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Postponement of Major 2012 Events

No other year in recent history has caught the attention of people across the world as 2012 has. And no other date is the convergence point for so many important events as 21st of December 2012 is. While most of the population seems blissfully unaware of the importance of this date, those in the spiritual circles have been eagerly anticipating this day, where an old world gives way to a new one.
This date marks the end of the Mayan Long count calender. This calender which had correctly predicted many of the global events, doesn’t give any predictions after this date. Hence many consider this day as apocalyptic, where the world as we know it will come to an end and humanity will perish. But those in the New-Age circles dismiss this destruction-mindset and consider this day as a new beginning, where life will begin afresh. They propose that humanity will shift from the present condition to a higher spiritual state and individuals will begin to live in their light-bodies. However both agree that many major events of great importance would occur around this important date.
The Rishis, who are monitoring these changes from a higher level, had considered this day as a filter for all negativities on this earth. This date was supposed to mark an end to the intense churning (Pralaya) we’re going through now. The duration of the next 6 years between 2012 to 2018 was to be a period of growth, where humanity would gradually make a shift into the higher ways of the Light Age, which would begin fully from the year 2018.
Some of the major events that were expected to occur on this day have been postponed by the Rishis! This article throws light on these new revelations from the Rishis and the events that surround them. Before we understand why it has been postponed and when it has been rescheduled, let us have the basic understanding of the facts about 2012.
Major Factors influencing 2012
Our earth is a part of the Milky way galaxy, in which the stars revolve around one another, all the way upto the galactic center. That is, as our earth and other planets move around the Sun, the Sun also revolves around the central Sun, Alcyone, which in turn revolves around the Greater central Sun, Sirius and so on. As our Sun moves around the central Sun, it encounters various energy fields in its path. The most important among these is called as the Photon belt, which is a spiritual field– an aura of the greater central Sun, Sirius. Our Earth, along with the entire solar system enter the Photon belt on 21st Dec 2012.
The Photon belt enhances the spiritual condition of Earth, either positive or negative, by many folds. If we are spiritually evolved at the time of entry, our spiritual evolution will be magnified in multiples and we can make very fast progress. And if we’re on a spiritual degeneration at that time, we encounter a very fast spiritual downfall and destruction!
Many more events coincide with our entry into the Photon belt. Some of them are:
  • The Galactic Centre, Greater Central Sun and Central Sun form an equliateral triangle in Space on 21st Dec 2012. This huge galactic alignment will facilitate many new energies and Higher Souls to take birth. This also initiates the process of many changes to occur in the Solar system.
  • The pyramids get strengthened. All objects that are shaped in the form of pyramids will be able to absorb and radiate more of these new energies.
  • Our Sun completes its revolution of 26000 years around the Central Sun. When this occurs, the magnetic poles of the Sun flips over, resulting in the interchanging of the magnetic / geographic poles of our Earth.
  • Our Earth will change its direction of rotation periodically. The rotation slows down and stops for 3 days and then starts in the reverse direction. This may result in massive earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and extreme weather changes.
  • Our Sun and the entire solar system will come in alignment with the Galactic equator. This alignment is expected to bring us in direct focus of a lot of energies.
  • A huge amount of Solar activity was expected in 2012, where massive solar flares can disrupt the electromagnetic field surrounding our earth. This may result in the breakdown of our electrical and communication systems.
2012 – Shift from the dark age to Light Age
We have just emerged from a 5000 year dark age and are in the transitory period before moving into the Light Age. An intense churning and transformation was supposed to occur upto the year 2036 to remove all negativities on this earth. However, the Rishis observed that many major events were going to occur in our Milky way galaxy in the year 2012. They decided to use these events and prepone the end of pralaya to 2012, in order to reduce the difficulties and suffering of Humanity.
The Rishis chose 2012 to put an end to all the evil and negativity on this earth. They decided to make use of the expected earth changes to collapse the existing corrupt systems and replace them with new systems based on truth and love. The financial meltdown we witnessed in the middle of 2009 was the beginning of a series of collapses, which would culminate by the end of 2012.
Scientists and Astronomers are predicting an intense solar activity in the next couple of years, which is expected to rupture the Earth’s electromagnetic field, resulting in the collapse of the electrical and communication systems, thus throwing our modern life completely out of gear. Many other dependent systems like transportation, supplies, medical facilities, employment, governance etc will also be severely affected and eventually will collapse.
The other Earth changes like the reversal of the geographic poles and change in the direction of Earth’s rotation in 2012 will result in massive earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and extreme weather changes.
It’s obvious that we cannot withstand such chaos, anarchy and massive changes by any physical means. Only by having a strong spiritual connection with the divine can one sail through these turbulent times. Those who choose to transform and accept the values of the New Age will receive help and guidance from the Rishis and their workers.
As the existing systems breakdown, they will be replaced by more efficient and evolved systems, which are in tune with the higher values of the New Age.
But those who decide to hold on to the old values from the dark ages, refusing to transform, will perish in these massive changes. Seven Earths have already been created, with varying degrees of purity levels to accomodate these people. These individuals will be shifted to these earths, depending on their purity levels, for transformation and learning. The Rishis will provide them many opportunities to qualify for the Light Age on this Earth.
Why is 2012 Postponed?
The expected changes
The Rishis had estimated in 2007 that the evil and darkness on this earth would be reduced by nearly half by 21st Dec 2009. That was also the date on which our earth would enter the aura of the photon belt, an exact three years before the actual entry into the photon belt. Based on this, they planned to end the pralaya period on 21st december 2012, where all evil would be removed from the face of our earth.
