Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Co-Creating Heaven on Earth: Practical Strategies for a World that works ... for All

We’ve all had moments of experiencing “Heaven on Earth,” times in which our lives are infused with such beauty, love, generosity and grace that we feel deeply fulfilled — even transcendent.
With these moments, we tap into our soul’s wisdom of what’s possible... a thriving global family, united in a peaceful, sustainable civilization.
We call this our “New Story,” but it’s really humanity’s oldest dream — to create a world that truly works for ALL...
But how can we have Heaven on Earth, on any scale, while there is so much suffering on our planet — while humans are trafficked and enslaved? While children die every day from preventable diseases and starvation? While some corporations squander the world’s resources and pollute our ecosystems?
If you feel hopeless, helpless or confused about what you can do to contribute to real, lasting transformation for a world where EVERYONE can flourish, you’re not alone.
We’re presenting Co-Creating Heaven on Earth to bring HOPE... to equip and empower you by providing practical ways to move toward fulfilling this bold, beautiful dream of a planet that works for all.
When you join us, you’ll hear from some of the most innovative luminaries of our time, offering essential insights and practices for creating a true Heaven on Earth — internally, relationally and as a global family.
You’ll also discover practical, game-changing strategies for how we can extend the basic foundations for a thriving life for ALL of Earth’s citizens.
Together, we’ll enter into a space of fearless visioning, inspired thinking and courageous contributions.
Most of all, we’ll unite in the belief that Heaven on Earth IS possible. And that we can eradicate the worst suffering in human history through co-creating a global civilization that we can be proud of — one that honors our inherent connection and expresses our greatest potential.
We can make this dream our reality. It takes evolving both our consciousness AND our society — and eliminating some of the most egregious forms of pain and devastation around the world.
If you long to make a profound positive impact in this lifetime, please join us for this free 3-day online event here:
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