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The reality that we have been living in has not been a normal one. When we think in degrees of things getting better after December, 2012, that is an understatement of infinitesimal proportion to what is actually happening to us. We will be living in a time that is 2,218 years more advanced than the one we are living in now. We will not just be gaining technology that is a little more advanced than ours, we will be  regaining our Divine Blue Print that makes us able to manifest anything we want any time we want.
WHY? Why are we being given this great gift? The new reality is the reality that Source wants us to live in. Our Angelic Founders Races and Guardian Families from our Soul Families, Rishi Families and Avatar Families want this reality. 
It is the normal, natural reality that those in normal galaxies - those that are not under the control of Fallen Angelic Races - would be ready to ascend into. Source only knows and only desires us to know the same infinite realities that the Source knows. Those who live through Angelic Consciousness, which is Cosmic Consciousness in alignment with Source can create any idea that they wish to experience. That is what an Angelic Human was created to do. We have not been living in a Society of Angelic Consciousness. We have been living on a Planet of FALLEN Angelic Consciousness. This is why the change will be Cosmic. The problems inherent in our matrix dates back 250 billion years to the Cosmic point of creation. There must be a brand new idea ignited from Source Consciousness into the entire Cosmic Matrix of reality system in order to begin an ascension process.
First, we need to go back about 550 million years to learn where the Human Race came from, how they got here, what races they are related to, how the Earth will transform into the Higher Realities of the Inner Earth immediately in December, and how each and every individual will be transformed into light and transported to Tara within the next several years. It needs to be known that the rumor of the HARVEST is true. There will be individuals who have five or six DNA strands so perfectly in tune, that they will immediately walk into the new reality of TARA. There will be a few that will even be able to step directly into Gaia.
The present background knowledge of those on this planet has been created by 3D perceptions. This means they haven't seen the ante-matter reality, which is presently the invisible realm of reality. That fifth dimensional reality of the invisible and the visible will become the new reality on this Earth by the end of 2013. The Earth will reunite with the higher dimensional selves of Tara and Gaia. This is the true complete Self of Mother Earth. We will reunite with our complete selves in the same manner when our Blue Sphere of Amenti is returned into the Core of Earth and our Souls, OverSouls, Avatar Selves and Reishi Selves all merge into Oneness.
On December 21, 2012 Earth's angular rotation of particle spin shifted 45 degrees and began the alignment into oneness with Tara. Earth's fastest particles begin to transfer to hyperspace and the halls of records begin transmitting data through the Earth's grids. 
Universal memory will begin transmission through planetary grids. The shift will then balance out to about 23 degrees, which will align Earth into At One Ment with Inner Earth, and then we will begin balancing into the new reality of a new time of about 2,218 years forward from this time. The new alignment from the Inner Earth into Tara will allow those on Earth to be moved into the consciousness of  Tara in what ever way is appropriate for them. 
This will be our first pull into the future as our particles spin faster and faster through the angular rotation of particle spin that rearranges our biology, chemistry and scenery. Those who have not prepared for this shift will be seeing ante-matter that will appear as darkness to the 3D perception. That darkness is equivalent to the darkness that appears as ante-matter or spiritual substance that we may create our new reality upon. We see ourselves in our blue body at this time created as an immortal being in a more etheric form included within a Divine Template of Immortality.
This is the beginning of the opening of our 7th seal, our pituitary gland, our third eye, our Mind of God. When the pituitary blossoms, the Mind of God begins its continuous dream stream between what we desire to create in our dreams to blossom into full manifestation in any of the multidimensional reality fields. The seventh level man can co-create through the mind of God instantly.
The more we gain our frequency specific mid brain connecting into the mind of God through our Soul, we connect to the Source field when anything we desire already exists. We inhale that reality into our mid brain and project into our holographic realm. We make God's movie on Earth. We create heaven on Earth.
The Soul forever holds the memory of all that ever was. We have had a veil blocking us from the memories of all of past lives, which created over ten million re-incarnations that were not remembered. Now, all of those memories will return. We have two choices at this time. We can transmute all of those old memories into and through Source Consciousness to create a brand new glorious new reality that will contain the wisdom of all of the over souls, avatar selves and rishi selves; or, we can become miserable and frightened from all of the old fears and tribulations that might return. That is only an individual choice of how one decides to live through it.
