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There has been current debate about alien spaceships entering the Earth's atmosphere and the possibility of them landing on Earth and beginning communication and training. There is the other side of the debate that believes that maybe the entities from outer space are actually just a dormant part of our selves coming back on line with multi dimensionality. 
Both of these are true. We must create our own orb bodies of light frequencies - that will become our spaceships that we travel interdimensional and multidimensionality within. We will also be receiving help from our Cosmic and Christic Families (meaning those entities from 12 level Consciousness activated within the Cosmic Consciousness of God's original Creation Template). These Soul Families have been waiting within the Etheric, Cosmic Level of the Earth's creation field, and they have created 48 Crystal Ships that are holding the Earth within this Plasma Protection Field. These are the Plasma Ships that will assist us as we are being shifted and transported completely out of the Earth's Matrix into a Brand New Reality. The new reality is created at a Cosmic Level - not a Galactic Level. (Those promising a new Golden Galaxy - or Galactic Reality, have mostly been those stuck in the Fallen Matrix reality field of the hybernization zones. Those are the ones who have been channeling false prophecies through any willing voice).
We are not from the Milky Way Galaxy. We are from the Aquarian Galaxy--the spiritual parallel of Andromeda or what scientists call M31.The Earth, and the other planetary bodies that are in this galaxy FELL into this Galaxy. Those Race Lines who are not Angelic - but Fallen Races, have been using the Beings on Earth as their Energy Source to help pull this Earth's body into the Phantom Matrix of the Wesadraks, where Fallen Angelics just feed off of each others energy until they are completely obliterated into space dust. That is where the Metatronic Frequencies, the Golden Mean, the Fibonacci, the changelings received by most New Agers - especially any who use the word hierarchy. All of those teachings are the Death Science that has been used to lock us in this Matrix for millions of years. 
Our Guardian Races have re-established the Eternal Life Science, which is the only sacred geometry or interdimensional physics of light and sound that will restore our biological templates into our original 12 DNA eternal life template of our original race line. That original race line was destroyed by the millions of years of racial interbreeding, which was mostly rape by other race lines who wanted our 12 DNA and our Stargate Codes that are within the crystal genes of a few of us who are still on Earth today. 
My story - well Our Story - The Twin Flames of the original creation story. The story is about saving the entire Dolphin Family. That is  the story that I will tell later - the story of my Oraphim - Amethyst order Braharama Cetacean Family Line, and how aDolphino and Krystalai returned to Earth after billions of years to restore our race line. We basically went to hell when the Red Dragons and Green Dragons pulled the entire Oraphim Race Line into the Wesadrak Phantom Matrix. The only way to bring that Race Line back into the Morphogenetic Field that will ascend out of this matrix forever, was to do exactly what we did. We made this plan millions of years ago. aDolphino was taken by the Red Dragons and allowed himself to go completely into space dust and return as an immortal to be born again for the exact purpose of setting himself up as a decoy and a target that he knew the Red and Green Dragons, who had obliterated our entire Braharama Cetacean Oraphim Cosmic Family during the Electric Wars, would eventually attempt to possess him.
The possessions of the Dragon Races was for the purpose of retrieving the exact genetic codes needed for Star Gate take over. The human angelic race line holds the keys to the stargates. Other race lines cannot activate them. Some human angelics and Indigos hold very specific codes in their DNA that are essential to the Fallen Angelics quest for Stargate Take over, which would put planet Earth in the Phantom Matrix.
The twin flames of aDolphino and Krystalai hold the exact codes in their crystal genes that are like the combination locks to a safe deposit box holding the keys to the kingdom. We originally came to Earth carrying six DNA each that holds the 12 DNA code of all stargates. Our frequencies doubled as we aligned with our Parallel selves and Parallel Universe realities. Our frequencies doubled again because we were possessed, died and were reborn through the help of walk in selves from higher dimensions. We had been trained for this mission for millions of years, and our memory seals were released soon after we were born so that we would be directed in our journey in exact precision right down to the exact second.
