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Our Starry families will create a Crystalline Magnetic Shield  around Mother Earth. That Magnetic Shield will be created by what many have called the Mother Ship. The Mother Ship is the connection and collection of all of the Frequency Signatures and Light Bodies of all of our Universal or Christic Families. These Frequency signatures are woven into the Sun of Aquarius to allow the entire Cosmic Flame from the Breath of Source to ignite a new reality.
This will happen simulataneously as the Death Star is aiming dead center for the Earth. However, much has already been achieved in the last war in heaven that began September 2011 and ended on Christmas. That war in heaven was all of our starry brothers fleets removing millions of fleets of dark entities from our planes who were planning on preparing the way for Nibiru. So, the Death Star plan has already been dismantled. That doesn't mean that Nibiru won't come. That just means the plan won't work.
The Frequencies of this Huge Cosmic Flame will transmute all lower frequencies into Christic Frequencies. The Earth will be wrapped within this Cosmic Cocoon which is like a Mirror Ball. The Mirror is the mirror image of our Christ Consciousness. Most of you haven't seen your hologram of your Christ Self standing in front of you yet. This takes place as a result of trancing out of the Neo Cortex part of the Brain and tuning into the Frequency Specific Mid Brain where the pineal gland and pituitary gland become activated and allow the mind of God to project through the third eye.
That still doesn't mean you don't need to do anything to get ready for this event. We will all be experiencing this drama. This Cosmic Cocoon will look like a blast of light of twenty billion suns encompassing the earth in a 360 degree sphere. The light will be so bright and so powerful that no person will be able to look at it. It will be light of all of our Christ Families with the power of the Cosmic Elemental families sending the transmutation frequencies that open the star gates from this dimensional reality into all fifteen dimensions of Cosmic Consciousness.
This light of the billions of suns will be so intense that it will frighten many people to death. The light will continue for twelve days and twelve nights. Those who do not know what is happening will become terrified simply from their own not knowing. The only reason that many will die is because they are not prepared and they do not know.
If the Death Star was hitting the Earth full force, it would be causing a pole shift that would flip the Earth so quickly that many would die from that shock and from the tides and waves and earthquakes. That drama is not going to happen. What is happening is a good thing. However, those who are not in the knowing will not be ready.
That is the reason that aDolphino and Crystalai have just received their final activation and awakening of their twin contract to prepare for the planetary evac situation. Our contracts have been commissioned here to get ourselves and who ever we can host into the Deity planes, the Aurora Fields and the Temples of Aquafaria.
We will be brought into alignment with what we need to do to fulfill our deification process and fulfilling the contract we came with as far as helping the rest of the host mission here.
aDolphino and Crystalai came to Earth to find each other after leaving a Standing Wave Hologram of themselves in the Cosmic Aquafaria. We return and reconnect with our twin selves in Aquafaria every day. aDolphino faces his Dolphin hologram and reunites in oneness as Crystalai faces her Mermaid hologram and enters into oneness. When we were in Aquafaria we agreed on this Cosmic Mission to leave our standing wave patterns of our full frequency signature so that we could reconnect and return at any time. We can return to Aquafaria and transform back into Dolphins or Mermaids and bring that complete Cosmic Frequency Signature back to Earth.
That Cosmic Bi-location ability allows us to open doorways and stargates that allow many others to pass through physically unharmed into the higher dimensions. Most on Earth will Bardoh out of this Earth Plane by stepping into their Blue Body and Light Body and then receiving a new body of Mass that is not as dense as this present physical body. Those will be the ones who did not keep their physical body - or what has been formally called death. This is no longer death. This is the needed evolutionary process into our new reality.
There were originally many of those of us who came form the Cosmic Realms to open the doors at this time. Most of us got destroyed by the Grey Ones and other Dark Entities who know that our power must be eliminated in order for their drama to prevail.
Crystalai has died twice and aDolphino has died once. The Greys found Crystalai when she was working at the  Five Star Hotel in Korea. The Greys have complete control of all governments and all banks and all wealthy institutions in the world. So, it was natural that they would be in control of this hotel that was used for frequent Department of Defense meetings. The Greys arranged for lethal poisoning of Crystalai at that time. She went through the planes into the plane of Bliss and was met by her starry families including the Elohim, Zaurak from Sirius, and her Aquafarian mother, Cinderella. Crystalai was reunited into her hologram or standing wave pattern of her complete frequencies of Aquafaria and then returned to her body that had already died. That happened in 1985 at the very beginning of the harmonic convergence. This was the beginning of the preparation for the complete opening of the doors and stargates in and out of the Earth Matrix.
