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Pointers on using Light in our Living

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Life is so busy and hectic these days that we lose ourselves in the details and forget about holding Light in our system. It’s difficult to be aware of Light at all times. What is to be done?
It’s not too difficult to remember to hold Light in our system, however busy life becomes. All that is needed is willingness and a bit of effort in the beginning. The mistake we make is to assume that we have to be aware of the Light at all times. We begin slowly, and gradually the practice becomes effortless and natural just like our breathing.
We can start our day with a few minutes of experiencing Light in our system. Then, in the middle of our daily activities, whenever we remember, we can think strongly of Light and continue with our work. We can remember the presence of Light in us when we are stressed or in need of guidance/support. We can also be aware of its presence in the background while being engaged in activities like watching the television. And we can end the day by thinking of Light in us and thanking it for being in our awareness.
Although we may not be aware of it all the time, Light will be present in us and will be guiding us at different levels. By remembering it every now and then, we bring its awareness to the physical level and establish a conscious relation with it. The disconnect occurs when we emote strongly, especially the negative emotions. After such incidents, it is advisable to consciously sit and practice the technique for some time.
Such a state of living in Light is not only possible for everyone but also easier because of the times we are in. We can take advantage of the availability of the higher energies on our Earth now and consciously tune up to Light.
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Are there ways in which we can improve our system so that we can hold Light more efficiently?
There are many steps you can do in this regard. Practice seven rounds of Pranayama with Light when you get up from sleep in the morning. This helps in energising the system and makes one feel very refreshed.
Practice physical exercises. It is very important. Other than the benefits of overcoming lethargy and improving the physical health, it also helps in the removal of old energies from the system, thereby allowing the newer energies to flow better.
Consciously cultivate positive thoughts and emotions. Try to be aware of your thoughts and reject the negative thoughts when they arise. Listening to good music helps in refining our emotions. Take care of the health of each part of the system (body, mind and intellect). Health and vitality in one part of the system influences the others, so when we strengthen all the parts, our overall system will be strong, tuned and capable of holding Light efficiently.
Finally, practice the technique of holding Light in your system whenever you remember. The more one practices, the easier it becomes to align with Light effortlessly.
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When I go to places that have grosser / negative vibrations, I sometimes feel lost or drained of energies. Why is it so?
People who are sensitive to the presence of energies usually get affected by the grosser vibrations in a few places. Although these negative vibrations affect everyone, it’s the sensitive ones who’re more prone to feeling drained or lost.
At such times, consciously think of the shield around you and imagine that it is strengthening. Hold more Light in your system. If necessary, practice Pranayama with Light for a few rounds.
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How to deal with people who are very negative and cynical and always a huge burden to interact with?
Firstly, we cannot do much about how the other individual is. It is not in our spiritual interest to interfere with others and also, we should not judge them. It is their choice on how they want to be.
When it comes to interacting with people who are very negative, we do it silently and allow the Light within to take care. If they begin to interfere in our life, we then pray to God and send a lot of Golden Light to them until the situation normalizes and the interference stops.
When our Meditations are regular and we practice the techniques like shielding and carrying Light all the time, others will not be able to harm us or interfere in our lives. And if they try, it can be handled easily.
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In a conflict situation, I’ve observed that it is very difficult to hold Light and strangely less effective too when I do it. How to handle such situations?
The reason why holding Light is difficult or ‘less effective’ in a conflict situation is mainly because the individuals themselves become agitated and get worked up. They unconsciously connect to and manifest the negative vibrations prevalent during that situation which prevents them to hold on to Light.
Being too involved into the situation also takes away our awareness from Light. Although Light remains in the background and plays a role, when we get agitated, we allow the grosser vibrations to take over. To hold on to Light and allow it to diffuse the situation, we need to be calm and composed.
We also react to a situation especially when we have to defend ourselves. Instead of reacting impulsively, we have to pause, think calmly and then respond. We have to act with patience and maturity.
Light works best even in a conflict or argument when we face the situation calmly, all the while holding on to Light.
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A similar difficulty arises during meetings where the discussion becomes an argument and things get heated up. What should be done in such situations?
The first priority in any such situation is to calm down. Practice Pranayama with Light silently. If possible, drink some water. This will give you space to mentally disconnect from the argument and hold Light more efficiently.
The key is to detach from the vibrations of the argument. Being aware of your shield along with Light will also help.
So ideally before the beginning of any important discussion follow this –
  1. Imagine a globe of Golden Light around you. This acts as your shield as well. Experience it for some time. Then send that Light to the people in the discussion and the place. The vibrations of these energies help in resolving any conflicts that may arise.
  2. Do not lose patience at anytime. Also, have strong faith in Light and have positive hope.
  3. If none of these works, the right thing to do is to surrender to God and allow things to happen silently. Accept the outcome without hatred or judgement and allow Light to take care of the situation.
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I am practicing the technique mentioned for contacting the Lord, but I do not hear anything, however much I try.
Establishing a contact with the Higher Intelligence – Light and the Lord is very important, especially in the current times where each individual can take direct guidance in every aspect of their lives. And because we are not used to this type of communication, it takes some time and effort to establish a contact. We need to approach the practice with humility and surrender, with a strong willingness to talk to and hear from the Lord  The main requirement to establish a contact with them is the purity of thoughts and emotions in our daily lives.
One major hurdle to overcome is to get over our logical thinking. So strengthening our intuition helps us to establish a better contact with the Lord  This is a good way to open up our higher channels of communication. Intuition surfaces mainly through our thoughts, usually as the first response to a situation when our mind is quiet. Some also experience a hunch or a strong conviction about a choice. Others may experience a surge of positive energy or see some specks of Light. The way Intuition operates varies for each person and the individual has to learn the best way out for themselves through a little trial and error. The clarity of Intuition increases with practice.
For example, if you are going out, refer to your Intuition on the route to take, or in the order in which things have to be done in a day. While purchasing items, if you have to choose between two, refer to your intuition. You can also use your intuition before watching a movie to see whether it’ll be a good one or ordinary and then watch the movie to check up on the results. In the beginning stages, link up to the Soul and refer all such small decisions to its wisdom. Once this practice strengthens, you can shift to bigger issues.
In the beginning, we may get one in ten such decisions correct but that is a good start. Sharpening the Intuition is like a toddler learning to stand and walk. We learn through mistakes and continue our attempts until we stabilize. Take it up as a project and don’t be in a hurry to achieve results. Enjoy the journey to the destination as well. As the Intuitive faculty sharpens, it assists us in deciphering the communication that we receive from the Higher Intelligence.
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Lessons of Enlightenment: 15 Secret Spiritual Teachings Passed Down Through the Ages