We hope that reading the story of our mission, will help other star seeds remember who they really are and why they are really here at this time. This is a project that we have worked on as a family for millions of years. We are all here for the same reason. It is not just for the ascension of the Earth and the Taran Race Line. It is for the entire Cosmos because the 12 Harmonic Universes that we live within and through are all a part of the original 12 race lines that began this Cosmic reality billions of years ago. The story begins back then. The problems in our race line began back then. That is why we are all back together again to fix it. We are all a part of the original angelic perfect 12 coded divine blue print, and many are a part of the fallen angelic race lines who destroyed Tara over and over again. 
We - human angelics, Indigos, and others, are back together on Earth at this time, for the rebirth back into the original perfect divine template that we all originally came from. This can only be achieved once all 12 codes, 12 DNA harmonics of all of the race lines DNA template are placed back into the Sphere of Amenti in their original Divine Perfect 12 Coded Divine Blue Printed Essence.
Those star seeds who have brought back the pieces of our 12 DNA into the sphere of Amenti have helped the angelic race line as well as all of the intruder race lines who helped to destroy us. That is what this time is all about. It is a time of Forgiveness, Divine Love, Remembering where we originally came from. We have to Fix it All in order to Fix anything.
aDolphino planned this episode thousands of years before we headed back to Earth. We knew the Red Dragons would find us and try to possess us. We arranged entire crews of angelic families to be with us our entire time on Earth, because our importance to the mission of the Earth's retrieval of the very divine template of the original creators of Gaia, was imperative to the success of the Ascension Plan.
The very Oraphim Dolphin and Whale Families who created this 12 coded perfect Tara, Gaia, Aramentena 12 DNA reality field of creation and our Home in Sun Alcyone, was destroyed in the Electric Wars millions of years ago. They were not just destroyed - they were taken prisoner and possessed by the worst Fallen Races in our Universe. Once an entity is possessed, it is almost impossible for their Soul to be retrieved. Those souls were taken over and replaced by Fallen Angelic consciousness. The Red Dragons were so angry about having their race line destroyed and taken prisoner, that they became some of the DARKEST Entities in existence and spent their lifetime trying to destroy everyone who destroyed them. They became the DEMONS called the FataLE.
I was killed by  Fallen Angelics, who were once my family, as they attempted to possess my bodies three times before. When aDolphino's frequencies got so strong that his light body was easily spotted by the FAtaLE, we both remembered our plan. We knew that a twin flame female can always retrieve the male partner from an abduction. That is why they tried so hard to possess my body the first three times. I always had a retrieval team with me that directed the demons out of my light body and into the light. This was also part of our plan which allowed my twin flame template to become so strong that I would be able to retrieve aDolphino when the FAtaLE came.
aDolphino and I created ourselves as a decoy by creating massive frequencies together through our music. We were directed to go to Monterey and live in an apartment which was parked on top of the deadliest campground of underground demons who interacted directly with the Marine Base. These Red Dragons were there for the specific reason of killing the dolphins and whales in the bay, to take their codes. We were first directed there on the mission of freeing the dolphins and whales and preparing a rainbow bridge ascension path directly from the Inner Cities of Light up into the Cloud Cities of Light. We watched hundreds of our Cetacean Family ascend out of the terrible torture they had been put through in that underground torture chamber.
One day, when aDolphino was walking on the beach, they spotted him and first took over his mind with a blast of chemtrails right into his head. I had warned him not to walk out there because they had been pouring chemtrails on us ever since we moved there. However, something deep inside of aDolphino told him it was time to complete the mission he came to Earth for.
