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In order to manifest a new idea, we must go beyond the boundaries of everything that we already know exists. The mind of God will allow anything to become instantly manifest in our reality field when we ask to create something that exists outside of the reality field of the world that only exists within our personality.

 When we choose to create a new idea, it must come from infinite unknown - the All Seeing, All Knowing, Omnipotent Mind of the One Eternal God. If the idea being created doesn't originate from this one Divine Source, it isn't a new idea. If it isn't a new idea, it has already been created. It is already in the world of concepts. It is already being recycled over and over again. God doesn't create from recycled energy. God creates from Brand new energy that comes from the Brand new Idea of Infinite Imagination.

The new ideas first exist in the subatomic structures. These invisible, quantum ideas must be created in the highest realm and then they can exist as atomic structures that form into visible light and take form in the hertzian and infra red levels of manifestation.

All creation begins at the ultra fine zero point frequency level of the Divine Source breathing the idea into the Cosmic realm. This ultra fine omni particle shimmers and sparks into a frequency that becomes a plasma cloud. This cloud shifts into the field of all potentials. The potential of the idea remains in the fabric of the mind of God. That fabric is woven into the idea that becomes manifest at all levels of light and sound.

That idea becomes the negative of the film that will become processed in the mind of God. So each thought that manifests is created exactly like a film that is processed into a picture album or a movie. When we co-create through the mind of God, we are making God's movie. That is what we will begin to do in 2013. The world will end. That movie called the world was not God's movie. That movie was made by liars that kept us from seeing the reality of God's movie. We have just been watching other people's movies. The movie made by God comes from the co-creative activity of our own mind of God within us. Our Souls and our Mid Brain hold the technology that will create the movie made from the mind of God. That is how the world will end. We will soon discover that all of the lies we see being reproduced by the film of the world has been an out right lie. We have not yet seen reality as of the year 2012. Reality will truly appear in 2013.

We must become humble enough to allow something to come forth that we do not know anything about. We must be willing to allow a brand new reality to appear. We cannot create a NEW WORLD until we completely dissolve the old one. The World must End. It must become transmuted into a higher frequency. We must be relocated into a new time, a new reality. We must be relocated to the time in which all that has come before all that is and all that will come after was created in the mind of God. All that exists is the divine blue print of the film from God's Movie --not the man made movie of the world.

The film that carries the new movie must be processed in the mind of God which is the infinite unknown, omnipresent, omnipotent, omni knowing, Consciousness which fills infinity. This infinite all knowing lies outside of the boundaries of our present knowing. We have not yet allowed for it to manifest in our lives.

When the idea is given to God to manifest from the unlimited knowingness of all that can be, the idea will bloom forth in a form so glorious, so unimaginable, so wonderful, that you will know that it came from the mind of God. If the manifestation is not so glorious that you know that maybe it was not an original idea from God, it is simply an idea that you are recycling out of old ideas that you once heard of before.

The ideas that are now manifest must come from a stream of consciousness so brand new that the idea has always existed from before the world began, before the cosmos began, before time began. The idea must come from ALWAYS WAS, ALWAYS IS and ALWAYS WILL BE. This idea must be an ETERNAL IDEA.


Our world will end as we are transformed forever through one inhale from the mind of God. This mind of God includes all of the realities and wisdoms and creations and dominions that have existed before us and after us. We can now access all of that reality as it is transformed into a brand new wisdom, a brand new reality that has never existed before. It has never existed before, because we have never co-created with the mind of God before. We will exist within an incredible wonder, a magical imagination, an infinite participation within the nature of God. We will be invited to play in the outer band- the realms beyond the 15th sphere, where only god's are invited to play and create within the infinite unknown playground of creation. The outer band of creation is infinite in its possibilities. It allows each individual to create within individual freedom all that is individually known within his own realm. This individual creation does not need to be woven from the dreams of others. There is enough room in infinity to fill rooms with mansions of realities that contain more rooms with mansions of realities that are so vast with new ideas that there is no reason to search outside of oneself for fulfillment, entertainment, interaction or competition. Each moment will be completely filled with instantly manifesting a new idea.