The secret teachings expounded below are a collection of ‘hidden’ pearls of wisdom and insight passed down through the ages and kept closely guarded by various spiritual lineages.  Many of them require a much higher level of awareness/perspective to understand than had been normally held by the common man at any given time in history.  As we know, that which is misunderstood, confusing or worse yet, contradicts the authoritarian perspective of the time (in terms of religions or governments) can incite quite extreme behavior and backlash and so these teachings were kept secret to protect and preserve them and those who held them.  Now, however, for the most part, we live in a much more open and accepting world in certain respects, so these teachings may not seem so controversial or extreme… but do not let that disarm you.  The amount of wisdom and knowledge contained within these words is monumental and there are often many layers of understanding to them.  Often times what we see on first glance is only but a reflection of the deeper profound nature contained therein which can only be revealed through contemplation and direct experience of what is spoken of.  So it is that intellectual understanding and first hand experience are often miles apart.

The Secret Teaching: Selected Aspects

Since the beginning of man’s appearance on this planet, there has been a continual succession of spiritual teachers. This mostly hidden chain of Masters has protected and shared Spiritual Knowledge with those people who were capable of using it. Throughout the ages, the external form of this Knowledge has changed to meet the shifting needs of different societies and geographical regions, yet, internally all the Great Religious Forms are united in the Light.
Some have called this Way of Knowing, the Perennial Philosophy, the Secret Teaching or the One True Religion. In ages past, it was offered by the Adepts in the Great Pyramid, it was the Gold of Alchemy, and in more modern times, the Wine that the Sufi becomes intoxicated with. Historically some of its exponents have included: Raymond Lully, Roger Bacon, Paraclesus, Geber, Albertus Magnus, St. Thomas Aquinas  and different Popes such as Pope Silvester II, just too name a few.*

What is this Secret Teaching you ask? It is an inner spiritual knowing or experience of the Divine, and assumes an ever changing and evolving external form so we may understand and grasp it.  For our age, offered below are some of the key aspects of this  life altering elixir. Here take a sip of this wondrous, spiritual wine and may you grow closer to your true, lasting self.

The Message
The message has always been the same. We are the ones who have forgotten. The religion is one and humanity has a common Source. Over time, because people are different culturally, messengers and religious forms vary. This confuses people.
The Light is the binding force of the universe and is the mother and father of us all.  It is the great river from which we all came. On the surface, the river’s water shifts due to changing currents and wind. Yet beneath the surface the water remains calm and tranquil.
In this age, people are frightened and searching for something to help ease their fear and unite them.  It is there, but we have forgotten to go deep and embrace our common spiritual heritage.
Within each, the Light is waiting to bring us Home and illume the darkness.

