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Jupiter Ascending and the Harvesting of Humans.....

It has been known by many spiritual teachers that humanity is in the process of going through a dramatic shift in consciousness. This special event is often referred to as ascension. 

Ascension can be a confusing topic to talk about, because there are many different versions of ascension. This article will explore the ascension process beyond religion and the New Age and expose some shocking things about ascension and the movie Jupiter Ascending.

What is Ascension?

The word ascension comes from the Latin word ascensionem, which means “a rising.” It also comes from the noun of action from past participle stem of ascendere, which means “to mount, ascend, go up.” Based on these definitions, ascension means “to go up or rise.”

Ascension is not only a spiritual process but is also a scientific process that utilizes the Laws of Nature to assist spiritual beings to evolve back to the Prime Creator. This process allows all spiritual beings to eventually evolve and ascend out of time and space to re-emerge with their higher identities of pure consciousness.

The process of ascension involves raising the particle pulsation rhythm of the body, allowing the body to absorb higher frequency into its morphogenetic field and therefore increasing its frequency. 

The more accurate term for this process is frequency accretion. This process causes our bodies to become lighter and less dense. It also causes our consciousness to expand and therefore allowing us to ascend to higher levels of consciousness.

This version of ascension is often contradicting to what is taught in most religions. This is because most, if not all, religions are controlled by the Dark Forces, especially the major religions of the world.

Why You Should Be Wary of the Religious Versions of Ascension

Every religion throughout the world has its own version of ascension. For example, some religions teach that only the chosen people can ascend or that only the Prime Creator can make someone ascend. Other religions (i.e., the New Age) claim that extraterrestrials (ETs) are coming to save us and help us ascend.

In Christianity, it is taught that Jesus will one day come from the heavens and save his people and bring them back to the kingdom of God. With so many different versions of ascension, how do you know which one is correct?

From many years of studying esoteric knowledge and the ascension process, I have discovered that at the deepest level religion is nothing more than a tool created by the Dark Forces to enslave our minds and souls. The idea that a messiah or some alien race is coming to save us is a psychological operation (psyop) created by the Dark Forces to keep us living in a state of mental slavery.

If you want strong evidence that religion is a tool of enslavement, study the symbols of secret societies and you will eventually see these symbols in churches, religious temples, courtrooms, and government buildings. 

For example, the cross symbol is not really a symbol of Christianity. Instead, it is a masonic symbol used by the Knights Templar and the Jesuits.

"The cross was used as a religious symbol in ancient Egypt and Babylonia long before the existence of Christianity. In Babylonia, the cross was used as the symbol for the god Tammuz. Certain archaeologists believed that the cross originated from the cross of the zodiac.

"The secret society that uses the cross as its main symbol is the Knights Templar. Today, you can find this same cross on the walls of churches or on the top of their roofs."

One thing you need to know about secret societies is that they operate like street gangs. When secret societies put their symbols on churches and government buildings, they are telling you that those buildings are their properties and territories, just like how street gangs mark their territories with gang signs.

Another thing you should know about secret societies is that they are made up of good and bad people; unfortunately, it is the bad people who are usually in charge.

This still does not change the fact that secret societies are basically organized gangs. Unlike street gangs, secret societies are much more organized and powerful, which is why they control countries instead of city blocks.

Because nearly all religions were created and are still being controlled by secret societies, it is wise to question the teachings of every religion as much as possible.

Is the Dark Forces Planning to Use the Ascension Process to Harvest Humans?

The idea that the Dark Forces (groups of demons) and their minions (the Controllers) have been planning to harvest humans to use them as a food source during the ascension process is not a new idea. 

For the last year or two, I have been searching for strong evidence to back up this claim. So far I have not found any irrefutable proof that humans have been harvested to be used as food. 

However, I have found some evidence that points toward that direction and I do know that we are being used as “batteries.”

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