Thursday, March 28, 2013

Awakening Your Ability To Channel

Dear sister and brothers, I greet you all from my heart. I am Mary Magdalene and I am not alone; I am here with many others. Today we will speak about the art of channeling. Many of you desire to channel but feel locked into self-doubt and anxiety about it. Some of you already channel but you dare not express it publicly. Today I would like to offer a different perspective on the question whether you can or should channel. I am telling you that channeling is not new to you at all; you have done it under different names in many lifetimes before this one. It is not such a big deal! Opening up to channeling is not about learning something new for you, it is about awakening skills that are familiar, even innate to you.
You all have been on this planet before and have expressed your inner gifts on Earth in previous lives: the gifts of intuition, of channeling, of the third eye. Your previous lives were often marked by those gifts, and they are still here today. Each of you is surrounded by personalities that you once were, who in one form or another gave a hearing to that inner voice, the voice of the soul, and passed it on to other people on Earth. You were a bridge between this world and the other, the world of the soul from which you originate. This has been your soul’s calling for a long time. Try to sense, if you can, those personalities around you. They are a part of your soul, like a ray of the sun is part of the sun. Not the whole, but still an inalienable part of it. Maybe you see or feel some of these past life figures around you. Take a moment to feel that, calmly and clearly.
Channeling is not new to you. You have already done that many times before, in different ways and in different forms, and it was something familiar that came naturally for you. I ask you now to make connection with that familiar and natural way of channeling that you knew in previous lives, or call it “other lives” – these things are not as bound to time as you might think. Allow one of the individuals that you once were to approach you and to flow through you. Just observe who steps forward and do not go into it too much with your head; just let it happen naturally from a feeling. You do not need to see any person, you can simply sense them. And sometimes it just takes time before you feel anything. This woman or man, whom you feel near you and who is part of your soul, wants now to give you something.
Previous lives are like all lives, a mixture of the beautiful and the less beautiful: light and dark; good and evil, if you like. That person, who is now with you, comes to give you their Light, and the beautiful flowing part of him or herself that felt a connection to, and formed a bridge with, the other world from which they channeled love, encouragement, and hope to people around them. Remember this connection, not through your mind, but through your cells and your feelings. Get a sense again of what that bridge to the other world was like.
Allow yourself to be helped with this process by considering the person from that other life as your guide. Imagine a time when channeling went well and you were able to share the flow of your soul with others. You do not have to imagine the details of what happened. It is about the flow and the safety of it, and also the familiarity and self-evidence of it. In fact, none of you have to learn how to channel, because channeling is something you can do already. The key is to re-establish the way it is done: to re-connect with that part of yourself that does this so easily. Although there exist fears and pains built up in you that are resistant, by reminding yourself how easy channeling used to flow, you remove some of that resistance.
The time has now come when there is really an opportunity on Earth for what you have to give. There are people waiting for that energy to flow out through you and through your lightworker sisters and brothers – the world is waiting for you! Where in past lives, and in former times, you often had to be very circumspect and to operate almost surreptitiously and in secret, there is now a need and an opportunity and openness to receive your gifts. The female power of the inner eye and of intuition is once again welcome – and that is actually an understatement. It is not only welcome, it is desperately needed! Humanity is in distress; there is a crisis going on all over the world: an economic crisis, as well as an environmental crisis. It is a deep crisis in that it asks, “how do we relate to ourselves and with our world and the Earth?” The whole basis of how you will relate to yourself and to “the other” in the future, revolves around this question.
There are people caught in fears, in struggle, in illusion. People have lost themselves, and there is a deep loneliness in the hearts of human beings. From that loneliness comes a desperate search for a beacon outside yourself on which to hold. But that guiding light is not outside you, and you will not find it in another, or in an institution or organization. In this time, it becomes clear there are no certainties that lie outside you: not in a job or a house, and not even in a personal relationship or a circle of friends. You are led ever more deeply within by everything that is happening without, and this can be very frightening for many people. You felt that just now in your meditation when you connected with the collective energy. (Before the channeling, Gerrit offered a guided meditation to the group). You observed the fear and stress that many people are now experiencing.
What is your role in all this: your task, your path? The answer lies in your inner reality. It is always about staying close to yourself, because you know the “way” lies within. You are already familiar with this inner world, with the peace and calm that you can find there. For this reason, you are at this time to be guides or teachers for others and to be that in the most free, gentle sense of the word. Not like those who are leaders in the traditional sense, but to be a living example of how to make a deep connection within yourself, with what transcends the earthly life, with what transcends outer certainties, and with what is independent of these – a connection with your soul. To radiate this connection to others is in a sense your life’s mission. It brings you directly into the core of who you are, and in this way, you also touch others and invite them to do the same.
Direct yourself again to that small circle of past life personalities around you, who are part of you. You share qualities and traits with them, yet they lived in very different times and surroundings; but in essence, it is the same heart. Tell them, those who had to operate in the dark and in secret, that the way is now open: “I may now reveal all the qualities you have developed in the past; I can now radiate my own Light; I am welcome on Earth.” In some of those personalities, you can feel there are painful memories of being unacceptable, of being condemned for what you were, and for which there was no opportunity to share the reality you had to give. It is now time to heal that old pain. It must be seen, remembered and honored, so that it may be released to give way for a new joy, a new lightness, a way of effortlessly being yourself.
These old personalities can remind you of your gifts, your natural connections, your soul. That is their gift to you: qualities you were ever building up and developing very carefully in other times, through experience, practice, and training. But you also have a gift for them in return. Tell them they can now let go of their old burdens and can release the feeling of not being welcome, that pain from the past. Not to feel welcome, and not to live what was natural for you, was a deep pain for you. Yet your wisdom has grown because of that experience; your understanding of human nature and of light and dark. Accept this past and let those old lives go free again, no longer bound to old pains or traumas, let them all go their way. Take what is wise and beautiful about them with you in your heart. Thank them for it – really do so from the heart! Thank them for the gifts they are leaving for you, and then release them to be free, so they can finally put to rest their painful connection with the Earth. In this way, the past is healed.
Everything that is good and durable from the past stays with you; it is not lost even though it has long been surrounded by pain, uncertainty, fear, and frustration. You can set it free and bring a diamond from out of that past. It is now in this life that this diamond can shine and radiate into the world and give you happiness, the happiness of simply being yourself and no longer having to hide. That is the key to everything. If you can experience this beautiful diamond in yourself, then everything else in your life happens almost by itself. You attract relationships and living and work surroundings that belong to the diamond. Feel the presence of this brilliant energy in you. So much strength and wisdom bundled up in you from so many centuries and the many persons you have been. Feel the depth, the mystery and wonder of it. Have respect for who you are and stop looking down upon yourself with contempt and criticism.
Feel how you are a channel, here and now; feel the diamond that you are. Just look at that space within your body where you can feel this jewel and allow its radiant energy to flow through your entire body so you are bathed in its Light. I am here as your equal; I am not a teacher who stands above you. I am exactly like you and so I feel very close to you, equal to you in my heart. When you have doubts, which arise easily in the reality of human beings, I am with you to appeal to your strength and remind you of who you are. To call upon you to really believe in yourself, and to stay in touch with the dazzling diamond that you are already, here and now.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Is the state of the world dragging you down?

