Friday, June 14, 2013

The Planetary Peace Forum 2013 - The Latest Pulse on Peace

How can we make the dream of a peaceful planet a reality in our lifetimes, each playing our perfect role?

We see the year 2013 as the year when we begin to take clear and decisive steps into a new era of human evolution, one in which the principles and practices of peace become the foundation for how we live.

Will we be the generation that takes a stand to eradicate war altogether? Will we contribute to the healing of ancient animosities and cocreate a sense of global family? Will we learn how to end violence in our homes, our schools, and our communities?
As highlighted in the Summer of Peace 2012, there is a wave of peacebuilding arising around the world, with millions of people working on peace from the inner to the international levels and across multiple sectors of society. There is so much room for optimism and yet so many challenges still facing us.
In this exciting, 60-minute teleseminar council call, six of the most respected and celebrated peace pioneers in the world will share the leading edge of peace work in the world today and how you can be involved. They will look clear-eyed at the strife in the world today and illuminate how we can build even more momentum towards a peaceful, thriving culture on planet earth.
You’ll hear about exciting developments such as the Summer of Peace 2013 and the visionary plans to unify many peacebuilding groups and circles to make this a powerful season of shifting towards a culture of peace worldwide. Panelists will also discuss initiatives such as the One Billion Rising movement to end violence against women and the development of a National Peace Academy.
Listening to this call, you’ll step more fully into your calling as a peacebuilder AND liberate your heart, mind and soul from the patterns of resistance and fear standing between you and more peace, creativity, compassion and love.

Facilitated by world-renowned social healer James O’Dea and Shift Network founder Stephen Dinan, The Planetary Peace Forum will give you the inspiration to become a Peace Ambassador, as more than 500 people have trained to do through the Peace Ambassador program, which will be shared in detail after the one hour Forum 

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