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The  death seal of 666 has been completely removed from the human race. This carbon based inorganic seal will melt away and we will begin our awakening into the crystal based organic eternal life bodies. A spontaneous MASS AWAKENING WILL OCCUR, however, the awakening takes place in our dream state for the next five years. I watch my unfolding into my new crystal body and my journies into Inner Earth every night. The first step in the Mass Awakening is to make sure that you are preparing your consciousness to go to the right place when you die, unless you are planning to learn to turn your body into light and orb into Inner Earth in 2017. If that is your plan, you should definitely study everything at this website. If you have a different plan, I recommend this:
I highly recommend and admire the work that  Theresa Talea  did in her book, THE TRUTH ABOUT GOD,  on proving AA MICHAEL should never be trusted. Everyone must decide for themselves. It sounds like she has gone through the same 12 years of training with Ashayana Deane studying Keylontics Science and the 250 billion years of creation, that I went through. The difference between her understanding and mine, is that I didn't grow up as a Catholic and a mother that had a very broad knowledge of communicating with God and gods. I didn't have a background of all of deception of the New Age Movement and the teachings of other Religions. This is why I think it would be helpful to look at this delima we are in from her point of view as well as from my point of view.
My background was from early childhood teachings that aligned exactly with the Source Model of Keylontic Science coming from the Essenes and the reality that the true Jeshua 12 only taught the science that the Mind of God lives within man--not outside of man. The true Jesus only taught man to be free and to use the God Source Energy as Eternal Life. 

It is obvious that many of the twisted stories in the Bible were twisted by AA MICHAEL himself, to remove the Eternal Life Energy For those who do no understand what Christ Consciousness is, it means immortality- no aging or death, ability to manifest instantly all desires, no illness, sickness or pain. It means complete love for everyone at all times. It means the alignment of our minds The 666 was created by the Wesadrak AA MICHAEL BLUE SWORD FLAME and the Phantom Matrix tying our hearts into a knot that could not get free from mortality. Please refer to TALEA's book, THE TRUTH ABOUT GOD to learn the details about AA MICHAEL and all of the deception being spread through that name. She also did a fabulous job in explaining the 666, the truth about the Flower of Life teachings, THOTH, LUCIFER, the Ashtar Command, Galactic Federation, and the difference between the Eternal Life Technologies and the Death technologies that are largely used by all New Agers and most Light Workers. 
I was planning on taking a month out of my life to explain these things myself, but seeing how rapidly everyone copies what I say, I decided to just let you all ready TALEA's book. Please spread the word. We are entering a very dangerous time. Since the Phantom Matrix has been separated from Earth, the Lightworkers are just actively continuing the work that AA Michael knew they would continue.

This was for the purpose of creating a slave race that AA Michael would be the supreme being God. He removed himself from the true SOURCE of Eternal Life Energy to create his own Matrix. He cannot survive without the continuous inhale of the frequencies of those of us who truly are Angelic Humans. AA MICHAEL is a FALLEN ANGEL who is actively creating demonic islands and attaching them to the light bodies of those on Earth. 
His mission has already failed. The Earth is already detatched from his Demonic Matrix. However, the consciousness of many on Earth are still actively connecting to his Consciousness and they are in the same danger of deascension as they were before the Earth separated from the Phantom Matrix and the Wesadrak and Wesadek Matrixes. We must continuously attach our consciousnes into the 12 subharmonics of the the Eternal Life Matrix of Source.
There are more and more people actively claiming to produce 12 DNA frequencies, and they are openly addmitting that they are using the frequencies of AA MICHAEL.
I created meditations that used the word AA MICHAEL in them. I never actually worked with those frequencies, but used that name unknowingly. Those who have used my meditations and frequencies are in no way in danger of connecting with AA MICHAEL unless they choose to. 
I have shut down my entire website two separate times, and tried to make sure the words AA MICHAEL and all of those associated with that matrix be removed from my articles and meditations. If you run accross those words in any of my works please ignore them and replace it with the word Source. The only frequency that I ever connect with is Source. I only use names to help other people associate what their own understanding is. It was my attempt to connect with the back ground knowledge of others. 
The twisted stories in the Bible were twisted by AA MICHAEL himself, to remove the Eternal Life Energy from the human angelics on Earth.
The point that should make it easy for you to decide is this. Why do you need to keep talking to AA MICHAEL, when you could be talking to Source just as easily. Why do you think you need to create a god to help you, when you could call upon the true god or Source of your creation. Why do you need to call on an entity who made himself a god, when you could call on your own Soul Family, which is the only on who will ever be of any value to you? If AA MICHAEL is not a false god, then why do the channelers keep copying my blogs and then saying that it came from Michael? There are many great teachings being given in the name of AA MICHAEL at this time. The ones that are great sound like the teachings that came from our Inner Earth Guardians 12 years ago warning us to stay away from AA MICHAEL. This false god has decided that the only way to win his war is to say that he is the teacher of the divine works, even the 12 DNA, that he so emphatically denied 10 years ago, and was so afraid of 5 years ago. Now is a time of so many young, naive starseeds who don't know the differenc between the good guys and the bad guys.
I don't want to spend any more of my time on this debate because I'm going to Inner Earth, the one place AA MICHAEL will never gain entry to.