Selected Aspects
One Family. All the religions are one. Humanity is one family and we have come here to express more fully who we are and join in creation with the Source.
Individual Expression of the Source. In the Universe there is a uniting and primal energy that connects all things- the Source. We are a unique expression of this energy/creative force and have come here to more fully understand our relationship to this energy and sing its praise -joining in- with the melody of the spheres/universe, as mature creative beings.
The Duality. While in this world, we can experience and express our self in many ways. We have left the world of spirit and entered into a world of forms. This duality of spirit and physical form, which is beautifully endless, further confuses people and they get caught-up and forget who they are- their duality. They are both physical and beings of Light, spiritual travelers, going from world to world expressing them self in many ways and the highest form of expression is always helping another.
Disconnect from Spirit. Because we have entered a world of forms there is a basic duality, set of opposites and seeming disconnect from our spiritual nature. Here in this physical form, we can both destroy and create- this is our birth right; the traveler who doesn’t give-in to his/her basic or lower self has learned to conquer his own obstacles and is on his way to fuller expression of the higher self. The higher self is always connected to the Source, and knows on an inner, spiritual level where it is going and the point of the long journey. We came here to be creators and join in Kingship with the Source.
World Problems. All of the problems of living in this world are due to spiritual travelers forgetting who they are and giving into their lower self; this selfishness comes in many forms and is root cause of the destruction due to war and individual greed that routinely expresses itself on this planet.
Empty Place. Within each of  us there is an empty place, a longing for our Home beyond the stars; this longing pushes us forward to fill the empty place within and remember who we are-Beings of Light- who have come here to express who we are in a multiplicity of form.
Forgetting Who We Are. Because of the beauty and variety of this physical world, many travelers get caught-up, forgetting for a time who they are and try to fill this empty place with all manner of things/people. For a time, they are ‘ill,’ have ‘world sickness’ and go about looking for the cure: which is spiritual knowing and Light. The Paths and servants exist, in part, to help others find their way back Home; starting the return journey, spiritually, while in this present physical form.
Love & Fear. All human emotions arise out of 2 basic, primal expressions of the physical duality; these are love and fear. Fear drives the lower nature and can cause people to think of self over others; while love is the ultimate expression of the higher self and most perfectly aligns with the Source. The higher nature is always connected with the Source; while the lower nature is concerned with personal physical expression and when exaggerated causes us to forget and drown out the call of the Higher.
Remember. When the spiritual remembers who we are- this is a beginning of conscious spiritual awareness and learning to express self more fully in a spiritual form.
Each Soul is Unique. Each traveler is a unique individual expression of the Source and as such has many unique capacities. Each has come here to express these capacities, helping self and others; more fully understand who they are.
Passing On. The very nature of the physical experience, because it is tied to time and place, is transitory and we must travel on. We have come here for a brief afternoon in the timeless eternity and take with us to the next place our love and all the love we share with people, other creatures and all the wonderful things we create in expressing our higher self.
Forgiving Self & Others. Those expressions of the lower self remain attached to us for a time, until we learn to shed them and reach higher. Through love these creations are altered and return to the universal ether. Forgiving self and others, we learn to travel higher.
Many Levels of Help. Throughout our stay in this world, we are helped by many, as we are helped by the Source with the life giving energy of the Light. This assistance comes in spiritual and physical form; many are assigned these tasks.
Inner Knowing. The Secret Teaching is an inner spiritual knowing and experience of the Source and its outer form is contained, in part, by the words offered here. Humanity is one family- all the religions are one- and the ills and evils of this world are due to traveler’s excess- putting their lower need before their higher and the need of others.
Listen to Your Heart. If you wish to know who you are- then travel inward; go beyond religion, go beyond fear; find your inner center or heart. Listen to its whispers for it will lead you Home and is always connected with the Source. Everyone is a beam of Light from a larger Sun and none is different in this regard.
For a time, many forget who they are become lost and strike-out in selfishness and greed; this is the basic duality of the experience we have chosen to experience. To rise higher,  remember who you are- a child of Light and have brought with you everything you need for this experience; this knowing and love will help you with your journey through this world and the worlds to come.

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New intergalactic matrix: How you can help - now - and on the 10th October 2013 (10:10)

New intergalactic matrix
How you can help - now - and on the 10th October 2013 (10:10)

Some people think that something is only valid if it sounds complicated. Truth is simple and regardless of how deep a concept it needs to convey, it can be simply stated.
The Earth Mother ascended on 21st December 2012 without her physical body (Earth).  As we know, it is quite normal to ascend without a physical body. The goal of the Light Force on Earth was to assist the Earth to ascend. This was achieved. The ascension of her own physical body was not a part of that brief, although she was given a lot of help by the Light Force and the Higher Light Realms to assist her with her own goal for her life forms (which includes humanity) to increase their light sufficiently so as to move with her as she ascended. The Earth Mother had a personal desire to increase the frequency of Light of her physical body (Earth) in addition to her other subtle bodies. But she recently realised there were too many humans who weren’t yet ready for that level of Light acceleration. So she continued on her own evolutionary plan of ascension and replaced herself with a team of highly evolved custodians, new divas and new (but less in number) Elementals. Most of the older divas and elementals that were operating here have been slowly leaving the planet up to the 21st December. The new team is in place to keep everything functioning normally as the influx of light continues to stream into the Earth to assist the final return home of the remainder of the Light Force, allow the ascension of the physical body of Earth and the remaining population of Earth to continue on their own personal Ascension path. Light will continue to flood into the planet in preparation for those events to occur.
For some time now a wonderful new intergalactic matrix spanning many dimensions, has been in a state of creation. This matrix will link the Earth with all its galactic neighbours. The intention is to create a huge new interplanetary network which can be used by many planets and their populations. This will assist Earth’s Lightworkers speed things up.
The final movement and locking into place of this Matrix is destined for 10:10:2013 (10:10:2013 = 8 Infinity.) At that point, a huge influx of Light will be able to be accessed by Earth and all those individuals who have a sufficient quotient of light to be able to access those frequencies. Its creation will allow the other dimensions to be more transparent and hence more easily accessed and viewed. If you have children who suddenly start telling you they can ‘see things’ that others can’t see, they probably can.
Over the period of time that covers the 10th October this year, many groups of Lightworkers have found themselves planning to go to different locations around the Earth.