Long ago, the Braharama Oraphim Cetacean were the loving Guardians and creators of our human angelic Taran Race line. They were the most loving, kind, generous races ever to enter this Cosmos. During the Electric Wars, the Red Dragons possessed the entire race line of Braharama Cetaceans. That means they became the Fallen Red Dragons. Once a race has fallen that far, there is only one way to bring them back online with Source. That is to do exactly what aDolphino did. He allowed himself to be possessed. That created the opportunity for our Maharaji Family to implant one of his Higher Selves from the Cosmic Matrix in his body who would be able to direct the demonic possessors out to Space Dust for a fast return to Source. That placed them in the possibility of being born again into the divine matrix. At the same time, aDolphino exchanged his original third dimensional personality for a higher self, walk- in which would allow the transformation of the original Aquari race line to blend and transmute the Equari - Red Dragon race line- back into the needed Divine Blue Print which was established into the Sphere of Amenti when aDolphino returned to Earth after his abduction. The return to Earth was completely from the level of Source, as the rebirth of all on Earth will be. The return to Earth placed those needed Aquari codes into the Equari codes so that the entire Oraphim Race could be given a second chance.
The Oraphim Braharama Cetacean Race left their imprint within the Earth's bioenergetics field by creating the dolphin and whale races who are very light in complexion, vegetarians who live in warm water. That race line has been on Earth as the transmission field of frequencies of communication, which has been allowing the Cosmic Consciousness to remain on Earth until this time.
Now, is the first time in billions of years, that the original Amethyst order Oraphim Braharama Cetacean Race Line will be allowed to become re-established on Earth as a possible regenesis of the original divine species -- our actual parents. So, basically, what aDolphino did for the Oraphim Cetaceans, besides creating the ascension portal for our families within the oceans to rise into the Cloud Cities of the fifth dimension, was to bring our parents, our families, our friends from millions of years ago, back on line with Source by streaming their original Soul's Codes or Frequencies into the Sphere of Amenti within the Heart of Mother Earth.
The forgiveness for the pain, the demonic possession, the terrible holocaust, and all that has been done in the name of the Red Dragon, can and will be forgiven because we know that they were originally the very Dolphins who we all love so very much. We will always see them for who they originally were and therefore, always will be in the Mind of God.
This article will share the facts given to me by the Guardian Races and our creators from dimensional realities beyond this Earth's 15 dimensional Matrix.
First, you will learn  how to make your own space ship.
Next, you will learn how you are actually reconnecting your Consciousness to your entire Higher Dimensional Families in Tara, Gaia, Aramentena and the Cosmic Consciousness where our original Templates of Creation were formed.
Then, you will learn how to connect to the Frequencies that activate the space ship.
Finally, you will meet the Great Ones who will be entering your Consciousness - which is your field of Reality - as you shift into fifth dimensional perception.
The entire scientific reason why we can turn our bodies into a lighter frequency than the gravity field, which will allow us to orb out of this reality field in our own light bodies - or space ships, is because we can shift our consciousness into dimensional realities of much less dense particles. We can shift into particles that are so etheric they no longer need the negative charge to bond the positive charge. We shift into a realm where the outer bands of light energy, which is the Frequency of Source holds together all inner light bands, regardless of their density. 
We are held within this Consciousness of Source, which is the Mind of God, which is who we are. This is why we don't actually leave, or move. We just stay right where we are, but in a less dense form. However, we can choose to travel if we want to because once we have moved out of the energy levels of negative positive into neutral, we can travel beyond the speed of light.
The reason that we will soon be able to participate in this multidimensional phenomena of traveling three times faster than the speed of light in our very own spaceships is because our Guardian Races, including Zionites, ZionA's Ranthians, Oraphim, Tarans, Elohim-Elohei, Sirians, Aquarians, Aquafarians and many other Cosmic Councils have realigned the Earth's angular rotation of particle spin into alignment with a Parallel Universe that has a past, present and future of the Divine Blue Print of the 12 DNA Angelic Template of our original PERFECT CREATION. 
We have been out of alignment with that reality for many millions of years. Our Guardian Alliance Families of Cosmic Creation have brought to Earth the details of the billions of years including our original creation, our families that have been involved, the Fall of Tara and the three seedings of the Race of Tara that were each destroyed in complete obliteration of the species. We are in the fourth seeding of the Race of our original birthing in Gaia. There have been many families of creation involved in our destruction and many families being involved in our rebirth.