While we wait in this darkness of ante-matter, we could be using this as the prime time to make dreams come true. The darkness of ante-matter is the substance that has been invisible to the third dimensional consciousness. It is the spiritual substance of a dream that is about to manifest. It is like the negative in a camera that has a picture on it that can't be seen until it is developed. We can start developing the dreams or the pictures in our camera, which is our mind. We create through the mid brain frequency specific attunement with Source Consciousness. We create by knowing that we are now and always have been this perfect self who can manifest anything the heart desires. We can know at that point in time that we have always been wealthy. We have always been healthy. We have always been the Christ Consciousness of the All Knowing Mind of God. The more we practice creating our new realities and our manifestations, the more prepared we will be for manifesting the reality of TARA to appear in December. 
The Inner will become the Outer. The Inner Earth that some know as Agartha or Hollow Earth is at an angle or particle spin that is so close to the Outer Earth that it is only one density level higher. From the eyes of angels, that is really, really close. In reality, when we grow into fifth dimensional perception, we will realize that the angle of the within can be the same in the outside at just a slight angle. We will also learn that all of the space we see around us isn't space in other reality fields. It only looks like space to us because we have three Merkabas of energy spinning through our energy fields that are creating the idea of space between objects. As the Merkabas shift into a different spin rate and angle, the perceptions of reality around us also change. 
Everything that has been proven to be a reality through Scientific Data is very incorrect. The truths taught in schools are only truths for this Earth because there has been a large group of entities keeping us trapped in an ocean of stupidity. And it isn't as if there aren't plenty of scientists in the higher echelons that know the truths that I'm describing. They've always known it, they've just made it illegal for us to know the truth. Because the truth will set us free.
This change will happen instantly -- not gradually. The biological transformation of the body, that has been going on within our carbon based structure, will be changed into the crystal based eternal life chemical and biological forms. Our Consciousness will be transformed into a higher frequency that merges into the all knowing Source, who creates a brand new idea with each breath.
Earth and Tara will begin to merge. Blue Flame keepers will become 9th level avatars, as the blue flame spirals down from Sun Alcyone. Flame Holders who carry a rare recessive gene will have this gene activated. These holders contain a specific magnetic base tone in their DNA that allows them to become very magnetic and are able to hold this activation on Earth. Once the D 5 flame holder holds the frequencies of Sun Alcyone and pulls the frequencies into her Flame Keepers fourth heart chakra an intense infusion of harmonic universe, two frequencies spread through the Amenti morphogenetic field and through the Earth's Grid. This will allow rapid acceleration of fifth and sixth DNA strand assembly to occur throughout the populations. The seventh strand will begin assembly in those who already hold fifth and sixth. This activation will create a huge multidimensional awareness to occur on Earth.
When the halls of Amenti (the blue sphere holding our divine blue prints) merge Tara and Earth together, those who have assembled the fifth strand and are eligible for ascension to Tara will be guided to interdimensional transportation locations to Tara. Those who have sixth and seventh strands may be transported to Gaia. 
First, we will shift into a different chemical make up. We will leave behind our carbon based bodies. We will become less dense. Our bodies and our environment will change. Those who move on to Tara will have an entirely different type of body than those who stay in Inner Earth. Those who move on to Gaia are almost invisible. Those who are of higher densities can see the lower densities; but, those who remain in 3D will not be able to see any of the new realities. It might seem like things are disappearing because the higher particle shifts will pull some in one direction and the lower will pull those in another direction. There are infinite density levels.
Here, at the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse, we have a set of facts that have come to us directly from the Source of our Creation through our Founders Races and Guardian Races who have been preparing the Angelic Human Race for their next level of Evolution into the Sixth and Seventh Races for about 250 billion years. These are the teachings of our New Reality. 

The truth of what will happen in December 2012 needs to be known. The Human Race needs to know that most of us will be advancing 2,218 years into the year 4230 at the end of this year.  Earth will become the Future Tara who has already transformed all that was unlike the original seeding of the Divine Angelic Human. Some will ascend beyond the density level of Tara into Gaia, the place we have called Mother Earth, or the Higher Self of Earth. A few of us will even ascend into Sun Alcyone, our original creation point in the future.