10:10:10:10 of 2013 (=10)
Please read the detailed explanation ahead. 
(The procedure is ALSO written as a LIST ahead.)

It is to be considered a special day and groups joining together on that day can greatly assist the ease of the anchoring process. This can be done by forming a circle with friends (Note: if you are alone that is also OK) and becoming as still and as ‘thought free’ as you can. You need to be standing (not sitting) at this stage. This will allow the anchoring of the higher dimensional light rods and silver cord connections that are about to be used. Begin at 10 minutes past 10am local time. (10:10:10:10:2013 =10). (10:10:2013 = 8 Infinity) At that time, each individual to say out loud - ‘I Invoke the Gold Ray of Christ’ (say three times). Then say - ‘I Invoke My Mighty I Am Presence of my Highest Evolution’ (say three times). If it is impossible to do it at 10 past 10am, it is still better to do it than not do it.
As a group together you may like to invoke out loud the following, to ensure that you are functioning in the best possible cleared space.
“Through the Christed Light of God,  I Am One with Divine Creation and through this Presence, I Invoke the Sacred Violet Flame to transmute anything within my space that is not in alignment with the Highest Source of All Creation and the Divine Plan for Earth.”  (say three times)
Be still and wait several minutes to allow the Violet Flame to transmute anything that may be needed. It is OK to have things that need transmuting. Many do. So what! Don’t block things needing to shift, because you want to appear perfect! Ego has no place on this day.
Allow yourself to be drawn upwards (by your I Am Presence and the Light Ascended Realms) - so that you span as many dimensions as you personally can comfortably handle. You don’t need to know how many you are able to handle. It will just happen. Remain standing as still as you can for about 15 minutes. Stillness is needed so a network of cords can be created while you are in a standing position with chakras aligned. But you don’t need to be totally still like a statue! Then you can sit if you wish, as the cords will now be established. While you are still in this quiet space, you can say the decree ahead. It may be an idea to do this as an individual. Then if someone slips up while saying it, that person can quietly restart. It’s OK to slip up. I have done so many times. It’s OK to make mistakes, we just correct them.
Once the Decree is done you can talk to each other and have a ‘cuppa’ (English slang for cup of tea, etc.) How good is that - we help the planet and socialise. It would be ideal if you could stay together for around another 20 minutes.  
Ahead is a decree you can do if you wish to and it resonates as truth for you. Decrees assist the Higher Light Realms to act on behalf of the Lightworkers on Earth. Universal Law requires that Lightworkers repeat a Decree 3 times (power of three/holy trinity) using exactly the same words. If you slip up on a word while saying it, you need to stop and start it all again. And it does sometimes happen that we stumble on a word right in the last line of the third time through. What a good test of patience! It is vital you redo it - or else it has not been done. After the Decree has been said 3 times, please say the remaining two lines once only which brings it into being. (i.e. Anchor, Lock and Seal.  So Be It, etc.) 
By Divine Decree, In the Name of God, under the Law of Grace, I request the Highest Realms of Light to contact the I Am Presence of every Lightworker and Starseed on Earth who is currently unprepared for the vast increase of light due upon Earth on the 10th October 2013 as Earth connects to the new higher dimensional inter galactic matrix, and to rapidly but safely, bring each of those to a conscious state of preparedness, where this is in alignment with their own Divine plan.  
Anchor Lock and Seal
So Be it. So It Is. So Mote It Be. It Is Done

WHAT TO DO ON THE DAY - laid out as a list of 10 steps to make it easy on the day