Our rebirth began in the year 2000 when masses of Star seeds from the Melchizedek Cloister brought in the frequencies that would carry our fifth and sixth dimensional frequencies. We've also had help from race lines who carried the 12th dimensional frequency back to Earth and those of us who are the Oraphim Race Line have returned the 24-48 DNA template from the Cosmic Matrix back to Earth. These frequencies have been brought into the Earth's Crystal Heart - named called the Sphere of Amenti by our Cosmic Councils. All of our original 12 DNA sub harmonics have been restored to the template of Earth's Core. This was completed during 2000-2012. December 21, 2012 was the date when Earth was pulled completely back into alignment with the Parallel Universe of her Divine Likeness which also holds the 12 DNA template.
DNA can only be repaired from within the Planetary body upon which the body template is attuned to. Each time a soul is brought into fetal integration it must go through the stellar wave cycle of the planet it is born on. When the babies born during the past 12 years who carried the 12 DNA strands needed, they each helped to weave back a part of the immortal perfection that had been taken away from our race line.
Now those 12 DNA strands are a part of the essence of Mother Earth. They are established within her Crystal Heart - her Sphere of Amenti. Now, our Soul Families of Tara, Gaia and Aramentena can turn us back on. First they will activate the 5 DNA template within our bodies as they allow the frequencies of the Sphere of Amenti to flow out into the Earth's particles and antiparticles within the Cosmic Elemental level of her creation. Next, those frequencies of 5 DNA will flow into the bioenergetics fields of our bodies from the Earth's crust. The 12 level frequencies of the Earth's crust are 12 inches below our feet and 12 inches above our head. We must focus on aligning our consciousness into the sphere of Amenti in Earth's etheric core and breathing that 12 DNA template into  the sphere that is 12 inches around the body and connecting to the Earth's 12 coded bioenergetics field. This is how we begin reconnecting to our Divine Perfection of who we once were and will soon be again.


The highest frequency from Source Consciousness is brought into the lower frequencies of the body through the breath of Consciousness. This is a process that can be learned and understood. This is the process that must be used to levitate, to disappear or to ascend. The process is the same process used to create a spaceship that can travel beyond the speed of light. Since the process is the same, we can turn our bodies into spaceships that travel beyond the speed of light. That spaceship is the merkaba body.
We have created a series of meditations that teach you how to use your merkaba to collect the frequencies from the light bands of universal, cosmic and Source consciousness. There are formulas for collecting these frequencies. The 12th dimensional consciousness can be thought of as coming from the fourth harmonic universal level or from 12 inches above the head. The 13th dimensional consciousness can be thought of as coming from the middle domain of Mother Earth. This area is a liquid light area where we collect stardust wrapped inside a liquid light crystal sphere. The 14th dimensional consciousness or band of light holds the heliotalic golden silver pastel rainbow frequencies. These frequencies come from the liquid light mirror as we enter into the inner Earth - the etheric place within the core of the Earth.  And the 15th holds the co-creative aspect of light that allows the Source Consciousness Frequency of transduction to connect to the frequency of transmutation to create a new idea. The idea transforms from white light to blue light and the into transfiguration as it realigns to the complete form in inner Earth allowing the purple rain of liquid light new reality.
This is the process used to collect the frequencies that we breathe on to the Individual Immortality CD's.
All creation is made of light bands. The light bands are frequency specific. Each band of light has a frequency or a pitch. That frequency or pitch can vibrate faster or slower, which creates a new frequency signature. The bands of light with a slower wave length can be changed by bringing into them the band of light with the highest frequency.
These light bands can also be thought of in scientific terms.
We can ride the elemental light bands down from omni ons, which are the pre cursors to electrons and protons and neutrons, and the we breathe the frequencies of consciousness to break through into the protons, neutrons, positrons, electrons. We breathe to break into the field that over rides the positive aspect of an atomic nucleus. We oscillate energy by breathing the consciousness of the first creation of atomic structure,  which would become the positron inside of the nucleus of the atom.
