Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sacred Blue Fire II ~

We come, in this last hour of time, to speak with intention and promise, that your way is clear. It is time for creation to begin in anew ways, with new rays of light. Creators of the Golden Sun are here with the Ring of Light. We are here, and there is the multi-Dimensional truth to empower your actions. In freedom you are awakened, and you are the Wayshowers, who guide the Children of Light that come to manifest the New World. The Initiators are coming forth to give and give all that they own, have and control to the Children of Light, so they may safely guide the planet through this passage out of time.

The timing is correct, for time is conscious awareness of the eternal Now. It is expanding sacred space for creation. The earth is a planet of deep and powerful activation of energy. It is called the Living Library for all the resources that are contained herein. You are the librarians who hold the codes, the keys and know the index to find all the elements of life within the solar system. There are so many easy and obvious symbols for you to see and understand. All languages hold these, and they are clear references that you can become aware of.

The Extraterrestrials are here to be part of the evolutionary creative energy of this Universe that is manifested within the planet. The planet earth, Gaia or Terra, has great wealth, energy and resources. Her body is a plethora of abundance that is shared, so that you may grow and expand into multidimensional beings of higher intelligence.

The body of the earth will change. Change is part of the world you live within and upon. This is not some new thought that no one has considered about before coming here. Change is why you have incarnated. The change is the exciting part of the journey, as now you have the opportunity to ride the waves of change and awaken.

It is time that you become aware of your part in this creation. The manifestation of your being is multi-Dimensional and exists on many layers of time and space. Each of these regions allows a part of your being to become a spirit with a mind and a heart, where there is thought and feeling connected to it, so that you become a sentient creature in these realms. Still, the strand that connects your manifestation of being to the other layers is unaltered by these connections to a time and space reality. The Central Strand is your collective soul, in that it is collective, because you are manifesting on multiple levels of being in different time fields, working in integral harmony.

Your sentience is being expanded from reaction to creation. In creation, you become a higher order being, wherein you create from intentional thought and feeling to desired contextual form, to manifested focused reality. The process follows the law of inclusion and the law of attraction operating within polarized dimensions. This is the method of evolution.

Evolution moves from lower orders of intelligence, action and creation, to higher levels of autonomous creative endeavor. Humanity as a species has the operational capacity to act as one and to act individually and autonomous, to create environments and to destroy them and regenerate them. Humanity and the singular human level of intelligence is increased by language and vocabularies that stretch into abstract infinities. The overall quantity, quality and expansion of human thought follows an ascending scale of development. The added use of telepathic interplay with logical awareness is your next step.

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