Saturday, March 1, 2014

Golden Age Messages from the Masters - Living in Oneness Part II

You are living in extraordinary times, based primarily on all of the ascension assistance that you are presently receiving on the personal, planetary and global levels of your being. The accelerated frequencies that are coming into your world are literally magnetizing your consciousness beyond what you have known or lived for thousands of years! These energies are aligning your hearts, minds and DNA with the higher dimensions of your consciousness ~ dimensions where all of life is abiding in Unity Consciousness. This unified field has always been there to support you in coming “home” to your True Self that only knows what it is to live in a constant state of joy and well being.
The Masters within the Councils of Shamballa
The times you are living in now are precious beyond belief. You are receiving instructions and support from the ascended ones like never before because you are living in the time of the ascension of your world and because you were meant to experience the everlasting joy and sense of wholeness that naturally comes when you are living as your already-ascended Presence in Unity Consciousness.
We know that many of you like to hold onto your tender moments because you sense that those moments may not come again, yet that is a belief that is not serving you because it keeps you out of living in oneness with your Presence and out of the preciousness and the power that comes from living in the moment exactly as it is. Your Presence is always living in joy and it never struggles or desires to repeat an event from the past since every moment is eternally new. You are the creators of your own reality, so there is no need to suffer and it is truly possible to be happy no matter what is occurring around you. You certainly do not need to lead a life where you are waiting for the next big something or someone to come into your life so you can be happy.
There is also no need to brace yourself for whatever might be coming around the next corner, and you do not need to keep going over memories of what happened to you in the past as that can cause you to feel anxiety and an ongoing sense of regret, both of which deplete your energy stream. You cannot really control everything that happens in your life, yet you can control how you respond to whatever is taking place.
Humanity is very deeply conditioned to believe that in order to live an important life, they have to do something amazing; yet you do not really have to do anything to be your God Self because you already are That, so rest in the core of what is already so! When you stop and take a deep look inside your spiritual essence, you will find that desiring what is outside of you can actually be keeping you from living in the joy of the moment. Become more soft, relaxed and receptive and see how the universe moves in to shower its love upon you.
Continually redirect your mind back into your natural capacity to receive this shower of love so you can stay connected to your own infinite, joy-filled Presence and live in a unified state of pure being all of the time. Thousands of lifetimes have been lived in which you actually denied yourself the pure joy of living as your own True Self.  As you become increasingly more aware of the Presence of God within you, then you become a living demonstration of what it looks and feels like to live in Unity or Christ Consciousness where Divine Love can become the foundation of your soul and truly the foundation of every soul around the world.
When you choose to live in the frequencies that abide within your Presence, you become a truly cherished member of your community because you are a living demonstration of living in a constant state of love, joy, peace and gratitude. These frequencies make your heart a powerful magnet for Source that can then magically attract into your life the people, the opportunities and the experiences that will fulfill your soul and keep you in total harmony with your Divine Crystalline Blueprint for this embodiment. Yet keep in mind, beloveds, that your most profound yearning must always be centered on living in Oneness with your God Presence.  All that is in support of this primary relationship will then be able to simply come to you naturally. 

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