We breathe to bring frequencies into the nucleus in order to over ride its electrical field. We are riding out of the electrical field back into the zero point radiation. Finally we are transmuting the original omnions into delicate streams of the point zero radiation, and when we displace the omnions, our breaths bring into consciousness a speed faster than gamma. Our breaths have brought us into the zero point of quantum energy, and that is the frequency that allows us to ride in our merkaba space ship. We provide several meditations that guide you in doing this in the Complete Ascension Meditation Kit and Ascension Portal Meditation Kit.
We also refer to this energy vacuum created to ride within the merkaba space ship, the Cosmic Egg or the Golden Egg. We provide meditations that allow you to practice riding up into this Cosmic Egg that is three feet above your head. That meditation is called the Golden Merkaba.
This is the process used to collect the frequencies that we breathe on to the Individual Immortality CD's.
All creation is made of light bands. The light bands are frequency specific. Each band of light has a frequency or a pitch. That frequency or pitch can vibrate faster or slower, which creates a new frequency signature. The bands of light with a slower wave length can be changed by bringing into them the band of light with the highest frequency.
When we use the term crystal heart, we are talking about entering into the crystalline, etheric center of the heart of each cell in the body. In scientific language this would mean breathing the zero point frequencies of Source Consciousness into the microtubule of the cell, or the omni helic centrical tube. This microtubule is reaching the center of the neutral Source. 
The entire scientific reason why we can turn our bodies into a lighter frequency than the gravity field, or the dense matter of the physical body is because we can shift our consciousness into dimensional realities of much less dense particles. We can shift into particles that are so etheric they no longer need the negative charge to bond the positive charge. We shift into a realm where the outer bands of light energy, which is the Frequency of Source holds together all inner light bands, regardless of their density. 
We are held within this Consciousness of Source, which is the Mind of God, which is who we are. This is why we don't actually leave, or move. We just stay right where we are, but in a less dense form. However, we can choose to travel if we want to because once we have moved out of the energy levels of negative positive into neutral, we can travel beyond the speed of light.
We breathe the frequencies from the Primary Consciousness into the Omnis that create atoms. We dissolve the inertia of the Omnis by over riding it with the higher frequency. When we do that we neutralize inertia. When we can neutralize the inertia, we can neutralize gravity. This is what allows us to be able to levitate out of the gravity field of the lower inertia. When we levitate we are still wrapped inside of the outer band of light and sound of Source Consciousness. That outer band holds the music of the spheres together through the highest frequency at all times. When we wrap ourselves within the light bands of the universal, cosmic and source frequencies, we are riding within the Golden Sphere. 
We have dissolved the energy fields into the fabric of space to reach beyond the negative positive energy fields into the neutrality of zero point frequencies. When we utilize the inertia by over riding it , we neutralize it. It is always the Source Consciousness that provides the Golden Sphere or the webs of light energy around us to hold us together as we separate from lower fields of inertia into higher fields.
The mass of the body remains in tact. The outer band of light always holds together the inner bands of our bodies. The higher frequency bands can dissolve the bands of gravity and the fields of inertia to allow the body to become a free floating object without gravity. This allows the body to rise out of the world of materiality.
The entity who has achieved this can over ride  the physical mechanism of mass that is connected to the omni fields that create gravity and inertia and move beyond the material world.
The entity that binds us together into this powerful energy that can over ride mass is the breath. The breath is our connection to the frequencies of Source or the outer band of Primary Consciousness that allows us to ride the Omni Particle into Neutrality.
The lower cerebellum is the Primary Consciousness in this action. Consciousness and Energy utilizes the primary consciousness and the mid brain. The breath connects to the Primary or Source Consciousness into the Mid Brain which is frequency specific.
