Monday, March 25, 2013

♡ Prayer of Love for Gaia ♡

♡ Prayer of Love for Gaia ♡ ♡ We invite you to join with us during this Prayer to hold a focus of Love and Light around our beautiful Planet Gaia ♡ ♡ May divine emanations of the pures sacred vibrations of illumination and the grace-filled beauty of Crystalline Star Streams of elevated Peace, be brought through the cosmic planes and Multi-Dimensional Portals to this Planet, carried forth by the Celestial Doves of gentleness for boundless Harmonic planetary Healing, and to fill the Hearts of Humanity with the sweet essence of unconditional love, unfolding in harmonic tones of heavenly serenity, embracing all in the enfoldment of the Supreme presence of peace, anchoring into the Oceanic Realms and Earth Matrices and Templates of Beloved Gaia in Loving Graceful Resonance of infinite paradisiacal BLISS ♡ ♡ Thank you for watching. ♡ We send you our Twin Flame Love, Light and Blessings Always. ♡ Namaste

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