Thursday, January 30, 2014

Golden Age Messages from the Masters: Living in the Here and Now Part II

This magnificent, mysterious cycle that you are all moving through is asking you to trust life exactly as it is and to live in the present more than you have since your last Golden Age of Atlantis. Being fully present in every moment is much more rare than you might imagine, yet that is truly the only way that you can fully experience yourself as the Presence of God ~ and how else can God really come to Earth except through you and all life that is living on your planet? We are filled with delight just knowing that so many of you are beginning to respond to your divine invitation to embody your Presence. We are with you at all times because oneness is our only reality and we fill you with our Love and our Light because that is what we truly are.
~ Mother/Father God     
Your God parents are here to assist you knowing and feeling that you are their children and therefore, they are truly who you are and there is no otherness, no opposite, and no opposing forces that are stronger than they—and you as their offspring—so feeling victimized by outer circumstances or controlling influences is a choice, which brings these limiting events forward at this time to let you know that your divine parents are always with you to support your full remembrance and to be part of the grand team of Ascended Masters who are inviting you to co-create a new Golden Age of Freedom on Earth!
A Golden Age can only be founded in Unity Consciousness as your God Presence, for fear and duality continues to support all of the separation myths that established your last age. Your fears are now being brought to the surface to give you an opportunity to align with the Presence of God within you so you can make more enlightened choices.
You are being presented with a continuous call to action to assist in creating a world that has not been your reality since your last Golden Age. This will be birthed from the desire of the few in their pure intent to create by reflecting a purity of consciousness that comes from living as the Presence of God in physical form. This world will literally be created from out of the silence of the unlimited mind of your God Presence that is not filled with old concepts and preconceived ideas based on limited 3rd dimensional thinking, as this would only precipitate new dogmas based on someone’s ideas about how things should be and those days are over. 
If too many people remain unsure about their true inheritance as Divine human beings who have a definite purpose for being on the Earth at this auspicious time, then all of the changes that need to take place around the world will not be actualized for humanity to victoriously ascend into Unity Consciousness. This can only take place when enough of you are truly willing to accept that you are, and you have always been, the potential for the Presence of God to be consciously embodied as the Master Self while you are living on Earth. In that Light and that Love you are all here to assist in making profound shifts in the overall consciousness of humanity.
We are inviting you to use your creative energies wisely during this powerful cycle so you can stop carrying around any sabotaging misinformation within the molecular grids within your body. Your impetus for doing this is to bring all of your creations individually and collectively into harmony with the overall Presence of the cosmos, or what most of you refer to as God. This takes passion and your profound desire to move into complete oneness with your God Self and the Presence that abides within all of life. It also involves remembering that you are the steward of your body, your mind and your feelings, yet they are only tools for expressing your Presence in relationship to the greater universe since your eternal Self is not confined by your body, your mind, your thoughts or your feelings.
As this great shift in dimensions is taking place, please do not waste your time and energy labeling the negativity you may sometimes see in the world around you, rather use your awareness to strengthen the Presence within yourself and the life around you, and keep visualizing a world that is reflecting the unconditional love and the unlimited possibilities of the Creator abiding within the heart and mind and body of every soul. One way to practice living in the moment as your God Self is to see the Presence in everything and everyone regardless of appearances. This includes, of course, seeing only God within you as this is your true inheritance.

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