Friday, May 10, 2013

42 Day Blooming Humans 2013 Solstice Unity Wave

Join us for a 42 Day Blooming Humans Solstice Unity wave, beginning New Moon, May 10th and ending in a Solstice Celebration on June 20th!
We’re gathering in Spirit globally, activating DreamSeeds locally and totally getting our grow on!
Together we’ll be:
==> Activating DreamSeeds in our Hearts, at the NEW MOON! 

New Moons are perfect for setting new intentions, clarifying vision and initiating manifestation of DreamSeeds within our Hearts.
The May 9th Taurus moon is a super-charged, manifesting moon.  Consider this:
“Taurus is the time when we see the true manifesting power, as the plants move to a higher aspiration of Life and Bloom.
Once again, we become connected to the essence of beauty as a symbol of our divinity.
Taurus is the connection between humanity and divinity.  Taurus’  job is to infuse matter with Light through accumulating layers of substance.” ~ Beatrex Quntanna, author of  ‘Living by the Light of the Moon’

==> Initiating new growth, eclipsing obstacles, and tending to what makes our Heart BLOOM

We begin May 10th with a Solar Eclipse (super-charging our activations!) and on May 25th a Lunar eclipse assists in releasing, re-tuning, and rejuvenating our projects, partnerships, and passionate pursuits. (The first of the triple eclipses kicked things off on April 25th.)

Eclipses gift us space to let go, grow on and re-tune our energetic fields and patterns of creation toward realization of our Highest expression of Self and Joy . . . what makes our Heart BLOOM!
Blooming Humans, indeed.

==> Amplifying our collective power by beginning and ending this 42 Day journey, as One Heart!
Together we are better!
By aligning our Hearts, attuning to the Cyclic nature of creation, and cooperating in harmony and resonance with all our Relations, we are SUPER CHARGING our fields for manifestation.
We complete our journey June 20th with a Blooming Humans Solstice Celebration!

Here we grow again, Beloveds!
Now Imagine . . .
By embarking on this 42 day journey, we are saying, YES! to Unity, Self-Love, and sparking to Life what is waiting and ready to BLOOM within YOU.
Super-Charging your creative juices

Activation and Illumination of your gifts, visions and dreams

Peace and empowerment to stay centered during these radically changing times

Attunement of Heart and Mind to the infinite field of possibilities

Magnetizing prosperity and abundance to thrive in Life

Connection and One-ness with a Global community committed to positive, life-enhancing change

Making a profound difference in your life, and multitudes of others, too!

To facilitate this life-altering transformation, we’ve heart-fully prepared a series of 42 simple, yet power-filled daily messages — which will be delivered straight to your heart, mind and email inbox, one day at a time, over a 42 day period.
Together, we flow and grow through the ALL stages of growth and manifestation . . . from DreamSeed Activation to Fruition. This assists in re-tuning our awareness to the cycles of creation, daily focusing our energies toward manifestation of our visions and dreams, while leveraging the amplified energies of our Great Coming Together.

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