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Earth Changes – The Seven Earths

We’re living in an age of rapid changes. The world around us is undergoing a major makeover whether we notice it or not.  Even those who remain unaware of the bigger realities behind these changes can easily discern the fast paced transformations in every aspect of their lives.
The Lord who’re the eternal guides of humanity inform us that these changes aren’t accidental, that there’s a pattern behind these transformations which we’re facing – from the highest levels of the galaxy to every small detail in our lives. These changes are the result of our Earth’s transition, from a dark age to the age of Light, love and peace. We’ve understood some aspects of these changes in the previous articles of the Earth change series.
As the Earth moves rapidly from a dark age to an age of Light, we the inhabitants of this planet are expected to keep pace with these changes. If we change, we move with the Earth into the new Light Age. To help those who cannot keep pace with these changes, the Lord have created ‘Seven New Earths’, to assist in their spiritual growth and evolution. This article sheds light on these Seven Earths and the role they play, not only in our transformation, but that of the entire Milky Way Galaxy.
The Special Project – Pavitrena Karyam
A special project is underway in our Milky Way galaxy to help it make huge advances in both Spiritual and Material areas while following all the divine laws and value systems. The source of our Creation, Parabrahma, has been experimenting with his potential and has been manifesting various possibilities. This special project, ‘Pavitrena Karyam’ or Divine Project, was initiated because God wanted to stabilise creation by withdrawing some of His aspects, hence our Galaxy was chosen for this new experimentation.
Our Material Cosmos or Brahmanda has billions and billions of Earths where intelligent life exists. These Earths are categorised into 14 groups based on the percentage of spiritual and material activities on those Earths. The purest and most spiritually advanced Earths come under the category of ‘Satya Loka’. This special project which has been initiated now will elevate our entire Galaxy to a level that is much more advanced to Satya Loka! After its successful implementation in this Galaxy, this project will slowly spread to the entire Material cosmos. In course of time, the 14 lokas will gradually be dismantled and the entire Brahmanda will become one special unit.
The initiation of this project was possible because of the flow of the energies from our next Universe – Prakasha Brahma. These energies, also called as the Ra energies, have been present in our Universe in small quantities for many cycles. Many Galaxies of the higher planes began receiving these energies in large quantities first because of their purity. After a lot of experimentation and observation by the Rishis, it was decided that these energies will be used for this special project.
The Ra energies have now descended into the Milky Way Galaxy and anchored in the planets which have intelligent life and have started the purification and positivisation processes. Because of this project, our Galaxy, the Milky Way is also the first manifestation in Creation to receive energies and knowledge from the Unmanifested Universes and this is helping large transformation processes to occur here.
The Seven Earths
Vasishtha Maharshi is in charge of ‘Pavitrena Karyam’ or the ‘Divine project’. The concept of the Seven Earths was put forth by him as one of the new factors for experimentation. This concept arose as the Rishis wanted to give more opportunities for humanity to transform and qualify for the New Age and not make them go through suffering.
Our Earth is making rapid shifts towards the Light Age, but a large part of humanity is not awakening and changing at this pace. Most of humanity is still blissfully ignorant about these changes and the new realities. As the shift of the Age does not wait for the individuals to change, those who do not qualify would be forced to leave their bodies and take birth on other Earths which are still in the dark ages and have opportunities to transform.
After death, an individual takes birth again on an Earth, depending on his karmas and his spiritual condition. Negative karmas result in unpleasant experiences or suffering while good karmas lead to a pleasant and nurturing life. If an individual carries excessive negative karmas, he will have to go through those severe experiences in Yama loka, which is also known as Hell. And an excess of good karmas have to be experienced in Heaven. Once these excessive karmas are removed, the individual can take birth again on an Earth with his remaining karmas.
The Rishis have observed that this is a very painful and long process, involving little learning and transforming opportunities for the individuals. To accelerate the removal of karmas as well as the learning process and to provide opportunities for a faster transformation, the Rishis envisioned the idea of the Seven Earths, which are specially created for this purpose. Through this initiative, each individual can be taken care of and guided by the great masters directly towards a quicker spiritual evolution.
