field in upheaval, like a massive cosmic storm
In this it is starting to push all of us, not just Planet Earth, for she is but part of the greater whole, into a different state of Being.

It is creation re-forming herself on multiple levels and becoming something different - it is restructuring itself into a form of life and moving into a higher evolutionary state of Being.

We on this planet are not entities on our own, and Mother Earth has given her whole-hearted agreement to also be changed and reformed- and restructured. She is therefore too in a tremendous state of flux. Her core inner earth centers are being refurbished, re-structured as is all the rest of her.

We are being re-formed, re-structured and re-invented - that is why nothing of the old ways is working anymore.... Wars will start dissolving themselves, as if a Master hand had just played chess in a huge form and just started to shuffle around the pieces and has called the end to the game.

That reconstructing has come in the form of completely new infinite space, which is of a much higher frequency and vibratory level. It is in essence an immense cleansing, clearing and purification of particles, and thus every particles dissolves into a swirling mass and then reforms into a different pattern. This is essentially what is happening.

The old patterns have already disintegrated and the only way that it is still in some form is because of some souls refusing to wake up and who are clinging and holding onto for dear life to their power base and their old controlling ways.

To me this is the time when we truly have to stop striving and pushing and moving because then we expend energy in the incorrect way.

By trying to push, we are moving against the tide, instead of allowing ourselves to dissolve with the tidal wave and then become ONE with it. Here lies the crux.

As long as one resists - then that same force of resistance pushes one into more resistance. While is one become One with the force, one BECOMES the force.


I have learnt in the last few weeks, to truly allow all of Being to surrender to this force and then to open my hearts center more. This means I consciously reconnect with my heart and the heart of the planet and the cosmic core heart.

When I am held within the space of my heart, then I am held within the core creative force itself, for this IS the creative force, where all is BIRTHED. It is that feeling of being held in the womb of the Great Mother, and held in the love that is immensely powerful.

Held within the middle of the churning and swirling mass energy, I am safe, loved and secure.

Think here of the fetus held within the mother’s womb. It is there growing, nourished and fed by the mother and womb.

So this is where one has to be now, safely held within that womb and one is part and particle of the Mother reforming and re-invention herself.

At the moment the Mother is showing herself as the one who brings in the massive changes, the dissolving, and disintegration.

This is as should be. She is all of creation, and sometime when the new is forming, is has to dissolve - what has to dissolve is all those destructive methods that were used in order to keep mankind prisoner for so long.

It is the Divine Feminine now saying: “Enough is enough. It is time for all of this to stop. I wish to recreate you in the TRUTH of who and what you truly are - Divine and much Beloved Sons and Daughters of the DIVINE! You ARE that - you ARE infinite beings.

It is time to embrace love and to live love and to recreate with me the ONENESS and dissolve all those feelings and beliefs of separateness. Dissolve the ILLUSIONS and step into the reality of ONENESS.

When we allow ourselves to go with the flow of this massive surge of energy, and allow our hearts to open up even more, we allow the Mother Earth to be re-birthed and re-invented, and as she is re-invented, so are we. We ARE Mother Earth, just as much as she is us. There is no difference. WE ARE ONE.

Simply allow. Allow life to be in flux and in churning vortex energy.

I do a simple meditation every morning where I reconnect with the Divine and whole Cosmic Hierarchy, and then with my own Soul Group, and my soul, and then I ask for the Spiritual vortex to cleanse and purify and to churn out, which is not of my higher Divine and Soul Group monadic blueprint.

In this way, all is dislodged which no longer serves my highest soul good, and keeps me in higher alignment with my Soul Group Higher Soul Purpose and evolutionary state and the Divine blueprint for my soul and life.

I open my heart and my whole four bodies for the Divine Feminine to move into, so that every single cell, DNA structure, part and particles of ALL my bodies, not just the physical, are flooded with the LOVE consciousness, the Christed consciousness of the Divine Feminine.

