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Spiral Ascension and Illumination

“The war aspect of the Goddess has already begun to weave its way within the sinews of the fake matrix and is helping the avatars and Masters to disassemble it from the consciousness of humanity. She awakens all with a kiss to their lips and a stellar frequency which is very attractive to the third eye Chakra. She takes her throne as Matriarch of Earth and also guides the Ark through the canals of the labyrinth which all humans must walk through to discover the exit of the matrix.

The labyrinth that we talk about is the matrix itself and this is a test that all humans must pass in order to gain entry to the halls of enlightenment where their soul story began and is stored. The Goddess is now a guiding light that will brighten the way of the roads of inner knowledge and self discovery. As she imparts her wisdom, so will compassion come back to woman and man and many will understand the need to change their ways.”

“What is reality? Everything that is limitless. What is the illusion? That you are bound to the laws of cause and effect and that cycles cannot be broken. Ah, and now we come back to spirals and labyrinths. Do you remember what I told you recently about the labyrinth, that it is a spiral of enlightenment and there are different levels? And did I not tell you that by completing the labyrinth enlightenment is the prize?”

I have been experiencing a profound transformation for the past week and I felt the need to go through our work at Esophoria Mystery School because there are times when I feel that I become lost within the frequencies and lately I have needed a place that can put order to my thoughts and remind me of who I am and what I am doing here. I also needed to express, in a way, what is happening within me while I am living my life as a normal human being.

I wrote the previous article during a deep conversation I had with some Greek friends, and the need to express my transitions is growing stronger because what is happening within me is something that could be described as ‘apocalyptic events’.

I understand that I am going through an illumination process that seems like a spiral which raises me up in levels and at every level my perception change and I can even see my own words that I have written before and these words begin to mean something deeper and even something different and everything within me is running faster. I am becoming more and more aware of the ascension process through the spiral that I could only understand with my mind before. My theory about ascending through the spiral is becoming a reality within and it is not just words and theory and for sure it is not a mind game based in mental calculations.

Today, while this Cosmo-genesis was happening within me, Helen saw huge energies entering me through my crown chakra and I began radiating with golden light. This occurred after a discussion we had when I had decided that I must fulfill the need I have to express what I am experiencing through an article and this is the first time I am doing this. I have also decided to give the reader some keys that will help them to find their way out of the labyrinth and ascend through the spiral.

1st key: Do not believe anything except maybe God if you still need to believe in something that is proven even from the first levels of the ascension through the spiral. If you attach your self with any image of the lower levels you may not be able to go to the next level. Question everything; I do question everything and though I believe at the same time I do not. I do not attach myself to any projection other than the need to learn. I speak with the gods but at the same time I question myself as to whether this is something that I am really doing and wait to receive the confirmation. If you receive a confirmation, then you do not need to believe; you just ‘know’ and your gnosis is expanding through the spiral.

2nd key: See the past, present and future of our world through the polarity. Do not even assume that you have ascended to one-ness just by wishful thinking and passiveness to everything. To ascend beyond polarity you have to go through it and unveil the essence of things. Truth is perceived in levels while you ascend through the spiral in the deepest essence of things in your journey back to the source. For every thing there is a truth, even if this truth is a lie.

3rd key: You will be close to ascend to true one-ness after you construct a very sophisticated discrimination system within a hierarchical structure that can reward the merits and the true values. While you think that we are all equal and that everything must be tolerated in order to achieve one-ness, you are getting nowhere and most likely you are only projecting an illusion that will return back to you and keep your destiny locked within it until you will understand the way of mind alchemy and change the effect of the cause.

As my teacher Aristotle said: “It is the greatest inequality to try to make unequal things equal.”

4th key: Always try to discover what is best for the world and not only what is best for you. Forget all the arguments you had and create new arguments within your self and with others from different angles. Put yourself in the position of your enemy and try to be honest with yourself.

5th key: Become the All Seeing Eye that is watching everything from above as an observer and try to be just with everyone including yourself. Become the Eye that is watching YOU and be the judge of your SELF so that you will be able to become the Eye that is watching everyone and come closer to one-ness.