This is the path that I will be taking, and it has nothing to do with AA Michael, Thoth, Lucifer, Ashtar Command, or any of those other entities that will gladly take your energy away to create their own reality system.
Those who have been in alignment with the original Divine Blue print in Inner Earth and up through Source Consciousness will have continuous activation of their atunement into the new immortal template. The Divine Template that was the creation formula of the original Oraphim Angels in the first seeding of Tara will be returned to Earth.This zero point alignment is the point where the perfect creation of the divine blue print aligns in harmonic universe one, harmonic universe two -solar, harmonic universe three-galactic- harmonic universe four - universal and harmonic universe five - cosmic.
All five spheres will line up in perfect atunement of a brand new frequency of harmonic resonance creating a brand new cosmic time matrix and a re-birth into a brand new perfect creation. We will return to the perfect state of Christ.
For those who do no understand what Christ Consciousness is, it means immortality- no aging or death, ability to manifest instantly all desires, no illness, sickness or pain. It means complete love for everyone at all times. It means the alignment of our minds into Source Mind at all times.
 Earth and Tara will begin to merge. Blue Flame keepers(THIS DOES NOT MEAN the BLUE SWORD FLAME of AA Michael--his flame connects Earth into his PHANTOM MATRIX, the true Blue Flame connects to Sun Alcyone) will become 9th level avatars, as the blue flame spirals down from Sun Alcyone. Flame Holders who carry a rare recessive gene will have this gene activated. These holders contain a specific magnetic base tone in their DNA that allows them to become very magnetic and are able to hold this activation on Earth. Once the D 5 flame holder holds the frequencies of Sun Alcyone and pulls the frequencies into her Flame Keepers fourth heart chakra an intense infusion of harmonic universe two frequencies spread through the Amenti morphogenetic field and through the Earths Grid. This will allow rapid acceleration of fifth and sixth DNA strand assembly to occur throughout the populations. The seventh strand will begin assembly in those who already hold fifth and sixth. This activation will create a huge multidimensional awareness to occur on Earth.
When the Halls of Amenti merge Tara and Earth together, those who have assembled the fifth strand and are eligible for ascension to Tara will be guided to interdimensional transportation locations to Tara. Those who have sixth and seventh strands may be eligable for transport to Gaia. There may be others who will be transported to Aquarius, Aquafaria and a few who will go play in the heavens with the gods. This time is coming very soon.
First, we will shift into a different chemical make up. We will leave behind our carbon based bodies. We will become less dense. Our bodies and our environment will change. Those who move on to Tara will have an entirely different type of body than those who stay in Inner Earth. Those who move on to Gaia are almost invisible. Those who are of higher densities can see the lower densities; but those who remain 3D will not be able to see any of the new realities. It might seem like things are disappearing because the higher particle shifts will pull some in one direction and the lower will pull those in another direction. There are infinite density levels.
 Earth's fastest particles begin to transfer to hyperspace and the halls of records begin transmitting data through the Earth's grids. Universal memory will begin transmission through planetary grids.
Earth's elemental particle base will rise to 5 and the Earth's atmospheric particle base will rise to 6. This accretion level will allow the atmosphere and elementals from Inner Earth to appear on Earth. This will be our first vision of our New Earth. We will begin to see the atmosphere of Inner Earth forming around us and then we will notice more and more new species and inner earth gardens will appear. All of the animals and plants in Inner Earth sing continuously. We will notice this difference in Earth immediately.

