Saturday, June 22, 2013

A breakthrough album for the awakening and liberation of the Divine Feminine

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If you long to live with passionate fullness as the radiant being you are, this is YOUR album - an initiation into the Full-spectrum Feminine that is surging into power around the world.

Sacred Alchemy:
“The album is fantastic! Beautiful, haunting music. I’m loving it!”
-Christiane Northrup, MD, Author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom
"Devaa Haley gifts us with sexy, ecstatic new music called Sacred Alchemy. Like the great mystical teachers of old, musician/healer Devaa speaks with a voice that is yearning for the light, and she succeeds in taking me along with her." 
-Barnet Bain, film producer of What Dreams May Come and The Celestine Prophesy
“What a refreshing and captivating sound experience. I love the musical journey Devaa takes us on. Her voice and the rich harmony are just delicious. Wow!”
-Kym Yancey, former gold record winning composer/producer with Capitol Records, co-founder & president of eWomenNetwork
"If you want a deep sweet breath of the intoxicating beauty of the goddess, listen to Devaa’s gorgeous new CD. She will inspire your divinity with her beautiful music!"
-Regena Thomashauer (aka "Mama Gena")
"This is essence-music, straight from the heart, created to give you a deeper appreciation of yourself and your spiritual depths.” 
-Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks, authors of Conscious Loving and Lasting Love
Now it is OUR turn in evolutionary history to co-create
a new society, a new humanity, a new Earth.
Please join us in this exciting new journey

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