1.   Stand in a circle with friends and become as still and as ‘thought free’ as you can. (Note: if you are unable to connect to a group, do it alone.)
2  Begin at 10 minutes past 10am local time. (10:10:10:10:2013 =10) by each person saying out loud - I Invoke the Gold Ray of Christ’ (say three times).
3.   Each person to say out loud - I Invoke My Mighty I Am Presence of my Highest Evolution’ (say 3 times)
4.   As a group, say out loud - “Through the Christed Light of God,  I Am One with Divine Creation and through this Presence, I Invoke the Sacred Violet Flame to transmute anything within my space that is not in alignment with the Highest Source of All Creation and the Divine Plan for Earth.”  (say three times.)
5.   Then be still and wait several minutes to allow the Violet Flame to transmute anything that may be needed.
6.   Allow yourself to be drawn upwards by your I Am Presence and the Higher Ascended Realms of Light so that you span as many dimensions as possible.
7.   Remain standing, as still as possible, for about 15 minutes.
8.   Then you can sit if you wish.
9.   Say the following decree, as an individual, out loud three times word perfect.
By Divine Decree, In the Name of God, under the Law of Grace, I request the Highest Realms of Light to contact the I Am Presence of every Lightworker and Starseed on Earth who is currently unprepared for the vast increase of light due upon Earth on the 10th October 2013 as Earth connects to the new higher dimensional inter galactic matrix, and to rapidly but safely, bring each of those to a conscious state of preparedness, where this is in alignment with their own Divine plan.
 Anchor Lock and Seal
So Be it. So It Is. So Mote It Be. It Is Done 
10. You can now have a chat and a drink, preferably for a further 20 minutes together as a group.

The Decree mentioned above to be done on the day of 10:10 is intended to ensure that all Lightworkers are prepared. But we can also start doing that Decree now which can give the Ascended Realms of Light additional time to prepare some Lightworkers. Read the decree. See if it resonates as truth for you. It needs to be said 3 times using exactly the same words. If we are in the right space when we say a Decree it only needs to be done once (but 3 times through). If you slip up on a word, start again. Become still, connect to your highest place. Say I Invoke My Mighty I Am Presence of my Highest Evolution.’ Begin the decree above. After the Decree has been said 3 times, say the last two lines once only
Lightworkers are leaving all the time. The after mission banquet ‘up there’ is filling up! We often get a feeling when our true work is finishing and our time here is coming to an end. We can always find good work to do, so that in itself is not a sign. The key is whether our contracted work is completed. That is the issue. A strong desire to leave is also not a sign. This could be the individual expressing a personal desire. Just remember that before anyone can leave here, everything within must be in balance - and that includes being in a space where you are equally OK about staying here as you are about leaving. Any excess in either direction needs to be rebalanced. If you are not happy being here, you could ask yourself what have you created that you are not content with? If you’re wary about leaving, check there’s no ‘fear of the unknown’ that may be encouraging you to feel ‘you will be here for along time’. Perhaps you are meant to stay a while, but we need to make sure that thought isn’t coming from some old idea, fear or pattern.
Everything is proceeding perfectly as planned. All is in perfect Divine Order. The Earth Mother has ascended, as she and we and the Higher Realms planned so long ago. She has left behind her earth body to house the remainder of humanity until they ascend. With major goals and work completed, many Lightworkers have already left and more leave all the time. The planet’sfrequency is on a steady trajectory continually becoming lighter and finer. Large influxes of Light are predicted to assist all bands of reality at the level they can comfortably handle. One of these large infusions of Light is the new intergalactic matrix being anchored into Earth on 10:10. As mentioned in December articles, there are three bands of reality here. Any areas or countries that lie within one of the bands that still have some dense energy to be released, are creating the change they need to bring this about. One obvious example is the demonstrations and rapidly changing governments.
When we view things from a limited 3D perspective only, little makes real sense. You may have heard, ‘If you can't see the inherent perfection in all things and in all aspects of your life, simply make yourself larger.’ The higher picture is the truth of the situation, not the 3D apparency. What is happening here on Earth is so beautiful and there is magic and wonder everywhere. It would be a shame if any of us limited our view to only see 3D. It would mean we are reducing the amount of light we add to the planet and are missing the opportunity to enjoy every moment of our amazing final steps in a 3D world. Let us get into a space of fun and gratitude, enjoying the beauty of this place. It’s time to sit back and reap the benefits of all the discipline we’ve applied in our life as we’ve continued releasing all the universe persisted in showing us what needed handling. 
In the past we’ve heard predictions of disaster and countries falling into the ocean. Indeed there was once a time, many many years ago, where this was a possible scenario as this idea slowly gained momentum as agreement and belief were added. However, enough Lightworkers, understanding that thought creates our world, held fast to what they preferred for this planet, rather than agree to someone else’s idea of what was to be. Thus the disaster of cleansing with water was averted, which would have caused great hardship, pain and death to many life forms upon Earth, and the reality that the Earth Mother preferred and chose, which was to cleanse the dense energies with Light, moved fully into the fore as the predominant reality, where it remains.
We perceived great lightness permeate the planet on the 21st December 2012 as the Earth Mother ascended. Many experienced the new frequency of finer light and peaceful stillness. For those who were perhaps caught up in other things at that time and did not notice the change, that new frequency now just seem normal to us. Now we can experience another large influx of light as the new intergalactic matrix is anchored into Earth on 10:10.
I read a channelling recently that I feel contained a very relevant message for all of us. ‘Be open to all that is flowing in. Be the witness, the observer, you don't have to like it, judge it, analyze or react to it, simply know that it is there. Allow the information to flow through you, you don't have to hold on to it or react to it.  Receive what is yours to learn and act upon, decline what is not. Learning to distinguish what is yours and what belongs to others is very important for you now.’ Another thing I read, maybe 40 years ago, was ‘Communication is the universal solvent.’ I think it needs clarification. ‘Communication with love is the universal solvent.’ We move closer every moment to a state of unconditional love. 
I am heading off to the Alaskan mountains soon to do some work with the new Matrix and then on to other locations for 10:10. I suggest we all stay open to feeling drawn to be in a certain place or area on that date. It may be your local favourite hill or even another country, but listen to your inner voice. As ever, we are led to where we are truly meant to be.
I just bought a fun sign for my wall - ‘With a coffee in one hand and a wand in the other, I can rule the world.’ Life is such fun…..