I ask that my whole life becomes the Gospel and the expression of Love.

Then I surrender completely ..... and allow the creative force to simply flow through me. I therefore am ONE with it and ONE with ALL creation. I AM CREATION AND CREATION IS ME.

This is why I love doing soul readings. These immediately put you in touch with your own higher soul self, your soul group and your Divine Blueprint. It triggers mechanisms, keys and codes deep within so that you remember who and what you truly are.

It helps you to LIVE your soul purpose, and most of all to LIVE in the higher octaves of Being, which is truly what your soul desires to do and become.

At this time, this is vital for those souls who have not yet understood their own higher reasons for being here at this time, and those who wish to remember more and to have the inner codes and keys awakened.

Being in touch and in alignment with your own soul and soul group, helps you to flow with these immense cosmic changes and to have the full support of the WHOLE within and without and thus truly help to flow with the Life-force stream itself.

It brings in the sense of belonging and being part of a much vaster Master plan.

However, the ground work, the spade work still has to be done by the soul itself and that mean that reconnection has to come deep from the heart and soul.

We are on the threshold of something vast, immense and it is beautiful, profound, and immensely life-giving, life-changing and much more than that.

It is like stepping into the realms of infinity, the boundless, and immensity of BEING itself.



Awakening to Heart-Centered Living

Our world is in the midst of a major change, and we are awakening. Awakening today from years, decades and centuries of living stifled by illusions and limited by controlling beliefs and unconscious thoughts. Today, we have the chance to step into the light of consciousness and see the world, life and ourselves through a lens of clarity like we never have before. We have the chance to see through the illusions, the drama, the propaganda and all that has kept us asleep, busy and distracted from the truth of all that is.
But what will we do and how will we react as we wake up? For many around the world, the awakening is a rude one and it is bringing about various levels of anger, resentment, frustration and despair. Many of the things, people, organizations and systems we put our trust and faith in have failed and betrayed us. Many of our first responses thus are to strike back, get even, attack, retaliate and expose that which has enslaved us for so long. And while all of these actions may have some merits and many of us may feel justified taking them, there is something else to consider, something very fundamental about this awakening that is much more powerful to put into practice.
At the root of this awakening is a very important foundation—the foundation of the heart. For eons humankind has led life ruled by the mind, which has to this point been largely untapped and unconscious where its full potential lies. Despite this, logic, reason and rational thinking were valued over empathy, compassion and emotional feeling. We were taught to be strong, competitive, the “fittest” and focus on personal desires without regard for how it will impact others or nature. Yet something about this did not feel “right” – did not feel natural to many of us, and is today one of the biggest factors driving this awakening.
In the midst of evolving as life on this planet, we neglected one of the most important aspects of ourselves. We have denied, suppressed and alienated our heart. And so today, we are not just awakening, we are awakening to heart-centered living.

The Meaning of Heart-Centered
“Love doesn’t need reason. It speaks from the irrational wisdom of the heart.” - Deepak Chopra
The foundation of heart-centered living is love. Pure and simple. Therefore, when we embrace or step into heart-centered living, we are allowing love to be the guiding force for all that we think, say and do. We are moving out of fear-based paradigms and moving into love-based paradigms. How this plays out in everyday life on a practical level is huge, and has massive implications for all life on this planet. Our hearts are starved and we are finally coming back to ourselves, healing ourselves and healing our planet. For example, it is no coincidence that heart disease today is our number one killer. While I will be the first to say that healthy eating is vital to our physical survival and quality of life, beyond this physical nourishment is something much bigger. Our overall energetic frequency of the thoughts, words and actions we experience influences our mind-body connection and this is reflected in the state of our personal health, and collectively in the health of our planet.
Therefore to understand what heart-centered living is all about, there are three main areas that are the building blocks for putting a heart-centered approach into action on every level of our existence.

