Monday, June 10, 2013


  • Experience more ease and joy in your life
  • Build harmonious relationships with loved ones,
    coworkers and community members
  • Heal personal and planetary wounds
  • Be uplifted and inspired
Featuring Nobel Laureate Jody Williams, Chief Phil Lane Jr., Don Oscar Miro-Quesada, Col. Puck MykelbyJames O’Dea, Ambassador Chowdhury and DOZENS of other peace leaders and pioneers

Celebrate Peace

The Summer of Peace is a 3-month celebration of possibility, potential and the peace that has already been created even in the most unlikely places.
It is a call to action – inviting us all and providing specific actions and steps we can take to create both inner peace in our own lives and outer peace in our families, communities and the world.
Together, we will acknowledge, celebrate and accelerate the wave of peace that has been growing all over the world.
You will learn from:
  • Social change leaders will show us how entire cities are stepping up and putting compassion into action.
  • Peace builders will address some difficult but crucial subjects and share ways to move beyond gun violence, prevent bullying and end human trafficking.
  • Indigenous elders will share the ancient wisdom that can help us all remember how to live in deep harmony with each other and the Earth.
  • Social healers will explore the ways restorative justice can help heal deep wounds within individuals, families and communities.
  • Spiritual leaders will guide us in weekly, synchronized global meditations for peace and help us build upon the wave of peace that is washing over the world.
This year’s event expands on the historic Summer of Peace 2012 which provided a map of peace building from the inner to the international.
When you register for Summer of Peace 2013 you’ll have FREE access to all of the replays from last year-interviews with over 120 peace builders!
The Summer of Peace is the most comprehensive online resource for the creation of peace. And it’s absolutely free for you to access!

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