The upper cerebellum containing the world belief system, does not contain pathways into the frequency specific mid brain. The mid brain is a very detached center of receiver ship, which information comes in unattached forms, in pictures of the future. These pictures from the midbrain are infiltrated into the personality as sub stratums of this Now reality.
We get a feeling that we should do something. We get intuition. That is the mortal mind responding to the stimulus of the frequency specific mid brain that provides pictures of the future.
Since the upper cerebellum is chemical responsive, it is not going to work in a frequency specific arena. We must remove consciousness out of the negative positive electron proton realm of inertia. We must be within the neutrality of the positive/positive that is zero point. This neutrality frees us from the mortal mind and allows us to float in neutrality.
When we work enough with the breath connecting us into the frequency of Source Consciousness and breathe that frequency into all of the inner bands until we begin to break free from the chemically dependent third dimensional consciousness, we begin to feel more and more detached from the world. The more detached we feel, the higher our frequencies have risen. 
Returning back into the body of chemical form can be a little painful because a shift between neutrality and polarization is taking place. We are working to remove the polarization by neutralizing the pathway between the mid brain and the mortal mind.
In manufacturing electromagnetic fields of frequency. In a frequency field we only see people as light bands. We see the fluctuations in the light bands. We can access the inner bands and know what they are doing because they have an effect on the mass itself.
The outer band is keeping the inner bands coherent. It is raising energy with force and as energy passes the third seal, the energy begins to start from the mid brain. When the consciousness and energy comes to the forethought of the mind, it is coming from the Mind of God.
When we begin to communicate through our subconscious at the lower cerebellum, this is the Primary Consciousness that is making the light bands spin at a greater and greater velocity. When we breathe energy of consciousness into the light bands they spin faster and faster until the electromagnetic flux is increased. Then trillions of omni tubules start to form. The omni tubules are the new 12-96 etheric strands of DNA connecting into Primary or Source Consciousness. 
This is the point of igniting the spark of Source within the crystal heart of every cell in the body. This causes the entire body to light up like a Christmas Tree. This allows the flow of energy to shift from the mortal mind into the immortal mind.
The transformation happens as a result of dissolving and transmuting the lower frequency bands into the Source field. The drilling of the frequency into the Omni field creates a torsion field. That begins to raise the energy of consciousness. This torsion field is creating a harmonic convergence in every atomic structure that is known as an atom or molecule or as a tissue. Every atomic structure is now spinning into neutrality. The body becomes less and less dense until it takes on a texture of becoming porous. However, the etheric body is still being held together within the frequency called God.
The light bands are drilling holes from the inside to the outside. The holes are dissolving the lower frequencies into a symphony of love. The breaths become finer and finer and they all line up harmonically into a new creation not based on positive and negative forces, but based on the neutral harmonic light and sound.
The light bands dissolve the light fields into non gravity specific and create a rainbow field where the entity disappears or levitates.
The disappearing entity goes through a rainbow light prism - sixth level dhara keiti skin. The rainbow prism is created from intense electrical field that is ionizing like a magnetic mirror. This is the device used in thermo nuclear processes that in the mirror is contained an intense field working within the vacuum chamber. Ions are then injected inside of this intense electrical field. And the time they are injected into an intense electrical field inside of the vacuum. Then immediately the electrons of these ions return to plasmic state. So the wave is no longer a standing wave in the quantum field. It is a neutralized wave and it goes back to the plasma of an omni state. It is a positive that gives off radiation. This is called a magnetic mirror.
Atoms and molecules are electrically neutral in that the number of negatively charged electrons is exactly equal to the number of positively charged protons. Much of the "normal matter" that we find around us is in this form. However, particularly when there are energy sources available, atoms or molecules can gain or lose electrons and acquire a net electrical charge. This process is called ionization.
The new bio-energetics energy that will transform our reality field. Water will change to H2O2HE3. This is the hydrolaise that fills the atmosphere of Agartha. The bio-sphere of Earth will intersect into and morph into oneness with Agartha through this process of ionization.

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