Vasishtha Maharshi along with the other Saptarishis went to Yama Dharma, the God of justice who takes care of the Souls after they depart, and placed forth the concept of Seven Earths. Yama Dharma was so happy with this that he immediately gave his consent and requested Vasishtha Maharshi to manifest these Earths. He agreed to help and support this initiative as much as he could.
Presently Vasishtha Maharshi is working very hard towards the successful functioning of the Seven Earths and the Project overall.
In course of time when this experiment is implemented across the entire Material cosmos, the concept of heaven and hell will be abolished! The Seven Earths will play an important role in the transformation and growth of all Souls across the entire Material cosmos.
Creation of the Seven Earths
The Seven Earths are seven huge planets which have been newly created. They are placed in an order and are interlinked with a tunnel, as shown in the illustration.
They were first created at the causal level sometime in mid 2007. Vasishtha Maharshi used a lot of special energies from his laboratory to create them in a unique way. The Seven Earths then manifested at the astral level in mid June 2009. At that time they were below our Solar system.
Later the Seven Earths manifested at the physical level but Rishis have purposefully made them invisible to the physical eye. These Earths will become visible to those who accept the Spiritual realities and evolve. The Rishis have not revealed the exact physical location of these Earths.
The composition of these Earths
The size of each Earth is almost the same as that of Andromeda Galaxy! Only the first Earth is about a quarter of this size. They have been purposefully designed this way as the Saptarishis wanted the Seven Earths to be very special. And each Earth is taken care by each of the Saptarishis, which adds to glory and uniqueness of these Earths.
These Earths have a lot of energies from Prakasha Brahma (RA energies). These energies will help the churning processes to take place faster in the individuals who inhabit these earths. The Ra energies will also sustain these Earths.
Of these Seven Earths, the first, third and fifth Earth have a special shield around them. These shields are called as ‘Sapta Aproopa Nakshatras’ or ‘Seven Beauties of the Milky Way’. The seven corresponds to the Saptarishis who created and maintain the special energy for these shields.
The shields are built to prevent any foreign entity from entering these Earths. The shields secrete a special gas called ‘Earthodrygen’ which has the capacity to permanently destroy any intruder.
This gas – Earthodrygen has been created by the Saptarishis using the latest modern equipments available at the Spiritual level. A lot of Gold metal has been used to prepare this gas. Gold is used as it is a very good detector of foreign bodies.
This Gold is not of the golden colour that we’re aware of but has a deep sky-blue colour. It has been specially designed for this purpose by Ashwathama, one of the Seven immortals on this Earth, and is not available anywhere else. The Seven Earths and the Earthodrygen gas are all deep sky-blue in colour because of the presence of this special Gold metal.
The Purpose of these Earths
We’ve already learnt in the previous articles that many of the disastrous events which were supposed to occur in 2012 have now been postponed to 2015. This transition to the Light Age in 2015 is expected to be accompanied by a lot of destruction and chaos all over our planet. Only those who accept the New Age completely and are surrendered to the Higher Intelligence will be able to survive and pass through these events. Those who are not qualified for the New Age and those who do not wish to be a part of this new way of life will perish and will have to leave their bodies.
Amongst those who leave their bodies, those individuals who have cleared all their karmas or who have only a little karmas will attain Mukthi and will return to their Source. And the others who are stubborn in holding on to the values of the dark age and who refuse to change will be shifted to these Seven Earths for further transformation and growth.
The Seven Earths are meant for those who haven’t yet transformed or who’re still in the process of transformation. The aim of placing people here is to help them realise their darkness and then assist them in getting rid of it.
The Saptarishis have worked very hard to create these Earths to help humanity. They also had the task of assigning responsibilities regarding the functioning of each of these Earths. Each of the Saptarishis will be in charge of one Earth. They will monitor and guide the individuals present in their Earth in accepting the realities and help them to transform.
The overall transformation process will be guided with lots of Love and monitored by the Saptarishis and Yama Dharma.
These seven Earths are inter-connected by a special link. The seventh Earth is for those individuals who require the maximum transformation while the first Earth is for people in their last stage of transformation. When an individual in one of these Earths transforms, he will progress to the next Earth. This journey continues till he attains total transformation. After that he will be able to take birth on this Earth, which will be in Satya Yuga by then, or opt to attain Mukti.
