Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Is the state of the world dragging you down?

Do you ever get the sense that the state of the world is dragging you down...making it so much harder to be the change you want to see in the world?

Could you perhaps use a little levity and a giant belly laugh to help you see our global crises from a whole new vantage point?

Well you're in luck!

This April Fool's Day, we've got an opportunity for some enlightened tomfoolery because Swami Beyondananda, the renowned Cosmic Comic, will be delivering his long-awaited antidote to the planetary doldrums:

Cosmic Relief 2013: A State of the Universe Address

If the state of our world has you down, the Swami is able to use his powers of levitation to help you rise above it. His goal is to help you dissolve the illusion and see that it's actually the Shift that is now hitting the fan (yes, with an "f").

Give your activist soul the gift of levity only laughter can bring - so you can rise above the world's problems and make a bigger impact.

And while you're at it, why not create your own movement by inviting a friend or 2 to join you. 


  1. The Integration Of Spiritual Values With Advanced Technologies

    It appears that the wise use of potentially limitless energy requires a shift of consciousness. Much spiritual literature describes a mature consciousness that logically recognizes and emotionally feels that all life is sacred and interconnected. Human Beings are like brain cells for a planetary consciousness "Gaia" that has not yet awakened. To initiate a consciousness shift Human Beings must alter their thinking patterns in order to uplift each other spiritually and emotionally to a high enough level they would become more important than money. The state of mind expressed from the first person is "I am all men." A generalization at the planetary or universal consciousness level is "We are all races." The point is that we no longer slay one another or go to war because we all recognize "I am the other person; what I do to another I do to myself." Such a state of mind has been described as a "Millennium Consciousness." The widespread implementation of zero point energy technology could trigger a series of events culminating in a consciousness transformation of the Human Race.

  2. In every mans heart they want paradise. If you give paradise, you attract people. By controlling that paradise people are attracted to, you can control people. Drugs are so widespread in society because of the fake temporary paradise it promises. And so, drugs control people and obviously lead to mental deprivation and personal ruin. By offering a legitimate and right paradise, you instill teachings in people that will benefit them in the future; then you symbolically walk the path to the light.

  3. Human beings must follow the path of light, love, compassion, universal brotherhood and respect for nature. A way to shift the Human Being into the Paradigm of Evolutive (As opposed to regressive).

    We must focus on the following subjects:

    * Increasing Human awareness
    * Integrating spiritual values with advanced technology
    * Promoting biodiversity
    * Global education
    * Universal human rights
    * Increasing the importance of the Human Being above money
    * The relinquishing of the Human mind from organizations that derive their power solely on blind devotion
    * Unlocking the human essence
    * Challenging age old belief systems

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