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Ascension -Connection between Consciousness and the body. Ascension isn't just about being a good person, going to church and getting forgiven by Christ and then going to heaven. It isn't that easy because there is a direct link between the consciousness of your spirit and the atomic structure of the body. The part of the spirit that is embedded into the atomic structure of the body is called the JARI. It is a part of the spirit body. If the JARI is trapped inside of the atomic structure at death, the body will not ascend. It will continue to be trapped on the Earth and will continue to return. This is what we did for the last ten million life times. Our JARI has been stuck inside of our atomic structure.
We must make sure our Jari is free from the atomic structure in order to ascend out of here.
We must transmute our spirit body out of the atomic structure in order to ascend. Once we have done that so many times that there is no quantum left in the body to ever ascend out of it, the person has entered the path of FALL. That person will need to return to Source through space dust return -ashes to ashes dust to dust. That is what would had happened to this planet and everyone on it if we hadn't been given the assistance of the AQUARI MAtrix.
The path of Fall means the person just won't remember anything. They will return to Source and start over again.
Those on the path of fall have run out of energy. They are having to get energy from others.
In a normal system that is not in Fall there is an eternal flow of energy giving an eternal source of eternal life.
The natural coding that we would have in our DNA was eroded so it could pull in less and less from the natural energy supply.
If the sun were going into fall it would no longer have a natural breathing structure where the in flow and out flow of energy from Source is flowing through it. It would burn up all of the hydrogen it had and then it would go into a red giant and do its solar death thing.
Dying is not a natural thing. The God Seed that is in the Azure within the Thymus, has a certain amount of quantum when we are born.The spirit integrates into that seed atom about 60 days after conception. That quantum expands after spirit body starts collecting more of the quantum of its consciousness into the manifest form in order to grow it. If our bodies were acting normally, by the time we hit age 33 we would had brought in all four density levels of consciousness- that means the 12th dimensional level in the Universal Consciousness or the fourth sphere. We would be able to begin transfiguring the body into eternal life body.
The mortal matter that is combined with our spirit. We can change the body into structure that self generates quantum so it is eternal life. It no longer needs to feed on anything else to sustain itself.
We were all originally created to be Krysted Beings that turn into this eternal life form.
Because of the damage done to our planetary structure we had an epigentic lay placed over our DNA that instructs our DNA what to do and what not to do. That epigenetic overlay causes great confusion and interferance by the ego intentionally.
Now we are getting that electromagnetic overlay removed from the planet and from our DNA.
We have had an environmental anomoly that has eroded the functioning of the Angelic Human DNA.
We have now been given the ability to resurrect our natural abilities as Angelic Humans or Indigos that were originally ours.
Some of our went through a twelve year process of learning how to remove the miasms that were placed in our bodies and how to turn back on the DNA in our bodies through processes given to us by our Guardian Races from systems that are not in the Fall status. We have been given assisted by Angelic Races in Andromeda and Aquarius to pull us out of the Fall Status.
The logic is flawless. The coding and alignments given by the Guardian Races has allowed us to break free from the mutations that would keep us from ascending.
The help was not given to us by those within the Fallen Milky Way Galaxy, who were simply trying to help us Fall into their Fallen Phantom Matrix. The help was given to us by our Guardian Races who are not in Fallen Systems. Most of those who have called themselves our Angelic helpers were actually Fallen Angelics who were trying to make us Fall. Almost all of the Channeled Masters were Fallen Angelics. That is why they were so willing to be channeled.
A person must hold at least one third of the Christ Quantum to keep from fall. Most of us on Earth made it.
The process of the Individual Eternal Life album is to alter the entire cellular structure from the inside out as well as the Light Body and Crystal Body and Etheric Bodies which contain the Radial Body, which is the sphere of energy that is like an atomic mirror surrounding the body. That atomic mirror is also being transformmed into the original 12 coded divine blue print that allows the new body imprint to be seen as the new reality around the body. That reality is projected from the mid brain projector creating reality through the pineal gland.
Individual Album is the restructuring of the mid brain through activation of the God Seed Atom within the Thymus that will burst into a cloud of crystal plasma dust and activate the streaming of crystal liquid light directly from Source Consciousness. This allows the MIND OF GOD to be reconnected into the mid brain for the beginning of co-creating through frequencies of light and sound.
This rearranges the structure of the body and the brain through the restructure of the DNA. DNA has its 12 subharmonics reinstated in each of the double helix to restore the 24 DNA template of the Angelic human, or the 12 subharmonics in the double double helix of the Indigo to create the 48 DNA template.
The crystal miasms will melt from the pineal and inner ear. The crystal miasms will melt from the blood cells and be replaced with crystal liquid light - the water is made into wine. The blood of Christ is the new restored crystal liquid light in the blood. The bones transform into phonons of sound energy and the skin transforms into protons (at a omnion level - raydons, myons, and many micro levels beyond what the eye can see).
The body will actually transform into a completely different chemical and biological structure that is based on liquid light. Liquid Light is the original creation substance and energy of Christ Consciousness at the 12th dimension. It is the creative substance of Source.
The carbon based body that we have grown accustomed to is not our true body. It is a body that is completely mutated. It is so dearranged that it is projecting someone elses movie on to its movie screen. And the movie was created by very dark Fallen Angelics who wanted to use us as their source of energy.