At present, these Earths have already started to function but are not fully operative. Vasishtha Maharshi is waiting for the end of this year (2010) to initiate many other processes and then a decision will be taken about the full functioning of these Earths.
General Characteristics of these Earths
The Lord say that the people who’re shifted to these Earths will be the victims of Natural calamities only. Those who die because of man-made incidents like bomb blasts or terrorism will straightaway attain Mukti.
Another observation made by the Lord is that women are more open-minded than men and will transform when the time comes. Hence most of the occupants of these Seven Earths are likely to be men only. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule.
The Seven Earths are already getting filled with people who’ve died because of natural calamities like floods and earthquakes. The churning process has already started on these Earths. The way of life here will not be like that on our Earth. In reality, it is a substitute for Yama Loka (hell) but more opportunities and help is given to the individual to transform. When an individual graduates out of these Earths, he will be a completely transformed person.
The people in these Seven Earths will be in new physical bodies but will have full awareness of the life they have lived on this earth. These Earths will also be inhabited only by Humans and there’ll be no plants or animals here.
Those who are shifted to these Earths will have absolutely no freewill. There will be no freedom to choose or have any individual preferences. If they do not transform, they will have to struggle with their negativities and will be left in a helpless state. All activities here will be focused towards growth and transformation.
Life on each of these Earths
These Earths are different from one another in their characteristics and functioning. People at various stages of transformation will be placed in an appropriate Earth, based on the change and growth they require before becoming totally free of their negativities. Those who need most of the lessons will move to the 7th, 6th and 5th Earths. Life here will typically resemble a jail, but not like the ones we witness on our Earth. All those who come here will be treated with unconditional love and will be helped to transform and move ahead to other Earths.
The 4th earth has a mixed environment with ¼th as a comfortable living zone, ¼th as a desert, ¼th as a snow clad region and the other ¼th as barren land.
The higher Earths (3rd, 2nd and 1st) will have a society where the individuals will be able to interact easily to share their experiences and help each other to grow further.
1. Seventh Earth
The individuals who need maximum transformation are shifted to the 7th Earth. The focus on this Earth is to burn their negative karmas. Kratu Maharshi who is in charge of this Earth, will oversee this process and once that’s completed, will educate the individual about why they were shifted there and also explain the processes which are taking place. When the individual understands and accepts these realities, he will be shifted to the 6thEarth and the transformation process continues.
2. Sixth Earth
On this Earth Pulaha Maharshi takes care of the transformation processes. The wounds that have occurred in individuals because of excessive material pursuits will be dealt with and healed here.
Those who open up to these realities will be able to graduate to the 5th Earth, otherwise the churning processes will continue, but with unconditional Love.
3. Fifth Earth
Pulastya Maharshi is in charge of this Earth. This Earth also has a specially designed shield which checks the mental state of each individual and finds out how much he has surrendered to God. It will be reporting the progress of every individual to Pulastya Maharshi. After sufficient lessons, Pulastya Maharshi will give a divine potion to each individual. After drinking it, if a person turns red he will continue to stay on this Earth; else he will be shifted to the 4th Earth.
4. Fourth Earth
The 4th Earth which is headed by Vasishtha Maharshi, will have a Gurukula system. The people who come to this Earth will be neither good nor bad. So Vasishtha Maharshi will initiate the deserving people into his Gurukula. He will educate the individuals about God, Creation, Rishis, Light Age and other realities. He will also explain the reasons they were shifted here and about the transformation they will have to make to qualify for the next Earth.
Once the individual learns and follows his instructions, he blesses them with his unconditional love and shifts them to the next Earth.
5. Third Earth
Angirasa Maharshi guides the work on the 3rd Earth. He will welcome the batch of people who come from the fourth Earth and help them to love Light and become matured good Souls.
The special Shield around this Earth will check the quality of surrender in all these individuals by exposing them to various environments and tests. When they clear these tests, they will be promoted to the Second Earth by Angirasa Maharshi.
