Saturday, May 11, 2013

Divine Beauty – Channeling from Archangel Jophiel

When you believe and when you have confidence that YOU are connected to infinite wisdom, then your higher self over takes all egotistical thoughts and your channels energy of knowledge which flow, becoming wider, cleaner, clearer and more precise.
As you are all connected to each other and to all other earthlings and earth life, it is impossible that you are shut off from guidance and from the mistaken belief that guidance is only given to ‘the chosen ones’. Everything you believe about yourself is true yet what others believe is based on their own judgments and thoughts. Those who hold negative thoughts about you have no place in your life, for their thought forms are not connected with celestial energy but a lower vibrational energy. When you realize your own worth do not compromise it for how others weigh you up; you are not here to live up to the expectations of others but to be true to you.
You are each a light which guides your way. As you become more illuminated in your honesty and integrity, so do you attract others who are also illuminated like you. The dimmer souls that you meet will transform from night flies into butterflies by your side and this is why it is always imperative to walk in light and love and to teach by example for you are the new teachers of the ancient ways.
The beauty of your soul shines through the material that covers your bones and flesh. What makes you beautiful is what you do and how these acts affects you within. It is easy to understand that to do good makes you feel good and beautiful, whereas ugly acts create a feeling of ugliness. It is also true to say that when you feel ugly you are trying to disconnect yourself from source as all that is connected to source is beautiful, and that means you.
You are not just a body, you are not just a soul, you are not just a mind; even the most outwardly beautiful people are lacking something within as it is so difficult to push beauty inward but it is easier to send beauty outward. When you love yourself and accept all that you are, you are perceived as beautiful by others. This is not an illusion. The illusion you create is the veil that you have woven from your negative thought forms about yourself. Feeling you are beautiful does not necessarily need to be connected with outward appearances; when you are proud of your achievements of becoming a better you, you are you are beautiful. When you admit the TRUTH, that you are WITHOUT defect pertaining to every facet of you, then you ARE beautiful. Yet KNOW that you do not need the acceptance of others for your looks, your actions, your beliefs to walk in the light of beauty.
Do not allow what people say or see about you bring you down; do not allow yourself to be affected by the words of others. You are valued, whole and complete in the eyes of the creator and the earth is blessed by each step you take.
You are each keepers of sacred knowledge, protectors of wisdom, and warriors of love.

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