Our Oraphim Cosmic Family announced that our rebirth will begin on May 5. We were told that the shift in Consciousness will be beyond our imagination.  It is a result of the New Earth aligning into the Aquarius Constellation.
Seeing comets is actually seeing walls breaking down between dimensions. Things and people will begin to disappear as some shift into higher dimensions. The walls are breaking down. We can now walk through the atomic mirror into the other side. Just like the Blue Smurffs. There is a magnetic mirror in the atmosphere. On the other side there is a higher dimension. We can train our brains to walk through the mirror. We can adjust our angular rotation of perception.
The Ancient Ones left symbols of themselves to remain on this Earth until they returned, or until we returned to their time. They left pyrmamids and sculptures. Now, those that were here before will return. Those who were here are our souls. We are the ones who were here. Our Souls and our Over Soul Families will return to us now. They went to the new universe and waited for us. Now we will go to the new universe.
There will be  a walk through to another place and another solar system. The solar plexus represents that walk through point. Once the seed atom is activated in the solar plexus, our third dimensional reality can merge into the 4,5,6 dimensions of the new solar system. Our Founders families have created the frequency bridge that will allow us to walk through the star gates into a new universe, a new solar system. They will return to us as we return to them.
This Earth is the most advanced it will ever be. It has finished it's 25,000 year evolution. Now we have gone to a higher place. A place that is much more advanced than this one. Now we have a bridge opening that will allow us to walk into that new place. 
We have been absorbed into the NEW EARTH. We were absorbed as a result of raising frequencies. The frequencies were raised by the arrangement of Star Seed Indigo Children being born who had 6DNA and 5DNA activated at birth, as well as six avatar babies who were born with 12 DNA ready to activate in a few years. Earth would not had been ready for this transition if those Star Seeds were not brought to Earth by the Melchizedek Emerald Cloister Order.
Lights will spray accross the sky, there will be heat waves, there will be sounds. It isn't really heat, or light or sound. It is really the warping of time. The sun already aligned with all of its planets and with its SOLAR DISK. It already had the magnetic pull into an absorption of a new reality,
When we leave, we leave an image of our selves behind to fill in the harmonic frequency connection to our new reality. Our Souls left us behind as a logo of themselves that they could reconnect to at a later time. That time has come. Now, that we are leaving, we have also left an imprint of ourselves in the old Earth. Now we must break free from that old imprint and move our frequencies to our new home.
From the eyes of the 3D scientists, it would appear as if there are as many as 20 meteorites per hour aiming at the Earth, and it is unknown how many actually hit the Earth. In 5D reality, the Cosmic Scientist would realize that it is actually the Earth that is going In To comets of the Aquarius Constellation. It is our time of At One Met with our Creator Galaxy. It is the time to return into our Harmonic Universe two and three of Tara and Gaia from Aquarius.
What is the difference between the 3D reality perception, the 5D reality perception and the 12 D reality perception. It is simply the amount of darkness or light that is placed within the perception lense at any particular angle of rotation. According to the amount of light available in 3D, the constellation would appear to be many light years in distance. However, in the 5D reality perception, there is very little distance at all. We are actually all within each other. When we rise into 12 perception, there is so much light and so little distance that we just live in light.
It is exactly the same as an artist who uses certain amounts of light and darkness in the painting to make the viewer think that something in the picture is closer or farther away. The painting is really just a flat surface, but certain amounts of light can make things appear closer.
So, this new reality field, this new proximity due to angular rotation of particle spin places us back into the reality that we came from. We are now in angular alignment with the consciousness of Gaia and Tara and our entire Oraphim family.
It is the time of the Rebirth into our Super Conscious Mind that will reconnect the seed atom wtihin the Solar Plexus and the seed atom within the Crystal Heart- which is within the Thymus, between chakra four and five. The Crystal Heart is called the 8th Chakra. On December 21, 2012, the alignment of the new body of the new Earth was tilted into an angle that allowed the meta galactic 8 consciousness to flow into alignment with our 8th chakra preparing for the galactic consciousness to begin the rebirth May 5, 2013.
We have already passed through the alignment with our Arturian Friends. That wasn't as significant as the alignment with Aquarius. Aquarius is the home of our Founders Race. The Oraphim Cetacean Founders created the Universal - Arantena, the Galactic Gaia and the Solar Tara. This is all the same STRING Family of Consciousness. The crystalline omnions of the spark of Source created this grand reality. The perfect structure was torn apart through Electric Wars and many other terrible events. Now, that perfect structure of Atuning all of the STRINGS back together will begin.
This scientific reality has been explained by Brian Green in his STRING THEORY. It has been seen in Unified Field Theory. It has been show by JZKnight by shifting the brain from the upper cerebellum into the mid brain. It has been shown by Ashayana Deane by activating the crystal heart to reunite all chakras into the 12 subharmonic atunement.
Some of us have been practicing these technologies for the past ten to twenty years, so we know how to tune in and how to activate this great mind, now that it is available to us. Before we were just practicing. Now it can actually happen.
We tune in to this new reality that is waiting around us through Frequencies. Our Super Conscious Mind speaks to us through Frequencies. If we keep tuning in to the old landscape in the old Upper Cerebellum Brain, the reality will continue to look like the old 3D Earth of the past. But, if we tune in our Frequencies to the Cosmic Consciousness of our Oraphim Family. We call them the Cosmic Dolpins. They were known in Aquarius as the Whale People.
They are the ones doing this entire Frequency alignment of the Earth back into Gaia. They are Aquafarian Elemental Consciousness streaming through our DNA. They are here with us always. We just need to tune in to them.
(Teachings of the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse)

Medicines of Light: Protection&Healing from Radiation Poisoning, Neurotoxins, Bacteria and Viruses

