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Guidelines and Techniques to become a Lightbody

A New Age doesn’t dawn automatically with the passage of time. Behind the seemingly natural occurrence lies a monumental effort of the Rishis and their workers. Similarly, a shift into Light bodies also requires the initiation of many activities and the completion of numerous processes.
We face the exciting challenge of transforming a gross physical body into an enlightened Light body in a very short time-period. This transformation is nothing short of a miracle. Yet, this can be achieved because of the times we’re living in, the extraordinary alignments and occurrences and the great spiritual assistance that comes from the Rishis and divine personalities.
The Rishis have provided some guidelines and spiritual practices which will set us on the road towards becoming Light bodies. These guidelines and techniques go hand in hand in the conversion process, like the wheels of a vehicle. While the techniques are the actual spiritual practices which an individual has to follow consciously, the guidelines are more like the general principles which should become a part of one’s lifestyle. One cannot be complete without the other.
The Guidelines -
The guidelines or principles prepare the groundwork upon which the individual can build his spiritual practices. Before incorporating these principles into one’s living, it would do good to familiarise oneself with the basics of a Light bodyits special properties and the processes that are involved in the transformation. By having a  good understanding and overview of the Light bodies, these guidelines can be understood better and implemented with ease.
1. Strong Intent
The first and foremost requirement is a strong intent in the individual. He must want to become a Light body. Choosing the life of the New Light Age is where the preparation begins. The Intent and resolve to become a Light body are the qualities that motivate and inspire him along the journey. These will also be the driving forces that take him to the destination.
2. Organise your activities to achieve the goal
Once we set our goal of becoming a Light body, we must organise our activities to help us towards this. We plan our activities in the morning and then execute them. We can also set long term targets which brings clarity to where we are headed. Organising helps us keep focus and saves us a lot time.
3. Balance the material and spiritual life
Every individual has to find the right balance between his material and spiritual pursuits. He cannot ignore the spiritual realities and just be engrossed in the dealings and challenges of everyday life. Likewise, he shouldn’t bring all his focus to spiritual Sadhana and forget to address his duties and responsibilities of the material life. We are spiritual beings who are on this Earth for a material experience; hence balancing these two aspects is a very important part of our purpose.
4. Practice more Pranayama
The energy from the Sun called Prana is present in the atmosphere and Pranayama is a breathing practice through which more Prana is absorbed into the system.
The technique for Pranayama is simple –
♦ Sit relaxed. Then take a slow deep breath. As you breathe in, imagine that you are also inhaling a lot of Golden Light which spreads into your entire system.
♦ Hold the breath comfortably.
♦ Exhale slowly. As you exhale, imagine that you are also exhaling the Light. Begin practicing this for 7 minutes initially. Increase the duration gradually and practice as much as possible without straining at any stage.
This Pranayama technique should become a mandatory practice because of the various benefits it carries:
i. It relaxes the entire system and then heals it.
ii. A cleansing and purification process occurs in the system. This helps the individual to tune up to the new energies.
iii. When we take in Light along with Prana, we also absorb many new energies that are being released all over the Earth. This helps in replacing the old energies in our system.
iv. Pranayama is one of the factors which help in activating the faculties that are dormant in us.
5. Meditation
Meditation is a very important part of Sadhana, which helps us burn our karmas and cleanse the system. Regular Meditation helps us to become purer and purer and finally radiate with Light.
As shifting into a Light body requires a lot of inner process to occur, we need to Meditate for longer durations everyday.
The Rishis say that to hasten our progress towards becoming a Light body, we need to Meditate for 6 hours everyday. We need to achieve this gradually, without straining our system.
In the busy world, finding this time may seem difficult, but with regular and longer Meditation, we will be able to decrease our sleep which allows us to free our time for the practice of Meditation.
6. Hold a lot of Light in your system
The process of becoming a Light body involves each cell in the system absorbing and holding more Light. We can accelerate this process by consciously imagining that our entire body is always filled with bright Golden Light.  We have to be aware of this as much as possible.
Light is God himself. When we hold Light in our system all the time, we get helped in every aspect of our lives. The Light guides us in every situation. Our intuition sharpens. We can overcome many of our shortcomings with ease and naturally develop positive qualities.
