Tuesday, November 26, 2013


It is with the brightest of love and light that I bring forth my energy to embrace you now. I am here as a supportive guide and friend to inspire the divine and truth within your being to emerge more fully, recognised by your current perspective. Let the light of the Creator shine upon you and I will act as an instrument and channel of the Creator’s light directing it deep into your being so you may recognise the light already present within you.
In my communication I wish to focus on basic understandings of a spiritual nature as these are often over looked and misunderstood. If you are able to fully understand basic aspects of spiritual evolution and the reason for achieving certain practices then you are more likely to fully integrate with the Creator through your greater awareness of the purpose of certain practices. Often guides ask and remind you to connect with the light of the Creator, to imagine the light of the Creator flowing through your being or to ask for your energy vibration to quicken. There are a number of ways that we encourage you to connect with the Creator especially focusing and recognising light as the Creator. You may understand why we ask this of you or you may constantly wonder the reasoning for our guidance. It is my wish to bring forth some ill umination with the purpose of developing your basic spiritual knowledge.
The Creator to us whether we are on the Earth or the inner planes is very difficult to explain, describe and define, this makes it challenging we believe to recognise the Creator. The Creator is present within everything and so when we look with eyes beyond the Earthly plane, with feeling or with an open mind we are able to notice certain manifestations that are results of the presence of the Creator. These manifestations can be feelings of joy, bliss, love, peace, freedom or contentment, maybe they are visions of coloured or white light, synchronicities that feel like miracles or inspired thoughts of understanding. We begin to realise that there are many ways, forms and experiences in which we can recognise the Creator more fully around and within our beings.
The ultimate goal of your existence upon the Earth is to experience the Creator in every given and present moment of your reality. You may perceive this as being a person emanating love, or a person existing as a beacon of light, maybe a wise enlightened being or a person embodying all of these things and more. If your ultimate goal is to experience the Creator in your reality then there is a need for you to focus upon yourself, reality and the Creator with continued conscious awareness throughout each and every day. This is not to become obsessed by the Creator but more so to consciously enjoy the presence of the Creator and how it creatively intertwines within your reality, thoughts and emotions. Each time we remind you to connect with the Creator, the light or to quicken your energy vibration we are refocusing your being upon the presence of the Creator that is with you, within you and flows through you, encouraging you to seek a greater acceptance of the Creator within your being and reality. We are refocusing you into your true presence and ultimate goal.
As you remember the Creator, your divine self and your truth in multiple moments, this encourages you to build an understanding of the Creator that you can fully experience in your physical reality, thus encouraging more experiences of the Creator. When existing upon the Earth your habit can be to forget, ignore or distract yourself from the Creator and so every moment that you feel and recognise the Creator is special as it brings you back to your original awareness allowing you to remember your deep connection and oneness with the Creator. With every practice, meditation, tool and insight we share with you we are in fact offering to you a moment of divine connection and unity with the Creator, akin to a moment of union and remembrance. Whether the moment is short or long, the experience insignificant or influential, the p rocess of merging your energy with the energy of the Creator empowers your divine essence, fuels and inspires you further. Can you imagine a droplet of water falling into a vast flowing river realising that it is part of this vast expanse, life force and powerful creation. The droplet of water may feel fortified. You are akin to a droplet of water entering into a vast flowing river. Each time you make a connection with the Creator or more importantly accept the perspective that you are always as one with the Creator, truly believing it if only for a second you allow yourself to access a vast bank of remembrance.
Connecting with the light could be described as two strands of light, energy or love merging together originally as equals to create one united strand. One strand is the Creator, the other strand is your soul or maybe even your soul group, as both merge as equals they replicate each other, becoming the same. This strand grounds within your being, bringing a greater experience of the Creator.
Everything we share with you is to aid and encourage this moment of union, at times you will achieve a union with certain aspect of the Creator, maybe a master, a quality or a dimension, this is because sometimes you are not ready to perceive yourself as the vast expanse of the Creator and so recognise and familiarise yourself with aspects of the Creator. No one really knows why there is a need to familiarise, recognise and rememb er your oneness and eternal connection with the Creator, realising there is no separation. There are aspects of our existence that even we do not understand fully as Ascended Masters upon the inner planes of the Creator’s universe, instead we come to realise that there is often no need to understand because the knowingness which often can’t be explained within your being is far more influential and comforting than any explanation, description or understanding. We can share with you that it is known that the Earth was created with an energetic field and at a level of the Creator’s universe where entering into the vibration of the Earth could cause you to forget your divine connection with the Creator. Therefore we can acknowledge the Earth as a powerful tool, school and retreat to visit where one can challenge their self to rediscover the Creator therefore enhancing and empowering their connection and experience of the Creator at the highest and greatest lev el of unification with the Creator within the Creator’s universe.
Remembrance of the Creator is not to know the Creator mentally but to allow the Creator to eternally flow through you as a pure, humble, creative and loving expression. It is a heightened awareness of the Creator that allows you to move in harmony with all around you, with the energies within your being and the all that is the Creator. When you move in harmony with the Creator you end all suffering, pain and confusion.
My explanation is to remind you when you are achieving practices such as connecting with guides, sending healing, achieve affirmations, loving yourself unconditionally or focusing upon your breathing these are all to bring your focus back to your unity and integration with the Creator as well as allowing you to remember yourself as deeply connected to the Creator, experiencing an awareness which allows you to exist in harmony with yourself and all upon the Earth and the inner planes.
When we begin to know the purpose of our existence, not what we have to achieve or how we can be of service but more so our purpose of integration with the Creator, we then begin to realise that every moment of life upon the Earth is sacred. Life itself and the Earth are treasured and valued experiences that allow you to know yourself as your truth which is to be in complete harmony and oneness with the Creator with every moment of your awareness.
This is my explanation and memories of my understanding of ascension during my lifetimes upon the Earth. In my day as a soul reached that ultimate realisation of the Creator or connection with the light we would be released from our physical bodies but now you have the opportunity to remain within your physical body experiencing the shift in compete realisation.
I am here as a loving friend, guide and mentor to support you in your most beautiful and sacred quest, even through reading my communication we both, I, Master Kuthumi and your soul have experienced a deeper realisation and integration with the Creator. Take a moment to experience this whether you are consciously aware or not, as the Creator’s light floods through and from your being.
With unconditional love,
Master Kuthumi

