Monday, May 13, 2013


What we see is what is pulled into our world, so only see beauty! Many focus on all the external signals coming in and when we see this, we create more of it! Just the act of observing a thing causes it to pop out of potential and into material. 
Do not look at what you don't want! Some say this is denial but it is actually the correct way to change the externally perceived world. Many have causes against this, and they fight to get rid of that, and they see this on the news and they get angry and then they join groups to work and push the thing out of the world but all of this resisting of what you don't want to see is injected emotional energy into the thing giving it the power to be! 
If you want to see love, peace, joy, freedom. Health, and abundance in your world and the world as a collective, then only see this. Only be this! Only send energy out that are these things! This can be done in many ways! 
We did join a group here for the greatest cause, but what is different in this group is just what we said, we want to color our world with the blissful things of spirit. So in shot to change the perceived external world, change you! Change the energy inside of you by transmuting all lower emotions into love and light. Write messages that are high vibration. Post art that creates an uplifting vibe! Create music and videos that do the same! What you give or transmit from inside you and outwardly is what you get! This is the way things work in 4d where most now reside, this creation process is greatly magnified and this is the great power you have to not only change your world but the whole world! Quantum physics proves that when you look at a thing or give it attention and focus, it is there! When you are not looking at it is not there! Try to master this one concept above all things! 
If you was were some evil-hearted tyrant that wanted to control planet earth with your ill intentions you could simply broadcast negative vibrations in the ether and terrible news every day and make everything in this ass backwards realm only show you fear, things to be angry at and only ugly things! You could do this easily because you would know how this universal law works. This law works for both positive and negative vibrations. You would know that when 7 billion others saw what you transmitted to the senses day in and day out, then these 7 billion that saw it and felt negative inside would cause it to grow into what we have already seen on this planet! Do not blame the ones who have controlled this realm, because you are the one creating it all! Remember in CWG when Neal ask Ed Asner (god) why do you do all this terrible stuff on this planet and god said i am not doing anything, you are the one doing it all! Then Neal asked well why do you allow it then and god said, you are the one allowing it all to be so bad! God said, stop allowing it! How? Stop focusing on it and it will stop! This is the great creator power you have! Some ask what can 1 person do. That is not enough to change anything since there are 7 billion others with this same power and they are blind! In truth all of these seeming separate beings are one being at the core level and since you are the same as the whole, then what you do affects the whole! If we want to speak of the illusion of separateness, then there are millions and millions of light beings like you that are doing their mission on gaia right now! They are waking up the others and the goal is to reach a critical mass of awakened being on gaia! All you must do is do your part and not be concerned with 'the others'! This is self work and it the only work to do! Out of you then will flow rivers of living water that shower your being onto everything in the universe! Only see beauty and your world will blossom around you like a beautiful garden! All areas of your life will just work out in the most blissful way! The people around you will be amazed and ask you how you did all of this. If fact you did nothing but found the feeling place inside that vibrates as love and light and then you transmit this be default to the ends of the universes changing the whole! Practice all of this each day! Do small experiments with it. If you are going to be a master creator (and you are already doing this positively or negatively) then it might be wise to sit down and create your master plan on paper or your computer! You could title the project: my new creation and then write what do i really want? Just start listing things but make sure they portray the highest version of you and your world that you can imagine. The universe (god) doesn't care if a thing is big or small or whether it is positive or negative it just always give you what you ask for! Writing it all down, talking about it, posting pictures everywhere about it, etc... Brings it out of the quantum realm of spirit-energy and molds it into material and situations according to the order you put in! One last thing, part of this asking may not be in your current awareness meaning you may have some old emotional trauma impression stored in the body as negative energy from way back that you have buried to avoid feeling. This is in there like a beacon whether you are conscious of it or not and it is emitting a super strong signal outwardly and it is bringing back a reflection of itself into your world constantly! Yes this is a form of asking and in one way it may be the most dominate asking you are doing because the emotional energy around a past trauma can be so strong it could literally create hell for you each day! The work is to stop, just stop and be still, get quiet and sit and reflect inwardly on these things. What is irking you? The inner work is to go back one last time one last time and look at that thing for what it is, nothing but a thought-lie and it is not in the now moment so it is no real! To get rid of this transmitter in the body, do what you have to do to generate the emotion and allow it rise up. It cannot harm you one bit, ever! Ask it to come on strong! Ask it what it wants to say and allow it to express vs repressing as you have always done! When the feeling is allowed to express, it will leave the body forever and some affected area where this energy has been stored will heal! As you do this inner work of transmuting the old lower vibrations that do not server you now, make sure you pull back a step and see that you are the observer of the feeling-entity and you are not it! You are only its watcher! See what it does and realize that it is not who you are! You have made an identity out of this for years! It is time to re-create yourself anew and create a new and correct identity! When the emotion expresses 100% it leaves the body and is transmuted. This process is simply becoming conscious of things and this is the ascension. This awareness is your identity! Be this now and here all-ways! We are here because there are many questions! We are in your service! We are the family of light! We bring light and shine them on these things so they can be seen! This is how to be aware of a thing. Light is simply information and the more information you download into anything or situation, the more it is transmuted into a higher vibration! This is your great power! 
Peace and love to you! ~

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