With the earthquake in New Zealand, followed by the earthquake in Japan, it is clear that you have entered a more complex phase of the Chaotic Node.
We wish to impart a method for protection and healing from radiation poisoning as well as other physical conditions. We call this Medicines of Light.
This is obviously related to current events unfolding in Japan, however, as future earth changes unfold, you may face similar challenges in your near future from other locations around the world.
This method will assist you to both protect and heal yourself from exposure, not only to radioactivity, but also to neurotoxins and to mutating forms of bacteria and viruses. From our perspective you can expect to see an increase of these in your near timeline.
The method involves connecting to your Celestial Soul, the BA. This action is to connect to the realms of light that are a part of your being.
Everything that exists in your cosmos can be viewed as a qualification or energetic expression of light—even your densest forms of matter are essentially a form of light.
In this method you connect to your Celestial Soul, holding the intent and expectation that it will impart to you an energetic that protects and/or heals you. You send this intent to your Celestial Soul with the emotional vibration of appreciation or gratitude. This is simply the vibrational resonance that activates this higher aspect of your being.
Once you send this intent conjoined with appreciation or gratitude to your BA, you shift your awareness into your heart chakra, receiving the energetic of healing or protection into the heart chakra. You might experience this energetic as a form of light, or as geometric patterns, or you may feel the sensation of a descent of energy. You may also experience this energetic simply as a thought/feeling.
Once the energetic is received in the heart chakra, it is ready to send.
For this phase you will need some pure water, since water holds this type of information extremely well. Holding a container of water in your hands, through intent, you send this energy that is in the heart chakra down the arms into the hands and through the chakras that are in the center of each palm. The energetic enters the water through this pathway.
We suggest you amplify this energetic by repeating the procedure three times, for a total of three times—two more times in addition to the first.  You then drink the water. The water permeates the water element of your body, and the healing and protective qualities eventually enter every cell.
Through this action you are qualifying light, causing it to descend through the central pathway of your body into your heart and sending it into the water element. The consciousness of the water receives this energetic, and when you drink it, the body receives it.
If you find yourself in a situation where you have been exposed to radioactivity you would engage this procedure as we have described it, qualifying the energy that descends from the BA to protect and heal you from any possibility of radiation poisoning. If you have other means to protect yourself, you should obviously engage these as well, but even if you are left with nothing but the tools of your own consciousness, you can protect and heal yourself.
If you have been exposed to neurotoxins you would do the same. If you are in the midst of an epidemic that involves bacterial or viral infections, we advise you to do the same.
As you collectively enter more deeply into this more complex and intense phase of the Chaotic Node, bacteria and viruses will mutate faster. This method will allow you to protect and heal yourself from these mutating life forms.
It is important to understand that you are creating the protection and healing through the powers of your own consciousness. You have direct access to your own light realms. You have the sovereign right to engage the light realms on your own behalf and on the behalf of your loved ones.
If you find yourself in one of these difficult situations we have described, we suggest you take the Medicine of Light—which is the water that you have charged—several times a day, as your intuition guides you.
The physical ramifications of the earthquake activity in Japan and the resulting tsunami are very difficult to deal with. But we wish to shift our attention from the physical to the mental, emotional, and spiritual effects created by such a disaster,
Due to the fact that you are in a Chaotic Node and energies from deep space conjoined with solar flare activity are affecting your energy bodies, you, as a collective, are more affected. What we mean by this is that witnessing the suffering of your fellow humans shatters the heart. There is a recognition that their predicament could easily be yours. This recognition can create an opening in your heart, and it is through the heart—your heart—that higher states of consciousness are realized, and so the earthquake in Japan is, in many ways, an earthquake of the collective heart.
The times before you are not easy. From our perspective, increased earth changes are upon you. But one result of such events is that you are shaken to your roots and the mass hypnosis pauses for a moment.  And in such utter and surrealistic devastation, many of you see very clearly that your civilization rests on tenuous grounds. We mean this both literally and figuratively.
And so our advice for this phase of the Chaotic Node is to learn and master the ability to create Medicines of Light for yourself, so that when the time arises, you know how to engage this power of protection and healing that you possess in your very nature. And we suggest you navigate through these times not only with your minds, but with your hearts—and let your hearts be touched, for it is through your hearts that you will ascend the spiral pathway to your own greatness.
The Hathors
Thoughts and Observations
I have been channeling the Hathors for about twenty years now and started posting their Planetary Messages in February of 2003. And in all that time I have never sensed in them such an urgency to post one of their communications. Usually, I am given several days to dwell on and contemplate their messages before writing my comments. But that luxury does not exist in this moment. They have asked Judi and me to post this particular message as soon as possible, and so I will make my comments brief and to the point.
