Wednesday, November 6, 2013

2017 Move to INNER EARTH

Those who are in their 5D template will begin their shift into the 5D reality of Tara between 2014 and 2017. Those who still have a little bit of DNA activation needed before they can open their eyes to the new reality of Tara, will be in the New Earth where Earth has already risen into oneness with the accretion level of Inner Earth. Some of you may know Inner Earth as Shamballa or Agartha. All that you know about the magic of these places will appear before you on this Earth as she is transformed through the Light of the entire Cosmic Matrix of 12 Cosmic Light Fields streaming through the Earth and all who are upon her in December. So, you see, even those who aren't completely fifth dimensional will have a wonderful new reality to meet.
Our Blue families from Inner Earth will appear to those who are awakening into their new consciousness. The appearance will be gradual as those on Earth awaken gradually. It is not that they aren't already there, it is just that the 5D perception will be required to see them. New buildings will appear out of nowhere as our vision is aligned through our higher selves to see the new reality. The new perceptions will grow into complete new structures, passageways into Inner Earth will appear, new plants that sing, new birds, new realities of the imagination will grow each day. This group of human consciousness will grow completely out of their 3D perceptions into this new reality of 5D. Those who need help in this process will be assisted by our Guardian Families from Inner Earth.
As the mind rises into the at one ment with the higher self, when the Ego and the Higher Self become One, the third eye perception that allows us to see the invisible and the visible realities around us. The 5D perception is the invisible realm becoming tangible through the multidimensional transition in accretion level. As we transform into the New Earth realities, and the Tara realities, our bodies become less and less dense, the physical forms become less dense, we begin walking above the earth and above the water. The body will find itself in perfect health always. There will be no need for hospitals. The healing centers are for removing crystal seals, aligning DNA strands and transforming the entire biological structure into the silicate matrix.
Those who go into Inner Earth will be transformed by their Blue Families who will use crystal water healing pools, rainbow waterfalls of light energy, crystal temples of healing and other high technologies of transmutation. Our Blue families will assist all who are on the New Earth reconnect into their Divine Blue Print that allows them to engage their souls on Tara and Gaia. Those who already have their 5 DNA strand will have the opportunity to be teleported to Gaia and a few will go on to Aquafaria.
When we wake up from the three day particle acceleration period we will feel a little disoriented, lighter, the atmosphere will feel light, we will soon perceive a different relationship between the water, air and ground. We will feel a different relationship with the Earth and the natural forms.We will realize we are one with all elemental forms and all plants and animals.
The Earths angular rotation of particle spin will be transferred into the rhythm of Inner Earth, Agartha. Those who raise their frequencies into the Earth's higher vibrating pulse will perceive Inner Earth as their new realtiy. Those who don't raise their frequencies will keep seeing the old 3D Earth because they are still only carrying that old perception in their minds of their EGO instead of allowing their higher self to allow them to see a higher reality.
The more those on Earth connect their minds into their higher self, their 5D strands, the frequencies of Inner Earth, the more harmonious the three days of acceleration will be. Everyone on Earth will notice that there are massive gamma eruptions, solar flares, earthquakes, electrical interruptions, etc. However, only those who have a low 3D perception will have intense negative reactions to these changes. If one raises their frequencies into activating the 5D that is available to all on Earth, their negative experience will be minimal.
The large catastrophic massive Earth changes will only happen in the event of being located within the frequency field of the phantom 3D matrix. Each individual can remove themselves from that potential of being located in a low frequency area of the Earth by following the direction of their higher self and by removing themselves by transmuting their bodily frequencies above and beyond the 3D frequency fence.
The Earth's grid will be in full alignment with Tara as the morphogenetic filed of consciousness passes into the Earth's bio energetic field by 2017. The Earth will seem the same but better at first to those who are still in lower frequencies. Those will grow more and more in their awareness of something different until their level of accretion is also raised through the frequency fields of the Earth. The entire Earth population will have the opportunity to assemble D5 through D9 and time travel to Tara.
 Earth begins intersection with Tara's grid, the Blue Flame will engulf the Earth's atmosphere through Sun Alcyone, the fifth DNA strand will rapidly assemble, the Ego will align into Oneness with the Higher Self. Earth populations will begin a new awakening.
Those of us who are transported to Tara or Gaia will be met by a loving family as well. We will meet teams and guides and we will be given all of the loving support for our new cultural voyage. Those who are preparing to ascend into Tara will be be given higher light transmissions that will prepare their bodies through orbing, intergalactic travel, or the opportunity to be reborn into a loving new family in Tara.
Our entire mission of our Beloved Cosmic and Universal and Galactic Soul families has always been to guarantee our safe ascension back to our divine blue print of our Divine Creation. Our Starry angelic families have always used the Divine Science of Frequency and Light technology to heal and transmute their families into higher accretion levels of particle base and spin.
