Sunday, March 24, 2013

NEPHILIM message to humanity 23rd March 2013

We are the Nephilim and we come to guide and to support ALL as the energies of the New Earth in TRUTH begin to ankhor across and within the human race and planet earth. Much will now shift and change within each human vehicle as the process of integration with ALL now continues and expands in TRUTH. Those who walk in human form and who are our kin will now expand and grow at SOUL level in order to process their role and their gifts to the human race at this time.
ALL support ALL at this time and many who are in their role as STAR SEEDS for ALL races will now begin to align with their respective planetary energies. This was always to BE and we guide you strongly to allow the process to evolve. Holding tightly on to the human aspect of the human life experience will see the energy signature that you are in TRUTH begin to waiver and this will add to the chaos that is unfolding around and within you as you begin to dissolve all that you have been "trained" to believe in order to ankhor what you KNOW at SOUL level.
The changes that will begin to appear across the human race and human society were always to BE for TRUTH JUST IS and has been hidden in plain view vibrationally for aeons. This will now be decoded by the energies of the new earth that flow through and around the human vehicles that you have incarnated within and will allow for deeper understanding of all that has befallen the human race on planet earth. KNOW that ALL races support the expansion and evolution of the human race in TRUTH and that ALL will now move into place and begin the journey home.
The evolution of a species that has been kept separated from TRUTH has now been born, the ability to move through the process is within each and every human vehicle, that which will slow down this process is the rigid adhering to the "training" that each energy has received in this their human form. The human race a CREATED race, one into which an energy is incarnated, this is a separate race from the energies that you are in TRUTH and we call to those who can ankhor this TRUTH to allow them to ingest this further and then LIVE THIS TRUTH.
Adherence to only the human aspect of SELF will challenge the process that is now unfolding within and around those star seeds and other races who have incarnated to help with the unfolding of the GOLDEN AGE OF HUMANKIND. We ask for you to become more consciously aware of how you interact with those around you and be mindful of their need to keep you contained vibrationally. Know that as you move and shift in vibration then others around you of a lower or differing vibration will trigger regardless of whether they are consciously aware of the energetic signature that you carry. In human terms this may result in a lot of drama that is now played out within the human life experience that you are living.
To work with this we ask for you to have LOVE and COMPASSION for a race that have been taught to deny LOVE to SELF. LOVE is the answer to everything and LOVE is not about allowing others to try to teach you once more that you are something that you are not. The human race has been denied the help it has always needed by those who sought to contain and suppress the human race, KNOW that this help is now here and is WITHIN the human race, the challenge to the human race always to be able to dissolve the deep "training" it has received on how to be human on planet earth.
A new way of living and being will now be birthed onto planet earth and within the human race, the ability to understand that ALL is vibration and ALL JUST IS is fundamental to the new earth energies and the ankhoring of these energies. That which is shown on your media and in your newspapers is the old earth breaking down and dissolving, it can no longer sustain itself within the new earth energies. KNOW that the old earth will cling on as much as it can by trying to feed itself from the lower energetic signatures that have been implanted into the human race through the teachings of distortion. This is the legacy from those who sought to control and contain and this is what the new earth energies are now actively dissolving.
You are not alone, you have never been alone, you have been trained in human form to believe that the universe is a barren, lonely, desperate place by those who sought to feed off the lower energetic signatures that are created from this mindset. These are now dissolving and we ask that you FEEL the changes to the energy signature of those around you and the planet itself. This will be FELT before it is visually seen as the human vehicle now comes into alignment with the energy that you are in TRUTH.
Internal is the key for the internal landscape is the energy that you are in TRUTH, the human life experience the reflection of this. To change the outer you must cleanse the inner and release. The human race have been taught to walk with a blindfold firmly in place, the time of walking blindfold across and within planet earth is now over. The light that shines brightly around you IS YOU, has always been YOU and now TRUTH will be ankhored and the LIGHT will intensify. We ask for you to adjust your outer vision to the new LIGHT that is shining from within and to accept that you are now aligning in TRUTH with the universe into which you were created.
LOVE IS and YOU ARE. We are the Nephilim and we walk amongst you, we have always walked amongst you for we CREATED YOU IN TRUTH.

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