When we develop more positive qualities, it in turn increases the Light in the cells. This positive loop ultimately results in an enormous amount of Light in the system, thus helping in an easy transition into a Light body.
In fact, this simple practice is one of the most beneficial and essential principles necessary for a higher life.
7. Seriousness in Sadhana
The above practices are all part of a Spiritual living, also termed as Sadhana.
Sadhana is not just meditating for a few hours and going back to life. Sadhana is about manifesting the true nature – the inner divinity in our living. Becoming egoless and then experiencing God is the aim of Sadhana.
The various qualities that we manifest are Love and Accommodation, Humility, Contentment and Gratitude. These qualities are the benchmark of our Spiritual progress.
The Individual has to take up his spiritual journey seriously and be sincere and regular with his practices. He has to keep aside all lethargy and casualness and be committed to his Sadhana.
8. Develop Maturity
Maturity comes through experience, and with respect to the journey of the individual, maturity increases with the application of various spiritual truths. Only a mature person will be able to go through various tests and challenges in the journey easily and succeed.
Part of applying the knowledge learnt is to consciously positivise all our thoughts and emotions. Cultivating positive qualities also means not entertaining the negative ones like anger, greed, arrogance, selfishness or cynicism. The individual has to let go of the hurts, resentments and grudges that are held within and begin to heal the inner wounds caused by people or situations. One should recognise any shortcoming that is not in alignment with the Divine nature and work on removing it. This inner healing automatically removes a lot of blocks and allows a natural development of divine qualities in the individual.
The other qualities that the person has to work on are to start developing a lot of patience and love in his life. He should be able to sublimate his anger completely and accommodate everyone. A short tempered person can forget becoming a Light body.
The individual should also learn to pause and act, instead of reacting to situations. All these virtues automatically bring the necessary maturity.
9. Food habits
We need to pay attention to what we consume and develop healthy food habits. The food should be nourishing, hygienic and fresh. Also care should be taken to consume the right quantity of food without over-eating or excessive fasting.
The individual has to stop eating food that carries grosser energies, as they prevent the body from holding Light which is subtler. He has to give up non-vegetarian and stale/junk food, quit smoking and stop consuming alcohol.
Apart from good nourishment, the body should be taken care by giving it adequate rest and proper exercise.
As a finer practice, the individual should start tuning the system by taking in more Pranas directly — through the practice of Pranayama. This helps the body in aligning to the newer energies and newer way of Life.
10. Establish a contact with the Rishis and God
Establishing a communication with the Higher beings is the most important aspect of our Sadhana. This communication is important because in times of confusion and chaos, we need to be guided at every step. We also need guidance in our spiritual journey as many instructions will be specific to each individual.
A higher contact also eliminates the middlemen between us and God — the priests, godmen and false gurus, most of whom feed on our ignorance and misguide us for their selfish motives.
Anyone can establish a contact with the Rishis and God. We should have a strong belief that it is possible. To establish this contact, we need to develop a relation with them based on love and humility. We have to make constant efforts to develop links with them.
11. Be open to receive new energies
Many new energies are being released on our Earth in order to assist all of us to sail through this transition phase and enter the Light Age. As we progress, we have to become conscious of these energies and then absorb them. For this purpose, we need to become sensitive to energies and learn to distinguish the positive ones from the others. We should also tune up our system to receive these energies.
The process of becoming sensitive to the energies and tuning up the system differs from one individual to another. One has to sharpen his intuition and allow it to guide him towards this process.
12. Surrender to God and be ready to be a part of His work
A very important quality which an individual has to develop is to surrender to the Supreme Intelligence. He has to trust and believe in God unconditionally and be ready to accept whatever decision God makes for him. He should have the faith a child has in his parents and never be judgemental.
He should also be ready to be a part of God’s work as he progresses. It may mostly be an opportunity to help others in shifting into Light bodies.
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The Techniques
There are three techniques presented here. These are usually given only to the students at an appropriate time, but the Rishis wanted all to have access to it and hence instructed us to publish them so that everyone can benefit. These techniques are their gift to humanity.
Each of these techniques strengthens different aspects in an individual. Use your Intuition and decide which techniques you want to practice. You may want to practice only one of them or all the three. You can practice them in any order that you feel intuitively.
Read through carefully and then put them into practice.