Each individual has his or her own unique energy pattern or signature, that is different than any other individual in the Cosmos. That individual also has an energy signature that is a part of a Soul Group signature. That energy signature is a part of the Over Soul Signature, and that is a part of the Monadic Signature and that is a part of the Avatar signature and that is a part of the Rishi Signature.
Even though the individual signature is individual, it is also a part of the the entire Family Signature.
Once our Individual Signature is restored or retuned into the entire Family Signature, we regain the Mind of the Entire Creation Group. including the Avatar level at the 12th dimension and even the Cosmic Family at the Rishi Level.
When I create Individual Eternal Life Albums, I am connecting the Individual's Frequency Signature into the entire Family Signature to begin the re atunement of the entire Frequency Shield.
The Eternal Life comes from the return pattern that we can now become a part of. We came from our Rishi selves and lowered our density into our Avatar selves and then lowered our frequency or density into our Monadic self and our Over Soul and our Soul Family, and then chose to experience complete Isolation as an Individual who was not attached to the Family any longer.
Now, we can return into the frequencies of our entire family. This will allow us to first retune into our Super Conscious Mind of the Fifth and Sixth Dimensions. We can also tune in to our Avatar Consciousness and our Cosmic Consciousness.
Our family at the level of Avatar and Cosmic Consciousness only communicate through frequencies. They also only perceive through frequencies. We are in reality a colorful mandala that looks like a Cosmic Sphere that is now in minature form. That mandala, or frequency signature that can be seen as light or heard as frequencies, is unique and individual but it is also a Divine Template of our Cosmic All.
AQUARIAN HOST RACE - Eiyani, Sirius B, Azurite, Elohim Elohei are the ones who completely direct our Ascension Activities.
PROBLEM- Reactivating Quantum of Body
Standing in the Integrity of the Eternal Life Krystic Teachings.
Krystala means first AUDIBLE SOUNDS OF CREATION. This is where the word Krystic Teachings comes from. It is about the Sound Body, the Frequencies of Source creating the Divine Blue PRint of our Eternal Life Structure.
528 hrtz SOlfege frequency used for chakra activation and used for crystalization process of water. We are working on making the crystals melt into crystal liquid light.
We use 200,000 hrtz frequencies to translate Frequencies from Source, presound and prelight into audible hearing range and then they are braided through sound wave streams into each other for the frequencies to become audible. However, our frequencies come from far out side the hertzian realm. Hertz is the lowest for m of frequencies. We go beyond hertz into infra red and then visible and invisible light and on into x ray and gamma and plasma frequencies. That would be equivalent in light as the cosmic and presound frequencies of the Eternal Life Spectrum which attaches into the Eternal Void of Source.
We can attach our Consciousness into this eternal quantum of energy where our quantum in our spirit body will continually refill with Consciousness energy.
Energetic event at end of 2012 that changed the course of human evolution. It will create a new humanity.
Kryst Host Races from Andromeda and Aquarian Matrix have saved us from Fall. Those matrixes are not in Fall Status so they are able to assist us or save us from Fall.
Without the help we were given by the AQuarians, this planet would had gone into Fall. Our consciousness would had been trapped in de-evolutionary paths that would lead to Fall. We would had become a fallen race.
A Moment in Energetic History of the Planet
Every moment is stored as vibration in cellular memory as history
DNA of each individual has ability to run interdimensional frequencies like a radio receiver or t.v. transmitter. This is how DNA works. One person might only have one or two stations. When a group are put together they would have many stations.
Some of us have learned how to access any station of another individual's radio receiver or communication satellite and plug it into another radio receiver, or plug it in to all of the radio receivers all over the Cosmos.
A planetary shield is a massive sparkling shield, and every one on it is a sparkle. Certain geometrical forms occur within our shields every time we connect to another communication satellite to give or receive information. All higher life forms communicate through these light shields and sound shields. They all know what everyone else thinks anytime they choose to.
We can interact and communicate with the planet through certain geometrical patterns we create through our body and the codes and frequencies that we run through our bodies.
WE have been holding the highest frequencies on Earth to utilize KRYSTALA- Christ alignment on Planet.
Point in history that involved infilitration of natural planet.
Come listen to SOURCE BREATH AND SHEER HEALING. Bring your earphones for the coolest trip you have ever taken.
Eternal Life Album focuses on one part of the complete alignment into SOURCE. The focus is always Source. We must align every cell through the micro omnions of Source and weave every particle into the Source Frequencies in all fifteen spheres of the Matrix. The Sun, is in a way, the creator of the Universe, because the Sun holds the IDEA of Source in the form of he Plasma that holds the crystal liquid light of Source. Each form of creation - Cosmic, Universe, Galaxy, Solar, Planet or Person is always made from the original divine blue print template of Source.
We are created from one form of atomic radiation and we manifest from a different form of atomic radiation. In 3D we think of electron and neutron. But, we are now multidimensional, so we are made of all forms of this atomic radiation. We are made of the crystal liquid light, the crystal dust gamma, the crystal gel jelaisic radiation, we are made of raydons, mions, omnions and millions of levels of ions inbetween. We are everything we don't see yet. WE need to stop tuning in to all of those frequencies that we can see and hear and start tuning in to the ones that we've never heard before.

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