Do you ever get the sense that the state of the world is dragging you down...making it so much harder to be the change you want to see in the world?

Could you perhaps use a little levity and a giant belly laugh to help you see our global crises from a whole new vantage point?

Well you're in luck!

This April Fool's Day, we've got an opportunity for some enlightened tomfoolery because Swami Beyondananda, the renowned Cosmic Comic, will be delivering his long-awaited antidote to the planetary doldrums:

Cosmic Relief 2013: A State of the Universe Address

If the state of our world has you down, the Swami is able to use his powers of levitation to help you rise above it. His goal is to help you dissolve the illusion and see that it's actually the Shift that is now hitting the fan (yes, with an "f").

Give your activist soul the gift of levity only laughter can bring - so you can rise above the world's problems and make a bigger impact.

And while you're at it, why not create your own movement by inviting a friend or 2 to join you. 

The Invisible Path of the 5th Dimension

Do you feel a little shaky in your life?  Do you feel unsupported?  We are now spiritually walking an invisible road.  What you are feeling is the difference in how we are experiencing spiritual energy now. We no longer connect to it outside of ourselves. The energy is flowing within us now. The Angels shared this visualization to explain:
The spiritual energy flows down from Heaven through our aura, through our body (head first through to feet), then out of our body to connect back with Heaven. We also have energy flowing the opposite direction too. It flows up from Heaven through our aura, our body (feet first through to head), then out of our body to connect back with Heaven.
This light energy never stops within us even though we take what we need or want. This light energy is freely shared with all on Earth and to Mother Earth, without us sending it or directing it. This light energy is love purified because it is constantly flowing from Heaven.
With this higher light energy flowing through us, we no longer send light, receive light, push light, etc. because there is no need to do that. We ARE the light and being the light, just because we physically exist, we share that light with all.
The 5th Dimension may seem backwards in spiritual concepts as there is less do-ing and more be-ing. Think about it for a moment, God made us human be-ings, not human do-ings. With the 5th dimensional energy we are evolving back into what we were supposed to be originally.
For most of our lives we have been in darkness and controlled by our ego. We had to deal with karma so there wasn’t much we could really choose to do. We just had to make it the best life we could; sort of like taking a spoon full of sugar to make the medicine go down. But now we have control over our own experiences. We have walked into energy of the 5th Dimension where we are now being told we can have anything we want; we just have to create it. How do we do that? Speaking what we want and believing we deserve it.
The only condition is that we cannot pray to take something that belongs to someone else. If it belongs to someone else that would be spiritually stealing. An example of this could be praying for someone’s job. You can pray and create a job with the same pay that is just like the one your family member / friend has but to pray for that particular job to be taken from them and given to you is not higher energy. Another example is praying for someone’s spouse to be your spouse. That is lower energy as the person is not free and clear. They have free-will to make their own choices of whether to be with you or not.
To stay in the 5th dimensional energy, you can pray for your highest and greatest love to come into your life today. And if the person that comes is someone else’s spouse then you will have created the relationship from a higher level. If they don’t come, you will receive another person that will be free and clear and will be your highest and greatest love, just like you prayed for.
The path we are spiritually walking now is invisible because we are now creators. Nothing is pre-determined at this point. Think of your life as a blank painter’s canvas now. It is empty, blank just waiting for you to start painting. What would you like to paint into your life? With this new higher 5th dimensional energy, what are you going to create? Here are the Angels suggestions on how to create your life:
*Start your life creation with prayers saying what you want and need.
*Say affirmations as if you already have what you are praying for. For example:
Instead of saying an affirmation like this: “I would like to have a love relationship.”
Say something like: “I AM now in a love relationship.”
Saying “I would like…” doesn’t tell the Universe to create a love relationship. It just says how you would feel if you had one. The Universe is literal. If you say, “I AM now in…” Then the Universe says, “We better hurry up and get that taken care of.”
*Watch your speech. Your life is created by ALL that you speak every day. If you are saying prayers and then talk to a friend and complain about what you don’t have, then that stops your prayers.
*Listen to your inner guidance; that soft whisper in your heart. Listen to what you need to change or do in order to get the things you are asking for.
*Be the light. When we are creating our lives, being in the highest energy as much as we can allows that light energy to flow to do the creating. When we are in judgment or anger or depression, these energies slow down our power.
*Be thankful for all that you have today and for what God is preparing for you for tomorrow. Being in gratitude is a blessed energy.
You are not alone in walking this invisible path. You are now more in touch with your Angels. Your Angels are there for your command, to help only you on this path. They are just communicating differently since this higher spiritual energy is flowing through you now all the time.
No worries, we will get this part of our Ascension experience figured out like we have with the things we went through last year. Soon we will learn we are always supported when we take a step even though the path looks invisible. We can’t fall. We are more powerful now than we have ever been. Let’s start using that power in the intention of the 5th Dimension, which is love and see what beautiful lives we can create now in 2013.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Humanity Is Transforming And Changing: The Great Awakening


It’s almost April 2013 and the planet is going through a mass transformation. There are many aspects to this transformation, and in the end one must come to realize the basic building block for global change starts with us, humanity on a collective level, together. We are being called to evolve past our current way of living, tap into our infinite potentiality, let go of our training wheels and fly. We continue to search for external factors like technology and alternative ways to function, which is great. But humanity cannot evolve past its current paradigm unless the souls on Earth themselves change first. From that place of change we can begin to implement new ways of operating on this planet which can propel us past our current limitations and into an existence of abundance, peace , prosperity, and discovery. Humanity must operate from a place of love, peace, cooperation, acceptance and understanding if it is to move on and expand past the current limitations and definitions it has placed upon itself. A portion of the paradigm change we are witnessing on planet Earth today is people waking up to what has really been taking place. This can be a tough process because many humans have been made to believe certain realities are true when they are not. Through the use of mainstream media, education and more, we have been programmed with false ideas and belief systems of how the world and the industries that govern it work. We’ve also been programmed with the idea of how to be, how to act, and what to do in certain situations. This type of programming has taken us away from our soul’s voice, our heart, and our ability to be our true self. We are a young race, and we are only just discovering our hearts now.
Only a small group of people and the corporations they run are in control of all the world’s resources. When something new comes along and threatens these industries and multinational corporations they put a tremendous amount of effort into concealing and covering up information. A part of this transformation is the apocalypse, which is an ancient Greek word that carries the meaning of “transparency.” This is not always an easy process. Sometimes it is hard for one’s mind to take in certain information when after carrying a specific belief system for almost all of one’s life. We are an infant race of seven billion, separated by many different belief systems. The belief systems that once separated us are beginning to crumble, and we are all coming to the realization of oneness. That’s what we are: one human race. Imagine a race united in knowing instead of separated by belief systems. Someone once said that the mind works best like a parachute, when it is open!
Many find the idea of mass brainwashing hard to believe, but it’s really not. The brain and our consciousness is highly programmable. The way we perceive reality is directly correlated to the reality we create, you can read more about this here. Throughout human history intellectual authorities have affirmed their supremacy by purposely ridiculing ideas and new concepts of reality that did not fit the accepted framework. They accomplished this by using their position of ‘power’ to dictate, and dispense their resources into brainwashing the public. The best historical example is ancient Rome and Christianity. The elite banned and punished those who did not follow. Even all the way up to recent history when ancient Rome spread its power all over the globe, scientists were sought after and killed while their works were taken and hidden from the public, they were considered heretics. Galileo is a classic example of this.