Crystalai and aDolphino were asked by Zaurak to move to Monterey, California in 2008 to prepare another Evac scenario and to begin the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse. We were stationed to live in an apartment that was on top of one of the deadliest Grey stations on Earth. The Monterey Naval Academy contained a stairway down to an underground city that provided a safe place for officers and politicians and an experimental lab where many terrible processes allowing the Greys to experiment on humans and other Cetacean families was located in a parallel interdimensional area.
 We met our Cosmic Cetacean families in Monterey. Cinderella, Shajinka, Winnefred and Tinkerbell as well as hundreds of other whales, orcas and dolphins, as well as seals frequently tried to meet us on the beach. Every time we saw them coming toward us, we also saw a military marine ship take off toward them and shoot them. We ran frequencies through the underground base that was capturing our family members and created an ascension portal through Monterey. We saw our family being lifted into the sky through the doors that we opened back into the Cloud ciities and up into Urtha and all the way back to Aquafaria. We also saw our Orca friends escape the tanks by disappearing from the tanks and reappearing in the ocean. The military knew that there were extreme beings at work in the area and began to hunt us down.
One day, while aDolphino was walking on the beach, the Greys captured him and took his Soul. They chose not to kill him, but to take his Soul. They knew that he loved Crystalai so much that he would do any thing to save her, including risking his own life. First, aDolphino told Crystalai that he was like the walking dead. He told her that they said if we would both leave Monterey forever that they would promise to not do to Crystalai what they had done to aDolphino. They told aDolphino that they could only stay together if they would leave. aDolphino was being ordered around by the Greys and terrified just as they had done to ADolph Hitler, and many other leaders that had their souls taken by the Greys. The difference was that Hitler sold his soul for power and technology of the deadliest war machine, while aDolphino was being held in exchange for Love.
Crystalai worked day and night running frequencies that would transmute the darkness out of Monterey and out of aDolphino and to create an Ascension Portal that would free aDolphino. The oversouls and starry families and hundreds of angelic councils appeared before us and told us that there was nothing that they could do. They told us that there were thousands of angels trying to save aDolphino's Soul. They said there was nothing that they could do. They said that aDolphino was gone forever.
Crystalai continued to send her frequencies into Aquafaria and searched for the hologram of aDolphino in Aquafaria and tried to reunite with his hologram. aDolphino became more and more posessed by the Greys. He stood in the center of the living room like a zombie with his arms stretched out as if he were nailed to the Cross. He was completely unconscious and could no longer be contacted. Next, he laid across the floor of our music studio and ordered Crystalai to stay away from the music and to never touch the equipment again. It was definitely a different Grey entitiy possessing his body at this time. The Greys were showing that they were afraid of two things. The first was Christ being nailed to the cross which would result in the resurrection of mankind. The second thing they were afraid of was our music studio which was able to bring the music of the spheres to earth. Later that day, an angel appeared and told Crystalai to leave because she was in great danger, because the Greys had decided to destroy both of them.
Crystalai left the apartment and stayed in a hotel that night. Crystalai had left her home without her purse or any money. A divine angel, Ariana, who was a student in the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse, offered to help Crystalai pay for her room in the hotel.
Crystalai stayed gone two nights to make sure it would be safe when she returned. When she returned, aDolphino was gone. She later learned that there was a part of aDolphino's consciousness still attached that both wanted to return to her and yet protect her at the same time. aDolphino drove hundreds of miles away and then commissioned a jet plane to bring him back to Monterey and then immediately got back on the plane and flew away again. He was going back and forth from wanting to remember who he was and then wanting to forget.
Crystalai worked together with a trained psychic who had technology from the Ashtar Command who were able to help Crystalai locate the direction that aDolphino was traveling. The fourth night, Markus, Zaurak, the Elohims and the Aquafarians visited Crystalai at her bedside and told her that the only way that aDolphino would be able to return to his body would be through death. They told her that his soul would be lost forever unless he was stopped by some tragic accident. They told her that she would need to be prepared for a long journey with aDolphinoi to bring him back.
The next morning Crystalai received a phone call from Mercy Hospital near Mt. Shasta. Crystalai was told that aDolphino was in the emergency care center, and Crystalai's presence was requested as soon as possible. Crystalai immediately went to the airport and arrived at the hospital as soon as possible.