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Light Body – The Special Features

Astronauts who go on space missions wear special suits that create the necessary living conditions for them inside it. These suits ensure that the individuals receive the necessary temperature, oxygen to breathe and also appropriate air pressure for the proper functioning of the physical body. Similar suits are worn by those who venture into alien environments like ocean-depths or the mouth of active volcanoes. These environments are so extreme that the physical bodies would immediately disintegrate without these suits.
When we contemplate on this everyday fact, we realise that all of our bodies are very similar to these space suits, which enable us to exist and experience Life on this Earth. Our Spiritual sheath, Intellect, Mind and finally the Physical body are the space suits which have allowed us to travel all the way from our Source to this Planet. Without these bodies, we the Souls wouldn’t even be able to exist in these planes, much less experience Creation here.
Our journey into the New age can be likened to going into a new environment, which requires us to shed our old space suits and pick up sophisticated ones that fit the changed conditions on this Earth. The Lord have designed very advanced bodies for us to occupy in the New Light Age. This article looks in depth at the very specific features of the Light bodies and also explains the seven different types of Light bodies that’ll be available in the New Age.
The Basic Constituent Elements
The Material Cosmos is made up of the five elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. These elements combine in different proportions and form the basic physical particles like neutrons, protons and the electrons. The current physical body is also made up of the same five basic elements.
The new Light bodies are created using a finer and higher grade of these five elements. The combination and proportion of the elements will also be different, as compared to the proportion in the current bodies. In addition, the energies from the Divine Cosmoses and other Universes will be infused in these new bodies. All these changes are incorporated so that every cell in the Light body will be able to hold and radiate the Divine Light.
The present physical body has been used as the template to build a highly efficient and enhanced Light body. The overall structure and appearance of the new body will resemble our current physical body. There will be a skeletal structure as the basic frame, covered by muscle and tissue like now, but all the cells will be containing Light.  Many of the internal organs will continue to exist, so do the other processes like respiration and circulation. But the overall role and functioning of these systems have undergone a major overhauling.
Many changes have been made at the cellular level of the body. The frequency of vibration of the cells will be about 12 times the current frequency, which indicates a highly advanced spiritual condition of the Soul that occupies such a body. The density of the new cells will increase by four to six times the density at present. Each cell will be able to hold and glow with Light and other special energies from different sources.
Internal Systems of the Light Body
We will continue to have a digestive system but its function will not be to digest the food that’s eaten, as it is now. In future, the new varieties of plants will gather ‘Pranas’ from the Sun in the form of fruits, and when they are consumed, the digestive system will first absorb these Pranas.  This Prana is then converted into an appropriate energy that is required for the Light body to function.
The respiratory system will continue to function as it does now. The in-breath and out-breath helps in the regulation of Prana that’s received from the Second Sun. The blood that flows through our entire body will be replaced with a special liquid called ‘Luminous Enzyme’. This liquid will be able to distribute the Pranas and Light all over the Light body. The Luminous Enzyme is the same liquid that forms the circulatory system of Unicorns.
As explained in the earlier articles, our bodies will grow to a height of 25-40 feet, with a proportional increase in size and shape of all the organs and body parts. At present, we use around 15-20% of our brain’s capacity. In the New Light bodies, we’ll be able to use 100% of its potential. The brain will be rewired for more of intuitive grasping and telepathic communication, while retaining its capacities for logical reasoning and analysis. The present nervous system will be replaced with an advanced system, consisting of a new faculty called as ‘Tubicular Light’ in place of nerves.
The means of reproduction will be through higher methods instead of sexual intercourse. People can choose to procreate through contact with each other or just with their intention. The infant will develop inside the womb of the mother as it does now. This feature has been retained in order to keep the Light bodies as ‘human’ as possible. After birth, the infant will grow into an adult in a mere three years, during which time, the astral body will be able to completely integrate with the physical Light body.
Sense Organs of the New Light Body
The Sense organs of the Physical body are the doorways of experience for the Soul. An individual perceives the physical world around him through the senses and then creates meaning out of these perceptions. In the New Light bodies, the sense organs will be highly advanced so that they’re capable of grasping the new experiences of the Light Age.
1. Eyes: The eyes of the Light bodies can see not only the physical world but the astral worlds too. This capacity will be the source of our ‘psychic visions’ in the New Age. We will be able to view what’s happening in other parts of our Earth without any distortions.  With this faculty working in tandem with the Higher 3rd Eye, ‘Clairvoyance’ will be a natural phenomenon in all Light bodies.
2. Ears: Apart from the normal function of hearing, the ears will be enhanced with many new faculties, which enables the Light body to ‘listen’ to happenings around the world and even around the entire Galaxy!  A new gadget that revolves like a radar antennae will be placed inside the ear and this receives sound signals from any part of the Galaxy. This also contributes towards staying connected with others and manifesting Oneness.
3. Nose: The ability of the nose to sense smell will be enhanced in the Light body. Also the nose will have additional capacities which weren’t found in the earlier Light bodies. It will be able to detect the quantity of Light that an individual receives at any time. It also helps the individual in assessing the flow of different energies in his body. Most importantly, the new faculty in the nose alerts the individual to any dangers and also gives an indication of ‘death’.
4. Tongue: The taste perception of the tongue will be reduced since we do not consume much food in the New Light Age. Many changes will be made to this organ so that it can help the Light body in its work. New gadgets will be installed in the tongue which will assist the individual in detecting new chemicals, new energies and also sense ailments if any. The complete role and functioning of the tongue is yet to be revealed.
