Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Seven Secrets to Delivering Your Divine Message

If you are ready to finally activate your “divine assignment” in a way that is passionate, sincere, compelling, and BOLD... to finally open the door to your true potential... then I've got a very special invitation for you featuring the one and only Lisa Nichols.

You see, Lisa is on HER divine assignment to help you get to your next level living up to your full potential by delivering your divine message.  One of the most inspiring, charismatic, and passionate communicators you will ever experience, Lisa has mastered the delivery of her divine message and has created a no-frills approach to help you do the same.

You can join Lisa on Wednesday, May 15 at 5:30pm PT/8:30 pm ET for her FREE Global Online Seminar, The 7 Secrets to Delivering Your Divine Message, and discover how to embrace and embody 110% of your life’s passion and purpose.

In this free seminar, you will learn: 

    •    How to give yourself complete permission to speak your divine message loud & clear 
    •    How to be a clear and convincing conduit for your divine assignment--even when it’s “inconvenient” 
    •    The ways you were “born ready” to complete your assignment, and how to begin delivering your divine message TODAY! 

And SO much more...

Register now 

PS: Lisa has written multiple bestsellers, been featured on Oprah and Larry King, is one of the world's highest paid speakers and an uber successful entrepreneur.  So don't miss this exciting free call.  If you've always wanted to "own the stage" called life, Lisa can get you there. 

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