So how do they do it today? Is it a conspiracy? Well, if you would like to inquire about that, the first question you must as yourself is who is in control now? Who is dictating ‘truth’ to people, how do they do it, and how do we find out what is really going on in the world? After all, nobody can really deny that human beings have an innate desire for knowledge and truth. The only difference is that everybody seeks it using different methods. Some simply believe what they are told, and others search more in depth. Truth can never be hidden, and it is always possible to discover certain aspects of our reality that is kept from the masses.
For quite some time the dominating ‘truth givers’ have come from television programming. It’s no secret that mainstream media sources are extremely manipulating. They are owned by a handful of multinational corporations who we all know are in control of government and governmental policy, such as Time Warner, Disney, Viacom, News Corporation, CBS Corporation, and NBC Universal. What is even more strange is that all of these corporations have connections to each other. Multiple CEO’s and employees are members of the Council On Foreign Relations and all of these organizations always lead up to the same group of families, like the Rockefellers. Does that not make people scratch their heads? I am not asking you to believe me blindly. I take it that this is a known fact. You can browse through our website if you are looking for proof, or you can simply do the research yourself. If you’d like to see an example of these mainstream media connections. you can click  hereget you started. What is even more amusing is that the corporations that own and run the mainstream media also own big oil companies, big pharmaceutical companies, big energy companies, big food companies and more. Basically, a small group of people and the corporations they run own all aspects of our lives. What is becoming more transparent by the day is that everything that surrounds us is not good for us at all.  For example, the food and pharmaceutical industries both complement each other in that one makes us sick and the other treats us. It’s a cycle.
We no longer desire the type of environment that surrounds us daily and we are starting to realize that we can change it any time we want. Change can’t happen in a second. Sometimes our perception gets in the way. What seems like ten or twenty years to some may seem like one second to others. This transformation we are going through is rapid, and it starts with the recognition that many of us here no longer resonate with the current system planet Earth uses to govern itself. This feeling that does not resonate with many has caused many to ‘leave’ the system and begin to create for themselves. It has also encouraged others to begin spreading information to spark more awakening across the world. A massive ripple effect is moving around the planet right now. All we have to do is follow our hearts, let go of the fear to do so. and realize that in these times the Earth is truly our playground. Much Love.

♡ Prayer of Love for Gaia ♡

♡ Prayer of Love for Gaia ♡ ♡ We invite you to join with us during this Prayer to hold a focus of Love and Light around our beautiful Planet Gaia ♡ ♡ May divine emanations of the pures sacred vibrations of illumination and the grace-filled beauty of Crystalline Star Streams of elevated Peace, be brought through the cosmic planes and Multi-Dimensional Portals to this Planet, carried forth by the Celestial Doves of gentleness for boundless Harmonic planetary Healing, and to fill the Hearts of Humanity with the sweet essence of unconditional love, unfolding in harmonic tones of heavenly serenity, embracing all in the enfoldment of the Supreme presence of peace, anchoring into the Oceanic Realms and Earth Matrices and Templates of Beloved Gaia in Loving Graceful Resonance of infinite paradisiacal BLISS ♡ ♡ Thank you for watching. ♡ We send you our Twin Flame Love, Light and Blessings Always. ♡ Namaste

