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The 13 Chakras

The Chakras Explained:
0. Your personal energy pod
As a being of Earth you have your own energy pod which is your personal link to Earth. This energy is an Earth Kundalini which winds its way up from the core of the Earth, through the Earth and up into your root Chakra. From there it ignites your own Kundalini which is like a fiery serpent, winds its way up your spinal cords and out of your Crown Chakra and overflows its lava power, down your body, back into the Earth and again back up through your body in a none ending cycle.
1. Root Chakra.
The Root Chakra is positioned at the pelvic area in the centre of the body. This Chakra is the grounding Chakra. Here you are connected to the earth and it is here where your Kundalini sits, coiled at the base of your spine. If unaligned it can cause lack of energy and depression due to its imbalance. The base Chakra helps you to be active and centered.
2. Sacral Chakra
This Chakra involves the sexual organs and also deals with issues relating to sex and relationships. The Sacral controls your passions, your sexual needs, your lower sexual organs, your bladder, bowel and lower intestine. Working with this Chakra you will find problems with low sex drive, sexual abuse and an over active sex drive. People, who have problems conceiving children, find this area to be problematic.
3. Solar Plexus Chakra
This is the Chakra that stores energy, be it good or bad. Humans hold things within this Chakra and store pain, fear and stress in this area. When working properly you store positive energy for growth and healing. This Chakra is very much like the heart, for if it is not working, shut down or blocked, disease can get in and slowly cause destruction. The Solar controls your will, your issues from the past, your pain and fear as well as your ambition to succeed. It also controls your upper intestines, upper back and spine.
These three Chakras represent our being grounded and belonging to the earth, they are your mental and physical Chakras. They are essential to your growth and survival for living in the material and physical world. When these become unbalanced or blocked, you have problems working, living and adjusting in today’s world. If you are someone who has problems coping day by day with life, love, work and health, then working on these Chakras can provide helpful healing in these areas.
4. Heart Chakra
This Chakra is the feeling centre of your body, mind and soul. The position of the heart Chakra is in the heart area of the body. Here your emotions come into play. With this Chakra you feel happiness, sadness, pleasure and pain. It deals with the heart, lungs and surrounding organs, both back and front of the body. When it is blocked and not balanced you can become irrational, sad, depressed and unable to express yourself and your talents to the best. The Heart controls the heart itself, the chest, thymus, ribcage and arteries that pump the flow of blood into your system. It also controls your love for yourself and others, your appreciation of beauty and your compassion. Working with this Chakra can help people to feel and express their emotions and help with relationships with loved ones, friends and acquaintances.
5. Throat Chakra
This Chakra deals with communication and voice e.g. singing, acting and talking to others. When blocked you would see someone who is afraid to voice their own opinions, or someone who overly vocal about their beliefs. The Throat controls your voice, lungs, mouth, teeth, thyroid, and glands. This Chakra opens you to speaking, communicating and expressing your artistic and creative desires.
6. Third Eye Chakra
This Chakra is situated in the middle of your forehead, just above the eyes and deals with your senses, feeling, sight, sound and our psychic abilities. You also think and make decisions with this Chakra. However, what most important is that this Chakra connects you with the spiritual and higher levels beyond our earthly plane. The Third eye controls your mind, ears, subconscious, dream states as well as your memory and learning capacity. It also controls your openness to the psychic senses, such as clairvoyance, telepathy and aura sensing. Headaches, stress, lack of sleep and memory loss can occur when not functioning properly. Also mental problems and mental illnesses relate to this Chakra.
7. Crown Chakra
The Crown Chakra is your connection to the higher planes of the spiritual world. Dreams and visions, hopes and realizations take place within this Chakra. Beliefs and morals also come under this Chakra. This Chakra is important if you are truly dedicated to the goals in your life. When blocked or closed you can become racist and judgmental of people and religions. You may also have no artistic abilities and you may be too caught up in the material world. The Crown controls our eyes, the top of the brain and is the link to the other spiritual realms, your connections to your beliefs and contact to the spirit world. Here your dreams and goals take seed and through careful nurturing our dreams can become a reality. Working on this Chakra opens you up to the excitement of a wonderful and imaginary world. You can become artistic and creative, open and loving to all that surrounds you. You believe there is a higher purpose and you are not afraid to venture forth and discover that anything is possible. There are many other Chakras all over the body but the above seven Chakras are to me the main ones that can bring about healing on the physical body, the mind and the soul.
8. Higher Consciousness Chakra/Cosmic Portal
When the 8th Chakra is activated, your consciousness is able to pass through the Cosmic Portal to access your higher consciousness. It is there that divine love is felt and understood and through the cosmic portal that your higher transpersonal awareness can be recognized. As this Chakra is unlocked the Kundalini rises further up, up through the cosmic portal and into your higher consciousness and again as a fountain, flows down the body to continue the whole cycle again.
9. Your Karmic Blueprint/Spirit Chakra
This Chakra once activated links you to the realization of the expanse of creation, a place where you reside with the creator and remember this connection to source. It is by accessing the 9th Chakra through code activation that you are able to light speak, meaning speak with light beings from other races around the galaxy; you know all languages that has been stored and now released from your cellular memory. Even though you may not consciously be able to communicate in different light languages, your soul will. It is here that you decide upon incarnation what life you shall choose, what work you shall do or if you already know it, how you can best go about perfecting your work. It is here that you surrender to spirit and enjoy your union with all energies of the cosmos.
10. First Contact/Teleportation
When this Chakra is activated, the path is cleared to connect with beings of light within the galaxy that are humanoid. Once this Chakras is code activated it constructs your light body or Merkahbah chariot which enables you to teleport to Arcturus where you will receive your scan and healing by the Arcturian technicians. Do not worry; you shall not be travelling alone. Your Earth healer will be taking the journey with you and will never leave your side.
11. Fifth Dimension Consciousness/Journey to Arcturus
Once the 11th Chakra is activated your journey begins to Arcturus. You enter the 5th dimension consciousness and are able to reach Arcturus and be comfortable in their atmosphere. It is here that you are able to light speak with the Arcturians who will be performing your healing.
12. Second Contact/Arcturian Technology Healing
When this Chakra is activated you are now within the healing clinic on Arcturus and receiving your DNA activation/reanimation. You are now able to connect not only with the Arcturians but other higher level beings that help with human ascension as well as the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood.
13. Super Galactic Center/The Womb
When this Chakra is activated, you enter the Super Galactic Center that is the Womb of the whole universe. It is here that the Goddess who is Mother resides. Through activating this Chakra and connecting with the Goddess energies you become one with the Mother, becoming a stargate that enables peace and balance to work through you and enter humanity.

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