Technique given by Vasishtha Maharshi
1. Sit facing East.
2. Relax your system completely. Practice Pranayama with Golden Light for 7 rounds. (The technique is mentioned in point 4 above)
3. Then imagine that your entire body is filled with dark Blue Light. Experience the Light for 7 minutes.
4. Then link and pray to Sun God. With his permission, imagine that you are sitting inside the Sun and absorb Pranas from the Sun, in the form of golden Light. Practice this for 7 minutes.
Benefits of this technique
a. It cleanses the system.
b. It allows the system to hold more Light and Pranas.
c. It helps the individual to begin substituting food with Pranas. (This is a gradual process). This begins with a reduction in hunger.
d. When this is practiced regularly along with the third technique, our system gets healed and begins to receive and hold higher energies and higher Pranas.
e. It prepares the Individual to enter into the Light Age.
f. A relation with the Sun God will be established with the practice of this technique and the individual will start getting guided by Him directly.
g. As the Individual progresses into the final stages, Vasishtha Maharshi will begin to guide him directly.
Technique given by Amara Maharshi
The Rishis say that this is one of the most efficient techniques available to become a Light body. Many Rishis have themselves practiced this technique.
1. Sit facing North.
2. Relax your system completely. Practice Pranayama with Golden Light for 7 rounds.
3. Then imagine that you are sitting inside a Violet Sphere of Light which is 14 feet in diameter. Experience the Light. Practice this for 12 minutes.
Benefits of this technique
a. Amara Maharshi explains that by practicing this technique, the individual will be able to experience the energies from Mula Brahman.
b. This technique helps in the thorough cleansing of the system.
c. This technique opens up the faculties which help in establishing contacts with the Rishis and God.
d. This method is a higher way of worshiping and experiencing God.
e. Experiencing God directly is a pre-requisite to become a Light body and to enter the Light Age. Once we begin to experience God, we also establish a relation with Him and as we progress,  He begins to guide us directly. This technique helps us to achieve all of these.
f. This technique can be practiced as a healing technique if needed. This also acts as a shield and protects the individual from the external negative energies.
Technique given by Vishwamitra Maharshi
1. Sit facing South.
2. Relax your system completely. Practice Pranayama with Golden Light for 7 rounds.
3. Link up to Light. Then imagine that you are a Light body. Experience this Light body for a minimum of 7 minutes. You can practice this for any length of time.
Benefits of this technique
a. This technique cleanses the system gradually.
b. This technique helps in burning our karmas and overcoming many of our negativities.
c. It helps us to establish a contact with God and improves our Spiritual living.
d. When we practice this technique regularly, in course of time, we begin to glow with Light and then transform into a Light body.
♦       ♦       ♦
Transforming from the present physical body into a Light body is an elaborate process, as explained in the previous article in this series. Many finer and complex activities occur at different levels under the guidance and supervision of the higher beings. Those processes can be sustained and strengthened by the continuous practice of the above techniques.
Yet one has to be patient and persist with his efforts without expecting instantaneous results. One cannot expect to shift miraculously into Light bodies with just a few weeks of practice. By sincerely practicing these techniques and following the guidelines, the transformation will soon become tangible and the effects of these processes begins to bear fruit. Complete surrender to God is essential without which transformation into a Light body will not be possible.
Concluding this series
We start the journey of transformation with these guidelines and techniques and set many processes in motion. These processes purify us at all levels, begin to activate many hidden faculties and sharpen our intuition. With purity and a sharp intuition, we’ll be able to establish a contact with the higher beings, the Rishis, who then begin to guide us directly towards becoming Light bodies. All efforts from our side should be to reach this very important milestone, after which, our perception gains a wonderful clarity and our journey, an extraordinary acceleration.
This article concludes the series on Light bodies, where the Rishis channelled very new information about different aspects of the Light bodies for the New Light age. This knowledge is meant for everyone and not just for a select few. Those who choose the Light Age will benefit greatly by the understanding and application of this Knowledge.
We can start this journey right now by incorporating these principles in our daily living and by beginning practicing these techniques. We can also add more Light to this world and hasten the advent of Satya Yuga by spreading this knowledge far and wide. Share these articles with your friends, colleagues and members of your online community. Let the Light of the Rishis awaken the inherent divinity in all of us and inspire us to move ahead on the road towards the new Light Age.
                                                      (The Universal and The Eternal)
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