Friday, June 21, 2013

Blessings to all in our World!

Dear hearts,
I look into your hearts and invite you to receive the light and love of God through you. This simple gift comes from my heart to you as a blessing on your path wherever you may be. May it assist you to know that beyond any aspect of your journey, you are so loved and seen by those in the higher realms of love and light as sacred and divine, in all of your humanity.
Take the time to go inside and feel the energy you presently carry. If it feels a little heavy, simply say the words…
“Shine the light upon me, all around me and bring the light through me. I ask and pray for the golden light of God’s heart to infuse and lift any heavy energy from my being or my heart.”
Take a few deep breaths as the angels respond to your request. 17 Angels of Light come into your sacred space with you, for only one reason, to assist you to receive pure love and light through your being now. As they enter the room or space with you, they bring a beautiful chamber of soft pink golden silver white light around you. To receive this light more deeply, take a few more breaths and say within your mind,
“I accept the light within, I accept the love I hold, and I accept the love and light of the angels so I may raise my energy here today.”
They will hear you and respond beloved. Three of the angels now come to stand on your left, your right, and one directly in front of you beloved.
They bring a golden wheel of light and wish to place this in your heart and your chakras, and gently spin it through you to lift any heavy energy that may not allow you to feel your inner light and love beloved. They ask your permission for this healing wheel to be given. Say within to them, that which is your truth from your heart, beloved.
As this blessing occurs, Golden Archangels from the higher planes now come to you. Archangel Raphael and Gabriel stand in visitation before you. They come to simply bring the next gift to your being. They are aware that many of humanity struggle between their material and spiritual reality. They come to share with you that when you receive the light of God and let it flow through you, it lifts you from the old reality of attachments to how things may or may not be.
They share that so many waver in their hearts, due to this… opening and closing their hearts whenever things seem to be not how they want them to be.
If there be anything right now that you hold inside of you… energy that you hold onto because something in your life is not how you wish it to be, the Archangels of Love and Light are here specifically to take this energy.
For anything you hold onto in this way, will only support you to manifest more of this in your reality. Whereas, all that you give back to the universe through your open heart and release with love through your open heart, creates the free flow of more energy and a manifestation of reality based on your heart.
They ask you to open your heart now to anything you may have felt or thought was not something you wanted to occur, and instead of holding onto it, they ask that you choose to simply send your love to it and give this thing or this manifestation in your life, to the universe by simply saying inside…
“I accept this manifestation of (name it…….. ) is just energy. I call on the light of God to cleanse it as I choose now with the power of my heart to transform it from something that brings me down, to an energy that raises me now. With all of my love, I forgive all beings for any energy that brings me down. With all my love, I forgive myself for creating this energy that has brought me down. I choose with all my heart, to now give this energy with my open heart, back to the universe so it may be freed, and create the free flow of abundance, love, joy and good fortune for my being. I let it go and now set it free.”
As you say this, Archangel Gabriel places a small golden disc of pure love inside your heart and Archangel Raphael asks your permission now to cut any cords of attachment you may have had to this manifestation and to the outcome of your original set intention. Raphael asks you for this so he may bring another beautiful golden disc of pure light through your energy to clear and cleanse the consciousness you hold which may have created this.
Gently they offer this to you as you sit and read this message beloved. To assist them, they ask you to contemplate the learning of this experience. They share the sacred teaching of karma, offering you to accept that what comes around, goes around in its simplest terms. They ask you to accept that your eternal light, which you hold in your heart, is the power you hold to balance all in your life. The more you seek the light within and receive the light, the more you will detach from what is no longer serving your soul to be happy.
As you contemplate this, they ask you to send the energy of any emotion you may have about this through your heart to the universe, asking for the light of God to cleanse it. As attachments block the flow of your divine energy and create the heavier emotions, accept any emotions are just energy now.
Say within, “I accept this feeling I hold as energy and choose to now give this to the universe and receive the light to transform it now.”
Sit for 5 minutes with your eyes closed and think of the light illuminating around, within and through you. Meditate on the light reaching your heart, and igniting a beautiful flame of warmth in your heart. As you do this, choose happiness and peace. The longer you meditate with the intention for happiness and peace, the longer the light of God will flow through you to ignite the divine energy within you, your love and light beloved.
Blessed Be, Blessed Be the Earth, Blessed Be all Beings!
Sri’ama Qala Phoenix
Sri’ama Qala is a spiritual teacher from Australia, who holds a direct contact with the angels, archangels and Enlightened Masters. Over the last 14 years, she has received over 4000 visitations from their beings and within all of her group work, the divine presences of many angels, archangels and enlightened presences offer visitations to bring the new education, vast frequency shifts, healing, guidance and dispensations to all present. She is deeply loved and appreciated by all who sit in her presence as they feel their energy lighten, hearts open and they expand their divine connection with the universe and all beings
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