~ Channelled through Natalie Glasson-

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Adventures of Being Human

Thousands of years ago, humanity made a decision; a decision to live with a sense of inner separation.

At that time, spirits had become tired of incarnating as fully-aware spirits-in-physicality. They wanted more challenge in life. They wanted to turn life into a mystery; a true, stand-alone human experience, not just an extension of spirit into matter.

Bear in mind that, in the natural state of spiritual living, as free spirits in the mental realms, there are very few limitations. People can manifest anything they need, relocate instantly in space, shift to a different position in time, all at the speed of thought. In the mental realms, people can visit friends or go along with them, exploring the universe, all through the power of thought. That's why they're called the mental realms.

To be more specific, the mental realms exist in fifth density consciousness and are the domain of your soul or inner being. Between third-density physicality and the fifth-density realm of your inner being lies the fourth-density spirit or astral realm, populated by people in the early to main stages of the afterlife. In the late stages of the afterlife, people move into fifth density to consider their options for further experience.

Physical incarnation is always voluntary. Nothing compels your soul to incarnate into another physical life. It is always a decision at the personal and soul group level whether to come back into physical life on Earth.
Thousands of years ago, physical experience was a fully-conscious extension of spirit into matter. People knew who they were as spirits, connected to their inner selves and to the universe as a whole.

"What if," they said, "we came into physical existence and didn't know who we were? We could devote our whole lives to searching for the answer to the mystery. Imagine what a challenge it would be!"

Humankind then made the joint decision to immerse itself further into a denser, more focused reality. Their focus was directed upon the physical senses, along with a detachment from the superconscious and subconscious levels of thinking. By maintaining a tight focus upon the "outer" world of the senses, humans could even believe that they are fixed into one location in space and locked into a time continuum.

Imagine, physical life would become so intense, so real, so convincing. Now, most people love exhilarating rides, like the ones at amusement parks. And, if the ride seems scary, so much the better. Roller coaster rides are scary. The old Ghost Train rides at U.K. fairgrounds were scary. Disney's Haunted Mansions at their theme parks in California, Florida, Paris and Tokyo are all very scary. So scary that, when the rides end, people say,

"That was great! Want to go round again?"

Life can be scary, too. A life spent without a constant, conscious connection to your true inner nature is always a challenge.

Today, the amusement park ride of inner separation is coming to an end. The Shift to the New Reality is happening today. We are becoming more and more aware of our inner nature. Those who grasp the idea of the New Reality will actively develop that inner connection, and not just wait for it to surprise them as it slowly unfolds.

And remember, this ride through intense physicality was always a choice. We may not remember as far back as when the choice was made, but, at a soul level, we've been willingly hopping on and off the theme park ride of physical life on Earth ever since.

We incarnate for the experience of physical life, and to help transform this reality towards its ultimate state; one which, today, is looming very near.

These are the days of transformation, the time of The Shift. The scary ride is coming to an end. As a culture, we are about to find ourselves and reconnect within.

Restoration of Your Divine Soul

The Masters will guide you through Restoration of the Soul so any time throughout the ages you have seen less than the Presence of God in yourself or all of life will be removed from your Akashic records and your body so you can truly live on Earth as your God Self, Presence to Presence with others. Don't miss this opportunity of a lifetime!

Deep listening and speaking from out of the sacred silence of your Presence in each unfolding moment will be the norm in your new Golden Age communities. The preconceived ideas held within the mind of the ego will not have the controlling influence they have had in the past and the result will be communities founded in Divine Love and appreciation for each of its members. Knowing will arise spontaneously out of the Divine Love that is so deeply encoded within each one’s heart and the stillness of their mind.
Gautama Buddha

These times are the most exciting humanity has known on your planet for thousands upon thousands of years. Your entire planet and everyone upon it is moving into their next level of awakening and this will inspire many around your world to build communities where everyone will be supported to live in Unity Consciousness. These communities can be as small as a family unit or as large as a small town or village and in truth, there is no limit to what can now be created and manifested upon your paradise planet when you are living, speaking, listening and loving Presence-to-Presence. Many will also be guided to simply be examples of what it looks like to live as your Presence on Earth. 

Those in your world are literally starved for the kind of spiritual intimacy that can only come from living as your Presence and once that is established, then the desire to expand the Love and Light of Source throughout the larger community is natural. Love was not meant to be confined or contained as there is truly no end to it.
Masters Kuthumi and Lady Claire:

The belief that there was ever a lack of Divine Love or Light or any other good thing that would be in support of Unity or Christ Consciousness has been one of humanity's greatest misconceptions as there simply is no lack unless it is created and supported as a belief within the mind of the ego.