When we begin this co-creation we do not need to see the ideas as pictures, we only need to train our brain to utilize frequencies. When we can stretch our consciousness into the Frequency of the Mind of God, it is that frequency that holds the infinity of ideas that can manifest within our perceptual realm. Our perception changes in frequency when we shift into our mid brain which is frequency specific. All manifestations are a result of the frequencies held in the mid brain. We know that mind of god is flowing through us and in us and around us and it is flowing through the lower cerebellum and into the mid brain and it is being activated as entire prisms of frequencies weaving together into pictures that manifest in front of us. This magical transformation happens when the outer band of the infinite Source flips into the inner band of the fifteenth dimension, the Cosmic realm flips into the inner band of the Christic Sphere and the Outer realm of the Christic flips into the Fifth Sphere. We will become sixth dimensional man walking within the realms of the 12th dimensional Rishi or Christic selfhood. We become living, walking Christ’s who carry the mind of God. All we need is a brain that can utilize the Highest Frequency of the Mind of God.

The outer band is the 14th band --helium arching into the white light suns KA HA  of the 15th band and breathing the first spark of the idea into the Aqualene Sun - RA. We breathe until we ignite this new idea from the Plasma - the Crystal Ships of our creation- Our CosmicCreators create the brand new idea through us into this density-- ALWAYS FROM the Mind of God- the Outer Band beyond the 15th sphere - the Infinite Unknown All Knowing, All Seeing , Infinite Omnipresent Mind of God.

We see ourselves sitting in the Buddha position inside the Blue Lotus Blossom in the 16th sphere. That is the Mind of God co creating the brand new idea. We use the principle of Oneness -- Theory of Relativity- All that is in any place is also right here and right now.

All that is manifest from the mind of God in the OUTER BAND must FLIP into the INNER BANDS. The Inner Bands carry the light and sound of the new reality. We exhale the new reality into this density- this hertzian reality from the invisible light into the visible light.

The chemical reaction of the Helium-- the heliotalic, pastel rainbow light frequency from the 14th sphere arches over into the Plasma--white light and Aqualene light blending through the rainbows of the Suns- Ka Ha Ra Sa Ta Hya La--- centered on RA - the Aqualene Sun of our original creation. All ideas begin in the outer band of Source and manifest in the Inner Band of Ra and then instantly appear at all levels of density. We connect with all of the fifteen bands of light and sound in order to instantly manifest the idea that we have created. This is done by breathing into the Oneness of the Highest Frequency of the Mind of God.

 I inhale that frequency as I imagine the infinite unknown possibilities that exist in the Mind of God. I ask to known and see and exhale this fabulous idea that has never been seen or known on Earth before. I hold that idea in my crystal heart - my Soul- the ganglia of cells that sit directly below the heart hold this holographic memory of all that is known in the Mind of God. I connect into the all knowing of my Soul and inhale into my FREQUENCY SPECIFIC MID BRAIN - Pineal Gland area. I'm connecting into the Oneness of the Frequency of the Mind of God and Inhaling this infinite Source of Creation into my personal Mind of God - my Mid Brain working together with my Soul - my Rishi Self- Christ Consciousness and my Rasha EirA - my Cosmic Light Consciousness. This self projects itself to me as a Blue Sphere. I see my image in this Blue Sphere. I see the blue violet sphere in my third eye or mid brain area with eyes closed and I see the blue sphere or blue violet sphere in front of me when I open my eyes. I can see a blue hologram of my self if I look in a mirror. It is that Blue Body self who holds the mind of God inside of me. When I have raised my frequencies high enough to cause the outer band to flip into the inner bands or spheres.
We must reconnect to the neuronet in the lower cerebellum where there are pathways connecting through frequencies into the mind of God in which we find knowingness. If we attempt to pave these pathways from the upper cerebellum we only connect to the dirt roads of the world that have dead ends and loop in circles. The upper cerebellum will never allow anything new to enter in. It is the world that must end.

The mortal mind- the upper cerebellum that just recycles information given to it from the world -- the man made world filled with lies that are filtered into our consciousness from sonic pulses in inter dimensional planes that carry brain washing technology of the fallen angelic races that is used to control our minds and fill them with the error that blocks us from the Mind of the One True Source.
This mortal mind must dissolve away as we become willing to bring in the highest frequencies of Source to transmute the world and all that is in it. The world must end. The world of beliefs and illusions are not the reality of Source. We have only been allowed to see the ideas placed within the veil that was created by fallen angelic races who need to use the human angelic energy for their own survival.