Sunday, March 24, 2013

NEPHILIM message to humanity 23rd March 2013

We are the Nephilim and we come to guide and to support ALL as the energies of the New Earth in TRUTH begin to ankhor across and within the human race and planet earth. Much will now shift and change within each human vehicle as the process of integration with ALL now continues and expands in TRUTH. Those who walk in human form and who are our kin will now expand and grow at SOUL level in order to process their role and their gifts to the human race at this time.
ALL support ALL at this time and many who are in their role as STAR SEEDS for ALL races will now begin to align with their respective planetary energies. This was always to BE and we guide you strongly to allow the process to evolve. Holding tightly on to the human aspect of the human life experience will see the energy signature that you are in TRUTH begin to waiver and this will add to the chaos that is unfolding around and within you as you begin to dissolve all that you have been "trained" to believe in order to ankhor what you KNOW at SOUL level.
The changes that will begin to appear across the human race and human society were always to BE for TRUTH JUST IS and has been hidden in plain view vibrationally for aeons. This will now be decoded by the energies of the new earth that flow through and around the human vehicles that you have incarnated within and will allow for deeper understanding of all that has befallen the human race on planet earth. KNOW that ALL races support the expansion and evolution of the human race in TRUTH and that ALL will now move into place and begin the journey home.
The evolution of a species that has been kept separated from TRUTH has now been born, the ability to move through the process is within each and every human vehicle, that which will slow down this process is the rigid adhering to the "training" that each energy has received in this their human form. The human race a CREATED race, one into which an energy is incarnated, this is a separate race from the energies that you are in TRUTH and we call to those who can ankhor this TRUTH to allow them to ingest this further and then LIVE THIS TRUTH.
Adherence to only the human aspect of SELF will challenge the process that is now unfolding within and around those star seeds and other races who have incarnated to help with the unfolding of the GOLDEN AGE OF HUMANKIND. We ask for you to become more consciously aware of how you interact with those around you and be mindful of their need to keep you contained vibrationally. Know that as you move and shift in vibration then others around you of a lower or differing vibration will trigger regardless of whether they are consciously aware of the energetic signature that you carry. In human terms this may result in a lot of drama that is now played out within the human life experience that you are living.
To work with this we ask for you to have LOVE and COMPASSION for a race that have been taught to deny LOVE to SELF. LOVE is the answer to everything and LOVE is not about allowing others to try to teach you once more that you are something that you are not. The human race has been denied the help it has always needed by those who sought to contain and suppress the human race, KNOW that this help is now here and is WITHIN the human race, the challenge to the human race always to be able to dissolve the deep "training" it has received on how to be human on planet earth.
A new way of living and being will now be birthed onto planet earth and within the human race, the ability to understand that ALL is vibration and ALL JUST IS is fundamental to the new earth energies and the ankhoring of these energies. That which is shown on your media and in your newspapers is the old earth breaking down and dissolving, it can no longer sustain itself within the new earth energies. KNOW that the old earth will cling on as much as it can by trying to feed itself from the lower energetic signatures that have been implanted into the human race through the teachings of distortion. This is the legacy from those who sought to control and contain and this is what the new earth energies are now actively dissolving.
You are not alone, you have never been alone, you have been trained in human form to believe that the universe is a barren, lonely, desperate place by those who sought to feed off the lower energetic signatures that are created from this mindset. These are now dissolving and we ask that you FEEL the changes to the energy signature of those around you and the planet itself. This will be FELT before it is visually seen as the human vehicle now comes into alignment with the energy that you are in TRUTH.
Internal is the key for the internal landscape is the energy that you are in TRUTH, the human life experience the reflection of this. To change the outer you must cleanse the inner and release. The human race have been taught to walk with a blindfold firmly in place, the time of walking blindfold across and within planet earth is now over. The light that shines brightly around you IS YOU, has always been YOU and now TRUTH will be ankhored and the LIGHT will intensify. We ask for you to adjust your outer vision to the new LIGHT that is shining from within and to accept that you are now aligning in TRUTH with the universe into which you were created.
LOVE IS and YOU ARE. We are the Nephilim and we walk amongst you, we have always walked amongst you for we CREATED YOU IN TRUTH.