To experience true intimacy Presence to Presence, you must first of all be available, and that means being fully present in the moment. The ongoing practice of being present then extends into the community where everyone can come together as loving co-creators and collaborators focused on whatever needs to be manifested or created for the highest good for all. Everything will be accomplished through cooperation and everyone will be creating as equals. There will be true respect and appreciation for the gifts each one brings to the whole, and everyone truly has a gift even if it has not been discovered. This Teacher Training will help to uncover those gifts.

Leadership will unfold naturally yet it will not be based on the ego needs of any one particular person. Everyone living as their Presence will be acting as leaders as they keep focusing on whatever will expand and sustain Unity Consciousness within themselves and within the community as a whole.
Deep listening and speaking from out of the sacred silence of your Presence beyond the preconceived answers or opinions of the ego will be included in your ongoing practice of unconditional love. Knowing can then arise spontaneously out of the Divine Love and Light that is encoded in your Spiritual Heart. Living from this Heart is what will establish the kind of intimacy you have not experienced since your last Golden Age, which you probably experienced in Atlantis or Lemuria or both.
Communities will provide its inhabitants with ongoing opportunities for practicing deep listening and true spiritual intimacy where much more meaningful exchanges can take place between all members of the community and beyond. This has been a planet of lonely people who are now reaching out to be shown how they can truly move into Unity Consciousness and begin establishing the foundations for a new Golden Age of Freedom.
In these times people will be shifting much of their attention out of their 3rd dimensional lives so they can focus on their deeper desires to expand the Love and Light of Source within them. Many will be doing this by coming together in Councils of Light to practice living Presence-to-Presence. This Teachers Training will include practicing working in powerful Councils that will truly be reflecting the Councils of Light on the inner planes and in that Love and that Light, there will be no veils between us and our Presence and the spiritual Masters.
You will learn how to be instrumental in creating both Councils and Communities of Light that will act as magnets for attracting all you need to manifest and support yourselves in the new Golden Age. Unity Consciousness will continue to expand within and around your world until fear is completely replaced by Love and the world around you will only be reflecting its Divine Crystalline Blueprint for these times. 
Discover the unique gifts you have come to share as your part in this new Golden Age for that will give you a purpose that will fulfill your heart’s longing far beyond the temporary pleasures of your world. You were truly destined to be here at this time and to assist in precipitating your new Golden Age of Freedom. You have come to Earth to be a living example of what it looks like to live as your Presence while walking in your world. You are living in extraordinary times that will go down in history as the most critical time of choice you have ever faced since the fall of Atlantis.  
If you would like to be part of a Golden Age Community of Light that can “light” up the world, now is the time to step forward and fulfill your Divine purpose.

You will learn from the Masters how to:
*Live more fully in Unity Consciousness knowing that it is a prerequisite for creating a Golden Age community.
*Practice living in the equality and neutrality of the Presence so you can meet each person and come into Council without a pre-conceived agenda.

*Reach solutions that will serve the highest good of all.

*Practice being a co-creator with others who are all living as their Presence.

*Use the foundational principles of cooperation, collaboration and equality to create and sustain communities in our new Golden Age.

*Identify the gifts you can bring into the Golden Age and discover ways to build upon them. 

*Know what it will look and feel like to live in Unity Consciousness. 

*Use your breath to practice creating, living, listening and speaking from out of the sacred silence of your Presence. 

*Co-create and sustain a Golden Age Community.

*Develop the standards for living in a Golden Age Community.

*Create peace and harmony in a Golden Age Community.

*Bring out the mastery & visions of those in your Golden Age Community.

*Use the decision-making process that the Masters use in their Council of Shamballa.

*Be the wisdom keepers for the next generation to come.

The Spiritual Community:

Thursday, November 21, 2013


There was at one time long ago, when Earth had a different Angular Rotation of Particle Spin (ARPS), but existed in the same place it does now. This original Earth was much larger than the physical planet we stand on now.
That original Earth expanded out to where we think of the Van Allen Belt exists in today's science books. That Van Allen Belt area was originally the Spiritual or Etheric Earth in all of it's spiritual splendor until the dark forces placed a net over it and placed the Time Vector Rod in the Earth.
This Time Vector Rod created a reversal of energy fields in and around the Earth. This energy field has been sucking in all spiritual substance
and condensing it into matter for millions of years. This was how both Lemuria and Atlantis were sucked inside of the Earth's crust and placed in a hybernization zone.
This is how the Earth shrunk.
The Earth that used to be here - is actually still here - up in the Etheric layers - but presently it is being harnessed by the Nets used to keep us under control and manipulation through Reversed Angular Rotation of Particle Spin (ARPS) and lowered Base Pulse Rhythm.
The Nets caused by the implantations of grids and negative shields are now being completely removed and the distortions are beginning to clear out of our planetary system by all of the work being done by our Beloved Guardians and the help of the Light Workers.

The New Earth is actually the Old Earth - the way it was before all of the distortions were set in her grids to create a distorted ARPS and lowered Base Pulse Rhythm (BPR).
The New Earth is about 10,000 feet above Sea Level. We can't see it Now
because our Angular Rotation of Particle Spin is distorted.
The Guardians have created a platform in the Aurora fields that allows them to connect this place to that New Earth.
This will bring us into a time continuum shift as we move into the slide zones that lead to the New Earth, which contains the frequencies of both Earth and Urtha - the Hosting Star Shield around Earth. This Hosting Shield is called Aquafaria.