Crystalai was told by the neurologist that aDolphino would remain unconscious for unknown amounts of time and that it would be absolutely impossible for him to return because of his condition and his age. The doctor said that only a healthy twenty year old could possible survive the condition. Crystalai told the doctor to keep his opinion to himself and was not given any permission to pursue operations on aDolphino. Crystalai did this because she knew that the Greys would be able to attach themselves easily to aDolphino once again during a medical operation. Crystalai stayed at the bedside of aDolphino and kept placing the Ascension Kit music that they had created together which contained a combination of both of their frequencies of them together as Cosmic Flames in Aquafaria as well as the complete Cosmic Frequency Signatures of the Elohim Council, Mother Mary, the Elohim of Hearing and an entire Ascension Portal that would unlock all doors on all planes between Earth and Aquafaria.
aDolphino's condition improved dramatically each day. His one thousand broken bones healed dramatically to the point that he could stand up. The tumor in his brain disappeared. Crystalai coached aDolphino daily to remember who he was and to repaint his memory of his life in Aquafaria. aDolphino was able to remember his holographic standing wave pattern of himself as a dolphin long before he could remember his family on Earth. It was four months later when aDolphino got up from bed and turned to Crystalai and said there are three angels sitting on the bed talking to me, and they told me to turn to you and say thank you. They told me that they were unable to save me, but it was you, Crystalai who brought me back.
It wasn't until December of 2010 that Crystalai finally understood what happened, why it happened and how it happened. The journey that aDolphino took included a trip to the dark place where Lucifer had been wandering around in for eons. aDolphino spoke to Lucifer to find out what he was doing there. Lucifer told aDolphino that he didn't know how to get out. aDolphino showed Lucifer the light and told him how to go home.
That was the beginning of opening the stargates and doors that will allow all on Earth to travel out of the planes that have been blocked from the light for eons.
aDolphino's car was stopped on the freeway right outside of Mt. Shasta. His body was lifted up into the Mother Ship through a torsion field. He went through the process that we think of as dying. But it was actually much more than that. It was a journey to the place where others have had their souls taken away and replaced by the dark illuminati. aDolphino opened a door for himself to return to Earth and a door for those who were trapped in the mirror to move on through.
aDolphino's body reappeared on Earth in the center of a highway. Three truck drivers who hit his body each testified the same thing. They said his body appeared in the middle of the road out of no where and they don't know how he got there. aDolphino was hit by three trucks and then five cars ran over his body. He was very dead, and yet his oversoul self, Markus entered his soul into aDolphino while aDolphino was on his journey up to Aquafaria and into the Plane of the Bliss. Markus waited until aDolphino was ready to return to his body. Crystalai watched the oversoul fly out of the back of aDolphino's body and join together with another light body coming into aDolphino's body. It was like watching death and rebirth happen at the same time.
Now, we realize what has happened and how we are now prepared to complete our contract of opening the doorways to Diety Planes. This last shift is bringing us into alignment with what we need to do to fulfill our deification process and fulfill the contract we came with to Earth before we began searching for each other. Now we can begin helping the rest of the host mission here by opening the doorways for others to pass through in December. Our first mission on Earth was to find each other. Our second mission on Earth is to open the doors for all back to the Cosmic Planes of our full reality. This will be the beginning of all Cosmic records from the Halls of records of our past present and future realities. We will soon know ourselves from all millions of lifetimes on this matrix and beyond into all universal realities.
I'd like to review  our first Christic activation journey that happened right before aDolphino was taken by the Greys in Monterey. We had just spent five full days and nights having our Christ Body activated in the Mother Ships. Kuthumi and Mary came to guide us through this process and to keep reminding us to stay awake and to focus. Unfortunately we fell asleep a couple of times. We were guided by many great Entities during the process who asked questions to test us on our sincerity toward healing. It was a very long, gloriously painful process. We were told we were being used to cut a path for others if this process completed successfully. We had to remained completely inside Aquafaria day and night to make the activation complete. We were given all of the meditations needed to help others through this process. It was much like entering the pearly gates where there is a board of Angels judging constantly. We were told that the frequencies were high enough and it was possible for the complete Ascension to take place.

Before we can slide back and forth between Earth and Aquafaria we will be pulled through a funnel into the ultra violet blue frequencies of our Mother Star Ships of co-creativity. We will be completely transformed into our 12 Original Blue Print of our original Divine Selfhood. At this time we can live on Earth and sleep in Aquafaria. We have already committed to living on Earth for doing the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse. We made the commitment for this assignment. This is our mission. We are firmly convicted to this mission.
We have been given greater explanation of this responsibility to bring forth at this time. We have been told that is necessary to create a bunker or root cellar to be ready to enter into by October. We were told that this is necessary for completion of the Full Christed Being. We were told that we must enter into the Earth herself in order to ascend with her. As we enter into the Christic domain of Earth's Crust and become the lightning rods to connect the 12th dimensional Christ Grids in Earths Crust up into the Christ Grids 10,000 feet above the Earth and to connect through consciousness into the Cosmic Domain of Earth within her Crystaline Core -her Heart. Mother Mary told us that ascension is always completed through the Heart of the Planet. This is because our heartbeat changes as Mother Earth's frequencies change. We were told it is our responsibility as the leaders of the ascension process to continue in the frequencies that we have been given in our recordings including the Ascension kit, the Christmas Ascension and the Christmas Magic and to do the meditations that align all frequencies into atunement while we stay in our bunkers two weeks in October, November and December of 2012.