But the darkness on our earth has strengthened instead of reducing by half by this time. The negative forces which ruled our earth for the past 5000 years haven’t stepped back as expected by the Rishis. They’ve become united, determined and grown in strength as this is their last battle for survival on our Earth. Also, some Spiritual masters and world leaders from whom a lot was expected and who had raised a lot of initial hopes failed in their work and did not rise to the occasion.
Hence many events and processes which had to start from 2010 could not be initiated because of the still existing stronghold of the dark forces. All these developments necessiated a change in the plans of the Rishis, as a result of which the pralaya period had to be extended by another two years.
So, the churning period of pralaya which had to end on 21st december 2012 has been postponed to the middle of 2015!
This also means that some of the drastic Earth changes that were expected to occur on that day have also been shifted to the middle of 2015!
Next what? How are things rescheduled?
Whenever the Rishis undertake any major work, they request more help from the Supreme intelligence. And God incarnates into His Creation to assist the Rishis. Our scriptures describe the activities and exploits of these incarnations, who are popularly known as Avatars. Two such incarnations of God are helping the Rishis in this phase of transition into the Light Age.
Lord Kalki and Lord Mahavatara 
In every cycle of Yugas, when Humanity shifts from the dark ages to the Light Age, a divine personality descends down to Earth to oversee these transformational processes. This personality, the tenth incarnation of MahaVishnu is Lord Kalki! He was born in Shambala, the divine city of Light, from where he is currently working and monitoring the intense changes occuring on this earth. He destroys all evil on our earth from the previous dark age and helps in restoring the balance.
When Lork kalki finishes his work of destroying evil, one more divine personality will take over the work in order to heal and guide humanity into the Light age. He is Lord Mahavatara, who was described by Nostradamus as ‘Kiran’, a 10 year old boy, who will rule the world in the New Age! He has already taken birth and has began his work at the astral levels.
The New Phases of Transformation
The Rishis have changed their plans of taking humanity through pralaya and into the New age. These are the new phases for our Transformation, as of now. Since a lot depends on the progress humanity makes from here onwards, these are not the conculsive periods.
1. December 2010 to mid-2012
Humanity has time up to december of 2010 to choose Light and to reject darkness. Then Lord Mahavatara will begin to act. He will work mainly from the astral level. He will help people open up and will educate them about the Light age directly. He will contact every individual at a deeper level and help them choose Light and shun darkness. He will use all means at his disposal to contact people and make them understand the new spiritual realities. This work will continue upto the middle of 2012.
2. Mid-2012 to Mid-2015
From here, Lord Kalki will take over the work. He will take action against those who still refuse to choose Light and continue to cling to darkness. He will punish those who manifest negativities in their lives.Those who do not align with Light will be removed from this earth and shifted to the Seven earths. He will wipe out all darkness and evil from this earth. This destruction of evil will last for 3 years, upto the middle of 2015. This is the duration when systems that are not based on ethics and spiritual values will collapse.
The drastic earth-changes which were expected to occur on 21st December 2012 have been shifted to the middle of 2015. The reversal of Earth’s magnetic/geographic poles and the stopping and reversal of Earth’s rotation may occur at the end of this phase.
3. Mid-2015 to the beginning of 2018
The period from the middle of 2015 to the beginning of 2018 will be a phase of healing and education after the chaos and destruction. Those who are aligned with Light will be helped to shift to Light bodies and prepared to enter the Light age. The old systems will be replaced with evolved Divine systems, which are based on the values of the New age.
The Light Age will start from 2018!
Lord Mahavatara will then take over the responsibilities and he will guide the entire humanity during the Light Age.
The cross-over point of 21st december 2012 is still a very important date in the history of Mankind. Spiritually that will be very special because of the huge alignments at the cosmic level and also because of our entry into the photon belt. Many important energies will be released to our Earth on that day. All these will help us make a shift into the New age.
These transformational events and durations depend on the choices we make now–as individuals and as a whole. By choosing Light, by aligning with the values of Truth, Love and Surrender, we can further reduce the suffering & upheavals and make a smooth transition into the Light Age. If Humanity decides, the Light age can begin this moment onwards!
21st December 2012 is all about individual responsibility and personal growth. Each one of us can participate in this great moment in Human evolution and contribute to the flowering of Human Consciousness. We can firmly reject all negativity and choose Light, Love and Positivity in all our thoughts, words and actions— this moment onwards! When we do this, we strengthen the hands of the Light Forces and weaken the hold of darkness on our collective consciousness. Then that date becomes a doorway into the New Age of Light which is waiting at the horizons!
*       *       *
Its easy to justify your thought based on only one understanding that we decide the future.

While this is true that we control our destiny, there are also other laws like the laws of this earth, a part of which are the change of Yugas.

As per that, our Earth was supposed to have a major change by the end of 2012. But due to the love and concern from God for more people to transform and qualify, that date has been postponed.
These laws operate on the principle of Love and not on a rigid plan. Experience more and understand more before taking such strong positions.
                                                                       ♦       ♦       ♦
It is not possible to predict if the Light Age dawns on this Earth on a particular day where everyone will magically transcend spiritually. But it surely is an individual event, where each one overcomes their negativities and limitations, tunes up to Light and spiritualizes their lives. The Light Age starts from each individual on this Earth!
We need not wait for a date, nor expect the World to change in order to enter the New Light Age. We can live in Light, here and now, this moment onwards. We can start living with a higher and expanded awareness right now. The Light is present in us as our inner self; we can connect to It, commune with It and get guided in every aspect of our lives.
Embracing and Manifesting Light in our living is the top most priority in our lives, now onwards. Let's anchor this deep in our awareness.
(Teachings of The Universal and The Eternal in 2010)
♦       ♦       ♦

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