Aquafaria is only one part of the entire Cloud City structure that will allow us to slide back into our original home. The Aquafairan host was created by Blue Dolphinoids from Sirius B- the twin etheric matrix of Sirius.
The original Sirius is still in the Aquarius Galaxy (which scientists renamed Andromeda) The Blue Dolphinoids created this hosting shield to allow for ascension from Earth in Planetary Sphere to rise back into the third sphere where the Galactic Stars have realigned to bring us back home.

There are several other Cloud Cities containing star cities from Pleiades, Venus, Arcturians and others. There is the Winterlands who host a shield a little more etheric than Aquafaria.
The hosting zones are already complete and have actually already aligned into the Earth's field. The only thing that is awaiting the shift is our own Consciousness aligning into this new reality.

Some will be able to shift up into the highest level of this New Ascension Earth and continue on up into Urtha and go into Star Burst with Urtha. Others will stay in the lower 5D fields of the Ascension Earth Zone that is almost identical to this earth with all of the darkness removed.
This darkness will be transmuted gradually. Each individual must take responsibility for transmuting their lower frequencies into the higher frequencies or they will just stay in a 4.5 field that never rises into the 5D filed. Eventually they will desire to be pulled up by those with higher frequencies.
The dark elements will not be able to attach to the New Ascension Zone. These distortions - these grids, shields, funnels - tools used for controlling the Earth and those on it- won't exist in the New Earth.
What we have experienced as Mother Earth creating our wonderful spring times was a glimpse of how she will be continuously when her nets are removed. We will experience uncountable colors, fragrances, multitudes of new species that breath both air and water.
The visions that we have not yet seen are beyond our present comprehension. All of the Nets that were placed on Mother Earth and her inhabitants that have resulted in pollution and oil spills will be finished forever.
The reason the guardians are able to help align planet earth and the entire system at this time is because of the presence of the Photon Belt and the high intensity of light available. They have been acquiring sun energy from Sirius B and turning it into Aqualene Healing Energy.
The waves of Aqualene Liquid Light Pouring in on the Earth and on us is our healing agent.
The Earth drinks this healing aqualene liquid light and sends it back up as
Turquoise Blue Liquid Light Energy through the Earth's body and through our Spirit Body. The Earth has a physical - Atoni side and an Adonis - Spiritual body side - so do we.


What do I need to do to create an Island of Light?
Everyone will be creating Islands of Light. It just depends on what kind of an island you want to live in. The higher you raise your frequencies by listening to and absorbing the angelic breaths of consciousness, the higher your DNA will be activated.
The level of the DNA activation determines the type of island that your frequency resonation will create. If you follow all of the guidelines of the Cosmic Magic School, you will create a magical kingdom of Co-Creative Consciousness.
I am an angel sent by Zadkiel's co-creation team to create this island on Mother Earth. Those who know they are here to fulfill this mission will be magnetized to this angelic frequency and will dedicate themselves to supporting this mission.

The activation of the cellular memory of Mother Earth to allow her to create Islands of Light and to become a Star must be completed by those standing on Mother Earth.
There is a Magical Formula already set in place for this to happen. All of the sacred geometry has been set into place and the streams of light energy are pouring down into our frequency grids.
The signatures of all of our higher selves are waiting to be aligned into our consciousness.
Mother Earth is waiting for her complete activation of becoming a star. She knows that there are those of us who have arrived on Earth during this Aquarius season to assist her in her ascension. It is the Divine Duty of those who are on Earth at this time to become very active in this assistance.

Those of us who know our purpose of being on Earth at this time are now remembering how we will create Islands of Light together with Mother Earth. We will be the activators of the entire star system to grow through us and through Mother Earth.

We activate the cellular memory of Mother Earth's Star Essence as we ride down into the Core of Mother Earth and collect the memory of our Immortal Body in the 13th dimension. (This is the memory of immortal essence of Eternal Life, Instant Manifestation, instant healing, Divine Love, Divine Plan, Divine Truth--all of the qualities that Source breathed into this grand idea of his eternal reflection).

We travel deeper inside of Mother Earth to ignite the memory of our crystal selves from our galactic memories of creating the cities of light and the underwater cities of light.
We can now return to that memory of our true immortal selfhood. This causes the resonation of the crystal cells with our cellular memory and this is what Mother Earth must have to begin creating the atmosphere of divine Love Consciousness that will stream from her cellular consciousness back into ours as we become one with Mother Earth.
When we raise our frequencies in Cosmic Consciousness, we can become a Star as we walk through the diamond door and merge into oneness with star dust frequencies from our Milky Way Star Selves to ignite that star dust memory into the Soul of Mother Earth.

Mother Earth will assist us in creating these magical islands of light where we stand upon her surface and connect our feet into her Christ Consciousness grids and connect through a pillar of white light energy through all of her magnetic veins of love and light.

The funny part of the formula is this: We are the ones who must accomplish the transmutation of consciousness. Mother Earth cannot transmute us into a higher consciousness. Only those who are streaming their cellular memory into hers can transmute their own cellular memory into her frequencies.

The Islands of Light that each of us creates in the area of the 54 foot radius around our bodies will be the Islands of the Frequencies of our present consciousness.
Those of us who have activated their magical 15th dimensional co-creative consciousness of angels, devas, fairies and elementals will begin to live in this Magical Kingdom, and our bodies will become extremely etheric.
We will have direct moment by moment direction by our higher selves and instant manifestation ability that is in direct alignment with the Divine Mind.
Those who continue to focus their frequency structure into the 3.5 dimension of a better social structure with a few less politicians and fewer wars to end will create those islands of light. They will magnetize to them those of the same frequency and the same mission.