Three fold flame-2

 Divine Mother & Father God as the Cosmic Great Central Sun start the energies with an attunement for the week.
We, of the Angelic Hosts, would like to say Blessings. 
Thank you in great gratitude for the full integration of your Multi-Dimensional Selves and your Angelic Self even if you don’t feel these essences completely.
As the planet moves into the Spring Equinox, more elements are going to becoming more common place of the Heavenly realms becoming more accepted into the Earthly realms.  As each of us come together allowing the continuance of Light to be upon planet Earth it’s a very exciting time we come to from you from the Seraphim, Ophanium, the Cherubim, and of course, the Elohim along with many more principalities as we connect with each of you in this evening.
We are very excited because the energies are shifting into this frequency of Light once again. We are going to be experiencing a complete centeredness of the Circle of Light and Love to be activated within each of us at this time.  It is our pleasure to bring forth the energies of Divine Mother/Divine Father God.  May Peace and Light be with you.
I AM that I AM
I AM that I AM
I AM that I AM
I AM the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun.  Blessings, my children, blessings.
We ask of you in this moment to just sit back and allow the essences that you are to enfold with you.  Don’t think about, feel it, just breathe in, allow yourself To Be. To Be is the essence we want to bring forth this evening.  The challenges that each of you have gone through in this trimester of January, February and March are being looked at by each of us to understand where we are on this circle of life of Terra Christa within the cycle of Gaia coming into that frequency of Light together.
We believe due to the media not being so prominent with frequency that the actualization of the Light energies coming into each individual personally is going to be more well received.  It will come into different levels for different people depending on the actualization that they need to accept.  We believe that they are ready to accept.  It is something that we cannot analyze it across the broad as scientific data as to what is going to be for each individual person.
Each of you that are aspiring to be more through your own systems are going through the timelines exchange which means that you should be able to see more of a difference within your physical existence, your cellular structure, and your energies within your bodies.  This is more than others that are not even aware of the depths of this frequency of Light.  It is at a very important time-line, because it is coming into the reference of Christianity at the time of Easter and Passover.  So individuals are going to be connecting with all the energy not at the exact same moment, but the frequency of communication with the Masters representing the Christ Consciousness are coming into a much larger spectrum then they would be previously.
As the planet and Gaia changes it allows her ascension process to expand into her auric field more.  More individuals are going to be feeling differently about their Spiritual connections.  Mind you, it is not going to be a big jump but it will be an increase in energies as more individuals will be feeling the essence of the Compassion and Love into their own Hearts and be able to ascertain within them what it is exactly happening in brief moments.  This is the best that we can offer in this moment on a global basis to humanity.
Each of you as the Light Workers, each of you as the initiates of the perspective of the Ascended Mastership Beings upon this planet are going to be holding it more then the general population.  But what we are saying is that the general population is going to feel it more then they did in December for several reasons.  We mentioned he media and the other reason is that there will not be the moments of fear as we have walked into the New Age together.  Although there are many that are unsure of what is happening within the world.
This is where we all come together in to play, because the more that we allow ourselves to experience this Light frequency in the physical body and expand that out into Gaia and into others around us, the more will come into this experience of Love and Light.  Just thinking about them will allow that frequency of Light to go to them in the particles of Light that is ready to be accepted through their Higher Selves.
Now as we call upon everyone’s Higher Self in the Temple this evening that will truly assist because the more each Higher Self can bring into the physical individual into their dream state status.  We are talking about individuals that are not awakened and are not doing active meditation to fully command this energy within themselves.
Then there are those that are doing some kind of spiritual connection which means it will be received in whatever way can be best handled within each individual upon the planet.  This activation is going to come into waves and waves of Light, as you have been experiencing through this trimester.  Waves and waves and waves of Light are going to be coming into increments in the three-day period so that the acceptance of individuals upon the planet will be able to receive more first through their dream states, meditative states and their awakened states.  The ones that have a sense of more than themselves will be able to receive in their awakened states.
These frequencies of Lights are going to be coming in increments during the three-day process at the onset of the equinox and within a three to six hour time frame in each time zone so the waves of Light will come in a 100% essence of the Rays of Lights within the increments.  Then they will wave down through the three-to-six hour period which will peak again into the higher level; then it will peak to the lower level which will repeat itself into the third day.  Those that are within and around the world, will receive it in their time zones ahead of other time zones.  The light workers will be feeling these waves of Light within a twelve to twenty four hour time zone ahead of their receiving the full frequency of Light of the Equinox.
