Monday, September 16, 2013

Essential wisdom and healing for you and our world

This blessed medicine of our ancestors comes to us, not as a thunderous proclamation, but as a gentle whisper into the very heart of our beings.
It comes from the lost teachings of the Grandmothers, the keepers of our most sacred and profound wisdom.
The Grandmothers – respected medicine women and shamans from the Americas, the Alaskan Tundra, Asia and Africa – are at the heart of a healing that is bridging ancient and modern worlds, and weaving the human family together again.
And now you can receive their wisdom from your home, in a way that feeds your soul, while also empowering our shared work of collective healing.
In this groundbreaking, LIVE 7-week virtual circle, you will connect in a powerful and direct way with some of our world’s wisest elders.
Join members of the 13 Grandmothers for a 7-week virtual ceremony for prayer, healing, wisdom and blessings – to help us navigate the times ahead, connect with our souls, open our hearts, and awaken a deeper connection with the web of life.

Deep down, you likely know that you are here to be part of the healing of our earth, and that the global indigenous wisdom traditions hold a sacred key to this awakening and transformation.
The Earth and her many children are crying out for our help, but with so many environmental, social and political challenges before us, it’s often difficult to know where to focus our energy to be of the greatest service.

Fortunately, there is a voice of real wisdom – reverberating from the ancient past – that is the very medicine for the individual and collective dis-ease that we must all face and heal.

For 7 weeks, Immerse Yourself in the Ancient Wisdom of the Grandmothers...

The larger Shift that is underway requires that we access ancient wisdom, powerful prayer lineages and healing practices to help us address the crises of our modern world – and bring greater harmony and sustainability to our communities, our people and our planet.
The International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers offers a remarkable chorus of insight, stories and guidance. They are the fulfillment of many prophecies, and a remarkable example for our world. Together, they have created a worldwide alliance that shares a common vision – offering a source of great inspiration and healing, reminding us of deep spiritual truths and calling our attention to what is most important.
You now have the opportunity to connect directly with the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers in this virtual gathering – one session per week for 7 weeks – to share in the teachings of our ancestors, and light our way forward.

Receive Guidance for Your Role in Healing Mother Earth

Over these 7 sessions, you will be immersed in the ancient wisdom that the 13 Grandmothers bring at this critical time. They will share their visions, dreams, sacred rituals, prayers and ceremony – and give you keys for the most pivotal role you can play in healing Mother Earthincluding all her inhabitants, children and the next seven generations to come.
The Grandmothers are here to help us usher in a new era that calls for unity, reconciliation and compassion. Their engaged activism on pressing social and environmental concerns, as well as their ancestral connection with the Earth, will help guide our way.

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