Saturday, May 25, 2013

Make Peace With Yourself

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Make Peace with Yourself
You cannot give away what you don't have.  If you are not at peace with yourself you cannot give peace away.  If you don't give peace away, you'll never become an instrument of peace.  Make the decision to forgive yourself for all your weaknesses and failures, to let go of your self-destructive guilt over past mistakes and know there was value in your journey through the dark night of your soul.
When you make peace with yourself you take a hard look at everything you have ever done and you remind yourself that you needed all of those experiences in order to provide you with the energy to propel yourself to a higher spiritual frequency.  Eventually you acknowledge that virtually every spiritual advance is preceded by a disaster of some kind, and that all of the unwanted events of your life were necessary.  Why?  Because they occurred, and there are no accidents in this intelligent system we call our universe.  If you are better than you used to be that is reason enough to make peace with yourself.  All the self-reproach, guilt, disappointment, self-hatred, and anger that you direct at yourself simply take you away from peace.
I have found that whenever I go into an episode of self-renouncement that I begin to feel anxious and even sick.  In these exact moments I now think about the opening line of Saint Francis's prayer,  " Make me an instrument of thy peace. "  Then in my mind I surround myself with the brilliant light of peace, and I summon peaceful loving energy toward myself enveloping me in a self-imagined blanket of serenity from God.  As if by magic, my anxiety and ill feeling fade to a wonderful feeling of well-being.  With this newly envisioned peace I find myself giving that away rather than the harshness I was giving away in my moments of anxiousness and self-repudiation.  By making peace with myself, and summoning peace from God I am able to forgive myself for my trespasses and vow to simply be better than I used to be.  Try it today in any moment of self-repudiation.  You'll be surprised and delighted with the results.
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