So each of you in the North American continent are going to be feeling it just as the other individuals in the other continents are feeling it.  Although it maybe not quite as strong.  So what we want to extend unto you is to help you to receive the frequencies and accept the vibrations within the physical existence.  As you allow this energy to come into you and transmute anything that does not serve the level of creation that you are moving into.  Because this acceleration will also open you up just like the one in December, it will open up your vision, it will open up your brain waves, it will help you to bring forth the four body systems, and the three minds to activate the Three-Fold Flame.
This is the pivotal point of creation because the Three Fold Flame will be the activating agent to fully accelerate within your physical body but most individuals upon the planet will not be able to hold this Light.  So this is where we say that there will be moments of pure reflection and what can happen during this phase is that some individuals may feel at a loss when they first receive these energies as it will bring up other timelines, and other aspects within the lower body that need to be removed.  This is due to the fact that many haven’t done the work.
Now each of this is being directed by every person’s Higher Self, because if it wasn’t we could have a mass exodus within this planet.  So this evening what we want to do with each of you is to help you fully command within your Higher Self to allow the energies to be received by you in the best way possible.
When we say that the Waves of Light coming in, picture many different colors of spectrums of Light.  They are merging together so if we take each of the twelve Rays of God and allow those Rays to blend together, they are strong in power but they blend within each other.  They come in waves so they are bouncing through the air; they are swiftly moving through the process of the atmosphere into every individual to help bring in the balance of their spiritual essence into the physical body.
As these waves of Light come unto the planet, Gaia will be receiving them.  There are areas that need the frequency more for growth.  They will receive those aspects, areas that need it for compassion will receive that essence so that the energy will be smooth and very flowing.  We want not to have individuals to be alarmed; we don’t want individuals not to accept these essences within them.  Remember this is just the first of the strong activations that will be occurring within the planet for 2013.
We take a breath right now as we want to help you to balance yourself and allow the waves of Light to come through you, within you, and out of you. we are going to just take anything that does not serve the waves of Light which is representive of the Twelve Rays of God.  So in the frequency of Light that we are going to be receiving, the waves of Light are going to be coming in through the Love and Wisdom of the Golden Yellow, Will and Power of Deep Blue, Deep Pink of Creative Activation, Crystalline Light of Balance and Harmony, Scientific Knowledge represent the White, the Green, and the Gold all merge together, Inner Devotion with Ruby Red and Gold, Ceremonial Magic with Deep Purple and Violet, Seafoam Green the Higher Cleansing Ray, Blue Green of Joy and Attraction to the Body of Light, Pearlescent activating the Masculine and Feminine Divine, Bridge to the New World is the Pink Orange, then the Golden Flame the Gold of the Christ Consciousness.
So if you can visualize these colors which are floating within the Temple now and they are going to be moving from the top of the opening of the amphitheater as they are going to swoop down across the stage traveling across each of the participants that are sitting here with us.  You will see it moving in a figure eight. It is a very wide color; they are all blending together and are not separating.  They are swooping down ~ then they go up and t across the other side until it goes around the circle.  It is swirling in the Infinity symbol across and around each of the areas around the Temple.  Then it continues again.  Take a breath and allow this vibration now to just flow within you.
We are bringing forward this energy this evening to assist you to become these frequencies of Light which will allow our essence of Divine Mother Divine Father God to be the ruling agent through these elements.  As we speak here in the Temple of Oneness, each of us, each of you, and each of the Hierarchy and, each of the Unified Whole, every Master, every teacher, every Light Being, every Elemental, and every Angel comes together into balance here as each of you sitting here within the temple are all connected as the Waves of Light bring us together.
If you can think of this through the process of the three-day period, you will find a balance occurring within you.  You should also feel the essence of deep love, compassion, reverence, and acceptability.  Just expand all these essences within you in this moment.
We, of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God, now express the attunements associated which is quite different then anything we have ever done before through Meleriessee.  We ask each of you to not think in this moment; fully connect with your Higher Self and allow their essence to guide you.  They are the ruling energy through this process as always in your life and in the continuance that you are bringing forth.  Right now think of yourself as the Higher being the Higher Self, the Higher Being of God’s Light feeling your Feminine and Masculine Divine as One Being of Light as we center upon you the Three Fold Flame.  Allow this essence to be intertwined within you as you receive this blessing.
We, of the Divine Mother and Divine Father God bless you with this vibration ~
We Are One Always in the Light.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

