Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Powerful Magic for Dangerous Times: How to Liberate Yourself & Our World

Navigate uncertainty and change through accessing the power of mythological magic, unpredictable wisdom and trustworthy intuition.

Throughout history and in cultures around the globe, the archetype of the Trickster has played the role of rule breaker and catalytic force for liberation and truth.
The medicine of the Trickster moves people beyond their conditioned beliefs and stuck habits into greater levels of possibility, awareness and love.
You have this power within you.
This power comes alive in difficult circumstances, loves against all odds and is about aligning with nature’s “evolutionary ingenuity” to cultivate an “ever-expanding repertoire” of responses to change.
Your Trickster can shape-shift your reality. It all starts with developing your linguistic, metaphoric and storytelling agility.
When you change the metaphor, you change the story and literally change the world.
The only question is...
How do you marry the Trickster with your citizenship? And how do you bring joyful, playful magic to disarm tumultuous situations, dissolve cultural divides, and navigate perilous moments?
In the name of your freedom and the healing of our world, we invite you to a truly unique online event to kick off your 2017 — on the right (or left?) foot — with a wildly unpredictable agent of evolution.
While there’s no doubt that we’re living in rocky times, if we address the perils with gloom and seriousness, we’ve lost the game already. Crushing the human spirit is oppression’s best weapon.
If you want a far saner form of reverence to lead our society, it’s time for the Trickster to work magic in your life and turn you into the change agent you were meant to be
You’ll discover how to animate your Trickster skill set and fill your magic backpack with Reverent Unpredictability, which in language, metaphor and action liberate everyone.
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