5. Skin: The sense of touch will be greatly enhanced in the New Light bodies as compared to the current physical bodies. The individual will be very sensitive to the surroundings and the changes that occur around him. He will be able to relate to Nature in a better way. The enhancements in the sense of touch will enable him to even detect and forecast the weather conditions.
This advanced faculty, commonly called as ‘Clairsentience’, enables the individual to feel the vibrations of others and become sensitive to their thoughts and emotions. New gadgets will be fixed on the fingertips which enhance the sense of touch. These gadgets help the individual connect to different vibrations of Nature, especially to the ‘Stillness’ in existence, so that he can easily enter the zones of Stillness at will. Apart from helping the individuals in manifesting oneness with others, these gadgets also emit unique rays which help in relating to higher beings.
The basic sensory functionality provided by the above five organs will receive a boost because of two new gadgets. The first gadget placed inside the ears co-ordinates the functioning of all the sensory organs. This gadget has been carefully designed by the Rishis and modified by the Supreme Intelligence Himself. It has the ability to receive more Light and Energies required for the proper functioning of the Light body.
A tentacle shaped second gadget will be placed in the ear lobes of the Light body. This will be responsible for the maintenance and proper functioning of various gadgets and faculties in the body. It secretes different juices to lubricate and maintain all these gadgets.
The Seven Types of Light Bodies
Apart from these general features, the Light bodies will have special and unique characteristics according to the Souls that occupy them. Souls from various origins having different capacities and purposes will take birth on our Earth in future; hence the bodies they occupy will also vary from one another.
The Light bodies of Avatars (incarnations) and Rishis will be able to hold more Light and manifest more diversity whereas the Light bodies occupied by the Souls from other Universes will be able to exhibit various new characteristics. The Light bodies housing these Souls will be equipped to enhance the special characteristics of the Soul and hence the different Light bodies will have different capacities.
Seven such Light bodies are available in the New Light Age for different types of Souls. These Seven Light bodies are differentiated mainly by the colour of Light that they emit. They are:
  1. Violet Light Body
  2. Golden Light Body
  3. Blue Light Body
  4. White Light Body
  5. Violet-Blue Light Body
  6. Diamond Light Body
  7. Diamond-Golden Light Body
Violet Light Body: This is the supreme among all Light bodies and will be highly developed. Only very few Souls occupy the Violet Light body in the New Light Age. Such individuals take birth for a special purpose and will play an important role in God’s plan.
Golden Light Body: All the new Souls which come from Parabrahma Loka will take birth in a Golden Light Body. Many new Souls from this Loka are expected to take birth once the New Light Age dawns on our Earth.
Blue Light Body: Many Souls from other Universes will be taking birth in this part of Creation for the first time. Such Souls will occupy a Blue Light Body. This Light body is the purest among the seven types and hence all its faculties will be most efficient, thus helping the  newly arrived Souls to experience the maximum at the physical level.
White Light Body: The individuals on this Earth who qualify for the New Light Age will transmute their physical bodies into White Light Bodies. Also those Souls who’ve lived on this Earth earlier and would want to take birth again in the New Age will incarnate in these bodies.
Violet-Blue Light Body: When Divine Personalities incarnate on our Earth, they’ll occupy the Violet-Blue Light bodies.
Diamond Light Body: These special Light bodies shine with a very bright white Light. They also have many diamond shaped structures which radiate light of various colours. These bodies are occupied by the Rishis and Rishi-Workers.
Diamond-Golden Light Body: This is a very special Light body which will be occupied by a few Rishis and their workers. Apart from the diamond shaped structures found in the Diamond Light bodies, these bodies will also have a golden layer of Light. These Light bodies help in anchoring of energies, hence  the specialist Rishis who arrive for this work will take birth in such bodies.
Although the Light bodies and the Souls that occupy them are different and have varying capacities, they all will live together in harmony, as Oneness is the essence of living in the Light Age. This factor of manifesting oneness in spite of the diversity will be one of the tests for these individuals. The New Souls who take birth for the first time and those from other Universes will have more capacities and potentials, yet they’ve to be humble and share their gifts with others. Similarly the Souls from Parabrahma Loka have to manifest more love and accommodate everyone.
Some Additional Features
The Light bodies shine with such brilliance that they’ll not cast any shadows. The bodies will be strong, healthy and free of any diseases. If any part of the body gets severed by accident, the Light body can heal and re-grow that part. A special gadget  placed inside the heart radiates Love all the time. This gives our heart a unique ability to heal others when they’re going through emotional issues.
A number of new gadgets and faculties will be fitted in these Light bodies. These faculties provide a fuller and expanded experience to the Soul, which wasn’t possible until now.
The bodies age gradually over a period of 200-250 years after which death occurs, as it happens now, by separation of the astral body from the Light body. The individual will be able to leave his Light body at will or wait for the destined time. When death happens, people gather around the Light body and pay regards to it. They thank God for providing a vehicle for the Soul to occupy and experience Life  on this Earth. The body is then buried and allowed to merge back into Mother Earth.
In the New Age, people will have a heightened awareness of the capacities and functioning of the Light bodies. They’ll have a sense of sacredness towards this wonderful body which allows them to have a full experience of Human life on this planet. They wear clothes made of natural fibres, not for the sake of modesty or to protect it from natural elements, but mainly because of the awareness to take care of this gift from the Supreme Intelligence.
The physical body is not just a sheath that enables the soul to experience the physical life on this Earth. Like any object in creation, it has its own awareness but because of the association with the Human soul, it has an advanced degree of intelligence. This intelligence will function to the maximum extent in the New Light bodies because of the inherent purity and perfection. The result is a highly advanced body filled with supreme intelligence and wonderful capacities.
Those of us who qualify for the New Age need not undergo a biological death in order to take up a Light body. We will be able to transmute the existing physical bodies into advanced Light bodies, which is also the spiritual challenge that we face. Several processes are involved which help in the transmutation of the current body into the pristine pure condition of a Light body.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Women: Reclaiming The Sacred Feminine so You can Shine in a New Era