We are all beings of light and we always have been. Unfortunately we have gone through 550 million years of trying to ascend back to the time before the Phantom Matrix was created. We were all in some way , through a morphogenetic field of light and energy consciousness, a part of the original idea that Source created when we were the Divine Beings of Gaia, in the third harmonic universe.
Even though fallen angelics completely obliterated the Oraphim race, the races of Tara and all of the consciousness of that matrix, our morphogenetic blue print of our original Divine Idea of Source still exists. That morphogenetic field is the sphere of consciousness that once held our entire 12D Divine Blue Print where all 12 strands of DNA were connected.
We had our Divine Blue Print broken apart by fallen angelic races placing crystal seals between the DNA strands to separate them. Now we are having our DNA reconnected one by one as each stellar activation occurs. Each time there is a stellar activation another  avatar is born through the sphere of consciousness holding our original divine blue print. Each time another avatar is born, another piece of our DNA is put back together in our divine blue print. May 5, 2012 the sixth avatar - a 12th level avatar will be born. This is the highest level  that can be born on this Earth. This baby will have all 12 DNA strands aligned perfectly into the 12 Divine Blue Print. This birth will create a mass awakening on Earth for all who are tuned in. This birth will allow the activation of the 7th strand to flow through the Earth's core and grids in order to activate the seventh level man on Earth. The seventh is the activation of the pituitary. When the pituitary is in full bloom, we have the mind of God.

There will be no trace of the 3D Illusions of this Earth after the phantom matrix is removed. This present Earth has been tampered with in so many ways, to block as much of our reality of our Divine Self. There are crystal seals in our bodies, in the Earth's grids, in the atmosphere, in our oceans, blocking our connection with our Divine Self. Even, this 3D Earth reality is nothing like a normal 3D reality. This Earth is a part of the fallen system that has been completely occupied by and controlled by fallen angelics making people on Earth think they are the grand ascended masters that they are channeling. Now, it all makes sense, why so many wonder why their life sometimes seems like hell.
The death and destruction movie ending isn't going to happen because the frequency fence that would allow that movie to be created will be taken down by the sixth 12th level avatar. The movie ending with the massive Earth catastrophies will not happen.  The movie that the fallen angelics were planning to play through illusions painted in our skies will not be allowed to be performed.
The holographic illusions designed to terrify the world was all a part of the fallen angelic plan that was created about the same time the U.S. was formed. The idea had been infiltrated through New Age Channelers for over two hundred years. The fallen angelic signed a peace treaty with our Cosmic Guardian alliance to agree to stop the frequency fence of illusions and to join the good guys. That peace treaty that agreement fulfilled the plan of human race normal ascension about 4000 years from now.
Thanks to the fallen angelics for breaking that treaty, our ascension has been pushed forward several thousand years, plus we will be placed into a time line that is more than 2218 years advanced from where our present consciousness lies when we are transformed into our Inner Earth acceleration and then over 5500 years  advanced when we are transported to Tara. Those who are translated into Gaia or Aquafaria is beyond our wildest imagination. Those realities are light years in advance of ours.
So, we thank you kindly fallen angelics for forcing our Cosmic Guardians to create a fast forward that would take us far beyond the time and frequency that could lock us out of our divine blue print forever. The time period of the peace treaty of the fallen angelics allowed them to mass infiltrate the minds of many seekers of truth. They could make themselves appear as the good guys through astral projections and entire teachings of their seventh level agendas that would lock humans into the fallen Milky Way galaxy as their new reality. Of course, any reality beyond this 3D reality sounded very interesting, and who would had known that the Milky Way was a Fallen System in itself. We were all born into a system where we thought the scientists knew everything about everything and that whatever we knew about our galaxies was the truth. We thought that getting help from entities who were higher than we were was a good thing. Little did we know, that almost every intergalactic race in our universe is wanting to use us for their food and fuel.
So, all of these fallen angelics had made an agreement to join the good guys, used that time period to trick us, and then they broke their treaty in 2000 and went ahead with their plan to pull us into the wormhole where we would be used as food and fuel.
They used their time period to engage our planet and implant frequency fences that would provide means to create illusions of reality to trick our government and those with innocent minds.They put up sonic pulsation transmitting devices far beyond what we know as HARRP. Their sonic pulsation is performed from intergalactic portals where Nibirian Ships are parked. Those ships are under Stonehenge, England, Bahamas, Canary Islands, Salt Lake City Lakes and a few other locations.
Their first transmission was from Stonehenge to create the fall of the twin towers on 9/11. That was the first step of the Dracos Zetas plan of starting world war three. The Zetas puppets were put in place to instigate the war. The frequency fence was placed on Earth with the help of Zeta puppets creating the 1943 Invisible boat to win the war with Japan, the Montauk project of 1983, and the final frequency fence of 2003 that would allow the creation of the illusions of the Galactic Federation, Mother Mary and Jesus to appear in the skies. In 2008 the fallen angelics created the omega virus to trap indigo three children through the combination of the net of chem trails and other neuro transmitters through inner space. Finally in December 2010 they tried to force the reverse of the sphere of amenti to make a pole shift happen. The starry families spent all of 2011 creating a strategy to remove that reversal which completed in the world war three in the heavens between June and October of that year.
