Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Invisible Path of the 5th Dimension

Do you feel a little shaky in your life?  Do you feel unsupported?  We are now spiritually walking an invisible road.  What you are feeling is the difference in how we are experiencing spiritual energy now. We no longer connect to it outside of ourselves. The energy is flowing within us now. The Angels shared this visualization to explain:
The spiritual energy flows down from Heaven through our aura, through our body (head first through to feet), then out of our body to connect back with Heaven. We also have energy flowing the opposite direction too. It flows up from Heaven through our aura, our body (feet first through to head), then out of our body to connect back with Heaven.
This light energy never stops within us even though we take what we need or want. This light energy is freely shared with all on Earth and to Mother Earth, without us sending it or directing it. This light energy is love purified because it is constantly flowing from Heaven.
With this higher light energy flowing through us, we no longer send light, receive light, push light, etc. because there is no need to do that. We ARE the light and being the light, just because we physically exist, we share that light with all.
The 5th Dimension may seem backwards in spiritual concepts as there is less do-ing and more be-ing. Think about it for a moment, God made us human be-ings, not human do-ings. With the 5th dimensional energy we are evolving back into what we were supposed to be originally.
For most of our lives we have been in darkness and controlled by our ego. We had to deal with karma so there wasn’t much we could really choose to do. We just had to make it the best life we could; sort of like taking a spoon full of sugar to make the medicine go down. But now we have control over our own experiences. We have walked into energy of the 5th Dimension where we are now being told we can have anything we want; we just have to create it. How do we do that? Speaking what we want and believing we deserve it.
The only condition is that we cannot pray to take something that belongs to someone else. If it belongs to someone else that would be spiritually stealing. An example of this could be praying for someone’s job. You can pray and create a job with the same pay that is just like the one your family member / friend has but to pray for that particular job to be taken from them and given to you is not higher energy. Another example is praying for someone’s spouse to be your spouse. That is lower energy as the person is not free and clear. They have free-will to make their own choices of whether to be with you or not.
To stay in the 5th dimensional energy, you can pray for your highest and greatest love to come into your life today. And if the person that comes is someone else’s spouse then you will have created the relationship from a higher level. If they don’t come, you will receive another person that will be free and clear and will be your highest and greatest love, just like you prayed for.
The path we are spiritually walking now is invisible because we are now creators. Nothing is pre-determined at this point. Think of your life as a blank painter’s canvas now. It is empty, blank just waiting for you to start painting. What would you like to paint into your life? With this new higher 5th dimensional energy, what are you going to create? Here are the Angels suggestions on how to create your life:
*Start your life creation with prayers saying what you want and need.
*Say affirmations as if you already have what you are praying for. For example:
Instead of saying an affirmation like this: “I would like to have a love relationship.”
Say something like: “I AM now in a love relationship.”
Saying “I would like…” doesn’t tell the Universe to create a love relationship. It just says how you would feel if you had one. The Universe is literal. If you say, “I AM now in…” Then the Universe says, “We better hurry up and get that taken care of.”
*Watch your speech. Your life is created by ALL that you speak every day. If you are saying prayers and then talk to a friend and complain about what you don’t have, then that stops your prayers.
*Listen to your inner guidance; that soft whisper in your heart. Listen to what you need to change or do in order to get the things you are asking for.
*Be the light. When we are creating our lives, being in the highest energy as much as we can allows that light energy to flow to do the creating. When we are in judgment or anger or depression, these energies slow down our power.
*Be thankful for all that you have today and for what God is preparing for you for tomorrow. Being in gratitude is a blessed energy.
You are not alone in walking this invisible path. You are now more in touch with your Angels. Your Angels are there for your command, to help only you on this path. They are just communicating differently since this higher spiritual energy is flowing through you now all the time.
No worries, we will get this part of our Ascension experience figured out like we have with the things we went through last year. Soon we will learn we are always supported when we take a step even though the path looks invisible. We can’t fall. We are more powerful now than we have ever been. Let’s start using that power in the intention of the 5th Dimension, which is love and see what beautiful lives we can create now in 2013.

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