Sunday, November 17, 2013

Reclaiming the Feminine Christ: What Female Mystics can Teach Us about Living a Sacred Life

Have you ever felt that the religious traditions we’ve inherited are deeply imbalanced, relegating the Divine Feminine to a meek, mild, and submissive role – much to our great loss?

If so, you’re in the right place. It’s time to reclaim the sacred wholeness at the heart of the lineages we’ve inherited by learning from the inspired women mystics who have pioneered a more earthy, loving, holistic, and even wild vision of what the name Christ even means (hint: it’s not just about one man 2000 years ago).
What if Christ refers to the Feminine Face of God... which happened to find beautiful incarnation within the male body of Jesus?
What if the entire mission of Christianity were to reunify sacred masculine and feminine in order to birth a new kind of human?
What if we understood Judaism and Christianity as part of the same stream that is calling for greater healing of our world (Tikkun Olam) through repairing the wounds in our own hearts, minds, and bodies?
A provocative revisioning of our past, present, and our future lies at the heart of an important teleseminar event with Mirabai Starr, one of the foremost voices of Interspirituality. She’ll draw from her breakthrough scholarship of female Christian mystics such as Julian of Norwich, Hildegaard of Bingen, and Teresa of Avila to illuminate a deep reclaiming of the embodied feminine love at the core of Christianity (and indeed within the entire Abrahamic Family).
A scholar of global mystics who practices vipassana, observes Shabbat, and honors all spiritual expressions, Mirabai will take us into the heart of a profound healing that the West, in particular, needs now. When we reclaim the Feminine Christ within, we can live from wholeness and:
  • Reclaim our religious heritage through the wonder of long-ignored female mystics
  • Heal our legacy of religious shame and see ourselves as sacred and whole
  • Dissolve the religious schisms that have led to war and great misunderstanding
As we reclaim the Feminine Christ within us – whether we are a man OR a woman – we open to a life of wholeness, service, and sacred balance in which we truly see ourselves and our world as a Divine gift. That is the path that is illumined by history’s great female mystics, who you will discover with fresh eyes and admiration in this exciting event.
Join us for an illuminating call!

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