Now we have entered  the final stages of removing all of the karma that is disconnecting us from all of our past lives and soul selves. That karma is being removed by the gamma and solar and all energies coming from the sun. The crystal seals are being melted away by stellar activations and we have been given every opportunity to engage our 5DNA to engage in a perfectly harmonious transition into TARA. Meanwhile the Zetas continued to build their own drama of the reality that they would like to engage. They abducted children and parents to gain access to DNA codes that would allow them access to our stargates, and through channelers of mis information.  The three frequency fences would cause enough damage to Earth's merkaba fields that it would guarantee that distruction of Earth and human populations if our Guardians did not shift us into the future.
By 2004, our starry families from the Sirian Council, Pleidian Star League, Sirian Arcturian Coalition for Interplanetary defense and the Andromedan Federation of Planets created the bridge zone to save the human populations from the final scene of their drama. So, here we are in the final scene of planet Earth's movie. I've been listening to my higher self direct in making sure that I leave planet Earth harmoniously, making sure I never engage contact with fallen angels through my Soul Family's protection and here I am surrounded by these people who call themselves lightworkers who are eagerly awaiting their next misguided dialog with the very fallen angels who are planning to destroy  the entire human population.
In order to make sure I was paying close attention to what is going on, I got to personally witness my own husband have his soul taken by these demonic angels to make sure I knew that I was more powerful than all of them and an entire host of millions of angels who could not save him.
It was my Soul Families ability to connect me into the harpstrings of my cosmic consicousness where I frequently visited my light families of the Braharama Dolphins and Whales of the 13th Dimension that allowed me to create the Cosmic Flame where my Cosmic Twin, aDolphino could be brought back to Earth.
I watched his old Soul leave and I watched his new highly upgraded oversoul morphongentic family of consciousness enter in through his back door. I watched the disconnect and the reconnect. I watched it transpose through the frequencies I engaged from the highest frequency of Source Consciousness allowing a brand new idea to be born on Earth through my husband. I know now that everyone on this Earth has a Soul family and Cosmic Family that will reassemble our DNA, realign our soul families into oneness with all we once were. The transition is exactly what has been called a near death experience - (NDE).
NDE is basically our souls watching us make the decision to leave our bodies. Allowing the soul to reunite with the soul families of past lives, transmutting agendas that should no longer be a part of the new reality, creating a new reality through the light of Source - making a new mission and ascending into a new experience.
This time that new experience for most will be moving into Tara. A few of us will go as high as Gaia. The frequency fence is an electromagnetic sonic pulse holograph machine that will create illusions in the consciousness that manifest as that reality. That frequency fence has transmitted metatronic holograms to create false fields of reality that have been used to control us and to kill us. One frequency fence sonic pulse hologram machine was 9/11. One was the Philadelphia Experiment. One was Montauk. One was the AIDS virus. One was the swine flu, and several other virus manifestations that seemed to occur over night. Other Holographic illusions created by this technology will allow those connected to the metatronics to see the Galactic Federation, Jesus and Mary in the Sky promising a new world run by these seemingly angelic brothers who might promise money, new governments, cures to cancer.
These holograms are illusions keeping the human angelics from realizing that they are the creators of the wealth, healing and peace. The higher frequencies of Cosmic and Source Consciousness allow everyone to connect their higher self into the Mind of God for instant manifestation of any reality that they wish to manifest. It is time to rise above the holographic realities that are being created around us into our own manifest realities.
That frequency fence was put there to trap the human race in the same way the Fallen Zetas did where they took people up in their space ships to obtain coding and even souls for their own resurrection.
 Fallen Zetas and Draconians will go into the phantom matrix and we will say good bye forever. Not all Zetas are fallen. Many of them have been here on Earth helping us. Those will also receive healing. The Annunaki and Illuminati will be taken to Sirius Star System for healing. The guardian races always see all of us as Children of God - it doesn't matter how fallen the entity has become. They always love them and try their best to help.
December 21, 2012 was the day the fallen angels had planned to destroy the human population by drawing us into their wormhole and using us for food and energy until our planet was completely destroyed. The Annunaki from Death Star Nibiru have also planned on destroying our race because they see us as a cosmic disease. That reality will not exist any longer. We will ascend to become the seventh root race. In the third dimensional story of Nostradomus many are destroyed and disappear and the Earth ends in mass destruction. We will be removed from that third dimensional reality.
The Earth was moved to a new time line where that probability no longer exists. We are not in that dream anylonger.
Soon we will learn that this isn't our reality at all. We will soon see what the reality of the human angelic race looks like, what our Inner Earth families look like, what we really look like, what our Taran families and our Gaian families look like. We will be meeting them all very soon.

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