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How to Commune with the Archangels

There are a two core functions that help us commune with the Archangels in order to promote a greater sense of God-self realization and purpose in Life. The human body Chakras are interpreting the powerful white light of the Universe that comes through our soul in order to better understand the reason for why we are here, and our energetic vibration establishes what level of realization we are currently operating within.To completely open and activate all of the Chakras would be to open the doorway to learn how to transcend the need for our interpretation system and instead focus on the powerful white light that anchors our existence into the Universe. To actively raise our vibration as high as humanly possible would be to consciously promote a much more successful ability to commune with the Archangels and invite their presence for a constructive meeting. Working on both of these core functions is the secret behind achieving a greater sense of Enlightenment and allow your spirituality to truly blossom in the most perfect way possible to help you ascend your energies.
Though many love to call out to the Archangels from the standpoint they are currently situated within, it is so much more beneficial to undergo a few simple techniques in order to greatly increase your abilities so you will more likely be successful in calling them. I would like to start with the Chakras as often times they are the biggest culprits limiting us and preventing us from moving forward. Think of the Chakras as large energy points within certain sections of your body that filter out all of the energy traveling throughout your body, essentially cleaning your energy to provide you with a more pure essence of living. Over time, the more emotional and psychical afflictions we come across, the more negative energy that builds up at our energetic filters and ends up slowing our life force down. In some cases, Chakras can get so blocked up with negative energies that they cease to function properly and end up hindering our spiritual development until we are able to consciously release them. The process of activating and cleansing our Chakras aims to consciously forgive and release self-limitations from stalling our Chakras. To maintain completely activated and healthy Chakras would be to function on a much more heightened level where we are able to more fully embrace the spiritual world and really feel the ethereal Beings who decide to talk to us.
The easiest way to activate our Chakras is to sit down for around 10-15 minutes a day while visualizing a specific exercise. There are 7 Chakras located within the body that perform the function of cleaning our energy; the Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar-Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third-eye Chakra, and our Crown Chakra. Each of our Chakras have also been designated a specific color; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and pink. Start by firstly visualizing the Root Chakra as a large red ball of energy within your groin. To activate the Root Chakra, concentrate all of your energy into the Root Chakra, and then visualize it as a red ball of energy exploding open and rapidly churning energy from the inside out. Let the Root Chakra calm down and return to a state of normalcy before proceeding. Next move on to the Sacral Chakra, concentrate all of your energy into the large orange ball of energy of your Sacral Chakra in your mid-section, and then visualize the orange ball of energy exploding open and rapidly churning energy from the inside out. Let it calm down and return to a state of normalcy. Then proceed to perform the same process for all the others Chakras located within the body. If the target Chakra doesn’t explode open, you must concentrate more of your energy into the Chakra point and erupt a more powerful activation to break through all of the built-up energies within your body. Sometimes we go decades without ever exploding our Chakras open and it almost feels like there are solid concrete walls blocking them. Summon the will, and open your body up to the ethereal world!
The next step would be to concentrate upon raising your vibration so as to more easily commune with the Archangels. Communing with ethereal Beings occurs as a dual function; one half of the process relying on our ability to increase our vibration, and the other half of the process relying on the ethereal Being to decrease their vibration in order for both parties to meet in the middle and consciously interact with each other. Communing involves taking a productive step into the right direction, with the ethereal Being constructively recognising the call to help us achieve a more powerful level of God-self realization. In order to increase our vibration, we have to perform a mental visualization to jump our energy upwards. Start by mentally visualizing yourself standing upon the ground in front of you. Visualize an extremely long white staircase leading up from the ground and into the clouds in the sky. This technique involves timing our breaths so we only walk up the staircase while we are inhaling, and stop climbing when we need to exhale our breath. The slower and deeper we are able to breathe, the more steps we will be able to climb upwards. Take a slow and very deep breath in and start walking up the staircase in front of you—mentally repeating “1, 2, 3, 4,” counting the steps are you walk up. When you need to exhale, stop walking, and then proceed to keep climbing up when you start to inhale another breath. Keep climbing up the stairs until you start feeling very light. The secret is to actually feel like you are moving upwards with every step you take. Sometimes I count up to 90 steps, other times 150, and even some cases past 300 steps. You will personally feel ready when you have reached a high enough vibration.
Performing these two meditations will greatly increased your ability to communicate with the Archangels, and the more practice to really apply yourself to activating your Chakras and increasing your vibration, the more benefits you will get out of the techniques. Once you have finished the meditations and you are ready to call upon the Archangels, mentally repeat whichever summoning verse you feel most comfortable with calling the specific Archangel you have in mind. There are so many different methods you can apply here, depending on what teaching you have been accustomed to; however I prefer verses that are very simple, such as “I call upon Archangel to come before me by the will of God.”
To actually commune with the Archangel takes a little getting used to. Communing with ethereal Beings nearly always takes place on a telepathic level; however even I sometimes just break out and start talking to them like I would any other human being. It is almost like thinking in your mind, except you are directing your thoughts at the ethereal Being. I highly recommend spending quite a bit of time concentrating upon your Third-eye Chakra to develop the abilities of clairvoyance (psychic sight) so you are able to more freely interact with any ethereal Being you please. Developing your Third-eye will also help telepathic communication with the Archangel. I also highly recommend developing your Heart Chakra to more easily be able to feel the nature of the Beings standing in front of you. The Heart Chakra is the energy centre responsible for Empaths (people who feel other people’s emotions) and it allows us to feel the Love in the Archangels directly through our own bodies. It is absolutely essential that we learn how to discern the nature of the Beings coming before us. To just trust whatever comes along, is to purposely limit the nature of our learning by ignoring the intricacies of the Universe. Developing specific Chakras is as easy as just concentrating on them for 10-15 minutes a day after you have already opened and activated them. All it takes is to push concentrated energies into them and allow them to grow larger and larger with the more energy you direct at it. Think of it as a growing ball of energy that keeps getting larger every single day you concentrate upon it. The Third-eye Chakra should be a deep purple color and the Heart Chakra should be a leafy-green color. The longer you spend meditating upon them, the more powerful your abilities will become.
Start by calling your Spirit Guides or Guardian Angels before jumping up to calling the Archangels. We should learn to walk before we learn to run. The Archangels are all the way up there in the hierarchy of Higher Beings in this Universe, and it does take a refined level of technique to actively call upon them. Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels are also more accustomed to dealing with human beings on the Earth plane, and are generally much easier to commune with as a result. When you feel comfortable communing with regular ethereal Beings, proceed to start calling the Archangels and really explode your level of God-self realization onto a much more heightened frequency.
I do wish you luck on your spiritual journey and I hope you enjoy interacting with the ethereal world as much as I do!
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