WRAPPING IN WHITE LIGHT - A powerful tool to protect you and your loved ones..

This Awareness indicates that it is the universal vibrations and the  movement of planets, the movement of the sun in its sojourn through its orbit, through its orbit around Sirius in the Orion constellation and the variations that it meets in its movement that determines the Earthages of approximately 2200 years, and it is this movement into these new vibrations that trigger certain frequency reactions among the planets of the solor system so that the vibrations are altered on Earth and on the other planets in such a manner that it changes the consciousness of individuals on earth.  It is this that is causing and bringing about the New Age.

Awareness tells you not to believe anything, even this Awareness not to believe, but to question, explore, doubt and discover for youself what is the truth.    Cosmic Awareness only indicates and suggests.

This Awareness indicates it is always helful to anyone, wherever they live, that they wrap their "home", cover their home with White Light spheres, visualizing the light going above the home into the ground below the house, from all directions, and spin these circles so that they create three spheres.   

Spin each circle to create three spheres from each direction each so that there are nine layers of White Light around your home (or any object).   This will give your home great protection for long periods of time.  Every so often youmay reinforce these spheres, either by repeating the action or at least by remembering that they are there.   The  remembrance of their presence reinforces them. 


This Awareness indicates so the entities can understand the potiontial value of the White Light, this Awareness indicates it is not so much what it does to your home, it is what it does to your subconsciouness that is effective.   Your subconscious mind, creating these images of your home being shielded by these 9 layers of White Light, in a sphere surrounding your home cause the subconscious to recognize as a reality the presence of these lights.

The subconscious does not know the difference between that which occurs in the imagination and that which occurs in reality, and therefore, on a subconscious level, these spheres are real.   They are nine layers deep and protect your home from any thing negative that may approach.

This Awareness indicates that you can wrap your car in White Light to prevent danger from accidents in this way, and you should also wrap your own body and the bodies of your family members in White light.   It is also good to teach your children and pthers of the family to use the White Light wrapping techinques, creating these nine spheres of Light as protection to youself.

This Awareness indicates that it is a powerful tool of protection, through the use of the subconscious mind, for the subconscious mind can have a powerful effect upon other subconscious minds so that if someone wanted to do harm, and walking down the street was looking for a home to rob or someone to harm, the subconscious minds of your family members or yourself, even if you were gone from the area, would have an effect on the subconcious of that entity, to warn away from your area, from your home.

This Awareness indicates it is simply a matter of dealing with subconscious energies, of yourself and of others so that they do not want to mess with the White Light if they have negative intenions.

This Awareness indicates essentially, the " Dark Force" does not like being touched by the White Light of Divinity.   This Awareness indicates again, to explain the wrapping of White Light, visualize three hoola-hoops, one going North to South, the other going East to West, the other being horizontal or flat towards the ground, but half-way up the height of the other two.

Spin each of these three times, making three spheres for each hoola-hoop.   Spin them so that they go up on one end, down on the other, and back up and don, etec tera, until three full spheres have been created.   This Awareness indicates that these are not half-spines, they are full spins, so that one end or one position of the hoola-hoop goes a full 360 degrees rather than just 180 degrees.