 The veil that has been allowing the error to attach to our consciousness will be removed forever. The veil that is blocking the Christ Consciousness and Cosmic Consciousness to freely flow through us will be removed forever. The alignment of our Consciousness into the Mind of God will be restored forever.

In order for this grand event to take place, our Ancestors, our Guardians, our Starry Families at very high levels of Cosmic Consciousness have been working on this project of realignment for about five million years. They have had tiny chances of alignment every 26,000 years. Each time this possibility appeared, the fallen angelics have made a counter strategy to block the project's success. One of the main obstacles that needed to be removed was the lack of frequencies on the Earth. If the alignment had taken place before the frequencies were high enough on Earth, the Earth would implode. 

The time period beginning in the year 2000 until 2012 offered the possibility of opening stargates on Earth if enough Indigo Children could be brought in to establish high enough frequencies. It has been the project of the Indigos and Crystal Children which has established enough frequencies on Earth. This together with the light workers who have learned the technology of breathing the frequencies of Source from the outer bands into the inner bands of the 15 spheres of this Matrix engage the 12th dimensional stream of our Divine Blue Print that allows us to engage our Divine Image and Likeness of God or our Blue Body of Christ consciousness.

There will be enough frequencies on Earth aligned into the Divine Blue Print to allow the new picture of the Divine Man made in the image and likeness of God to become developed through the horizontal flow of light and the vertical flow of sound. This imaging of the Divine Blue Print will take place from the outer band of the 15th dimensional sphere flipping into the Helium of the 14th sphere. That Heliotalic frequency will create the Neutron within the human angelic cells that will cause new nano particle to create a new Omni particle that will create a new chemical of H20HE3 called Hydrolaise. Our atmosphere must become Hydrolaise as we exhale the new frequency of our new creation. As we transpose into the new hydrolaise, our structure of carbon will melt away and become replaced with the organic, eternal life chemical structure that is based on hydrolaise.

This hydrolaise is the gift of the Aquafarians. The water based substance that brings eternal life to water and all that is created from water. We will learn to breathe this water filled with helium. This hydrolaise will allow us to float in it or walk on it. It will remove the gravitational forces that bind us. Once we regain this substance, we will begin to partake in activities such as levitation, turning into light, walking through walls, instant manifestation, etc.

We have not been able to partake in this reality of the inorganic- non carbon based chemical structure in our past million lifetimes on Earth because our templates were distorted clear down at the original subatomic level when the EirA-- the breath of God because the spark of the new idea. The problem went all the way back to the Sun Ra. There were wars in heaven even at the highest Cosmic levels. That final war within the fallen Rays of that Akashic structure is being fought in 2012. Once the fallen Rays are transmuted back into Star Dust and the Sun of Ra is pure, our complete transformation of this entire 15 sphere Matrix of Illusions can be completely transformed. 

The final war of Ra began in August 2011. The fallen Rays created a blockage of the Aquafarian Crystal Stream that was our Life Stream back to our original Consciousness. Our Cosmic Family in turn created a new more direct route of Consciousness directly through the third eye of atunement. At that time the Crystal Ships of our original Cosmic Selves were awakened within the Earth's Heart. Those 48 Crystal Ships rose through and around the Earth's atmosphere in May 2012 and became fully activated in September 2012. From that moment on, all negative energies, miasms, error, sonic pulses from the interdimensional realms of the dark ones became fully blocked from the Earth's atmosphere. If this final procedure had not taken place, fallen races from the entire galaxy would had been free to enter our cities at this time. These same Crystal Cosmic Ray Ships are the Frequencies that held the Earth in balance when the 55 Metatronic Spin was thrown at her on December 21, 2012. The divine plan is this: All Error that is sent forth toward Earth will rebound to its sender in a power ten times stronger than it was sent forth. Only the power being returned will be purely Christic in nature and it will transform anything that is unlike it into the Frequencies that must either be accepted and allowed to transform and transmute all negative energy, or else become space dust and return directly to Source.

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