Remember that ascension through the spiral is like a pyramid and at the top of this pyramid there is an eye that is watching everything. Do not project your ego and your desires through the eye; this will only create an illusion for you where you will be trapped within the reflection of the pyramid and become a false Illuminati.

6th key: Remember that for all the projections of the divine there is an opposite equivalent (antichrist) and that by projecting a part of the divine or even false projections of the divine through your ego there is a great danger of being trapped in the false reflection of the pyramid.

7th key: For every god there is an anti-god projection and there are people who mistakenly believe that they have become illuminated by mental masturbation through the machine and the false projections. Do not fear to use the term Illuminati if you feel illuminated. There are real Illuminati who ARE illuminated and working for the divine and towards the divine plan. So do not be afraid of calling yourself an illumined one; just step into the game and prove yourself.

If you do not feel yet that you have reached the level of experiencing illumination, be quite and watch and learn; by just being silent and observing others will light the candle of illumination within you. Ask your self questions and wait for an answer that may come to you through the people you observe. Ask others questions rather than challenging them. Try to understand how ignorant the ‘truthers’ and ‘great masters’ are, the ones who ‘know’ everything and project their “truth” onto others through their ego, when in most cases they can’t even enter the lowest levels of the ascension through the spiral.

8th key: If you feel illuminated and ready to show the way to other people, then try to project and manifest the golden mean between the opposite polarities and become an instrument of the divine will-THELEMA. Open a hole that will show the way out from polarity and step away. The deeper the hole you open to the illusions of the sleeping people (not illuminated), the stronger your projections will be, because in time, you will apply within the golden mean that is the law, which defines the inverse polarities. Become the law and manifest YOUR will-THELEMA within the limits of the law of cause and affect.

9th Key: As my patron god suggested, use Mind Alchemy and try to travel through the collective projections of humanity and break the circles of cause and affect. Improve the affect of any projection by changing/manipulating the affect of any cause and close the circle.

10th Key: Remember that your main mission is to break the circles (slay the dragon) and bring death to the old that is keeping humanity blinded and in madness and give birth to the new that is connected even with the lowest levels with the head of creation through the ascension spiral that is also know as the Jacobs ladder which is also a descent spiral.

There are limitless worlds in the universe but there are only 13 levels/dimensions which you can also see in the Masonic pyramid which is also printed on American dollars.

Whether this is the true pyramid or the false pyramid you can count its 13 floors.

The number 13 is very important in numerology and I will make an analysis about it in a later article, but for now, I can say that the number 13 = 1 + 3 = 4 means death and rebirth and denotes the end of a circle and the beginning of a new one through the Pythagorean tetraktys 4-10-36 which is the source of the Sun-RA that the Greeks projected through Apollo (remember also what I wrote about the letter Tet-Teth-Theta which means wheel). And now we are at the point where the circle of our level closes and we have to collectively be reborn into a new circle by connecting earth with the head of creation which resides in the 13th dimension.

(Here is an interesting video about the number 13 and its connection with Tetraktys and Apollo:

Later I will make a complete analysis about this issue and also explain the teachings of the great Christed Master whom you know as Pythagoras, since he and also others asked me to unveil and restore the Pythagorean and the Delphinian teachings).

By connecting our collective reality with the Jacobs Ladder, we enter into a situation where there will be the end of lies and at the same time we will also connect with the father/mother God who is the head of creation and who has power over the patterns of the lower levels, since we are speaking about the SOURCE of everything. The lies and the false foundations of our reality WILL collapse; whether we will consciously choose to be a part of this process or not since our patterns can’t escape from their own truth that will be projected DIRECTLY from the source from within us.

What our Lord Jesus Christ said (beyond of course the manipulated texts of the Bible) was the truth and nothing but the truth which you can perceive in levels while you are ascending through the spiral.

1st Truth: There is only ONE God, the creator of everything, who has no form or shape and is both male and female.