The full spin, three times aound for each of them, creating three spheres each so that there are nne spheres, these are not simply done mentally in the mind, but do these so that they cover the entire home, or you can do it to cover yourentire land also if that is desirable.   Do that also for your car, your automobile and for your body, so that if your automobile or your body leaves the home area, it carries its own subconsious shield of White Light. 

This Awareness suggests you may think of these in terms of shields in Star Trek: The Second Ceneration where in they have shields to protect their ships, for these shields that are mentally placed around yourself protect yourself from the invisible Dark Forces that may be projected towards you from angry people, or people who would simply harm you for no reaon at all.

This Awareness indicates that lying down, entites can visualize much better than standing up.   That the conscious mind becomes more scientific, mathematical, and more conceptual and rational when standing, and more imaginative, spontaneous, and relaxed and visionary when lying down.   This 
Awareness suggests also that the head to the North (in the Northern hemisphere-Ed.) when lying down can be of help.


This Awareness indicates what this does is to imprison the Drak Force within a ring of Light, within a sphere of Light, so that any effort by this Derak Force to manipulate or affect forces outside of itself, outside of its sphere, by use of dark enegies or alien and separtive intentions and motives, any effort on the part of the Dark Force to do harm will simply bounce against those walls of the White Light which imprison it, and reflect back upon itself in a manner that is destructive only to itself, and none other.

This Awareness indicates that this allows the force to change by seeing its own reflection.    It allows the force to operate outside that sphere of light with any action which is good, or of a light type of
motive or behavior, but does not allow any dark energies to escape from that sphere, so long as it is strong and reinforced.  

This Awareness indiacates that any effort by that Dark Force to create negative or evil events, any effort to cause harm to others is hindered or totally prevented by the strength of the White Light which is wrapped around that entity.   This Awareness indictes IT wishes you to understand that the Dark Force gain its power only from the motives, intentions and energies of those who feed it and who follow it, and when other deny it the food it desires by wrapping it in White Light, it is cut off, depriving those entites of power from that Dark source.

This Awareness indicates that the more entities who can visualize this force, wrapping it in White Light, the greater the chances  of defusing this energy, of depleting and starving this darkness, and
transmutting and bringing about  a Light Force to guide the nations.   This Light Force as that which can alter and change the course of history.  



Sacred Blue Fire II ~

We come, in this last hour of time, to speak with intention and promise, that your way is clear. It is time for creation to begin in anew ways, with new rays of light. Creators of the Golden Sun are here with the Ring of Light. We are here, and there is the multi-Dimensional truth to empower your actions. In freedom you are awakened, and you are the Wayshowers, who guide the Children of Light that come to manifest the New World. The Initiators are coming forth to give and give all that they own, have and control to the Children of Light, so they may safely guide the planet through this passage out of time.

The timing is correct, for time is conscious awareness of the eternal Now. It is expanding sacred space for creation. The earth is a planet of deep and powerful activation of energy. It is called the Living Library for all the resources that are contained herein. You are the librarians who hold the codes, the keys and know the index to find all the elements of life within the solar system. There are so many easy and obvious symbols for you to see and understand. All languages hold these, and they are clear references that you can become aware of.

The Extraterrestrials are here to be part of the evolutionary creative energy of this Universe that is manifested within the planet. The planet earth, Gaia or Terra, has great wealth, energy and resources. Her body is a plethora of abundance that is shared, so that you may grow and expand into multidimensional beings of higher intelligence.

The body of the earth will change. Change is part of the world you live within and upon. This is not some new thought that no one has considered about before coming here. Change is why you have incarnated. The change is the exciting part of the journey, as now you have the opportunity to ride the waves of change and awaken.

It is time that you become aware of your part in this creation. The manifestation of your being is multi-Dimensional and exists on many layers of time and space. Each of these regions allows a part of your being to become a spirit with a mind and a heart, where there is thought and feeling connected to it, so that you become a sentient creature in these realms. Still, the strand that connects your manifestation of being to the other layers is unaltered by these connections to a time and space reality. The Central Strand is your collective soul, in that it is collective, because you are manifesting on multiple levels of being in different time fields, working in integral harmony.

Your sentience is being expanded from reaction to creation. In creation, you become a higher order being, wherein you create from intentional thought and feeling to desired contextual form, to manifested focused reality. The process follows the law of inclusion and the law of attraction operating within polarized dimensions. This is the method of evolution.

Evolution moves from lower orders of intelligence, action and creation, to higher levels of autonomous creative endeavor. Humanity as a species has the operational capacity to act as one and to act individually and autonomous, to create environments and to destroy them and regenerate them. Humanity and the singular human level of intelligence is increased by language and vocabularies that stretch into abstract infinities. The overall quantity, quality and expansion of human thought follows an ascending scale of development. The added use of telepathic interplay with logical awareness is your next step.
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