This is not just us getting a little more enlightened or a little less dense. This is a complete restructuring of who we have been for 550 million years into the future self that we will be transformed into. This is a complete restructuring of our density which includes our chemical make up and our biological form. And this includes transforming Earth back into her higher self of Tara.
If we were following the schedule of the Mayan Calendar, we would be about 2,218 years away from complete enlightenment. We are being put in fast forward from Fifth Level Man into Sixth Level Man who will live on Tara completely through the Mind of God. This Sixth Level Man will be preparing for his transition into the Seventh Level Man who is what has been known as the Christ who can ascend completely out of density into Light. That Seventh Level Man is evolved into as the Avatar progresses higher and higher into the Reishi Self. That happens in the second wave of the second ascension cycle.
We are being placed in a moment of time when all of our families of selves will align into the 12 DNA Divine Blue Print at the exact same moment. This allows us to become multidimensional. This means we can move through our window of time in our DNA strands to any of these selves living in any of the past, present or future time zones. This window in our DNA is what allows us to manifest anything anywhere anytime. 
We are having our templates restored from all of the cataclysms and invader destruction that has happened over the past 550 million years. The original divine seeding of the Angelic Human Race and the Oraphim Race will restore the consciousness of our entire family of consciousness. Our original Oraphim Race was able to live in a continuous dream state of manifesting. They didn't need to go to sleep to dream. Their mind was continuously in the dream stream of oneness with the Mind of God. This is the place we go to manifest. This divine right will be returned to us as we realign into oneness with all of our divine families of consciousness.
If the present transition was the normal one, according to the Mayan Traditions, we would be entering into what is called a Eyugha cycle. Many Indigenous Races believe this means moving the human race into Fifth Level Man. In that tradition, we would only be entering into the first wave of this ascension cycle.  The first wave of a Eyugha cycle is only the very beginning of enlightenment. 
If we were going by the normal Mayan Caldendar, we would be entering the first part of the first ascension cycle of the outer domains. In order to stop the complete destruction of the Human Angelic Race, our Guardians are moving us forward in time by 2218 years. The Edashi cycle is the four steps of becoming densified, the Christ turn around begins the process of becoming less dense, less organic, more defined by the divine blueprint. The process of densification was to allow complete individualization. The second process is to return back to the oneness and allness of all of the Souls that have been a part of the creation process of who we are now.
We are not entering a normal Eyugha cycle because our Angelic Founders races plan to move us forward 2,218 years through an evolutionary zone that allows us to bypass the second half of our normal Eyugha cycle. 
The natural Doreadeshi - the end of the second wave of the second ascension cycle - would had been 4230 A.D. if we were going down that route.  If we were only entering the first half of the traditional evolutionary cycle, the new realities expected would be those that traditional Mayan Calendar enthusiasts are proclaiming, which would only be a more enlightened society, with nicer people, less crime, better government, etc. etc. That would be the normal expectations of a society that is still completely wrapped within its third dimensional consciousness created through holographic illusions implanted by fallen invader races which we have been in up until now. The very minor changes would have been only an illusion that was being continued by the illusion creators known as the Illuminati.
If we were continuing on the normal plan of the natural Doreadeshi, the Earth would had met a cataclysmic end by 2976. Planet Earth has been under the control of the Zeta Dracos who had planned on continuing complete control by removing the entire angelic race and replacing it with their own. All of the souls of Tara, whom have been protected and guarded by our Guardians for 550 million years would have no evolutionary imprint left if this were allowed to happen.
This is the reason we are being moved to the future.The Guardian Races needed to move Earth out of the way of the Zeta Dracos by creating an artificial time continuum and creating a forced Doreadeshi. The Guardians have prepared a way to shift the planetary body of Earth into a new time continuum. In order to shift Earth from the Harmonic Universe One into Harmonic Universe Two, the Guardians needed to get help from Harmonic Universe three, four and five. Harmonic Universe three is our Galactic Sphere, Four is the Universal Sphere and Five is our Cosmic Sphere. This is why this is a Cosmic Time Shift.