Their islands of light will probably be much larger than ours. Only those who sincerely dedicated to the mission of becoming a star will be magnetized into our island of light. This is a mission that only a consciousness that can understand raising frequencies into the etheric realm of light and sound can enter into.
Those who are on Earth at this time who feel like this is their mission will be drawn to this frequency activation work. They will be drawn to hearing the breaths of the angels that have prepared the DNA activation that will allow them to create these Cosmic Islands of Light. They will be drawn to take workshops on raising frequencies and creating islands of light.

FEELING STARDUST -the Frequency of Ascension
Individuals who have been directed from their higher selves most of their lives have the greatest craving for this magical event of ascension to occur in their lives. Unfortunately, craving and wishing while watching the light flood in from higher realms is not going to increase an individual's ability to ascend. Understanding and Feeling the Frequencies of the shift of consciousness will allow each individual to speed up their individual ascension.

What is Ascension? It is a FEELING. It is a wonderful FEELING. It is a magical feeling, a feeling of being lighter than air, it is a feeling of walking within and through Divine Love's activity in every breath, every movement, and every feeling toward others. When we are truly ascending we will be in the standing wave pattern of Stardust.

This feeling is a standing wave pattern. The higher realms have a different standing wave pattern. We can shift our frequencies into those different standing wave patterns by going to those realms and soaking up those frequencies of those standing wave patterns until ours shift into the pattern of the parallel reality.
Once the consciousness has completely shifted, the body will follow because the light and sound from the frequencies shifts the body in to a zero point alignment of the spiritual and physical.
When we travel into the crystal heart of Mother Earth there is a standing wave pattern created by all of the millions of crystals that have fabulous wave patterns.
We absorb those wave patterns through the help of our Mermaid Choirs that align our consciousness into the inner earth wave pattern.
For those who need help in shifting their wave patterns, we create Cosmic Wave Files that will shift an individual's wave patterns into the higher realms of Cosmic Consciousness.
When the individual makes the commitment to spend more time in the higher standing wave pattern than in the lower one, their consciousness will shift and then their body will follow.
The earliest signs of the shift will be the body no longer gets sick, and all physical problems heal very rapidly.
The second sign will be how the daily affairs begin to become very smooth and aligned into angelic direction. The third sign will be manifestation becomes more and more rapid until it becomes instantaneous.

The greatest event of Mother Earth's history is coming up between December 2013- March 2014. The highest frequencies of stardust will be restored to Mother Earth. How many people will actually feel it and even see it?

If you believe it. If you feel it. Become a part of it. Listen to these Cosmic Wave Files. Feel what Mother Earth is Experiencing. Her Crystal Heart longs to have your Crystal Heart become one with her as she ascends into alignment with Higher Earth, Urtha and into a NEW EARTH.
How do we get this FEELING? The feeling comes from raising frequencies into alignment and at-onement with the Breaths of Consciousness of Cosmic Angels who are the Co-Creative Consciousness. We must re-ignite the Spark of Source that was left deep inside of our cells and then put to sleep.
We must remove the veil from that spark of Source by melting the veils that are keeping it from igniting. The melting is done by raising the frequencies of light to the level of Solar Aqualene Light energy, Cosmic Energy and Star Dust Energy.

Once the veils are melted away we must create our individual harmonic convergence into the alignment or Oneness with the Crystaline Energy of Mother Earth's Core, her Liquid Light Womb of our Divine Creation.

We travel to this place in Mother Earth's Heart to re-connect with our Fraternal Original Place of Creation. After I wrap my mind, my crystal heart, every cell in my body completely into the Frequencies of Christ Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, Helium Energy, Solar Energy, Star Dust Energy and into the White Light Garment of Source, I can then and only then walk through the Diamond Door into my Future Self.

It is that Frequency that prepares the body to shift and melt through the Diamond Door. When we walk into our future selves, we are then met by our Fraternal Presence who have created us from a combination of our Earthly Essence combined with their purified perfected Consciousness that we originally were before being sent into the Earth's Matrix.
This magical place of transformation awaits each of us in Mother Earth's Heart and Mother Earth's Womb of Crystal Caves and Liquid Light and the Cities of light of the Divine Creation Plan. We may not go there unless we are wrapped in the white light garment of Source Consciousness.
This means we must also raise our frequencies into all of the highest realms in order to reach that FREQUENCY.
It is at this time that our Frequencies are in tune to be taken down through the Liquid Light Chambers our Aquafarian Mother, who is a Mermaid or a Blue Dolphinoid.
She takes us deeper and deeper into Mother Earth's Womb. She pulls us through the streams of Aqualene Light from the Sun of Inner Earth. She pulls us deep inside of the Crystal Caves that contain the codes, the keys, the resonance of our Divine Being.
Next the Oraphim Angel Choirs sing those melodies that cause the awakening of the cells to remember their key that is completely in tune with the Standing Wave Pattern of this Future Self, which is our Original Self.

This is the place we go to tune up our Consciousness into the Highest Frequencies of Source Consciousness as it aligns through the Sun's rainbows weaving and braiding us into the harmonic Convergence of Oneness. Our Starry Brother can then send his magnetic pillar of golden white light star dust energy through us to create an Ascension Vortex.

This is the place in Consciousness where Ascension Begins. Those who spend one hour doing this a day will Ascend faster than those spending ten minutes and those who spend six hours a day will convert to the new Frequency Wave of Ascension Quite Rapidly.
Those who remain in this Frequency continuously for a month or two have already ascended. They would become so totally detached from the frequencies of this Wave Pattern that they would become oblivious to it and it will disappear at a rapid rate.