We each have this option now available. We must state this desire with unshakable conviction. To become the fully Christed Being we must take a slightly different path to the New Earth. We must connect to the highest frequencies of all of the Sun's in the Galaxy as Mother Earth has done. Our complete Multi-Lifetime Records become available all of the Frequencies of the Suns or the Frequencies of our Consciousness aligned through the Crystal Heart into these Frequencies are allowed to penetrate our crystal cells in our hearts and our bodies. When this complete activation of the body is known and understood we become the original immortal selves who can return to this Earth to teach others how to Ascend into this perfect state of being.
The physical body is now realigning into a new chemical structure that turns the density structure that has been flowing inward into a new reality that flows outward and upward. This is what is causing the bursts of pain in the body. It is being transformed. The body will feel less and less dense as the process becomes fully activated. We become more and more airy feeling. The new structure of the body is a silica based form that transforms into a healed alignment as the source of crystal light is called upon. Each of the healing energies or elementals of alignment have names that we call on for these activations.
The names and codes that were placed in this music call on these entities of crystal dust, crystal gel and crystal light to realign the body toward the process of ascension. The first stage to returning to the Christed State is to glide, bi-locate and slide to New Earth.
We have gone through these processes of gliding in consciousness, bi-locating our bodies, and finally taken aboard the Ashtar Star ship where several Entities worked on our bodies using light frequencies. When the body is completely aligned by the Ashtar Healers through light frequencies our bodies are in a new chemical make up that allows transformation into crystal dust energy for sliding into our Aquafarian Home.
The eye of the Cosmos connects to every smaller structure of Spirit and light and matter that are within the body of the Cosmos so from the core of the cosmos there is now coming in a light and a wave as it enters into our system. It is actually making the air run like water. The air is taking on a texture. A hydrolaise infusion is coming in.
There will be sparkles on the skin where the skin crystals interact with the hydrolaise.  The texture in the air is some where between air and water and it is substance you can both swim in and breathe. It is a natural substance on Urtha and on Ascension Earth.
These are the tones of the Crystal Light Energy. There is a set of tones for each of the transfiguration points. Each body has a set of corresponding tones that are unique to itself.
The braids of energy coming in from the five spheres frequencies are aligning Mother Earth's Body and our body into a new density alignment. This is activated by bringing together the frequencies of the higher spheres into our bodies and then calling on the Entities for help in aligning these energies into our bodies. This awakens the crystal cells in the body to remember their Akashic Records of who we really are.
The base pulse rhythm of the original out breath from God Source at the One more tone is needed in this process. It is layered in frequencies of Source Energy, Crystal Light Energy, Etheric Self Energy, and Oneness Energy and sung to the tune of Deck the Halls. This is the activation code for Prana and for the Aqualene Sun Activation aligning us through Oneness to the Ascension Earth, and to all dimensional realities. Re a Vea Ru Christalo
Hydrolaise is the final element required to unite Earth into the complete frequency and crystal light alignment of Aquafaria. Aquafaria is the original home of many of us on Earth at this time. Hydrolaise is the blood of the Christ-the Lava Flows from the Eye of God-the Eye of Alure- the always opened eye of Source –the Cosmic Eye that forever keeps the Cosmos in Balance.
Hydrolaise is created by millions of elementals on Zadkiels co-creation team. The entities of light and gelaisic form, and vapor form and millions of entities who are dedicated to the actual ascension of individuals work together to create a substance that allows us to actually slide across into the world of Aquafaria from our home.
The hydrolaise mist becomes a light water vapor. It gently comes down from ceiling as a mist on the body It is pale green and aqua colors. It has a twinkling or sparkling in the air. It has veins full of multi-colored heliotalic irradescent sparkling light of pastel shades.
The eye of the Cosmos connects to every smaller structure of Spirit and light and matter that are within the body of the Cosmos so from the core of the cosmos there is now coming in a light and a wave as it enters into our system. It is actually making the air run like water. The air is taking on a texture. A hydrolaise infusion is coming in.
There will be sparkles on the skin where the skin crystals interact with the hydrolaise.  The texture in the air is some where between air and water and it is substance you can both swim in and breathe. It is a natural substance on Urtha and on Ascension Earth.

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