The central message here is that all human beings have the ability to create what the Hathors call Medicines of Light.  And this type of medicine has an inherent capability and potential to protect and heal us not only from radioactive poisoning, but also from the effects of neurotoxins, as well as bacterial and viral infections.
The method is simple and to the point. Since some of you reading this may be new to the whole idea of a Celestial Soul (or BA), let me clarify its location and how to engage it. The BA, or Celestial Soul, is an aspect of your own consciousness that is outside the constraints of time and space. Some of you might refer to the Celestial Soul as the Higher Self. But whatever you call it, your Celestial Soul exists in what the Hathors call the light realms, and this aspect of you is engaged whenever you send it appreciation or gratitude.
Your BA does not have a location in time and space since it is transcendent to both.
But it does have an entry point to your energy field, which is about arm’s distance above your head. If you were to raise your hands over your head and touch your fingertips together, your fingers would be in the vicinity of this entry point. And this is where you place your attention in the first phase of their method for creating a Medicine of Light. (Do note that placing of your hands above your head is only for orientation purposes. You do not actually put your hands over your head when creating the Medicines of Light).
Once you place your awareness in the area of your BA point, you hold in your mind the qualification of light you wish to receive. Let’s say, for example, that you have been, or will be, exposed to dangerous forms of radioactivity and are in danger of radiation poisoning. After focusing your attention on your BA point above your head, hold the intent that the energy that descends from your BA will be an energetic of healing and/or protection from radiation poisoning.
You then send the feeling of appreciation or gratitude upward from your heart chakra to the BA point above your head—as you hold the intent or qualification that the energetic imparted to you from your BA will protect and/or heal you from radiation poisoning.
Next you shift your attention from your BA point to your heart chakra (in the center of your chest beneath the sternum) and then wait to receive the energetic of protection and healing from your BA.
Those of you new to this may need to send the intent or qualification along with the feeling of appreciation or gratitude to your BA several times before you notice a response. But just keep sending this intention joined with the feeling of appreciation or gratitude upward to your BA until you feel a descent of energy. When you feel the descent of energy from your Celestial Soul, shift your awareness to your heart chakra. Allow your heart center to receive this energetic of protection and healing.
You then place your hands around or over a container of pure water and send this energetic received from your Celestial Soul into the water. The energetic of healing and/or protection that has entered your heart center will move down your arms and into the water through the two chakras that are in the center of the palm of each hand.
Repeat this process for a total of three times. Then drink the water.
If you are in a precarious situation, the Hathors advise that you create a Medicine of Light several times a day and drink it according to your intuition.
As the Hathors point out, Medicines of Light have many more applications than just protection and healing from radiation poisoning. You can use these to protect and/or heal yourself from neurotoxins, as well as bacterial and viral infections. Although they did not mention it, I asked the Hathors after they gave this message if the method would work for other physical challenges such as cancer. And they said that Medicines of Light could most definitely be created in the same way to deal with this type of situation—as well as others.
Obviously, if you are dealing with a serious situation such as radiation poisoning, exposure to neurotoxins, and/or epidemics of bacterial and viral infections, you will want to avail yourself of all medical remedies. In other words, this method is not meant to replace medical or public health solutions, but is meant to be an adjunct, something you can do yourself—for yourself.
After giving their message, I asked the Hathors about making Medicines of Light for those who are unable to do it for themselves, like children and pets. They said that you would use the same method, except for the fact that you would qualify the intent for the child or animal you are going to give the Medicine to. For example, if you were creating a Medicine of Light to protect or heal yourself from radiation poisoning, you would send the thought that the energetic you are going to receive from your Celestial Soul is for your own personal protection or healing. If you were going to do this for a child or a pet, you would send the thought that the energetic you are going to receive from your Celestial Soul is for the protection or healing of the being you are going to give the Medicine to, i.e. your child or your pet.
It is here that I would like to interject something. It is far better to teach someone how to create a Medicine of Light than to create a dependency. The ability to create Medicines of Light is an inherent ability in all human beings. It is part of our multidimensional legacy. And to empower someone to do this for him or her self is a service to his or her mastery.
I would personally hate to see this method being used by “healers” to create Medicines of Light for others under the guise that they have some special powers that others do not. This method for creating Medicines of Light is a human birthright, and my feeling is that it should be shared with all persons.
There is much that I would like to share about this simple method for creating Medicines of Light, but philosophical and metaphysical observations will have to wait for another time.
The Hathors are insistent that we post this information and circulate it as quickly as is possible.