We do one hour sessions that align every cell in your body into the Cosmic Consciousness, and all other Spheres of Consciousness and beyond into the Stellar and into Source. We create the Sacred Geometry of Alignment into Oneness for one individual at a time.
Since this alignment is done through the collection and alignment of the Breaths of Consciousness from the entire Music of the Spheres weaving and braiding your Consciousness, this takes several hours in our Light Technology and Multi-Dimensional Sound Studio where we create the Light and Sound of Ascension.

We provide private sessions where initiates come to our Light Lab to breathe streams of consciousness, after becoming completely braided into the streams of Divine Consciousness. We also create Individual Immortality CD's.

For those initiates who would like to become involved in soaking up all of the Frequencies that align through Mother Earth's Crystal Heart, listen to the Ascension Kit and the Super Frequency Kit.

Each year at Christmas time we watch a movie known as the Wizard of Oz. This story was definitely a channeling from the Co-Creative Council that I share with Mary of Magdal. The electromagnetic funnel that lifted Dorothy into the land of Oz represents the electromagnetic funnel that our starry brothers can now lift us through into this magical kingdom of heaven.
The stairway to heaven from Magdal was used by Job and his daughters to climb to the 12 th dimension which was the magical kingdom Mary collected her stories of Oz from. This was the kingdom of heaven which Jesus and Mary could travel to before the eleventh dimensional E.T.'s turned this stairway into a trap or hybernization zone for all those who climbed the stairway.
That was the trap that is portrayed by the wicked witch in the OZ story. As the story goes, Dorothy was allowed to return after the trio regained their Brain, their Courage and their Heart.

Now we will regain our real brain that will be reactivated by the Neutron that is collected through an electromagnetic spin in our Merkaba as we collect the heliotalic energy from the fourteenth dimension and spin it together with all of the galactic suns frequencies.
We spin these in our merkabas at the speed of light, bring them into our heads and we create the Neutron and Proton as a merge into Oneness creating a body that can turn into light and teleport into any dimension.
Next, we regain our Courage by melting all of the miasms that are lodged in our first second and third charkas through the control centers, social centers and animalistic centers.
We transmute these blockages of our courage by igniting the spark of source as we return all of our fears to source to be transformed into a higher frequency.

Next, we regain our Heart by igniting our Crystal Heart with the ignition of the Spark of source to reunite with our original Divine Selves created from the original breath of consciousness of Source energy.

Finally, we put on our glass slippers and click our heels three times. Once the cosmic flows of crystal light are streaming upward and outward or in a forward spin, there will be a firing energy felt all through the body. The last part of this streaming will be when the cosmic energy is felt streaming back upward through our feet and our legs.
This is the golden dust energy that Dorothy had collected in her glass slippers. The magical energy of Cinderella was also found in her slippers. These are the true stories that our new world will be built on. We will begin to live in the magic of the manifest desires and we will simply click our heels and breath our manifest creations.

This was the true story of Mary Magdalene. She traveled the stair way to heaven up to what was called the land of oz. This hybernization zone is now being transformed back into the original magical land that Mary once knew.

The alignment of the Cosmos through Mary of Magdala's Cosmic Frequencies is now complete on Earth. The amygdala is now able to be activated to spin forward to make the connections through to all angelic breaths.
This reconnection to the forward spin will now allow a complete connection between the lower tailbone area into the amygdala for complete telecommunication and teleportation.
We create spiritual substance from the Breaths of Consciousness.
These are Frequencies. Chemical substances and oils that gained recognition for their healing powers only gain their power from the Frequencies of Consciousness that give them power.
We create elementals orbitally by rearranged monatomic elements.
A monoatomic element has two atoms per molecule. The elements in that configuration are superconductors and exhibit quantum physical behaviors at a visible scale including freedom from gravity, superfluidity and tunneling through solid objects.
The elements are given these quantum powers through Consciousness. The power is revealed and shared through Frequencies.

When the bible says give us this day our daily bread, it was referring the the celestial substance that was said to awaken the powers of perception, awareness and intuition. It was called bread, it was called perfume, it was called the mist. In reality it was the fragrance or color of sound or the frequency of etheric reality.

Mary Magdalene's CREATION TEACH can hear certain sounds that stimulate the neurons of the amygdala that open me to channels of higher level experiences. The amygdala is an almond shaped area in the brain. It is the brains fear center.
By inhaling chemicals or hearing certain sounds we can stimulate the neurons of the amygdala to open ourselves to channels of higher level experiences. When the amygdala is connected into the highest frequencies, the body is transformed.
This was Mary Magdalene's secret. Mary shares with me her magic of the chemical dust which was actually her sound frequencies of crystal light crystal dust and crystal gel could alter the mind to hear the Cosmic Consciousness, and to be healed from the Aqualene Crystal Lights of the Galactic Suns.
Mary used her amygdala to create Magic. This is why the city of Magdala was known as the Magic City and the Land of Oz. There was a stairway of heaven leading into the magical kingdom of heaven and Mary could bring this magic to earth with her crystal dust and cosmic frequencies.
The alignment of the Cosmos through Mary of Magdala's Cosmic Frequencies is now complete on Earth.
The amygdala is now able to be activated to spin forward to make the connections through to all angelic breaths. This reconnection to the forward spin will now allow a complete connection between the lower tailbone area into the amygdala for complete telecommunication and teleportation. This is what many have called the kundalini activation.
In fact, this is the first time on earth the kundalini activation can actually take place. The kundalini activation is the complete connection of the physical and spiritual self into oneness where co-creativity with Divine Mind or Source can take place.