6. Second Earth
Atri Maharshi is incharge of the 2nd Earth. He will check the Light in every individual and educate him about his past and also explain more about Light. He will also educate these people about the various other opportunities that are available to them. Those who choose Light completely and accept it will be transported to the first Earth.
7. First Earth
Bhrigu Maharshi monitors the functioning of the 1st Earth. All those who qualify and come to this Earth will be radiating with Light. The Special shield present around this Earth will assign various tasks to these people and monitor them.
After certain duration, the individuals will be given the choice of either attaining Mukti or continuing working with the Rishis, and will be helped accordingly by Bhrigu Maharshi. Those who qualify will also have the choice to come and live on our Earth which will be in Satya Yuga.
Excess Good Karmas
Rishis have designed the functioning of the Seven Earths such that people with excess of good karmas can also be accommodated here. These individuals will be very spiritual but will need a little more education. Hence depending on the requirement, they will be sent to the 2nd or the 1st Earth, where the excess karmas can be burnt and they can experience Light.
The Special shields
The 5th, 3rd and 1st Earths are protected with special shields.  These shields have a lot of important functions. They help to churn the individuals quickly and efficiently, thereby reducing the workload of the Rishis. They also protect these Earths and act as a barrier for foreign entities.
The individuals have to clear the tests of each Earth before they can move on the next Earth. When an individual finishes his learnings of the 5th Earth, the shield keeps observing his performance and reports it to Pulastya Maharshi who is in charge of that Earth. And every time the individual clears a test, it adds more Light to him and finally gives him the opportunity to move to the 4th Earth.
Similar is the case with the 3rd and 1st Earths. When the individual clears the tests of the 1st Earth, the shield will first congratulate him for the complete transformation and then educate him for 15 days about the life he has to lead if he joins the Rishis. If an individual chooses Mukti, then with the consent of Vasishtha Maharshi the shield educates him about Mukti. The individual who attains Mukti in this way will have the privilege of going to any Source, not necessarily the Source from where his Soul has arrived.
The links between these earths
The seven Earths are all inter-connected with special links because they are all one big entity. These links that connect the different Earths have special functions. There are a total of 6 such links connecting the 7 Earths and are called as ‘Shasti Mangals’, meaning 6 stars.
These links have been designed and created by Vasishtha Maharshi. They are porous in nature with each link having 1008 pores. These pores are filled with a special Blue Light, which gives them their own intelligence. If needed, they are designed to take help from the Shields or directly from Vasishtha Maharshi.
These links are like a large tube through which an individual passes after clearing the tests of the previous Earth. These links also test the individuals and independently certify whether they are qualified to move on.
If any individual tries to out-smart the links or the shields, they have the capacity to punish them and if required even destroy that Soul. These links have many other special energies and can perform miracles. We can interact with them by linking up to them.
The role of these Earths in Pavitrena Karyam
The Seven Earths help in the transformation of individuals who do not qualify for the Light Age that our Earth is about to enter in the very near future. They are a boon to the entire humanity, especially to those who are still caught in the wheel of karmas and unlearnt lessons. Since they’re created as a part of the divine project, ‘Pavitrena Karyam’, their role doesn’t end with the transformation of all individuals just on our Earth. They’ll be used to help the Souls in all the planets, in the entire Milky Way Galaxy, to aid in the successful implementation of this divine project.
Rishis says that in course of time, when the project expands to other Galaxies, these Seven Earths will be housing people brought in from all over the Material Cosmos. These Seven Earths will play an important part in helping all the untransformed souls in the entire Brahmanda to transform.
◊       ◊       ◊
These Earths are places of learning, healing and change. Although they are a substitute for Hell, the individuals are not punished or made to go through tough experiences because of their excessive negativities, but are lovingly helped to get rid of these traits. They’re more like reforming homes and training institutes than prisons or remand homes.
All of us who read this information about these Earths should not panic. We need not worry about the possibility of finding ourselves in one of these Earths post 2015. Our efforts should be geared towards transforming ourselves in the remaining years of this pralaya period, in establishing contacts with the Higher Intelligences by raising our purity levels and in surrendering to the Supreme Intelligence.
With these, we can easily sail through the turbulence of 2015 and enter the New Light Age on this Earth!

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