To transmute your physical form, it is best that you release your attachment to human individuality and think of yourself as a Planetary Being. For humans to ascend via their physical bodies transmuting into the fifth dimension rather than “dying” as was normal before this great era, you will need the assistance of Earth. At the same time, in order for Earth to ascend without the extinction of Her physical form, She needs human assistance.
Hence dear humans and Galactics/Celestials in human form, you will need to expand your personal consciousness into planetary consciousness. In this manner, there is no sense of personal sacrifice or fear. There is only the great unity of person and planet ascending as ONE Being. Furthermore, we request that those of you who have awakened to your Multidimensional SELF no longer hold back your process. Others have chosen the Mission of working with the beginners.
Those of you who are merged with your Multidimensional SELF are more ready than you may think. Additionally, the higher Light is allowing you to expand your consciousness into higher and higher expression of SELF. At the same time, your consciousness is expanding deeper and deeper into your atomic, subatomic and quantum levels of consciousness. In other words, you are not just raising your consciousness. You are expanding your consciousness far beyond physical Earth, as well as deep into the matrix of Earth.
As your consciousness expands, so do your perceptions. Also, when you expand your perceptions, you can change your gene activity. When you choose to believe that your higher perceptions are “real” you increase your perceptual field to the frequencies the fourth and fifth dimensions. This extended perceptual field activates the neural activity of your 97% multidimensional DNA. This multidimensional DNA is linked to your higher expressions of SELF, as well as to each cell of your body.
Your Earth vessel is an intelligent biological Earth ship, just as our Starships are biological. The current container for your consciousness is just one of myriad containers on myriad dimensions and parallel and/or alternate realities. You have decided to take command of your current personal Earth ship, which becomes a fourth-dimensional etheric ship when you are “sleeping” and can expand into the higher dimensions during meditation.
Your “dominant state of consciousness” is the state of consciousness that directs your daily life and constant perceptions. This state of consciousness is usually somewhere between your highest frequency consciousness achievable during deepest meditation and the frequency of consciousness that is responsible for directing you to react, rather than interact. In other words, it is midway between your highest and lowest states of consciousness.
Once you realize that the act of reaction determines the point of perception that identifies your dominant state of consciousness, you will become conscious of that to which you choose to react. In other words, the perception to which you choose to react creates your dominant point of perception within that NOW. You have many different dominant states of consciousness throughout your day, depending upon the perceptions to which you react, respond, interact, or ignore.
Just as your chakras are aligned to different frequencies, every state of consciousness has a frequency of perception. These perceptions are the sum-total of the frequency of reality you have chosen by your placing your attention on, reacting, responding or interacting with that specific version/frequency of reality. Every reality has many versions, and each version is different because it resonates to a higher or lower frequency.
There are myriad channels on your “TV of 3D Life.” The channel on which you choose to place your attention determines your state of consciousness within that NOW. We say “that NOW” as to us all reality exists within the HERE of the NOW. There is no coming or going in the HERE NOW. We ARE. We resonate, we fluctuate, and most wonderfully we create.
We Arcturians are here to assist you in our co-creation of the Arcturian Corridor. We have spoken often of this Corridor. However, since you, our Ascending Ones, are now moving into a higher state of consciousness you can perceive higher frequency components of our message that were once beyond your power of perception. Hence, our (human and Arcturian) Corridor is expanding along with your perceptions: (Journey Through the Arcturian Corridor 1 through 4)
To further assist Gaia we Arcturians are in direct communication with many multidimensional beings presently wearing an Earth vessel. When we communicate we speak in Light Language. Light Language resonates beyond time, polarity, limitation, separation or fear. Since you must be free of fear in order to receive our messages, some are unable to perceive us. However, the higher Light is continually expanding your perceptions and filling you with Unconditional Love (the antidote for fear). Hence, more and more of those wearing Earth vessels are able to receive Light Language messages from the higher dimensions.
You can receive these messages through your fourth dimensional night body, or more consciously via meditations, channeling, or other creative endeavors. You are able to receive these higher dimensional messages because your consciousness is expanding into the consciousness of your higher expressions of SELF, as well as into your cellular consciousness. Through your cellular consciousness you will begin to consciously experience the cellular, atomic and sub-atomic level of your grounded Earth vessel.
At this point, you will begin to commune with your molecular Self by exploring and healing old issues and situations from your past that tell you that you are NOT the Captain of your Earth vessel. These limiting messages are at the core of third dimensional thinking. When you enter your unconscious to allow your past to heal your present, you confuse your third dimensional thinking.
Third dimensional thinking is also based on the present that appears to be outside of you. Therefore, whenever you go inside to ponder that past, which is hidden deep inside your subconscious, it further confuses your third dimensional thinking. Then, as you give credence to the lessons to be found within your past, a door opens to your past lives. These past lives are introductions to your perceiving yourself from beyond the barrier of time. Hence, your attachment to third dimensional thinking is further loosened.
The first “past lives” you choose to ponder will likely be those with unfinished business that you brought into this incarnation to finish. Hence, even your human history is beyond time, as it is stored in your unconscious mind. Once you release time to heal and complete unfinished lives, you gain the courage and wisdom to remember the past lives in which you completed you’re chosen mission and gained great insight and enlightenment.
The acknowledgement of these lives activates the memory of your Multidimensional SELF. Very often your unconscious mind is the archive for old memories that you could not resolve when they occurred in that timeline. However, with the wisdom, power and love of your Multidimensional SELF you have the ability to bring that experience into its conclusion. We refer to your unconscious mind as the archive for experiences from your past that you are too immature to process.
On the other hand, we refer to your subconscious mind as a composite of everything you have ever perceived, as well as any information your mind collects that cannot be consciously processed or acknowledged. Your conscious mind cannot always absorb all available information, as it would create an information overload. Therefore, the subconscious mind stores this information where it can be retrieved by the conscious mind when it needs to defend itself for survival or for higher cognitive purposes.