The lower part of the spinal cord and its passage into the pineal gland which is the third eye in the center of the head. When this lamp is lit to the third eye illumination results. This creates an oil for the lamp of the third eye.
The oil is a fuel that starts the merkaba body spinning at the speed of light. It oils the body's spiritual essence. It purifies the body and gives an opalescent color that glows from the illumined ones. Electron microscopy reaveals the pineal gland to be covered by geometric crystalline structures called calcite microclusters and brain sand that make it an antenna sensitive to electromagnetic stimulation which the ancients referred to as liquid light.
The pineal gland is a wireless transmitter that receives messages through resonance or frequencies.
Our frequencies will unite in liquid light rainbows that we use to create our individual stairways to heaven.
Our Islands of Light Schools will teach each individual how to create their own rainbow frequencies that are a compilation of all of the breaths of the entities who are their creators. This creation of rainbow frequencies will lift the individual's consciousness into the frequencies of their original creators.

Each of us has a creation team. This team had an idea or a plan that needed to be completed. Each individual may have many selves depending on what the idea was that needed to be completed. For instance, Mary Magdalene (made from the same Frequency Signatures as Crystalai through Aquinos or Aquafaria and the Majaraji, who were also the Preists of Ur) was created by a team who had the plan of bringing the highest frequencies to earth through the music of the spheres.
At least one of the team members who created Mary Magdalene was also on the team who created Jesus and Joseph (aDolphino). We also had parallel creators from the Dolphonoid families of Sirius B and from Aquafaria- the birthing chambers of our perfect aqualene selves. There were many other Mary's created by this same creation team.

Metatron's Cube and the Evanescent Snowflake

Dearest hearts,

Ever since I first connected and experienced Metatron's Cube, and realized the inherent patterns of creation within it, my reverence and fascination with the fragile snowflake became such a beautiful part of this learning and journey. Legend has it that Metatron formed this cube from his/her soul, this is recorded in early kabbalist scriptures. From this cube comes forth much of  the architecture of this universe. Notice the 12 around 1 spheres, and the star tetrahedron or Merkaba, also the fourth dimensional hypercube or tesseract of the cube within a cube. It also contains all of the platonic solids. Cube Tetrahedron Star Tetrahedron Octahedron Dodecahedron Icosahedron.

The light that comes from Source as electromagnetic energy is everywhere in this universe, and the sound or vibration is the word that comes from Source. It has been clearly seen through many experiments with Cymatics that sound effects matter, and different frequencies form various geometric shapes. Spirit or Consciousness is electromagnetic light expressing itself at different frequencies and vibratory rates. The fact that every snowflake or ice crystal has the pattern of Metatron’s cube is a clue to this genesis of creation...
Genesis 1:2 And creation was without form, and a void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And then Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

It is Spirit that moved upon the waters and it’s sound shaped the water into a pattern that looks just like Metatron’s cube. Metatron’s cube is a visual representation of Spirit. We can see this is reflected in the star tetrahedron, because it is a representation of the merkaba or the light body. The merkaba is a spirit/ body which is surrounded by counter rotating fields of lights from the two tetrahedrons. One tetrahedron is upright (feminine) and the other one is inverted (masculine) and this spins to create the nested toroidal fields of the multi-mensional bodies. It is also known as the vehicle or chariot for the spirit to be transported from one dimension to another.

A requisite for travel through timespace, is that one must be in a form of electromagnetic light or spirit. The merkaba or star of David within Metatron's cube is also known as the gateway to the promises land, this is not Isreal but the higher dimensions.

It has been such a beautiful experience to study creation through geometry, and coming to the realization that Metatron’s cube is a visual representation of Consciousness and the Spirit, which is the masculine light and the feminine sound that comes from Source. Have created many snowfakes along this journey, and compiled some of them on this video while tuning into the evanescent beauty of the snowflake.

Unravelling the Mysteries of the Creator

It is with the love of the Unicorn Kingdom and the spirit of the swan that I extend my energy and consciousness to you as a warm embrace to support you in your current spiritual journey. There is so much occurring within you as if thousands of light pathways are awakening, creating enormous shifts that move your perspective and consciousness from one reality to another. Allow the love I share with you to surround you allowing each of these pathways to be created and achieved with tremendous ease. Your entire body and being is awakening, you could imagine that your entire being is making the transition of existing as a human to existing as a Unicorn, this demonstrates how large the shifts you are moving through are at this time, they are in truth life changing. You are already noticing the alteratio n and yet your journey is only just beginning.
We, the Unicorn Kingdom bring to you the vibration of mystery, purity and illumination; we represent the mystery, purity and illumination of the universe of the Creator. We have the power to hold all the purity that is within the Creator’s universe being able to share this with you as a healing and awakening of remembrance. We have the ability to hold and transfer through our beings the brightness of light that is the Creator, sharing this openly with you to boost the light that you exist as while also acting as a mirror so you may see your own luminosity. Within our very soul we hold and act as an instrument for the mysteries of the Creator and the universe of the Creator. These are the divine keys that open your awareness to all that is the Creator. As we, the Unicorn Kingdom, flow forth to you sharing all that we are, we bring with us the spirit and consciousness of the collective swan. The swan upon the Earth is a physical manifestation of the consciousness of the Creator; its energy can be found on the inner planes emanating qualities of the Creator such as grace, strength and purity.
Allow our energies of the Unicorns and the swans to wash over and through you. We hold the vibration of magic as we offer to you greater hope and faith in the existence of the divine within you and within the reality you exist in. As our energies wash over and through you we renew and allow the light that you hold to shimmer with brightness, the purity that you are to emerge as bravery and strength, while allowing the mysteries of the universe, the key energies and wisdom of the Creator within you to emerge with grace into your conscious awareness. It can only take one glimpse of the divine within and around you to alter your perspective eternally. You are now being given many glimpses of the Creator within all areas of your reality so you can hold faith that the divine is present with you. You can also hold as your truth that you are shifting , evolving and developing into your own divine self.