For thousands of years feminine Mystery Schools existed to initiate women (and men) into embodied feminine wisdom.
From the Isis temples of ancient Egypt to the Inanna temples of Sumeria, from Avalon to the Oracle at Delphi, women came to seek training and remembrance of their inner divinity and development of skills to step into their spiritual power. But eventually these lineages and the knowledge they held disappeared into the dark, one by one.
There is a collective movement happening deep within many of us that is calling us to reclaim and remember these ancient lineages and bring them forward in new ways. The Divine Feminine is now making Herself known with an urgent, raw and passionate power.
But what do these ancient initiatory schools have to teach us as modern women about the sacred feminine within us? What depth of understanding did they have about the unique ways that women awaken to their power and fullness?
Much of humanity has lost connection with our feminine qualities. There is a deep disconnection with the Earth, with our bodies, and with the very essence of life. And as a result, for many people, life has lost its deeper sense of soul purpose or meaning. When we are starved of this connection, we quite literally wither and dry up inside. We can feel isolated and alone.
As a result, there is a deep healing needed for our collective planetary soul. And we are called to now offer a place where we can come together in sacred space and undertake a soul retrieval of the feminine, both for ourselves and our larger community. In doing so, we have an opportunity to reconnect with the ancient feminine wisdom that lives both inside our bodies and in the layers of the collective unconscious.
As we integrate the ancient female lineages of the past and re-ignite the fires of schools like Avalon, Dendara, Delphi, Egypt, the Maya and so many more – we begin to re-weave the missing thread in our souls and our psyches.

And we can remember why we are truly here in this lifetime.

That said, remembering is only one piece of the puzzle. The call today is to stay connected to this ancient knowing while evolving our consciousness and our methods to match our modern world.
Our divine task is hold fast to the sacred feminine thread while at the same time attending to our family responsibilities, including children or aging parents, or attending to an often-overflowing email inbox, unceasing cell phones, and never-ending TO DO List.
So how do we do it? How do we offer our deepest soul gifts into the world in a way that feels elegant, graceful and aligned? And how can we give of ourselves in true SERVICE to the planet, offering healing and love to some of the darkest corners of the Earth?

If you are a woman who is ready to do a deep piece of soul work, reconnect to your sense of deeper meaning, and help blaze a new path forward for the feminine, then this FREE online series is for you

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