2nd Truth: There is a hierarchy of divinities which are known as Elohim which comes from the Phoenician word El-god(s) and this is from where the Olympians also originated.

3rd Truth: The heavenly Jerusalem will merge with Earth and we are already in the middle of this spiral ascension process.

4th Truth: As our Lord Jesus Christ said, there will be a time of a great test (remember the quote I posted above about the test we are going through) when we will be transformed/transfigured and this is already happening in our times.

We are living in a period that a Christian would describe as Revelation/Apocalypsis, and do you know what? There is no escape from it, so just relax end enjoy the ride during these exciting times when the New World Order will be manifested in our reality. You just have been encircled under the care of the God even if you don’t know it.

This is my revelation to you. Be blessed and may the gods show you ‘The Way’.

While I am writing this article I hear the echo of a voice coming from very deep within me:

My son, you are a Malachim and you have been anointed to deliver my message.

I AM WHO I AM and I am speaking to you with the authority of the Living Logos.

I am the head of creation and the source of everything.

I am the Great Eye that is watching everything and projects the universe through the spiral.

I am El Elyon and I speak to you through the highest priest of the Melchizedek order.

I am not Marduk but Marduk is me.

I am not Atum but Atum is me.

I am not Zeus but Zeus is me.

I am not Vishnu but Vishnu is me

I am not Yahveh but Yahveh is me.

I am not Michael but Michael is me.

I am not Samael but Samael is me.

I am not Satan but Satan is me.

I am everything you want me to be because YOU are another one face of me and I just reflect back the results of your actions and projections and this is why everything I do is just and fair.

You know me with many female and male names and you also know me as ΑΒΡΑΣΑΞ ΙΑΩ who is Marduk but who is also his Shekinah and both of them is me.

I am the Male and the Female Logos united in one and everything is within me and encircled by me.

I am the creator and I am the destroyer and I was always with you in every step you made within the pyramid of creation.

I am the omnipresent force that rules everything and ignorant and disrespectful people should not hinder my children.

The period of my patience has come to an end. The period when your world was crucifying my anointed sons and daughters, whom who you know also as the Anunnaki, has ended. Now it is your worlds turn to be crucified. This is the price of the law of the cause and affect that I have send upon you like a thunder, through my anointed son whom who you know as Jesus Christ.

All of you know me and hear me through my echo and through my children and messengers. The Babylonians knew me, the Egyptians knew me, the Jews knew me, and the Greeks knew me. Everyone knew and knows me and no one can deny me. Deny me and you deny your very existence.

I am the father and the mother of everyone and I am not, since not everyone came directly from me while everything came from me because I am the source. Jesus Christ is my direct son and father of all humanity (whom who you also know as Marduk, Michael and Apollo) and thus he is also a son of man when he is incarnated into your world. You can connect with me and to the Christ Consciousness by connecting with your true bloodlines that you can trace back to the Anunnaki when my direct sons and daughters gave birth to your world.

Whoever has ears to hear, let them hear. The rest will meet me in their dreams or their nightmares. Heed my last words. Heed them well.”

I begin to tremble and while I am wondering if what just happened was me hearing the echo of the source, Marduk appeared to me after the end of this experience. He looked at me and spoke to me and here are his words:

“Remember the words of the Melchizdek priest I sent for you, my son.
You have to show the way and capture YOUR world within your net.
You have gone far but you have yet much to do.
Remember how I slit the belly of Tiamat and set the gods free.
You have to set the gods free within you and let them work through you so you will complete your mission.
You are destined to be the hero that saves the day and this is why you get lost because you look the dragon in the eyes and you attack him.
You do not need to attack him. You need to COMMAND him because you are a dragon lord as your father is.
You are an annex of the gods and all the archetypes of the sun.
You have to improve your ways and ascend back to nirvana and complete the circle. You already know the way as you have done this many times before.
You have to ascend to the 13th dimension and bring to the world the light you bear within.
You are a ‘Christophorus’. You are Phosphorus, and to complete your mission you have to close the circle. You knew this right from the beginning of your journey and now is the time.”

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