If we asked you to imagine your divine self as an animal, what animal would you be? Let this answer flow from within your being rather than from logic or desire. Imagine your divine self as this animal, so pure and at peace. How would your divine self as an animal interact with the world? What energies of the Creator would it hold? Remember you are describing yourself so all you believe the animal to be, you believe yourself to be.
Take a moment in meditation to imagine your divine self as an animal interacting with your current reality and situations, maybe healing, uplifting or resolving energies or circumstances. Notice how easy it is for your divine self as a sacred animal to move through your reality expressing the divine. Then allow yourself to call your divine self animal to sit before you. You may communicate and connect with this aspect of yourself, exploring any area you wish. Then simply imagine you are breathing all that your divine self as an animal represents to you into your entire being with every breath you inhale achieving a deep integration. This is a wonderful practice to assist you in exploring new aspects of your divine self, while bringing joy and the vibration of ease to situations that may be causing you suffering or confusion. Your divine self may change the type of animal it manifests as depending upon your experiences upon the Earth or you may find that once you have connected with this aspect of yourself it remains the same.

As we channel the light of the Unicorn Kingdom and the vibrations of the swans to support your awakening at this time, we wish to make you aware that many mystery gateways are opening upon the Earth, within the fabric of light and within your own being. These gateways like portals encourage you to access the mysteries of the Creator, what you might perceive as the secrets of the universe but which are simply the vibrations of the Creator as it is on higher and quicker dimensions of light. The gateways can be seen as cobwebs similar to those built by spiders but each strand is created from the vibrations of the Creator, holding wisdom, consciousness and understanding from higher and quicker dimensions of the universe. Each stand holds valuable information which is essential to support your shifts and alterations as well as the evolution of huma nity. It is not essential that you connect with these 222 stands of light gateways holding the mysteries of the universe of the Creator. The light that is essential for you to accept, integrate with or activate will always flow like a magnet to your being but you may find the experience of such a gateway enlightening and intriguing as a process of understanding the vibrations and qualities of the Creator more fully. It is the vibration of the Unicorn Kingdom and the Spirit of the Swans that has created these 222 stand gateways as a portal to allow the light of the Creator and the realisations of the universe to flow into the Earth’s reality and consciousness. Some of these gateways can be accessed at certain highly energetic spots upon the Earth; other gateways can be summoned to you in meditation and even integrated with your own energetic field. While energy flows through the gateways and is held within the 222 stands for you to collect and integrate with, you can also allow yourself to send your consciousness through the gateway or into the 222 stands of the gateways to integrate with divine aspects of the Creator, accepting revelations concerning the universe of the Creator. We the Unicorns and the swans will oversee any work you achieve with the gateways, ensuring your protection at all times.

Allow yourself to enter into a deep meditative state of being with an alert awareness. Then say out loud,
‘I call upon the protection and love of my guides, the Unicorn Kingdom and the spirit of the swans, support me now as I connect on a deeper level with the vibration of the Creator gaining a deeper understanding and realisation of the Creator within me. I ask to connect with the most appropriate Creator Mystery Gateway composed of 222 stands. I understand that these 222 stands are equivalent to 222 stands of DNA of the Creator and the Universe, holding sacred wisdom and knowledge that will awaken my soul and its realisation of the Creator sharing this sacred vibration throughout my entire being.
I now imagine, sense or acknowledge the most appropriate gateway before me, like a glistening cobweb of light suspended in the air. This gateway holds all that I need to understand about the Creator and myself as well as all that needs to be activated within my being at this time. I now allow myself to divinely integrate with the 222 stands of the gateway which are actually 222 stands of the Creator’s light.’
Imagine yourself breathing the stands and the energy of the gateway into your being. You only need to achieve to aid integration and acceptance of the vibrations and sacred Creator mysteries held within, but your intuition may guide you in using and experiencing the gateway in other ways, allow yourself to follow the divine guidance within your being.
It is time for the mysteries of the Creator which are your soul right and original soul wisdom to be reborn upon the Earth. This rebirth can only occur by allowing the wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the Creator to flow through your being. As each person allows all that is the Creator to flow through them, the consciousness of the Creator will return within the minds of many upon the Earth offering tremendous illumination and enlightenment as well as the acknowledgement of the divine plan at a physical level. A powerful inner guidance will arise within many akin to a golden compass guiding forth. The time we speak of is the time of knowingness within the civilisation of the Earth; knowingness of the Creator, the divine plane, the truth of the Creator and the purpose of all. In meditation you may wish to imagine a time when you have a st rong source of knowingness within your being. Imagine yourself going about your daily routine experiencing an overwhelming knowingness of how to react, what to say, what to do, experiencing every moment of your reality in complete alignment with all that is the Creator.
You are experiencing the time of love; this is the foundation for all other eras of the Creator that you will move through, entering into the time of knowingness.
It is a wonderful practice, to imagine yourself existing each day with both the presence of love and knowingness within your being, how would this alter and shift your reality if manifested into your present?
Please know that we the Unicorn Kingdom and the Spirit of the Swans are here to support you, loving you unconditionally with every moment of your being and reality.
Unicorn Ika

Channelled through Natalie Glasson
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