Monday, June 24, 2013

The Kryon: The Nurturing Angel

Dear beautiful family I surround you with my divine compassionate love, I am The Kryon, and I love you always and unconditionally. It is with heart that I open the gateway of compassion and allow my nurturing energy to flood into the room where you sit, dear Ones, I really love you.
There is many aspects of the compassion and love of God but today through this channeler and at this time I bring to you the compassion of the female, the nurturing of my angelic being, and the nurturing of the Mother.
In your Dna Lemurian, you have within you something that is unique and that is the divine feminine consciousness that is of pure compassion and pure love. Of gentleness of nurturing, of kindness, of peace, of all those things in your life that when you all get together and share with one another from the pure essence of your being you become and express that which you are when you are with me, the divinity that is inside you.
There is an aspect of the Mother which is a part of your DNA and which now at this time on the earth this beautiful aspect is coming together for each of you to open your hearts and receive, it is that of giving completely without ever asking or expecting anything in return.
Please sit for a moment and simply let the love wash come forth. We Angels want nothing from you, all we ask if are you ready to receive our love?
Each of you have had to be warriors to hold up in the old energy but now you are being asked to let that go and embrace something else in your DNA, it is the love and compassion of the Mother, and dear Ones, it is not outside you, it is deep within you.
Many of you are asking right now, dear Spirit, what is it that I have to do? What is my next step? Dear Ones, there is no next step, all you have to do is sit there, and let us love you. It is your intent that creates the experience.
I want each of you to look around the room and see whose there. Whose there?
It's family.
Dear Ones, you have been on this planet a long time, and I know what you have been through. It was a lot of struggle. But now, I am telling you from my heart to yours, you have no struggle left, you are safe. Go out and be with your family, your friends, and your loved Ones, they need you.
I come to you today in the form of the divine feminine, the nurturing Angel, let us wash your feet.
Right now, something big just changed, can you feel it? I want you to watch, because something is about to happen, and its good. Your about to come together in a way you have never come together before, its called change.
Don't go out there dear human being and look for something outside to change you, because I tell you, the change is right here sitting here looking at the page, and it is in your right now and in this moment.
Whatever is creating conflict in your lives, I would like you in this moment to walk away from, don't solve it, don't think about it, just walk away, and I tell you what you will see, the Love of God.
When you make room for it, the love of Spirit is there.
There is protests going on in the world and I want you to watch them. Watch them. Because those are the new children coming to tell you something, and it is important.
The message is, "Whatever doesn't bring Unity must go."
How about you start now, Dear Lightworker?
Today is just as good a day as any.
This is just a small message from The Kryon, an Angel who loves you always and unconditionally, an Angel who loves you so much, that they would wash your feet.
I stand in honor of the Higher You.
~The Kryon

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