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Life is a Universal Law

We’re going to talk about some new things today. We are going to begin to explain to you how this Earth adventure began for all of you, and we will try to show you the background which will explain why your lives here seem so arduous and so arbitrary in several respects. We might title this “Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?”
First, let us begin with the concept of relativity. “Bad” is a relative term, one that is created for 3 dimensional experience where people have free will. It is usually used to describe an event, an action, even a thought or feeling which might be considered to be hurtful to living beings, especially people. People in a 3D free will environment are expected to do things that are “good” and not do things that are “bad.” Over the course of generations, each culture spends quite a lot of time and energy trying to decide what is good and what is bad, and making up rules and laws to enforce the agreed-upon definitions. This process is ongoing and fraught with disagreement, as individuals and groups argue with each other about what is Truly Good and what is Truly Bad.
These definitions of what is good or bad, approved or disapproved, expand and evolve over time as civilizations develop, but always there are debates and discussions about what God (Spirit, Creator, One, Jehovah, Allah, etc.) thinks is Good or Bad. The most arrogant and belligerent of believers in Righteousness profess to know for certain what God believes, and they try to force their particular interpretation of What is Good and What is Bad on everyone else. The most offensive of these sects or cults, who often call themselves True Believers, put pressure on their leaders to write and enforce laws to control others as an expression of these beliefs.
This, Dear Ones, is the most backward, inside-out approach to producing a safe and secure society in which everyone can thrive. We will speak to you a little about what we call The True Way, and how we suggest that you begin to learn what it means.
You have heard us say that we don’t like to give you exact dates, except the ones that you yourselves have identified as your particular goal-dates, or the ones which are directly connected to cosmic events which you identify as particular days on your calendar. (We do not use calendars, you see.) You have the habit of becoming fixed on a particular point in time, and then are disappointed when what you imagined would happen did not occur. The same occurs with rules. We give you a simple set of Universal Laws, and you spend the next twelve millennia trying to interpret and “figure out” what they mean, rather than communicating with Us to understand them.
This is one of the reasons we have not simply laid out a list of rules for you here. Instead, we talk with you in the spirit of Unconditional Love, Compassion and Truth which are basic tenets of The True Way. We tell you that Love is the energy of the higher dimensions, and that your educational path here on Earth is for the sole purpose of learning to become the expression of Unconditional Love in all you say and do. When you are able to do that, you ascend yourself (we have just made up a verb) into higher dimensions.
This is a crucial part of the lessons - you lift yourselves. We do not do it for you, or give it to you as a reward for “good” behavior.
By the same token, no human or other living entity can ascend you, or descend you. No one can do it for you, even Us, just as no one can breathe for you or think for you. They may try, but ultimately, only you, in loving consultation with Us, can create your life plan and execute it.
Once you decide upon your long-range ambitions and the short-range lessons you wish to experience, We, the Guides, Masters, Enlightened Ones, ancestors and your own soul family members develop a plan for each lifetime, down to each major event and each important relationship which we together deem most beneficial for you. In all these discussions and planning sessions, you are the Director and Head of your own committee. Of course we may make strong recommendations, and your Greater Soul, in cooperation with your Twin Flame, will have considerable input into this process, but the final decision is yours.
Now, this brings us to this Earth experience, and why anyone would want to come here, to the planet of tears and suffering, if they had a choice to do otherwise. Well, believe Us, Dear Ones, you had the choice of the entire Universe for your lessons, and you chose Gaia as your proving ground, your University of first-choice, much as your college students apply and go through the acceptance process when they choose their course of study. Yes, Earth is the Ivy League of Higher Education, and we assure you that the only ones who end up here, are here because it was their first choice for this lifetime.
But why, why why you ask of Us. Do not ask us. Look inside yourself, inside your own souls. Look for the spark of Divine, loving energy. Look for the love of excitement, variety, challenge and change. It is within you just as it is within Us. The Universe is change, movement, excitement, energy in flux. Nothing stays the same; there is no status quo in the Multiverse. You are as much a part of that shifting, evolving energy as We are. Yes, some of you will say that all you want is peace, to control the change, get a handle on it, get on top of it, make it stop.
There is no stopping the Universe; that is one of the first Laws of the Universe - it is in constant motion, and so are you. You cannot continue this life in the body if the heart stops pumping. You could not see if your eyes did not continue their flickering motion. You could not remain on the planet if she stopped spinning. To challenge this inevitability is beyond foolhardy, it is impossible. Yet, with each lifetime you must relearn this lesson: your experience here is lived within the order and requirements of Universal Law, and by Universal Law, we do not mean democratically chosen political decisions.
Universal Laws are a given, a system of Truths within which we all operate. You may ask all your lifetimes to understand Universal Laws, but you may not ask to change them, for yourself or for others. No discussion.
We will discuss what your options and opportunities are within the structure of life in the Universe where you currently reside. This is what we call the True Way - the expression of life in all its variety and glory, within the tenets of Universal Law.
Another crucial element in understanding this life on Earth is the Universal Law which requires respect and appreciation of all living things, all consciousness, because we are all part of the One, and this means you. There are no exceptions: all life is precious beyond measure, yours included. Therefore, suicide is not an option. It would be in defiance of the precious gift of life you are given when you elected to come here, but beyond that, it is Universal Law. Once you have consciously joined your soul to the body you currently inhabit, you have created a new being - the Self you are in this particular configuration, and this Self must evolve through the seasons of its intended lifetime, as all created Beings do.
Notice that we have chosen the words carefully in describing this process. You have deliberately chosen to join with this body. In doing so, you have taken into account the vagaries and complications of conception and fetal development, including the decisions of the parents and the health of the mother and fetus. All this has been considered before the final choice to commit to joining once and for all with this body, and to continue on the path of this envisioned life.
This is where the complications and twists and turns of life come in. Some of you came here with the intention of living a short life, or an especially difficult life, to accomplish a particular goal. To that end, a fatal disease, disability or accident may have been part of the original plan. Some of you came to test yourselves in your courage to hold to the principles of Unconditional Love in action. You are the ones who have written into your plan encounters with evil, injustice and deceit. You will push yourselves through the most difficult challenges, ride out the disappointments and defeats and repeatedly pick yourselves up, brush yourselves off and go on, wiser and stronger after each test of your mettle.
Yes, it is you, Dear Ones, who envision, create and live out your most arduous challenges. You are not alone in this process, however. Your Twin Flame, the mirror of your soul and the partner who shares your growth and your struggles, is with you every step of the way. You may have thought of this Being who is with you always as your Guardian Angel or your Main Guide, but they are much more. You were born together, as twin sparks of the same soul, and you remain together throughout eternity, as the two molecules of hydrogen remain together with oxygen (Us) to create water, the precious element of Life.
In a later message, we will explain to you some of the extraordinary challenges and duties of the Twin Flame who remains in higher dimensions while you, the incarnate one, live out this life on Gaia. For now, we leave you to ponder this Universal Truth:
You are One, you are Two, We are Three, and we are One.
We are Mother/Father God, and we are Unconditional Love.
Via Kathryn May

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