Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Find Yourself through your Intelligent Heart

The deepest wisdom that moves through you Precious Hearts is the intelligence of your heart, and it is always available to each of you. This sacredness of you flows with information that you share with love to all others in ways that can be very subtle from a shy smile to an exuberant hello. Discovering the intelligence of your heart is profound Precious Hearts and if you allow your heart to guide you, you discover a most amazing course that will navigate you through many mountains and valleys of information and oceans of life experiences. Through the intelligence of your heart, you will learn first-hand that you already have the ability to answer all your questions that pertain to yourself – you find them when you go within while listening to the directions of your heart. 

When you move beyond the physical beating of your heart, you know your heart provides a unique rhythm for your life and provides necessary blood flow for your entire body. Your physical heart is not in the center of your body by mistake, everything about you has purpose, even if you do not see the wisdom of your entire construction. Your divine heart is in the center of your own body’s electromagnetic energy system. This is where you find the energy that feeds your passions, dreams and where you learn to develop your intuitive intelligence. Your heart has much to teach you both physically and spiritually Precious Hearts. Through the direction of your heart, you will find yourself being guided to infinite possibilities towards creating the best possible life for you. The benefits from following the guidance of your hearts are astronomical for you and those closest to you. 

Yes, there are many dear souls among you that are not willing to fully open themselves up due to fear of being found vulnerable or weak. Let us assure you Precious Hearts there is no weakness to be found or limiting of strength when choosing to live through your heart. Like all new things when approached fear is a common reaction. By allowing fear to control any opportunity that would encourage further development along your life journey and spiritual path you decrease your capacity to truly experience the richness that life and love has to offer. Remember dear ones; your heart is never closed. Even if you think it so, it is always opened and flowing, but it is the mind that provides you with the perception that your heart is closed and is in need of awakening. This is something you do when you change your thoughts from turning negative thought forms into positive thought forms. If you are going through the steps of your journey with the perception that your heart is closed, you will possibly pass by many opportunities that would have provided fulfilling experiences that contained joy and peace. Don’t allow wonderful life changing experiences pass you by because of fear of the unknown Precious Hearts. Embrace the fear, trust in yourself and in God who always walks with you. He would never have you face anything that He felt you couldn’t handle. Recognize the strong and capable person you are and allow yourself to grow through the guidance of your heart. 

We are aware of many decisions many of you have made were not based on the gentle encouragement of your heart. Some decisions many of you have made were spontaneous and often thoughtless, or so you think when looking back with hindsight. Every choice you have made, regardless if it brought about unpleasant situations or amiable ones all have valuable lessons for you to learn from. Even within the most unpleasant of situations, there is something positive to learn. Accept any errors you may have made along your journey, and embrace them as helping to create who you are now with love. Your experiences help shape and define you Precious Hearts. It is never too late to adopt a new way of living, and that is living through the intelligence of your heart. Allow your heart guide you towards happiness and discover peace does live inside you after all. 

Under the hardest of circumstances is when many dear ones among you discover how great their strength really is. Just when they couldn’t take another moment of feeling and being vulnerable, they discover how much they have just overcome and succeeded. Within the state of being or feeling vulnerable Precious Hearts is incredible power and this power is based on Love that is always Unconditional. 

There are many among you who have not yet fully activated their precious Spiritual Hearts. It is easy; there are no complicated steps to remember. When you have a question that is about your own development, simply learn to quiet your mind, empty any clinging thoughts and feel your heart, listen to its precious rhythm. Let its music comfort you and when you are ready the answer to your question will come to you in the silence of the moment you just created. 

Learn to sit or stand that is helpful to your posture, not in a slouch. By sitting or standing in a position that is better for your posture, you are allowing the energies from your heart move through you without any delays. When sitting or standing without slouching you become more aware of your heart and of your own breath as you breathe its recognition into sacred acknowledgement. As you become more acquainted with your heart, you may find yourself meeting for the first time different feelings and sensations. Investigate what you feel; the more you discover of your Whole Self, the more of your True Self can be revealed through your Heart. Feeling and hearing your heart beat and the awareness of your breath will provide you with an appreciation of your own Inner Power and of your own resiliency even when facing difficult situations. 

Understand the power of your intention. After you have said your nightly prayers, meditated, or performed any other nightly habit, ask your heart what it wants. Don’t wait all night for the answer. Allow yourself to fall to sleep. When you wake remember you had asked your heart what it wanted, focus on any memories of dreams or flashes of images you may had through the night, or any insights you suddenly woke with no matter how insignificant they may appear to be. Many among you discover their next steps on their spiritual journey by asking their heart before sleep. Sometimes this method has to be repeated, but many times, even sometime later, you will find yourself with a sudden burst of thought and that my Precious Hearts is your heart guiding you from your dream that you didn’t remember upon waking. Some answers do not come right away; some of your answers will come in bits and pieces. Practice patience and all will come to you in Divine Time. 

There are many other sources available to you as you are in the middle of an information age. Allow your heart to guide you to well created guided meditations, crystal activations, or other methods that help to stimulate the energy flow to your heart and all the centers in your body. Give yourself time to adjust and if necessary you may find you will go through a few meditation variations until you find one that helps and fits your needs. Trust yourself and your heart. 

We have observed many among you are always rushing, even on their spiritual path they rush. Rushing on your spiritual journey does not provide you with quicker results. Many times those who have rushed, at a later moment find themselves stumbling because they didn’t take the time to learn all that was required before moving on to the next phase of their journey. Courage and patience is required dear ones when learning to live through your heart. Becoming your whole self takes time; there is no overnight course to take. It takes time to cultivate a new you, one who does not doubt or second guess. Those who doubt or second guess are working from their Ego. When you work with from your heart, you apply pure unconditional love to everything, with love is involved there is no room for the Ego. 

Don’t be afraid to allow your heart to guide you. Your heart will lead you to your truth and show you a world of endless opportunities for you to access. Honour yourself and learn to live from your own truth that is guided by your Precious Hearts. When you finally allow yourself to think and be from your heart, you will attract more balance into your thinking mind. The intelligence of your heart puts each of you into an area where the choices made are based on freedom, trust and love instead of being born from the Ego. Remember choices are a part of your life, they direct which way your path will take you. 

The choice to speak through your divine sister was a great choice, one we are grateful for. May each of you shine with God’s glorious Light and feel His endless Love always. 

I AM Archangel Jophiel through Julie Miller 

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