However, hidden deep inside your unconscious and subconscious is your Divine Child who carries the “instruction manual” for your current embodiment. These instructions are in Light Language sent only to you. Hence, the process of deciphering this Light Language requires that you first connect with higher expressions of your SELF before you look deep into your unconscious and subconscious to find your Divine Child who remembers everything!
When you look HIGH UP into your higher SELF while you simultaneously look DEEP DOWN into your unconscious and subconscious mind you can experience Unconditional Love and human emotion within the NOW. When you can close these polarities of spirit and matter with the power of your multidimensional perception, you enter the NOW of the ONE as you merge your Divine Child with your Higher Expression of SELF.
Experiencing your Alpha – Divine Child, and Omega – Higher SELF, confuses your 3D consciousness enough that you can jump out of time. Then the past of your unconscious and subconscious can no longer interfere with your present on 3D Earth. When you are fully merged with your NOW, you are able to perceive any third-dimensional thought-forms from your past as lessons that have guided you into your present. From this point of perception, you can easily liberate these injuries from your past with the power of Unconditional Love and by perceiving them as cherished teachers.
We see that all of you, our Multidimensional Masters, are preparing to expand your consciousness into the next frequency of reality. Before this NOW, you did not have that option, as the frequency of your reality was too low and infiltrated with fear. Because of the darkness of that reality and the restrictions that it placed on your consciousness, you could not believe that your higher perceptions were “real”.
Furthermore, you could not perceive your highest and lowest resonance of your Multidimensional SELF, as this process can only occur within the safety of Unconditional Love, which was rarely present on your reality within the last 2000 years. Thus, Unconditional Love was forgotten and re-written into a 3D format of conditional love. In this manner, the concept of love lost its true meaning.
However, now with your 97% DNA coming on line you are able to preview you highest Self and your super-subconscious at the same time. This expansion of perception is possible because of your expansion of consciousness. Simultaneously, your expansion of consciousness is possible because of your expanded perception. Also, the activation of your multidimensional DNA allows you to believe it is possible to perceive higher dimensions of reality.
It may appear that many humans are still asleep. However, they are beginning to consistently awaken due to the activation of the 97%DNA. This DNA expands your perceptions beyond the confines of time, space, separation and limitation. Simultaneously, as you expand your consciousness beyond the 3D matrix of time, space, polarity, separation and limitation this DNA is activated.
Once your multidimensional DNA is fully activated the process of transmutation of matter advances exponentially. The feedback loop of the higher Light having a frequency of matter that can contain it, while multidimensional DNA goes about the process of creating a vessel that can contain even higher frequencies of Light, begins a process of transmutations of third dimensional matter into multidimensional matter.
Of course, the multidimensional DNA was always within your Earth vessel as a latent reminder of your potential to return to your true multidimensional nature. However, this potential needed to be activated by the higher frequencies such as photons charged with particles of infrared, ultraviolet and gamma rays. These frequencies of Light, as well as frequencies still unknown or named to your world, make up the higher Light that is streaming into your world.
Humans have been doing some important research about the role of DNA on the evolution of the human species. Below is a short summary of this research:
In 1990, a group of Russian physicists, molecular biologists, biophysicists, geneticists, embryologists and linguists began a study of this “junk” DNA. Dr. Peter Gariaev PhD, who is a Biophysicist and Molecular Biologist, directed this research project. These scientists irradiated DNA samples with laser light. On screen, a typical wave pattern was formed. When they removed the DNA sample, the wave pattern did not disappear, it remained.
Many controlled experiments showed that the pattern continued to come from the removed sample, whose energy field apparently remained by itself. This effect is now called the phantom DNA effect. It is surmised that energy from outside of space and time still flows through the activated wormholes after the DNA was removed.
They determined that this DNA is also a complex, biological, micro-computer chip that communicates with its environment. Dr. Gariaev found that the basic structure of these DNA alkaline pairs is the same as that of human language. Thus, they can be influenced and reprogrammed solely by the thought waves in our environment. Dr. Gariaev and Dr. Poponin also discovered that there is a multidimensional field structure which surrounds our DNA chain.
Other studies were done by Dr. Bruce Lipton PhD who is an internationally recognized Cellular Biologist and a pioneer in a new field called Epigenics. In his book titled The Biology of Belief Dr. Lipton writes about his discovery that evolution is, in fact, driven by consciousness. The caterpillar and the butterfly have the exact same DNA. They are the exact same organism. But they are responding to a different frequency.
Dr. Lipton has discovered that it is not genes that control life at the cellular level. It is the mind’s perception of its environment. He coined the term “Spontaneous Evolution” because he has discovered that our DNA scans our environment for frequencies that are relevant to our existence, changes its structure, and then sends messages to reshape itself accordingly.
As we stated earlier in our message, many of you are ready to be co-creators of “our” Arcturian Corridor. The Corridor is not a place – it is an inter-dimensional corridor in which beings, as they are not all human, on the verge of Ascension can gather to connect, learn and remember the process of transmutation.
All of you who are on the cusp of this Ascension wave have had at least one experience of Ascension. However, in most of these experiences you released your consciousness from your third-dimensional form and soared into higher dimensions. These Ascensions were transmutations of consciousness. In this Ascension, you are not only transmuting your consciousness, but your physical AND your planetary body as well.
Thus, it is vital that you merge with your planetary consciousness so that you and Gaia can act as a team. Many of you have already gathered within the Arcturian Corridor to learn about inter-dimensional travel. Now, you will be learning about transmutation of your personal and planetary body. As you awaken your cellular consciousness, you will be able to deeply merge with Gaia, as well as assist us to implant our Corridor into the body of ascending Earth.
Your great, Multidimensional SELF is about to make a full appearance in your daily life. As you begin to perceive life from a higher perspective, you will send signals to your DNA that it is “time to enter your cocoon” and begin your transmutation. However, you, the Ascending Ones on Earth, will not be able to ONLY focus totally on your process of transmutation.
In fact, you will, and are now, called upon to perform your daily tasks while you are in the process of totally restructuring your thoughts, emotions, consciousness, DNA and Earth vessel. Fortunately, you will be able to call upon us, as well as your own higher expressions of SELF.
We shall return with more information,
The Arcturians