Compassion for Self
For starters, it means growing in and nurturing self-love. Yes, we actually start to put ourselves first, but not from an Ego perspective, but from a heart perspective. When we wake up to heart-centered living, we understand that we are the central point of creation of our personal reality. Until we understand love personally and experientially, and learn to love ourselves, we are of little value to ourselves, others and our world. Until we learn to really love ourselves, we will continue to engage in destructive behaviors that harm the self, others and our planet. This applies to everything in life.
A person who has a high degree of self-love is incapable for example of being in a destructive relationship, or over-eating, or using toxic substances, or subjecting themselves to any other physical, mental, emotional or spiritual harm. The higher your level of self-love the more compassion you exercise in all of your thoughts, words and actions towards the self and all of life’s creation. And in case it is not yet clear, this has nothing to do with selfishness, but with being awake and aware enough to know that we can only give what we are and what we have. Therefore if we do not have love within us, how can we give love to others? Or kindness? Respect? Compassion? Etc.
“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. Your really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.” - Lucille Ball

Compassion for Others
Secondly, it means a unity-centered attitude in how we interact with others. We begin to value things like community. We come to understand that we are all from the same source on this planet, and thus one human family. We begin to see ourselves in all of the “others” with whom we come into contact with everyday. And because we would not hurt, cheat or abuse the self, we would not do this to any other being. But again, for this to take effect, we have to first apply the point above with respect to increasing our self-love. And when we do apply the highest level of self-love we can at any given time, we immediately change our thoughts, words and actions towards others, for we take on the highest level of empathy no matter who we are dealing with.
We realize that only peace is natural in how we interact with others, releasing fear-based behaviors that are centered in violence, war, and oppression. We begin to understand the real meaning of justice and equality, knowing that it just does not make sense for one to have more than enough, while the other struggles with not enough to survive. Discrimination, judgement, and prejudice get released as we come into full awareness of what it means to be one. We stop fearing our differences, and instead celebrate our unique diversity.
“Love for others and respect for their rights and dignity, no matter who or what they are: ultimately these are all we need.” - Dalai Lama XIV

Compassion for Nature
Thirdly, it means a high degree of stewardship when it comes to all of nature and our planet. The more we love ourselves, and love the communities that we share this Earth with, the more we make sure that our home—planet Earth—is kept in the healthiest state it can be.
Living from the heart means we know that every body of water on this planet is like the blood that runs through our body, and in order to be healthy, we cannot pollute either. We begin to be mindful of our actions in how we preserve clean air, both inside and outside our homes. We begin to show the highest level of compassion for all animals, and plants and all other species of life on this planet. Nothing is seen as worse than, or more worthy than. We stop discriminating between species as to which ones we call our pets, and which ones we abuse or kill. We begin to take a high degree of reverence for nature knowing that it has a sacred balance, and we learn to work with it, rather than against it.
Living from the heart and being stewards of this planet also means that we do not try to impose our will or control nature or any of its species. We are just one aspect of nature that has the choice to either live with the sacred harmony, or destroy the harmony of life on this planet.
“There is hope if people will begin to awaken that spiritual part of themselves, that heartfelt knowledge that we are caretakers of this planet.” - Brooke Medicine Eagle

From Mind Wisdom to Heart Wisdom
In closing, I wish to share with you my personal philosophy for my life, which today I keep as simple as possible – live consciously using the wisdom of the heart and the power of the mind.
May we remember that living from the heart does not mean that we abandon the power of our mind. To do so, would be to enter a new imbalanced way of existing on this planet. We cannot deny any part of ourselves to live from our highest potential – not our mind, not our heart and not our soul. We are multidimensional beings, both on a physical and spiritual level and we are today learning how to truly put that into action and live our lives from the most holistic and balanced foundation.
Ultimately, at our essence we are love. We are not fear, or anger, or greed, or competition. As we continue to awaken, may we continue to grow in love, and exercise all that we are in how we relate to ourselves, others and all living and non-living things on this planet. May we always focus on the solutions, rather than the problems, and truly be the change we wish to see.
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