Saturday, June 1, 2013

Generation One: The Activation - Let's Create a New Era Together

We are literally the first generation of humans that has a choice of evolving to the next level - a world of peace, sustainability, health, and prosperity - or heading towards extinction. 

That makes us Generation One of a new, global era. That is, IF we can cross the gap in time and cocreate the new society. 

The great news is that next Wednesday our beloved planetary elder Barbara Marx Hubbard will be sharing her exciting insights and ideas for how we fully activate Generation One, in deep dialogue with me. Together, we'll share how we can make the shift in time by owning our creative power and becoming the humans who can create a new world. 

Barbara and I have a unique and profound creative chemistry (the sparks really fly!) and I'll be very active in this special event, sharing my vision as well for what is emerging this year and for decades into the future. 

We're now mid-stream in 2013, the first year of this new, global era after so many of us marked a new beginning with Birth 2012. It's now time for us to come together and chart the path forward with great love, wisdom, and commitment. 

This is the decade in which we simply have to turn things around. And this event will give you profound hope and a roadmap for how we do it. 

So please do join us for free and spread the word!
Are you ready for a New Era – one in which we manifest our highest potential and create a peaceful, sustainable, healthy, and prosperous world?
At the end of 2012, people around the world marked and celebrated the beginning of this new era. Many have reported a subtle but profound shift in ourselves as a result – a deepened consciousness and greater openness to the evolutionary impulse working through us.

Our conscious evolution is now accelerating and the structures of society are beginning to shift, slowly but surely. However, this is not an instant or overnight process: we need to build the momentum and sustain the changes through long-term collaboration. The ship of humanity turns slowly and it takes focused effort over time.
We are now Generation One – the first humans to enter into this new era consciously. What will we create together?
During this online event with Barbara Marx Hubbard, the visionary voice of the Birth 2012 movement, and the founder of The Shift Network Stephen Dinan, we’ll begin to activate the inner codes for this new era together.
We’ll look at what is emergent in ourselves and our world and how can we build new possibilities for synergy and co-creation. We’ll explore how the years ahead can be the time when the great Shift begins to show up in society in a more profound way.
It’s clear that we’re moving into a new phase of human evolution, IF we chose to make that a reality.
So join us to explore the frontiers of global and personal evolution with two leaders from the frontlines and learn how you can be part of the movement that just may change the world.

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