This 45 degree shift that is required to shift us from  Harmonic Universe One into Harmonic Universe Two is done through multidimensional relationships between angles of particle and anti-particle spin that allow multiple reality fields to appear in the same place at the same time; while appearing invisible to one another. 
The truth of what will happen in December 2012 needs to be known. The Human Race needs to know that most of us will be advancing 2,218 years into the future at the end of this year, as they move into the frequencies of consciousness of Inner Earth, as we are transformed through the morphogenetic imprint of Tara. Earth will become Tara in December. Earth will become the Future Tara. That Tara who has already transformed all that was unlike the original seeding of the Divine Angelic Human. This future Tara is actually in the year 5500. Some will ascend beyond the density level of Tara into Gaia, the place we have called Mother Earth, or the Higher Self of Earth. A few of us will even ascend into Sun Alcyone, our original creation point in the future.
In order for Earth to pass through the ascension waves so quickly, the Founders Races needed to give us the gift of implanting enough frequencies of the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth DNA into the Earth's grids. They completed the activation of the 4-D Frequencies before the year 2000. They brought the accelerated activation of the 5-D Frequencies through the birth of six avatars who brought forward the 5-12 DNA strands as their Souls came into the portals of Earth. These are the children that have been called the Indigo Races. They are bringing the 12 DNA back into Earth from Tara through Sirius, as their Souls merge into the Blue Flame that carries the consciousness of all Angelic Humans. 
12DNA could not be obtained by the normal human race. Our DNA is actually divided between our 12 incarnate selves on each level which adds up to over 7000 selves on all rounds of incarnation. We hold this 12 DNA as we return into oneness with each other. Those Indigo Children who are born with 12DNA and realign with 48DNA are reuniting with four times as many families of consciousness. We needed this help from our families of consciousness to align enough DNA with our pure divine coding in it back into Earth's grids to keep her from going into a pole shift.
In order to assure the Sixth Level Activation by December, 2012, the Founders needed to arrange the births of 144,500 Indigo Children who would activate the 6 DNA strand by 2011, and another group of 5,500 Indigo Children born after 2005 to ensure the frequencies of the Bridge Zone Project. These were in addition to the six avatars.
Our Guardian Families have been working with a crew of us on Earth who guard the 12 Star Gates on Earth. The Star Gates have always been the responsibility of the human angelic star seeds on Earth. Each of these Star Gates had metatronic frequencies planted in them by the Invader Races. Hundreds of Lightworkers have been working continuously with our Guardian Families to transmute the metatronic frequencies in order to open the Star Gates for the Christ Consciousness of our Starry Families to flow through.
The Frequency and Energy work we have done with the Music of the Spheres technologies has helped to re-open those 12 Star Gates. This activity together with the births of the Indigos and Avatars has prepared the foundation for the completion of the mission. After the arrival of the sixth avatar, who will carry the complete 12 DNA into the Earth's Consciousness Fields, as Jesus Christ did over 2000 years ago. The individual Over Souls, Avatar Selves and Reishi Selves will return to the consciousness of individuals on Earth who have raised their frequencies high enough through the music of the spheres technologies. The alignment with our Soul Matrix from Gaia will begin in May. We will begin alignment with our Avatar Selves in July, and Reishi Selves in October.
First, let's look at the date 2,218 years in the future. Our Founders Races will be moving us forward in time in order to save us from the Phantom Matrix that the Zeta-Dracos Invader Races would be pulling our planet and everyone on it into come December 21, 2012. That topic will be covered in greater detail later. 
This world has been living within the Fallen Angelic's brainwashing and holographic illusions for millions of lifetimes. We have not been living in a normal three dimensional environment. This planet comes from a fallen system, it is not a normal system. It needed much repair before we could continue our evolutionary path. Our Founders Races decided to save the total destruction of our planet that would have occurred before the second wave began.
The Angelic Human Race needs to know that the plans of the Annunaki, Jehovians, Zetas, and many other agendas that were planning on capturing, brainwashing and using humans for their energy source for another thousand years is not going to happen because of the Founders Races plan to move us forward 2,218 years through an evolutionary zone that allows us to bypass the second half of our normal Eyugha cycle. 

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