Sunday, August 14, 2016

Unlocking Your Energy Codes - Simple Practices for Vibration Health & Opening for Higher Conscious

Would you like to know how to effectively work with the power of subtle energy to experience optimal health and elevate your consciousness?

Discover profound insights and simple practices for clearing energy blocks and accessing new possibilities to heal and awaken your divine potential.

Too often, subconscious “interference” — including stress — creates blocks in the natural flow of our energy systems. This can lead to physical challenges like disease and emotional struggles like depression and fatigue.
The good news is that when you know how to transform this interference, you begin to connect with your true power as a divine being who not only has the capacity to heal in “miraculous” ways, but also live from higher states of consciousness in your everyday life.
Many traditional medicines have focused heavily on energy work as the best way to prevent disease and enhance your connection with life force energy.
Chinese medicine is famous for focusing on restoring and balancing the flow of qi along the body’s meridians, and similar practices are found in Ayurveda, hands-on healing traditions, shamanism, and other disciplines.
Modern science is validating that many practices — from breathwork to mindfulness meditation, to qigong to hands-on healing — have profound positive effects. They can significantly improve your health, increase your vitality and help you connect with blissful and enlightened states of being.
And now, these ancient practices are finding a remarkable new synthesis in the field of bioenergetics.
Bioenergetics may sound like a daunting word, but it simply means transforming your energy field through resolving blocks and tension in your body.
And the world-renowned Energy Code(R) teachings — which blend scientific, therapeutic and mystical modalities — can help you do just this and so much more.
Practical and profoundly life-changing, the techniques she offers provide “vibrational feedback” which can transform the limiting beliefs, energetic blocks, and emotions which have unconsciously held you back from experiencing radiant health and living as an expression of your true nature. Very simply put, you’re clearing your connection to your innate wholeness.
In this system, conscious breathing exercises, energetic bandwidths and mental focus training are powerful tools for removing blockages from your nervous system and subconscious memory storage.
And best of all, you don’t need to learn complex spiritual practices or even change your beliefs. It’s subtle and powerful... happening at the quantum, subatomic level, in the field of energy within you, and around you.
There is nothing esoteric or abstract about accessing the practices taught; you can actually feel the differences energetically.
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