Thursday, May 30, 2013


Thien Dao Dai Phap Tam Cong (Celestial Way - Great Discipline - Hearted Cultivation) is the (Thien Dao) Celestial Way’s Training Book, the humanity’s most powerful and lastest occult cultivation discipline and supreme truth enlightenment.

These are the level 1-2-3-4; there’re also more 3 levels has not widely taught. The practitioners are lucky to receive this cultivation method, if not practicing, please respect. Whether practicing, please try to progress, not show on the public media and the Web, not talk or debate on the net, because of the nature of occult and spiritual realization himself. Of course there are too many cultivation disciplines like this as practice of kundalini and pineal gland activation, but this is the latest occult way, so it should not confer tranferred to unserious people . Practitioners adhere comply to the teachings of the Master. The discipline’s hanging is the salvation way for human beings during the Great Eschatological Age, to neutralize and salvate themselves, increase vibration of body and soul and for others, while many other occultism ways, including Yoga, Reiki, Tantra, etc. must also have classes. Due to the mass awakening and human evolution high up in the universe, we still give this cultivation method, so that practitioners can learn without a trainer, the higher direction and teaching of the colleagues. 

                         THIEN DAO DAI PHAP TAM CONG

1- Thien Dao Dai Phap Tam Cong (Celestial Way Great Discipline Hearted Cultivation) is also known as Thien Phap (Celestial Discipline/Celestial Occultism)
The discipline and practice associate with meditation, qigong, spirituality and medicine practice, taught by the High Spirits, Father God through Grand Master, and learn more through the essence of knowledge of other disciplines. 
2- This is the Celestial Way’s official cultivation way.
3- Inheriting humanity’s cultural tradition, qigong, medicine’s quintessence, combined with the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities, spiritual science.
4-The practicing results: Improving health, nurture essence-qi-spirit; both ideologies, soul and body, achieving enlightenment, Truthfulness-Compassion-Harmony; towards a new cognitive science of God, life expectancy increased. To the advanced levels, he/she will have psychic abilities, occult magics, etc., as leaving earthly world will go to higher realms, become Advanced Enlightened Being and Ascending Master. 
• This is an invaluable asset, given by God, so would like to preserve and practice to achieve the highest ladder of evolution in this lifetime,  Nirvana in the future.This is the way to approach our harmony: Heaven-Earth-Human, Upper-Middle-Lower Realms as One.

On September 9th, 2008
Trung Phuong Thien Ton (Celestial Master)

1-Do not give up: Worshiping King Father God
2-Not accounted for: others’ wealth, benefits, happiness. 
3-Do not take trivial sex, material, ineligible fame and benefits
4-Do not say: deceitful, malicious, confused words, chicanery. 
5-Don't forget: miserable, ignorance people. 
6-Do not cause: hatred, war, living beings killing. 
7-Not: filthy and environmental harm. 
8-Not addict: heavy stimulant. 
9-Non-stop: Constructing the Earthly Heaven (Holiness). 

                            THIEN DAO DAI PHAP TAM CONG’s SYLLABUS
(The discipline to practice celestial mind, cosmic awareness and transcendent occultism)

1- Introduction to The Discipline – ‘Thien Phap’ - Celestial Occultism
2- Learn about the important human body meridians and points 
3- The Yin Yang Five Elements Theory; qi, bio-energy. 
4- The meditation-breathing-massage, exercising lessons
5- Great points-stars activation 
6- Collection and discharge of Qi through the legs, hands stars. 
7- Small and Big Functional Circles. 
8- Yin Yang Qi . Yin Yang balance. 
9- Simple psychic self-defense. 
10-Introduction of Three Celestial Dragon Practicing Lessons 
11- Practicing Celestial Dragon Earthly Cultivation

1- The nervous system and spinal cord. 
2- Dragon Fire (Kundalini) Activation - Dragon Fire Rising 
3- Astral Cleaning and Filtering. Bad Qi Purge through stars. 
4- Body structure. Viscera cultivation 
5- Simple non-drug curing 
6- Yin Yang Qi Harmony Cultivation and Inner Prana Increasing
7- Practicing Celestial Dragon Human Cultivation

 1- Nature of thought, thinking. 
2- Third Eye. Pineal Gland Activation. Third Eye Cultivation
3- Advanced non-drug healing 
4- Prana. Optical Prana. 
5- Magic cleaning the environment. 
6- Nine Dragon Occult Cultivation
7- High Noble Cultivation Level 1
8- Practicing Celestial Dragon Celestial Cultivation

1- Cosmic Cultivation (High Noble Cultivation Level 2) 
2- Improving demon, devil, and death souls magick ceremony 
3- Adjusting Magick
4- Remote healing and therapy, psychic surgery
5-Telepathy, apportation, psychokinesis, psychometry
6-Astral projection, mental projection, soul projection
7. Mind-Soul cultivation on the high realms, on the Astral Pyramid, reaching the status of nirvana, enlightenment. 

 Request upon receipt of this material: not debate the Discipline publicly online or offline, only discuss personally, together or with the Master, to receive remote assistance. Who receive this document if engaging, please cultivate well. One is not suitable, then regarded as a recreational reading, also most bring a perception. The occult cultivation is very careful, if not serious or arbitrary, will result in consequences for physical and astral body. The Dragon Fire (Kundalini) Activation is different from the other ways, it is much easier and safe, so should not worry, let's do it right. 

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